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Goldenstate Manufacturers is a profit organization. Its primary goal is making money/profit. On the other hand the company itself helps the society by hiring people. And by this it gives them income, insurance and also for workers to have their professional growth through experience.The business contributes to economic development by improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as the local community and society at large.

b.) Identify three (3) other types of organizations and explain how their purpose and reason for establishment might differ from Goldenstate Manufacturers.

b.1) New Zealand Nurses Organization This organization helps nurses look for employment and clinical placements. Also it render services such as assistance in legal matters and hospitalization.

One of the programs of this organization is giving health teachings to communities who need special education regarding health. Lastly , this organization plays a big role in helping the economy by giving nurses good jobs with suitable incomes.

b.2) Lions International. This is a non profit organization. It responds to their community's needs and collectively are involved in a massively diverse range of projects and activities. They have strength in numbers when collectively called on to help with a national or international situation.


b.3) Jollibee Food Corporation (one of the largest food chain in the Philippines)

Aside from promoting a family oriented work environment, the brand's values also reflect on their advertising and marketing. Jollibee knows their target audience very well: the traditional family and all communication materials

1.2 Identify at least two of the main roles/ functions that need to be carried out by the following:

a.) Mark Frazer is the new Chief Executive officer of the Goldenstate Manufacturers Ltd. Typically, the Mark has the responsibilities of being a decision maker, communicator , manager and a leader as well. He requires a high level of competency to act as executor that involves implementing policies and strategies in a big company. Not only Mark takes are of the system but also advices and motivates/drive employees to function to their optimum level. And by this it will create a positive change within the organization.

b.) Carl the Operations Manager mainly has the responsibility in organizing the Operations Department. His role includes communicating with all of the head of different sections to see to it that all functions are working properly. (e.g.Knitting section, Dyeing, etc..) He is responsible involves ensuring that operations are efficient in terms of using resources of the company. OM also helps shape the strategy within the operation Department and making useful and tactical decisions to support the policies and procedures of the company.

c.) Quality Control Manager identifies the faults during the production process. One example of the problem that the Quality manager must take into action is to lessen or remove the production pressures, because it affects the process in the final shipment. Also the QCM must be keen in checking the quality of the companies goods. Its main function is to meet customers needs and also to correct complaints regarding the quality of their goods.

d.) Research and Development Manager is to help identify the cause of the problem, Such problems that affects the satisfaction of the client/consumers.Also, RD managers are not only focused in the external factors(e.g. Client Needs) but also to the internal factors that affect the company. Research and Development are very important, like innovating new things, creating new ideas for the improvement of the company. Also it would be good if research also gives importance to their employees, research such as employees satisfaction and meeting their needs is also essential in the research system within a company.


a.) Explain how effective you feel Goldenstate Manufacturers is in meeting its purpose.

In the case study, Goldenstate Manufacturers purpose in achieving its goals are not effective. We can sight some examples of leadership styles which are not effective. Also the management in some department most especially in the Operations Department are not into place. Problems such as overstaffed delayed/advanced turn overs are example of small problems that can greatly affect the process of the production.

b.) List four main management skills or competencies needed for it to be competative.

Conceptual Skills- The mental ability to analyze and diagnose complex situations.

Diagnostic Skills- the ability to visualize most appropriate response to a situation.

c.) Explain why you feeleach of the four skills or competencies listed in 1.3(b) are important.

Technical skill involves specialized knowledge in the field. In this case, the manager must be competent in the managerial tasks that involves organizing and delegating.It is very crucial for the manager to organize his subordinates so that all will function harmoniously.

Human skills are also very important skill that a manager must have. It is the most delicate and for me the most important skill that a manager must practice in a workplace. It involves interpersonal relationship with colleagues and subordinates. This skill includes motivation, mentoring and delegating. Its approach is not to only to improve the external factors of the employees skills but also to strengthen their morale and to able to positively change them holistically.

Conceptual Skills is one of skill the managers must have. Managers are appointed because of this particular skill, in which they must perform problem solving in the most complex situations. It requires that ability to see between the lines and act as what the situation requires. It needs critical thinking not only in solving the problem but also analyzing, diagnosing and most especially implementing what needs to be done.

Lastly would be the Diagnostic Skill, Managers must not only solve problems in the present time. They must also foresee future problems or situations that may arise in the future. Managers must anticipate these things so that actions may be available to resolve such problems.

Question 2

2.1 From any of the leadership theories you have studied on the course identify and briefly explain which theory Ron, the Finishing Manager most closely aligns with, giving evidence from the case study to support your comments.

a.) Transactional theory would be closely aligned to Ron's way of handling his subordinates. Ron follows the same approach with Adam.In the case study, the statement "My way or no way" suggest that Ron strongly believes that the organization must be focused only to the kind management he is implementing. Procedures and his expected efficiency level must be met by his subordinates. Also the statements tells us that employees under Ron's supervision has no freedom in doing what they want. Even though employees think they have the right answer or action it would not matter for Ron because he is firm with his decision and all(subordinates) must follow to his likings.

b.) Identify and explain the Leadership styles of Adam the Knitting Manager, and James, the Dyeing Manager giving evidence from the case study to support your comments.

Adam follows the Autocratic Style of Leadership. Again, the statement "My way or no way" tells us that subordinates/employees have no freedom in doing what they prefer to do. They must strictly follow to Adam's policies and procedures. There will be no negotiation for the managerial style of Adam.Suggestion and comments of employees would not be entertained by him.

