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Recruitment and selection process is one of the prime functions of human resource management. Here in this case study I am trying to show that today how this process of HRM has changed and have an effect on the business in positive ways this will be done with the diagrams and suitable examples. For this I am going to take an example of an Australian company ServCorp and will analyse that how the recruitment and selection process is done in the very company.


Number of people thinks that human resource management is an unclear and indefinite concept it is because it have various definitions and highlighting one acceptable definition is near to impossible. It is the function that links those activities which is related to people with in an organization. It focuses on recruitment, direction and management for the employees of the organization and deals with motivation, development, hiring, safety and security, administration, training etc. storey, J., (1991). It is a strategic approach to manage people at the work place its culture and environment. With an effective HRM the overall organizational goals and objectives could be achieved efficiently. HRM of an organization has to follow certain goals:

It should serve the employee as well as meet the requirements of an organization.

It should look for different ways of HRM to add values to an organization.

It should appropriately link all the HR policies to the objectives of the business.

It should help an organization to gain the obligation of employees for an organization.

In today's scenario the HRM has moved forward from traditional administrative roles, it is now expected from the HRM to add the value in utilization of the employees so that business organization can gain a value in them

Functions of HRM

HRM is that management branch which concern with people and their relationship in an organization at the work time. The major functions of HRM are planning, staffing, directing, controlling and maintains through these functions the objective which has to be hit is adequate employees with suitable knowledge, ability, skills and experience for the further growth of an organization. edu-finntrack

Following activities are performed by HRM in order to achieve the corporate goals:

Planning of the manpower.

Recruitment and selection.

Training and development of the recruit and employees

Performance appraisal

Compensation to the employees

Welfare and social security's activity for the employees

Taking remedial such as transfer, promotion and demotion etc.

Setting direction and management policies general and specific both.

Controlling the contract negotiation bargaining and grievances.

Organizational staffing

Giving aid for the self-development of the employees.

Motivating the employees' weather positive or negative.

Management of the man-power in an organization with the help of appropriate reviewing and auditing.

Analysing the roles of job occupants

Feedback counselling and potential appraisal

Job rotation

Development of organizational quality circle and working life Black, J., S., Mendenhall, M., (1990).

Recruitment and selection

For the successful functioning of an organization it is essential to have an effective recruitment and successful recruitment depends upon the appropriate search of people with right knowledge, skill, qualification and experience so that the positive contributions could be made in organization and organizational goals can be achieved. Recruitment in today's scenario is taken as a big investment therefore it is very important to get the right process on so that the deserving and suitable person could get the job Equal Opportunities Commission (2006).

The importance of good recruitment and selection

It is very important for an organization to recruit the right person because selecting the wrong person can cause several miss happening to an organization such as increase in the labour cost, decrease the productivity, old employees can get demoralise and other miscellaneous issues can occur which ultimately add the negative point and decrease the productivity of an organization. It is also possible that organization will not get the flexibility and commitment that they seek for. Therefore HR team should keep the sharp eyes while selecting any individual employee. With the fair and consistent recruitment system an organization can get the best suited person for the available jobs and this will ultimately decrease the problems and increase the productivity of the business. For the systematic way to assess the role it is important to understand that what is needed and when by the HR team beside this it is important to understand the main features while recruiting they are:

Effective: HR team should make sure that the man power or employee selected by them is suitable enough to the organizational condition and best fitted to the job.

Efficient: efficient in term of cost because cutting down the cost is one of the prime targets of the business in current cost.

Fair: It is very important that only the right person with the right quality should be selected and decision should be made on merits base not through any other unsuitable way HR team should never think narrow way like in the sense of racism.

The globalisation moved the recruitment and selection of employees beyond the borders now there are large numbers of people who are employed in other countries organization rather than their own. Therefore for an effective recruitment for the organization or business HR is looking beyond the boundaries so as to get the best person for available vacancies but in the fair, effective and efficient manner Davidso, P., Carswel, P., (2009).

Process of recruitment and selection

The recruitment process involves several steps through which the HR team have to go for the selection of the best suited person for the available vacancy. These steps are:

Job specification: In this the HR team specify the skill, knowledge, abilities, experience needed for a particular job. For providing these specifications HR team must do proper analysis of the available vacancy and through this HR describes the person they are willing to hire. The following are the main component for this

The main purpose of the job.

The main task of the job like operating, teaching etc.

Scope of the job that means what is the importance of the job.

Applicant search: in this step the search for an appropriate employee starts and for this the marketing process is undertaken very carefully so as to get the best person. Possible methods are:

Internal recruitment

2.2 Job centres

2.3 Commercial recruitment agencies

2.4 Learning and skill council

2.5 Executive search organizations

2.6 National newspapers, specialist and professional journals

2.7 Internet, radio and T.V.

2.8 Schools and colleges

2.9 Word of mouth

3. Screen C.V.: In this step the HR team use to short list the applicants who meet the requirements of the vacancy or the job.

4. Interview arrangements: Interviews is the most important function of recruitment and selection process. It has two main objectives to find the suitability of the candidate to the job and to provide information to the candidate about the job.

5. Reference checking: References are mostly asked from all shortlisted candidates for the job. Candidates should try to at least provide one referee which can tell about the past employment record of the person such as performance, inter personnel relationship etc.

