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'HONDA' is world's most excellent automobile producer which is charring out the organizational function by implementing various innovative models in the manufacturing in automobile sector. With short period of time Honda was succeeded in holding the pioneer position among all the automaker in present world. The basic motive of this thesis is to elaborate different concepts regarding strategies, engineering theories and various implementations that are being possessed by the Honda group for effective functioning of organization successfully. When having glance over the previous establishments of Honda give the information that it was founded by the legendary man Soichiro Honda. In earlier teen age Soichiro usally employed in an automobile shed which produces various machinery for different purposes. There Soichiro gained the knowledge regarding the functioning various machinery in industry. By studying and understanding all these concepts Soichiro skilled himself in portioning the preparation of automobiles. When Soichiro was about 30 years old successful build and owned a private automobile shed which supplies variety of piston rings to different industrial units of Toyota corporation which was established in Japan. By experience gained in workshop zeal has developed in Soichiro for making various automobile sedans and other two wheeler vehicles. From here a new era was started in manufacturing of automobiles. At the period of World War 2 Japan was suffered with a severe lack in the stability of economical conditions of the nation. At this time Soichiro developed and contribute many bicycles to the armed forces of the nation, later this bicycles where replaced with motor cycles. This changed the automobile industry by manufacturing various motor cycles. With support of external financial sources Soichiro was succeeded in placing up HONDA motors pvt ltd in 1948. Within a span of two years Honda motors become most popular in the world by introducing latest model motorcycles in market. With successful functioning of motor cycle manufacturing units simultaneously Soichiro started to explore their business activity by exporting and marketing the motorcycles to other parts of the world. By 1959 Honda motors emerged as leading automakers in the world. successful hold in automobile industry made Honda motors to develop four wheeled sedans. With this concept a new model sedan named T360 mini and S500 was launched in 1963. Soichiro maintained attitude of facing new challenges and concepts which supports their engineers in innovating new models regarding sedans and motors cycles. The first sedan which was launched by Honda motors can be plotted in below mentioned picture.


Success in launching S500 series model sedans made Honda from here rapidly innovating new luxury model cars as time goes on. Services provided by Soichiro in automobile industry are truly amazing which helped to develop new sedans. all the cars were droved by Soichiro which were manufactured until 1965. In 1991 Soichiro was passed away leaving the whole automobile industry in a deep agony. Death of Soichiro caused a great loss for automaker industry. Later Nobuihiko Kawamoto was appointed as CEO of Honda motors with the death of great Soichiro Honda.


For successful running of automaker organization the management must put lot of efforts in innovating and launching of new products simultaneously. To be as pioneer in automobile industry Honda motors must put themselves in the forward direction in launching of new products in automobile market. Various factors such as needs of customer and other time limiting strategies must be taken in to consideration before launching of any new proposal or product in to automobile marketing. With implementation of latest technologies by engineers of Honda best results can be obtained through launching of various new patterns in automobile that best suited for the customers long term needs. Innovating new models that are very much praised by the customers increases the net sales of the organizations like Honda motors. Honda group must prefer to easily accessible theories and models in order to raise profits of organization. More over in present world a large amount of competition has been plotted all of which are very much eager to innovate new technological automobiles which makes the life of human beings easier in functioning of various aspects. These stated clearly indicated that a wide range of competition can be seen in the market of automobile industry. A wide range of plans must be made before implementation various innovating new strategies. More over marketing strategy plays a significant role in improvement and generating earning for the organization. Hence to obtain the effective growth in expansion of business a perfect plan must be made in order to mobiles various effective resources mobilization within the industry. Various different strategies must be in use in reflection in the development process of a product. The management of the Honda group must be aware of various developmental plans in the procedure of developing new goods.(journal of maketing,1995)

Objectives of novel goods

The management of the Honda motors must be perfect in holding the different objectives and procedures in satisfying the needs of customers. Various objects regarding the project in the organization can be determined with the help of below mentioned picture.

G:\MYWORK\Picasa Export\asdf.jpg

For a manufactured goods to be introduced in to marketplace an introducer routes is the main goal.

Overcoming the overseas share rivalry in the souk.

Overcoming the compensation compared with others

Effective operation of plant for manufacture.

Make exploit of new knowledge by get rid of elder knowledge.

Objective development regarding the concept of new product must study various aspects and functions. Objective management theory determines various concepts such as determination of products and pricing strategy of product. For successful launching and development of product in automobile market all the project member including manager of the group must be likably responsible for holding such development strategy.

