Recruitment Methods Used By Organisations Within Axa Ppp Healthcare

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This paper discusses major ways and methods of recruitments used by AXA PPP Healthcare organization. The paper presents this in form of a research undertaking for the organization I work for. The organization has currently frozen any recruitment of its staff. The paper further explains ways in which major procedures, approaches and methods used in the investigations. It then analyses the newer methods which the organization as a whole can adopt in order to reduce costs related to recruitments.


In the competitive world today, recruitment and retaining of competent staff is a strive every business wants to attain. Methods of recruitment must be clearly articulated and adhered to because they play a key role in making sure that the organization gets the best employees. The basis of this research is based on AXA PPP Healthcare in the UK and which operates in major other countries around the world. The research will therefore look at the recruitments methods currently in place and their shortcoming. Ways in which to overcome this shortcoming are equally sort in the paper and analyzed.

In the world of business, it is important to have the necessary mechanisms and methods of employee recruitment so that all the activities are done in the best approach which guarantees the realization of goals. AXA group is one of the largest insurance organisations around the world. Its head office is in UK. The main activities of AXA is in offering personal and well as commercial insurance to the people.

Background of AXA PPP Healthcare

AXA PPP healthcare is based in Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom and is the second largest, experienced medical insurance providers in the United Kingdom with over two million clients. The company operates as part of the AXA General Insurance Ltd. AXA is one of the largest insurance organizations in the world providing a wide and varied range of services. These products and services are popular because they meet the insurance, savings, protection, retirement benefits and even financial planning requirements of several million customers not only in the United Kingdom but around the globe as well. AXA services and products have been delivered and catered for over fifty million corporate and business clients as well as individual customers around the world.

PPP health care was established in London in the year 1940 with the main idea being to provide affordable health insurance to middle wage earners. In the year 1999, PPP became a subsidiary part of the AXA Group. PPP adopted the name "AXA PPP" in the year 2002. AXA PPP healthcare has sales offices in Winchester and Glasgow. The company provides both commercial and private medical insurance for individuals and employers. AXA PPP Healthcare organization has a number of stakeholders. They include FSA - the Government Regulator, the Government itself, its employees, other businesses, its competitors, its customers and brokers. Currently, the company has experienced a drop in the number of people buying Private Medical Insurance from Apathies. This has been partly due to the economic uncertainty that the country is facing.

Recruitment and recruitment methods used by AXA PPP health care.

The human resource is the most important asset of AXA PPP healthcare organization, since it is the main determinant of its profitability and growth. A recruitment freeze, makes an organization contain the cost of hiring, hence invest the saved funds in other needful areas of the organization. However this benefit is short term. Human resource freezing has a long time negative effect on the organization and will harm the organization in the following ways: one, it reduces the organizations capacity to innovate hence limiting its growth. Secondly, the organization may not be in a position to hire a superstar who is available, that is missing out on new upcoming talent. Thirdly, it will damage the reputation of AXA PPP Healthcare as an employer brand making the recruitment difficult when the economy returns and lastly, it will lead to employee burn out, this can lead to stagnation. Unavailability of resources can lead to employees seeking employment elsewhere. One of the main reasons why the organization is not hiring the right personnel is because of high cost of retaining such employees. Failure to match the goals of the organization to the qualification and talent of the employee when hiring, is also another contributing factor to this

problem. There are several cost effective ways of recruiting employees which AXA PPP can use in recruitment, this involves: advertising in the newspapers which is a relative inexpensive method and its scope is broad. It can also use graduate recruitment, recruiting university graduates direct from the university, especially for the positions requiring less experienced by internal recruitment, filling the vacancy with the already existing employees, by using personal and business connections which is also known as word of mouth, attending job fairs and also by using less expensive recruitment agencies. Employees are the first PR agents and they are the first corporate image advocators for the organization. There is therefore need to avoid "reckless hiring", and will decrease the employee turnover, also it will help to match the right employee to the right job and will lead to the general growth of the AXA PPP health care organization. Methodology The information that needs to be thoroughly investigated is the impact of the recruitment agency as a method of recruitment in comparison to other methods of recruitment used by the company. Since the method has not worked well for the company, it is imperative to find out why it has not achieved the intended objectives. Two principle methods of data collection come in handy for carrying out the investigation, thus quantitative and qualitative methods. The methods basically rely on structured collection of data and random sampling instruments that can fit diverse situations into categories of predetermined response. They hence produce results that can be compared, summarized, and generalized easily.  Quantitative research is primarily concerned with hypotheses testing that is derived from theoretical sources and should be able to estimate with high degree of accuracy the size of a phenomenon of being studied.  In consideration of the research problem, there may be random allocations to different treatments.  In any case it is not viable; an investigator may collect data on situational characteristics or participants, who in the case of AXXA PPP Healthcare are the employs so as to statistically minimize their influence on the outcome. If the intent is to have a generalization from the participants to represent the whole population, then a researcher has to use probability sampling to effectively achieve selection of participants.  Quantitative data gathering strategies to be employed include:

Obtaining useful and relevant data from information systems of management of the company.

Conducting surveys with closed-ended questions such as questionnaires, face-to face, and telephone interviews. Grouping of respondents is very important to get resourceful information.

Use of the internet such as the website of the company that can provide useful information on structural organization. Raw data and key facts can provide base information and sufficient background information on the facts as detailed out by the website.

Use of ACAS and CIPD, to obtain articles, research as well as crucial information from surveys. This is important as it will help a researcher to have a prognosis as it will present facts and opinions.

The survey should also employ the methodology of qualitative data collection. It is significant in impact evaluation as it provides information that is useful in understanding the processes contained in the observed results and evaluation of changes in the perceptions of individuals. More to that, the method can be employed in improving the quality of survey based on quantitative evaluations. It is also vital in generation of evaluation hypothesis, expansion of the findings of quantitative evaluation, and strengthening the actual design of survey questionnaires.

The qualitative methods that can be appropriate for the recruitment survey include: 

Detailed interview


Review of documents

Irrespective of the kinds of data involve, collection of data in a qualitative survey consumes a lot of time hence a researcher should record all potential useful data systematically, thoroughly, and accurately. Suitable means such as field notes, and audiotapes should be used. While carrying out the research it should be ensured that methods of collection adhere to research ethics principles.

Secondary Sources

So as to have a comprehensive insight regarding recruitment in the healthcare insurance companies, a researcher should also obtain data from health Insurance magazines. It is imperative to get information which is relevant to the industry. Television news can also be used as there are topical discussions with experts drawn from the health insurance industry. Textbooks such as Mullins can be used as their general information and numerous theories are very useful. Recruitment websites of the healthcare insurance providers such as and can also be utilized. The websites will come in handy in searching for information that pertains to the forecasts and trends in the health insurance industry.

In conclusion, this study has been able to establish some of the engagements which had been adopted by the AXA PPP in its recruitment processes, and came up with new methods of recruitment. The methods are not only effective but also less demanding and less costly for the organizations. It would therefore be something appropriate for the organization come up with new mechanisms which promotes the performance of the business. This will lead to the best means and ways of service and product delivery to its clients and customers.