A typical recruitment and selection process

Source: shell live wire

6. Making the decision: it is the next step after the interview here HR team decides whom to employee. This is done on the basis of structure scoring system which is based on competencies of the applicant the person who is most deserving will get the opportunity to work.

7. The offer: Once the candidate has been selected the offer letter is send to him regarding successfully clearing the recruitment process in most of the organization this is done via telephonic conversation as well as through formal letter. In the offer candidate is informed about the:

The title of the job-the title which is offered by the company such as manager, operator, supervisor etc.

Conditions-if there is any post or pre conditions

Term period-this is about the term period for which the job is this include salary, hours, holidays etc.

Date of starting-this is the date from which the candidate has to join.

Actions on candidate's behalf-what are the action do candidate have to perform now like in case of contract he may have to sign the contract and post it back etc.

8. Induction: The adjustment and setting into the job process is called as induction. In this the employees comes on the job and start working it is the last function of the recruitment and selection process in here employee start building the relationship. The best performance of the employee can only be seen after the adjustment and settlement of them therefore this last step could be said as the climax of the whole recruitment and selection process. The persons who are responsible for the induction process are:

The human resource and personnel manager

The health and safety advisor

The training officer

The supervisor

The trade union or the employee representative Ahmad, S., Schroeder, R., G., (2002).

Recruitment process

Source: Curtin university

Recruitment and Selection Process Case Study of ServCorp company

About the company

The servcorp is a public company of Australia which uses to provide virtual office services among the various parts of the world. The company comes under top IT based and supported company. The virtual office solutions are offered by the company such as address, telephone, IT etc. without any physical location. The company has a registered trademark "EVERYTHING BUT THE OFFICE" in which they advertise the virtual office products.

Recruitment and selection policy in ServCorp

The main function of the HR department in the organization is to hire the right person or employee for the company. While doing the selection process there are several factors are taken into consideration by the HR team such as work aptitude, technical skill and knowledge etc. because as for the IT based company it is important for the employee to have the technical knowledge and skill Rowden, R., W., (2002). In the organization the affirmative and laws like equal employment is always kept as a prime factor while recruiting. And therefore to ensure fair recruitment and selection process some steps are taken:

Creating test

Validating test

Techniques of interview

Centres of assessment

Exams which are based on performance etc. are some of the strategies which are used to ensure that the company get the best as well as best one get the chance.

The process of recruitment also include how the organization filter the applicant and the channel through which information are transmitted to the applicant during the recruitment process. In a recent time the organization recruited the manager for the Hong Kong Office

Source: seek(2011)

Recruiting has been the most critical component for any organization especially for the higher post such as executive or technical post. In this company the recruitment and selection process is done through planning, development of strategy, searching for the appropriate options, screening, evaluation of the results and then controlling. ServCorp being a public company the HR team have to look several political and legal factors. The company usually advertise their vacancies on internet, job centres, newspapers etc.

The task of HR in this company is very typical especially when it's about hiring and new employees. As the company is IT based company the core philosophy evolve around getting the best suited person for every job because only the workforce can make the company sustain in the industry and can give the big growth and core competency. At present the management has adopted the strategic approach towards the employee's management for which the HR have to deal in areas of handling the employees, recruiting, training, salary wages, evaluation, assessment, health and safety etc. Servcorp Limited (2011).



It is very essential for the business to recruit the right person with suited skill, knowledge, qualities and experience according to the job. In the selection process line manager and supervisor also have their part to play with personnel or HR manager. With the careful analysis of the job gives the specification for the person required for the job this decrease the confusion and increase the chance of more appropriate selection of the candidate which is best fitted on job. After the selection of the candidate a proper induction program must be held so as to make the employee adjust with the environment and people easily as best performance mostly comes after the well planned induction programme, it must be carried out timely and in appropriate way to make it sure that it meets the requirements of the employee. The benefit of the good recruitment and selection process is more suitable employee will always cut the productivity cost and increase the overall production of the company. They will be flexible and ready to give their commitment as needed by an organization, the training will be more effective, low labour cost and improve in the industrial relation will be there.

Reflective statement

Human resource management is essentially the organisational function that deals with issues correlated to people such as compensation, Hiring performance management, organisation, development, security, wellness, benefits employee, motivation, communication, administration, and training. It is also a strategic and inclusive approach to managing people and workplace, culture and environment.

This module helped me in developing my motivational, communication skills. Before i used to sit quite in the seminar and was unable to take part in the argument, but now due to this module I came to know how to deal people, understand what's in their mind and how to manage them when in group. This module also taught me about people's culture by having presentations and discussions in the seminars. Giving presentations has provoked my confident to interact with others.

This module also helped me in goal orientation and also provided me the knowledge to understand the problems that people may come through, like in development, motivation, communication, training and so on.

Personally I feel that the resources that were provided are highly qualitative which can be referred from blackboard whenever i need them. On the whole it was a new experience which was profitable in enhancing my skills and rectifying my weakness in a proper way. At the beginning i was very disappointed with the course and used to miss some of my seminars but later on the lectures arouse interest in me regarding the module then i started attending my seminars and lectures regularly and it made things very exciting for me.

I am very grateful to the university for providing me such facilities, help when required in any aspects. I am positive that I will look through my weakness confidently and improve it for future strength and my betterment.