When having glance over the different versions of sedans that were manufactured by Honda motors recently the company has launched a new innovative version car named as Honda city in the Asian markets. This car was constructed with all inbuilt luxury features which have stricken the Asian market in 1981. Sedan named Honda city is revised version of fit aria car which was built in 2002. The type of sedan is a small car which is included by five outlets like fit/jazz. Honda Corporation has successfully bashed the Asian automobile market with the launch of new Honda city sedan. Most luxuries model of Honda city car is included with 1.5i-vtec in built engines which can be accessed in both physical and automatic modes. Latest Honda city sedans which has inbuilt i-vtec engines produces maximum power of 6000rpm and 4700rpm torque power. Honda city possesses best dimensional features with 4420mm length and 1695 mm width and vary group clearance of about 15mm. Honda city has maximum engine capacity of about 1497cc with more fuel efficiently of 42lts. Innovative version of Honda city is inbuilt with high quality audio systems which can be easily accessible with other peripheral systems. External peripherals such as iPod and cell phone can easily fragmented with the latest integrated audio system which was placed in the new version of Honda city. More over wide variety of audio controlling switches are included with steering for better accessibility. All new luxury models of Honda city cars built with fully automated power windows, lams, airbags, anti theft systems which was built with latest gcon technology. Front portion of the sedan was modeled in such way that the pedestrians can be easily seen moving in front of the car. Latest version of Honda city car is available in market with various exciting colors such as

Taffeta White,

Polished Metal Metallic,

Alabaster Silver Metallic,

Taffeta White,

Habenero Red Pearl

Bold Beige Metallic ,

Crystal Black Pearl colors

More over in recent days Honda motors has launched another innovative models of Honda city with mentioning model names as City ZX VTEC, Honda City ZX GXi , ZX CVT and ZX EXI etc. detail silent features can be seen with the help of picture given below, . (Auto News,2008).

G:\MYWORK\Honda_New City_ext_634243826.jpg

Exterior glance of Honda city

Interiors of Honda city

G:\MYWORK\new_honda_city_sporty_pedals.jpg G:\MYWORK\new_honda_city_instrument_panel.jpg G:\MYWORK\new_honda_city_central_console.jpg

* steering *interior display * integrated audio system

G:\MYWORK\new_honda_city_boot.jpg G:\MYWORK\new_honda_city_31.jpg G:\MYWORK\57024d1223391469-3rd-generation-honda-city-driven-dsc00222.jpgG:\MYWORK\Honda_City_AT_Front_Seats.jpg

*Wide luggage spacing * internal controllers *seating features in Honda city

*images from Google

The main phenomenon in any marketing strategies is involved with many analysis tools. One of the tools among these strategically tools is SWOT analysis which can be pretended as most effective analyzing techniques representing the status of the organization. the analyzing methods is being implemented to specify various set of factors and methods which helps to justify the status of the information. The categorization of information is done in two distinct methods such as internal and exterior factors.

Internal factor- these factors represents pros and cons of an organization.

External factor- external factor gives the indications about the future threats and opportunities.

SWOT analysis is effective technique in categorization of various aspects such as strengths and weaknesses of a functioning organization. More over internal aspects indicate about objective where as external factors indicates priced and socio cultural matters.(2010)

Manufacturing of various goods in automobile industry is gigantic task for the management of organization. Most of the management of automobile industry make perfect plans to put their all efforts in monitoring all the implemented methods on behalf of company which helps for perfect mobilization of resources. Automobile industry objectives are characterized under four distinct groups such as concept growth, improving functioning conditions of engine, growth in accessibility of vehicle and production of different products. Numerous growth theories debates are carried out in the process of achieving desired objective of the organization. Launching and implementation of new latest trends ideas helps to achieve solitary position in the market. Second theory gives the detail developmental designs. Genuine and strong engines can be built with the help of such emphasizing designs. This strategy is included with very wide variety of action planning which includes manufacturing and assembling of internal engines. Engineers of Honda work with a special motive to develop large variety of special engines with better efficiency. Frame work in engine building is involved in strategies such as sedan body wadding, building framework and maintaining correct module to build in correct shape. The next strategy involves in procedures for production of genuine parts, designing various concept to pick up the correct engineering module. In automobiles industry companies like Honda all the future requirements are plotted by their well trained engineers. Huge workforce is maintained by Honda group in order to achieve the desired objective of the organization. Works allotted to the workforces is been supervised by higher authority supervisor for effective managing of work. More over engineers working in Honda believes in coherence as the strategy for achieving the organizational goals and mission. (Kim B. Clark, Steven C. Wheelwright,1993)


In order to establish a industry the firm must be aware of all the possessions for successful launch of business. In order to make a perfect successful organization the management of the business units most carries out their functions and services with whole dedication to the organization. Most of the firm caring out the business activities starts their trade with no knowledge of business action.