James practices the delegative style of leadership. In the case study, It is stated that James does not take much notice if workers don't do their jobs. James allows his employees to make their own decisions. He has little control to his team and let them do what they want to do. He wants to be liked/loved by his employees. He is only concern to what his subordinates might say to him if he do actions that might upset them and eventually turn against him.

c.) Comment on how appropriate you feel each of these leadership styls are in the current situation- give two reasons for your answer to each style.

I think there are advantages and disadvantages for each style of Leadership. For the Autocratic type, the advantage will be organizations will be more organized. I can say this because I have experienced working in this kind of facility in which our manager is very firm with her policies and decisions. The result is that employees where keen with their work and all of our goals are achieved on time.

The disadvantage would be it will create fear in the atmosphere of the workplace. Others would prefer having their sick leave if the said manager will be handling the workplace for that day. It may also have a traumatic effect for some of the employees which may affect their work function. Also misunderstandings and small conflict may arise to street protests if the manager would not hear what her employees wants to voice-out.


a.) Select one motivational theory:

Goal setting theory states that goal setting is important that links to the task performance. Challenging and specific goals along with a feedback contributes to a better task performance. It gives direction and indicates to an employee what needs to be done. Also it includes how much important must be put into a task to achieved it effectively.

First Mark must motivate Carl to have the willingness to work in achieving the goal. In this case study, the company has dropped by 20%(in sales) for the last 18 months. It could be the goal for Mark and Carl to have that 20 percent increase for the the next six months. More so it would be better if they could increase the sales to more than 20 percent, because difficult and greater goals have greater motivation factors than general and easy goals.

Mark can also give specific and clear goals for Carl. Task and goals must also be measurable, attainable and time bounded. Deadlines for completion is also a key for motivation.

It is also very important that goals are challenging but realistic at the same time. Secondly, It gives a sense of pride to manager if he has achieved these tasks. If the goals are achieved, satisfaction and triumphant feeling will be obtained. It will create and set another attainment for the succeeding challenges.

Beside the goal setting. Mark must see to it that he gives constant feedback to Carl. It contributes to the employees behavior and moreover it contributes to higher performance. It helps workers aim for greater results that will give them more job satisfaction.

b.) Advise Adam, the Knitting Manager, of four ways he might motivate his staff so they will remain with the company. Make sure you explain.

First, Adam may give time bounded task and goal setting. If these goals are achieved, employees will have a sense of satisfaction of pride. This will challenge them to be more efficient and will give them inspiration to do better. Next will be Rewards. Rewards will also give them the inspiration to do their task efficiently. A simple free lunch/voucher will do the trick. If Adam will give them a more challenging and long term goal he may give them bigger rewards such as trip to a skiing park or even appliances. Also I think giving them rest periods or time to recuperate their energies would be a good motivator. Provide them with lounges for them to relax. Television and gaming areas may also be a good stress reliever for his employees. And lastly, It think the most important motivator would be to talking to them individually. It will be effective if Adam knows what are the likes and dislikes of his employees, and by that he may find ways on how to motivate them. It will give them a hint on how they could function to their optimum level and will let them stay to the company until their retirement age.

2.3 Mark the CEO has told Ron, the Finishing Manager, that he should delegate more. You are assigned to coach Ron through the steps he must make to delegate effectively.

a.) Explain to Ron three benefitsFirst benefit of delegation is it increases productivity. In the case study, there are issues of overstaffing and high turn overs. It could be beneficial for the operations department to focus on more important and more difficult task. Second, Ron may transfer some of the workers to less staffed departments such as Knitting and Finishing Sections. He must assign workers in where they are needed the most. This will give them enough manpower to finish the task and increase the productivity. Delegation also increases the members confidence, because their is a feeling of independence and pride if given a delegated task. Also their will be a lot of time in planning goals. Specific and attainable are more easy and effective to attain. Lastly team members will learn new skills depending on the kind of work hey were delegated

b.) Explain to Ron the five steps needed to be taken for effective delegation.

1.)First, to have an effective delegation, you need to hold your subordinates accountable, and for it to be successful the subordinate must be effectively delegated and given an authority. It is the acceptance of the responsibility of a task. They are also responsible for their own actions and have the understanding they are required to perform on a certain level. Ron must first set some goals that his subordinates can easily understand. Ron must understand that his subordinates have the right to know what their team are trying to achieve. It is important the workers are involved in developing the goal that Ron want to attain.

2.) In delegating responsibility Ron must see to it that the duty of the person he assigned must complete the efficiently. The person held responsible for a job is answerable for it. Whoever fills the position assumes the obligation to do the work.

3. As a manager, Ron has the power to delegate a subordinate to have authority. Authority can give the power and right of a person to use and allocate the resources efficiently. But Ron must also know that Delegating the authority to someone else doesn't mean he is free from accountability but moreover as the bigger responsibility. A workers assignment may be reflected in his job description while delegated duties may not form the part of the employee's normal duties.

Ron must help increase the capacity of his subordinates/workers by giving then empowerment.

This is to help them to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes. By this asset, it will improve the efficiency and fairness of the organizational context. So empowerment takes employees interests as the means to achieve the goal.

In process of delegation, Ron must delegate task to his subordinates.He must select the applicable

team member suited for the job. It depends on the strengths and weaknesses of the member that is required for that specific task. Ron should control the delegatee flexibly so as not to stifle initiative He must not to be afraid of lettingĀ the delegateeĀ make mistakes. Also he must give authority to those who can make best use of it; and lastly allow the delegatee to try out their own ideas.