Ras Al Khaimah Ceramics Business Essay

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The Ras Al Khaimah Ceramics is the world leading ceramics manufacturing company. RAK is the public listed company established in 1991 by H.H. Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi. The annual global production output of company is 117 million sq.m.in tiles sector and 4.5 million piece of bath ware with USD 1 billion global sales annually. The RAK ceramics is a global brand offers qualitative products including ceramic walls, floor tiles, Sanitary ware, Gres Porecellenato with 8000 production model and new designs in its portfolio. The RAK Company offers innovative eco friendly products such as - Stone Art Collection, RAK SLIM, Orion Collection and Wood Art Collection by using the digital printing technology such as Nanopix with aim to be global pioneers in the world of ceramics (Ceramic Tiles, Gres Porcellanato & Bathware).

The Company is to become the world leading innovator in Ceramic Field. The company global production of tiles increased by the 3, 60,000 sq.m. RAK Ceramics is ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. RAK Ceramics make continuous growth; The Company has the 8000 employees in the UAE and has 15000 employees over the world. RAK currently exports, more than 160 countries and achieved the status of supplying 1 billion sq.m. of tiles [1] .

Product Description:

The Ras Al Khaimah Ceramics offers various qualitative products to reach the global heights. It offers various ceramic products including walls and tiles products. In the tiles segment Company produces 227,000sqm tiles per day. The company has wide range of ceramic tiles in various colors, design and by size such as 25x70 and 20x50. Company consistently offering innovative tiles, eco friendly tiles, Junior collection tiles, Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Specialty tiles including RAK Antimicrobial, RAK Luminous etc (CERAMICS).

Company's product portfolio for the Ceramics tiles is as follows-

Apart from these the company has launched several new tiles in new segments .Company enters in the children segment launched the Junior Tiles Collection in classy and trendy designs for the rooms, kindergarten schools, and play areas. Company introduced new stylish tiles Pavitron for the exterior area of the house, plying area, stairs and terrace.

Ceramic Tiles Operations:

The Ras Al Khaimah Ceramics is a global brand with aim to make certain level in the marketing and communication with consistent product quality to promote the product globally and regionally. RAK Ceramics had started its operations with one production line at the initial stage with an output of 5,000 sq.m. per day in 1991.

Further the company continuously expanded the production with the usages of advanced machinery in Ceramic technology.

At presently UAE engaged in production of 2, 00,000 sq. m.per day in Ceramic tiles.

RAK Ceramics had opened the refurbished central store room in 2009 for the smooth running of tiles production in the UAE.

RAK is a global corporation with suppliers over the 160 countries with global production output of 117 million sq. m [2] .

Manufacturing Process of Ceramic Tiles:

The production process of Ceramics tiles is a series of technological process these are as follows-

In the first stage of the process - Preparation of clay, the raw material for ceramic tiles prepared with the clay, coalized granite and Dolomite silt components. In the next stage of shaping tiles, the hydraulic presses used for the pressing process. Further in the third stage of drying the tiles are dried with steady heating, pressed tiles are placed in horizontal drying room for drying.

In the next stage of Glaze preparation after drying process the tiles pass through conveying belt with glazing line followed by the layer of glazing, in the end tiles delivered to the box cars and moved on oven. At the firing stage or burning stage of ceramic tiles these stage processed in single canal oven, transported by the rotating rollers at the final. After final stage the product is ready to packaging. (The Production Process of Ceramic Tiles).


Supply Chain of Ceramics Tiles:

Supply chain of the RAK Ceramics facilitates the framework for the distribution of the products to the end customers with function of procurement of product form the production plant, Central ware houses, logistic centers, shops and at the end to the customers.

Product Succession:

RAK Ceramics has strong presence in the ceramic manufacturing companies. Company presenting the global trends in the pattern of ceramic production and consumption in the UAE. The Company is the leading global player in the ceramic industry.

RAK ceramics share various global affairs including trade barriers, standardization of product and tiles designs.

RAK product line in tiles has strong presence over the market in terms of growing demand for tiles, different sizes of tiles, slim range of tiles.

RAK ceramics honored with the best brand of 2010, best CSR Company of 2011 and the CMO Asia's best Brand of 2010 in the Middle East.

The Company has super brand status with innovative eco friendly products such as Wood Collection, RAK SLIM and Orion collection by Nanopix digital technology.

Company has more than one fourth share of the tile market due to the technology driven approach.

The company has more than 1000 models in ceramic and Gres Porcelin.

RAK Ceramic has offering the qualitative tiles and effective price over its competitors.

RAK has the effective marketing policy in terms of innovations with different designs.

The Company continuously improves the technology with research and developments per the customer demand, and designs.

RAK has the strong distribution channels over its competitors to serve their product to the end users.

RAK Ceramic has supplies the product over the 150 countries with global production output of 117 million square meters (RAK Ceramics represents UAE ceramics industry and discusses global trends at World Ceramic Tiles Forum in Mexico).

Product Improvement and Recommendation:

The RAK has gained popular image in the UAE. The Company is continuously improving the technology, capture market by consistently innovations, research and development. Company has competitive advantage over the competitors, strong employee belongingness, strong supply chain management; offers cost effective products, with skilled and trained labors. Company offers various innovative products eco friendly products- RAK Slim, RAK Luminos, Wood art collection, Orion Tiles, Stone art tiles collection.

Company has launched latest innovative products such as- Pizzara, Quartzite, Sparko, Brooklyn, Aster Wood, Vase Wood, Iris Wood, Sail Stone, Thick Strips, Coble Stone, Field Stone, Gravel Stone, Sieve Stone, and Bond Stone. The company has launched stylish tiles Pavitron Tiles for the exterior uses such as- parking areas, stairs and terrace. RAK also enters in the children's segment with launching the Junior Tiles collection which offers classy and trendy design in the global market [3] .

Some recommendations for the company are as follows-


RAK should improve the promotional policies such as advertisements.

RAK needs to expand its market share more.

The company should segment the market more precisely and more specific.

Company should support the rural market and should capture the opportunity with domestic ceramic manufacturers.


The RAK Ceramic Company has offered a wide and innovative range of products with high quality. The central aim of the company was to facilitates quality product to the consumer and develop their satisfaction for company product. The company has captured top position in the ceramic sector. Innovative strategies and techniques made it successful in this completive era and the guidance of chairperson gave ray to the company towards the enhancement of business.