This strategy helps the management of bigger firms to set up their perfect business units. Full commitment must be dedicated by the individual who deals with the organization, operation and assumption of future risks. Many of firms start their business unit without basic knowledge in activity of business. Various skills and methods must be known by the management which is afford to start a business. If management is not able to through with such type of information then they can get hire a accountant who is well skilled in such type issues. Gathering of require information is must for any firm in order to well establish a company. The main source in establishing a new business unit is the financial investment. More over finding the individuals for investing the organization is a crucial task for the management of any organization to carry out their business activities. If the management of newly established firm fails to obtain the investments from the investors they can afford to borrow some financial help from other financial institutions. The firm cans obtain about 50% of funds from any external financial institutions. More over the management can borrow 12% financial needs as loans, 3% from other non determined investors. Most of the managements of the firms use their personal cards for their business transitions and investing business activities. Other assets like property and savings can be determined as short term investments to the firm. More over some of the techniques are determined by Barbara and James such as funding organization with help of relations, family and associates which can able to hold 50% of funding to business unit. All the issues that have been plotted in this thesis is very much helpful for understanding the various concepts which helps for developing a well settled organization. A new model which helps the management to improve their business activities can be briefly studied in this thesis. (Susan Ward,2010)

Sedans ability can be determined by two distinct methods. In initial method of selection of car customers always expect for better luxury features in sedan owned by them. This thesis helps the customer for selection of better vehicle for their needs. This methodology also suggests consumer about most important factor is safety in using the product. While moving for new car one must be aware of latest peripherals that are in built in sedan. More over customer must have a look over the working module of internal peripherals such as engines and all other instruments that are mounted on the chassis frame. Customer must test the conditions of braking module is functioning properly. Latest braking technology was introduced in 1900 for different sedans to provide better braking module during the motion of car. More over different variety of methods has been determined in this thesis for consumers which help to select a best car. Before getting hold towards new car the customer must consider various criteria's such as affordability, durability, pricing and rate of insurances. More over car user always deem of best mileage for satisfying their needs. If the auto maker units are succeeded in satisfying the customer needs the surely they can run their organization in profits compared with others. Various methods are available in market which represents and support all the discussions made in this thesis. PEST and SWOT analysis are the basic measurement techniques which are most commonly used by organization for analyzing the status of internal and external situation of the company. This type of method of analysis helps the administration of different organization to have perfect information about the various resources that are mobilizing in industry. This thesis provides all the basic information that is collected from perfect sources which is helpful for further discussions..(2010)

For development of any new product in market management of Honda group must put their overall experience in providing the basic amenities to production units of the company. Various encouragement programs must be facilitated to the engineers of group in order to get various innovative ideas and services for customers. More over engineers and staff working for Honda group must be very much skilled in innovation of a latest product which is satisfied by all internal and external groups. Innovating of new products is the key factor for automobile sectors which increases the turnover and provides better facilities for the existence of organization for longer period. Various resources which are key elements for building of any new products by industries in automobile field are,

Raw material

in manufacturing of automobile parts most of industries under this sectors makes use of virgin steel and raw plastic , vinyl as the primary material in shaping the products. More over most of companies prefer light prejudiced products so as to reduce investment cost.


Many of automobile industries manufacture their own products rather in taking them from any other external sources. Most of the goods which are used for preparing the automobiles are transported to the manufacturing units with helps trucks or railways. The basic raw maters that are supplied to the automobile industries are used for manufacturing of chassis initially.


Chassis is determined as the part of sedan on which whole body of car resides clearance to grounds level. On this chassis all the components of sedan are permanently fixed. In manufacturing of chassis a broad frame is assembled on a sited line and clamped for preventing further motion. After all the assembling part is over this frame is moved to fitting section where all the interior designing work is carried out. Interior designing and fitting includes fitting of apparatus such as drum wheels, fuel tanks, air suspension and strong braking module. This strategy helps the clients in manufacturing units of Honda for presenting better dimensions. More over now a days large amount of companies under automobile industrial segments is making use of artificial robots for effective functioning of their works over the field. In recent days these human labor in manufacturing units is replaced by robots in automobile field. With help of these robots in automobile industry joining of chassis to different module is very easy. Most of the work is carried and finished by these robots in fitting section. Work of Staff employed over that place is only to attach bolts and radiators to the manufactured body. With help of robots in automobile industries it is easy to lift and place high weighted components from one place to another.

Body built-up

A perfect plan is modeled before manufacturing the whole body of sedan. All the units in automobile manufacturing carries out there work according to this plan. In body manufacturing of sedan all the parts are perfectly assembled and clamped strongly. More over robots using in this segments can hold the weight of about 200 pounds to other places. Body manufacturing is done in an isolated region. All the internal body is welded in zigzag pattern for effective fixing over chassis. After the body is perfectly built then it is transferred to painting unit.

Painting structure

Before initiating of painting process the manufactured sedan body is undergo much tight inspection. After the manufactured body is perfectly permitted then it is transferred to whipping section where white coating is given to the sedan later cleaned by using some oils. After completing of all these sections it is moved to cleaning section where the whiter coated body of vehicle is perfectly wiped and coated with paint. Painting is done through electro static procedure which is termed as e-coat. After finishing of painting process final inspection is carried out over the manufactured body.

In market automobile industry acquired a vital role. Many debates have been conducted with support of customers to evaluate the potential ability of sedans that were manufactured by different automakers. Automobile industry has gained huge support with globalization process around the world. In majority of Asian countries like INDIA this globalization of industries made automobile sector to be pioneer in status. More over most the companies under these segments launch their products in market by taking the feedbacks from the customers as well as staff working in the organization. Many surveys predicted that most of sedan using customers deem of new embedded variety of luxurious cars included with latest technologies. Wide range of work is been carried out to innovate new methods and strategies for increasing the automobile sectors in Asian markets. In recent days surveys predicted that most of the new users of sedan are more interested in buying of bio fuels and hybrid sedans. Thus it can be said that demand for hybrid cars in automobile sector of Asian markets is extremely very high. Most of the manufacturing parts are important from other places rather making them in own home conditions. In recent decades companies like Honda offers latest mode of accessing the organizational services with the help of e-commerce facility. With help of this type of facility customers can sell or buy sedans through online. Such services are provided by great security regarding accessibility by the management. Some patrons are mentioned below which support the discussions made above,

Present fashion in market place and advertising research. Globalization portion of sedan industry

Car manufacturing approach.

Policies of developed manufacturing.

Automobile dealership.

Spares manufacturer.

Engineering consequence by e-commerce.

Telemetric and structure technology of sedan.

Latest skin texture and fuel competence of car.

These features are very much essential in selection methods of a perfect sedan. More over most of the automobile companies consider price as the basic value tool. Other strategies that must also considered to support the discussions made in this thesis,

Emission dropping skill and fuel proficiency is the main reason to uphold standards.

Quantitative split of fusion automobiles in advertise segment.

Execution of latest tendency equipment in stimulating cars. Slow start for preferred vehicles.

Powering to automobile with normal gas.

Safety and influential interior ability.

Thus these strategies are most extremely judging paths in the selection of new car by the customer to satisfy themselves. (2010)

Various implementations and structures in any organization can be easily predictable with the help of technique named SWOT analysis. This technique is very much useful in predicting the infrastructure status of the organization. SWOT analysis is the power full technique for the management of the Honda group to determine the various aspects such as profits and losses in organization. Various finding have been made by the clients of Honda group by using this technique. Recently by using this anlysing tools client of Honda group predicted that overall earnings of Honda group was about $100,112.4m in 2009 it was stated in annual report. Initial earnings of the corporation was $1.869.4 in 2009 which is decrease of 8% sales when compared with audit report of 2008. This strategically tools is very much help full to determine the internal and external possessions of organization. More over this system is perfectly used for determining the revenue and breakdown issues of organization. Thus by implementation of such statistical tools organization like Honda can have command over there functioning units and availability of services to the people. .(Data moniter,2010)

Honda Corporation has achieved success in maintaining the organization reputation with their performance in market. Honda group always deem of innovating new products to customers by implementing various ideas. The innovative strategies are broadly categorized in five segments. Firm can mobile their products either internally or external marketing. Internal marketing includes providing of sales and services within a limited territory where as external marketing is included with mobilization of services to external territorial regions. Product development is possessed by firm itself. Internal development task is much riskier as in case of losses must be bearded by the firm it selves. Organizational growth can be obtained by new idea obtained from different sources which help in innovating new products. Most of innovative products predict the future growth of functioning unit.

The detailed blow representation regarding the concept of product development can be plotted in below mentioned diagram,

G:\MYWORK\Picasa Export\asd.jpg

Secondary method that must be followed in the developmental strategy involves in better screening of innovated ides from all the sources and taking a perfect suit for further actions. Third stage determines various perfection methods and evaluation theories over marketing strategy. In this methods new ideas are revised simultaneously. More over for the mangement in order to collect the information internet would be the better accessibiliy module. Analysing the business synario is the further methods in which thoughts regarding new versions separated based on strategies like environmental conditions and prcing strategies. After a strong work is carried out by taking the considerations of these methods a perfect plan is moduled out finally. This final plan is printed as blue script for further approvals. After all the approvals has been carried this plan is moduled in to a product after the stage of prototype. A perfect product is build after commercialization procedure. Different sources which contributed for building up a perfect product is responsbile for launching time in market, adoptaion rate and promotion of product through different sourcs such as media and other publishers..(2010)


Launching of various new innovative products in to open market is a big task for the managemnt of automobile industry. More over management of Honda must be aware of various statistical tools before implementaion of any new product in to market. For succesful mobilization their units Honda uses 4p reprsentation methods and PEST analysis method for better predicationof market conditions. 4p model is the accurate method which determines the various strategies that must be followed before implemetation fo products in to market. This model was initially performed by EJ Mc Carthy in 1960. 4p model represents,





This method of representations helps the management of Honda group to understand various concepts of marketing. This model can be theoretically used for promoting various cars and services and latest innovated moles such as,

1) Honda City 2) Honda Jazz 2008 3) Honda Civic

4) Honda Accord 2008 5) Honda Civic 6) Hybrid Honda CR-V


plan and exhibit

External hallucination of Honda cars is astonishing because most of them are built with enormous design among its competitors.


Design maintained in the building a car must possess various multi dimensional works such as integrated mounted audio systems which can be accessed with the help of any other peripherals, seats and other precautionary elements.

Presentation, engine and gearbox

Honda motors manufacture best engine with I-vtec technology which has internally built gear ratio, lever, controller, suspension, EBD and various standard enhance features in sedans.


Honda motors manufactured cars are very much expensive when compared with other sedans in market. Honda always deems to provide better sedans for their bellowed customers. Various costs of sedans that are available in market which were manufactured by Honda motors is given below,

G:\MYWORK\My Pictures\zx.jpgG:\MYWORK\My Pictures\df.jpg


Honda city luxury model was launched in 1997 with all latest inbuilt technology. Honda manufacturing units have ability of manufacturing 100000 cars/ year.


Honda motors manufacturing units is sited in NOIDA in Uttar Pradesh and another units is about to open in Rajasthan with holds the manufacturing capacity of 1000000 units/ year.


Honda is best known for its genuinely and brand value. Management of Honda must always in quest of innovation new services to the customers. All sedans manufactured by Honda motors have contributed for success of their group. Honda group always put their efforts for maintaining their brand name by implementing new range of technologies. Honda group makes use of media for the publicity of the organization. Honda group encourages vehicle that run on bio fuels for better environmental conditions. (Marketing Mix 2010)

Thus all the discussions that have been plotted regarding the concept of 4p models and methods help the management of Honda group to understand the basic marketing evolution techniques. Another vital strategy that helps the Honda group as a effective analyzing tool is PEST analysis. This method determines about the various collision issues such as financial, societal etc. more over such factors may also cause threats to the functioning of organization. Various factors apart from above mentioned are considered in the process of PEST analysis methods. Subsequent methods and process that are taken in to considerations is given below,

Political scrutiny

Political constancy.

Risk in armed events.

Legal inflict work.

Property guard.

Regulating trade.

Trading with associates.

Laws concerning anti-trust.

Adaptable prices.

Tax rates enticement.

Minimum and maximum pay.

Weak work.

Employee's reimbursement that is to be compulsory.

Safety industrial system.

Product necessity labeling.

Economic examination

diverse pattern of economics procedure

. Government support for market involvement.

Hosting motherland advantages.

Stability of exchange in hosting nation.

Monetary marketing competence. Communications quality.

Enrollment of accomplished force.

Employment charges. Stages of commerce.

Economic enlargement rate.

Income optional.

Unemployment tempo.

Tempo of price rises.

Tempo of attention.

Social study

Demographics image

group agreement


society capitalist strength

Health, environmental awareness

Leisure welfare

Technological study

present developments in apparatus

collision of gear on products contribution

cost establishment collision

value chain construction force

technical dispersal tempo

by considering the above mentioned strategies in business, management can get hold over the future aspects. PEST analysis is most accurate methods which determine the various functional aspects and their applications in industries like Honda motors. (Net MBA, 2010)

Management of any company must take the basic procedures for developing a product in market. These types of procedures include inspection methods accuracy in mobilizing of products in to market. More over product must be manufactured according to the product rating phenomenon which helps to support the manufacturing mechanism in depth. Honda is emerged as the successful product launcher in market in recent years. It also provides customer helpline procedures in case of accidental errors in using their services. Honda clients will assist them in case of emergencies rose by their products. More over the clients of Honda always maintain a perfect relation with the customer which is also one factor in success of Honda motors. Most of the functioning operations is carried out by selling and buying the product to customers. This strategy shows the genuinely of the corporation towards the customers. Apart from financial activities Honda Corporation also contributed most in developing engines for over 102 new subs mounted firms. Most of the Honda earnings are raised from selling of motor cycles to different nations. Motor vehicle trading is the important issue for Honda motors to exist in south East Asian markets. Demand for motor cycles in 2009 was increased to 40.2m. With this demand Honda started its new unit in Thailand where first 125cc bikes were manufactured. Honda overall sales in south East Asian markets were about 1.4% high. This indicates there is an increase of about 4.628m units in a year. This huge demand driven the organization to the solitary position in asian markets and other nations. Detailed revenue statistics is plotted below,

With the help of data mentioned in the above graph it is predicted that Honda motors holds most of its profits between the years 2006-2010. High sale mark is achieved by group in 2008 with turnover of 1.6yen. This statistics are approximately 13.3% high over sale of commercial bikes.

Various business principles and other recipes which are based on activities and case reports of cars is mentioned below,

The initial place is in automaker segments are acquired by four wheeled automobiles. Honda group gained most of the profits through this business segments. Honda share is about 76.4% revenue in automobile industry and holds the annual turnover of about 950b yens in south East Asian markets. Selling of automobile acquire more earnings rather providing other services. Honda Corporation gained total sales of about 8.5trillion yens in 2008. This year was luckiest year in history of Honda. On an average Honda sale 3392 units of sedans in this year which indicated a decrease of 3.6% compared with previous year. In 2010 over all units in south Asian market was increased to 19.8% which represents the net growth of 950000 units. This growth is mainly raised with driving of strong rise in revenue from India, Thailand and Indonesia.

Income returned from different segments of the nations is plotted graphically below,

Apart from automobile sector Honda also carries its operation in power generating and other reputed activites. Various structure modules of income squad is determined below,

From the above graphical approach it can determined that Honda has gain of 3.2% in their yearly income. In 2009 Honda succeeded in gaining 15% extra returns when campared with the statistics of previous two years. Average gain obtained by Honda power generating products is about 4.744 m units. There was about 10.2% of extra sales of generators in asian makets. Apart from generators Honda also manufactured vending machines to different nations but gain from this products is less when compared with the power generators.

Honda mostly prefer to expand their serivices and products to different parts of the countries. The cost of revenue for other financial actitivites is about 606.3b yens. More over Honda is about to estimate in incrase of 71b yen campared to last year. Apart from these activites Honda also finance to different functionality organisations. The income gained through such returns were about 7.1% in turn over per annum which holds the profits of about 200,600b in 2010.

to be in solitary position Honda always deem to high standards and services to achieve the orginality in global, modernised world. Honda corporation ensures its customers in providing the better products and serivces with outh any fraudlant activities. (Annual Report, 2010)


All the discussions made in this thesis over the concept of marketing and research analysis of Honda corporation predicts various solutions. One important task that must be consider by the management of the Honda corporation that the company must always provide better standard sedans according to the customers choices. The clients of company must be always in contact with customers and act immediately if there are any problems raised for the customers by using their services. Honda must be aware of various strategically tools in order to estimate the status of the organization. It is strongly recommended to use less plastic in manufacturing of car bodies and other peripherals. All the staff must work with team spirit to buy the industry to high standard. This thesis helps the management to show their contribution towards manufacturing of eco friendly sedans which runs on bio fuels and natural gas. This study helps the management to predict various defects in organization. Honda Corporation must get rid of subsidies that act as obstacle for growth of organization. This study promotes various discovering methods of innovating new sedans that are appreciated by all the community people in this technological world. Thus this thesis strongly recommends the management of the Honda group regarding various growth options utilized to increase the potential ability of the organization.