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QNO1) how would you describe the Leadership and the leadership style of the company and its relationship with the leadership theories that you are familiar with.

The objective of the company can be achieved by focusing Leadership style and structure. Leadership style and structure are directly linked to each other.

Leadership is defined as the group of people or a single person who is influential for others and who can lead by setting an example. It is an art of making people to draw out extra ordinary results and achieving unbelievable targets. A good leader is a one who is able to utilize the internal and external recourses so that goals which are predetermined can be achieved. (Keith, 2008)

The leadership style of Corus steel can be described by understanding different styles of leaderships.

Leader ship styles

The culture of the organization determines the leadership style of that particular organization. Leadership Styles can be divided into three

The Autocrat

In this type the leader achieve the particular target by pressurizing team members and rules them like a dictator.

The Laissez-Faire Manager

In this type the leader has no control over his team which makes his team uncertain at many points. This leads to lack of motivation and direction.

The Democrat

In this type the leader makes his decision by involving all of its team members and on the same time maintaining power over them.

Theories of leadership

Before describing the relationship between the Corus steel with the leadership theories it is important to describe briefly about these theories. There are different types of leadership theories which are as follows:

Trait theory

According to this theory there are some individuals who have inherited special qualities which make them very good leaders and make them different from others around.

Behavioral and style theories

There is also an opinion that leadership is the mixture of attitude and way or style of doing anything. So leader can be one who adopts the type of attitude and style which people likes a lot.

Situational and contingency theories

According to this theory leader is a person who is self made and with the passage of time he learn to know how to control the people of different features and groups.

Functional theory

According to this theory leader is a person who plays a useful role achieving the company's targets or goals. (Hack man & Walton, 1986)

Transactional and transformational theories

According to this theory leader is the one who has the power to initiate or stop any project or task. He can also promote any person for its good performance and he can also fire any person for his bad performance. He is the one who leads the team or group. In this case it is the responsibility of the leader to manage its team and achieve the set targets by effectively using its subordinates.


After doing the analysis we can say that the CORUS STEEL COMPANY uses mixture of leadership styles depending upon the nature of people dealing with. But it is more likely to say that the Transactional and transformational theories are closely related with Corus steel and the Democrat style of leadership is followed more likely.

QNO2) in evaluating organization culture, how would you describe the cultural philosophy of the organization, its implication on the workforce and the organization performances?

Organizational culture can be defined as "a mixture of values, norms, beliefs, and patterns of behavior common to a group of people". (Harrison & Shirom, 1999) The The culture of organization is always influenced by

Envirnment inside or outside the company

Product new induction

New Leader

Change to Customer which is new

Change over to advanced technology

Cultural philosophy of the organization

The organization has its own cultures, weak or strong. The strong culture is based on solid reasons and logic and widely praised by the members of other organizations. The CORUS STEEL COMPANY has a culture of empowering its employees and managers which help them to feel valued and they have more job satisfaction then the other company's employees. The CORUS STEEL COMPANY also supports respect and honest relationship between all of its employees. The core values of CORUS STEEL COMPANY are

Fair use of power

Empowerment of employees

Freedom of Speech

Continuous Improvement


CORUS STEEL COMPANY philosophy is to do the business with great dignity and respect. This philosophy has great impact on employees and it made their employees very loyal to the company. This creates motivation among employees and makes them more efficient.

QNO3) critically explore and evaluate both the leadership and the organization structure of the organization and how both have impacted on the business?

Leadership and strong organizational culture is very important component of successful organization and without these successes in long term is very difficult to achieve only giant organization can survived but not for longer period of time.

According to experts and business executives the leadership and organization culture are strongly interrelated. In order to understand what kind of management tactics and adjustment is required in the organization a good leader has the quality of complete knowledge of every person and organizational culture. A strong leadership has also the ability of free communication to the bottom line employees.


The organizational structures of CORUS STEEL COMPANY consist of a flat hierarchy. A team of high level mangers and staff are assigned to specific goals. This is very helpful technique of increasing communication between high level management and employee. CORUS STEEL COMPANY motivates people to achieve the goal they have open and transparent environment. They give importance to their core value. The high level management knows their responsibilities which help them in providing strategic and operational leadership. They can easy motivate the team by showing honesty and integrity. This is important for friendly organizational culture.

QNO4) how would you describe the issue of motivation in this organization and its impact on individual and organization performances?

To initiate the will of achieving the target effectively among the team members is known as motivation. Without motivation the company cannot achieve its goals. In Corus steel company the employees are motivated while working in teams to achieve the tasks. The impact of motivation on individual and organization performance in Corus steel company is very good.


Corus steel company uses following techniques to motivate its employees:

Employee Empowerment: The team members are given more authority and power so that they can start or finish any task. The managers are also authorized to hire any person or to fire any person on its bad performance. Managers are also authorized to promote any team member on its good performance. In Corus steel company the managers feel themselves very responsible and respectable.

Job Enlargement: Team members are given different types and variety of jobs to do which makes their job very challenging and interesting.

Job Enrichment -In Corus steel company the employees are cross trained so that they can handle range of complex and difficult situations. This creates a sense of achievement among the employees.

So these techniques help employees to have good commutation in between. The interest level of employees is greatly increased and they believe in helping each other.

QNO5) critically examine and evaluate the environment that led to the change management currently going on in the company and explain why the change process is important?

Change management is a very difficult practice and required lot of attention and strategy and sensitive implementation. It is the act of mutual understanding and all the affected individuals must be consulting.

Achievable, measurable, and realistic are the characteristic of well planned change.

The basics goal of the change management process is improvement of the result by motivating the people to set and objective and achieves it efficiently, by establishing a simple vision and strategy, involving the entire workforce in the communication.


CORUS STEEL COMPANY believe on continues improvement and always focuses on change management process for improvement of their services and procedure they adopt JTI and lean technique for improvement. It helped the organization to achieve its goal and increase efficiency. They quickly know the importance of change with surrounding economical and technological environment and take necessary steps as result CORUS STEEL COMPANY is able to sign new contracts i.e. material supply for HMS Princess of Wales.

QNO6) Examine the nature of team, its structure and how it has impacted on the organization's performances?

Before examining the nature of team, its structure and its impact on Corus steel company it is necessary to understand different team structures that exist. Three types of team structures that exists in most organizations which are as follows:

Functional Team structure

In this type the management in charge has less or no control on the project. For every function there is in charge that is responsible for all of the recourses of that project.

Example of Functional team structure

Matrix team structure

In this type the in charge or manager has the ultimate authority and power. The communication flow is good as compared to other types as there is easy access to every team member.

Example of matrix team structure

Integrated team structure

In this type every project has its own manager who is primarily responsible for that task and its resources.


In CORUS STEEL COMPANY the team structure is organized in such a way that they can achieve their objective and goals very effectively. As it is a big organization so it is related to Functional team structure as high management makes decisions and pass them to their sub ordinates. But still they have managed it so well that there is less communication gap between the high management and team members. It enables this huge organization to perform well in all circumstances.

QNO7 How effective do you think the company's approach to people management will be in ensuring improved results and enhancing the change management process?

As we know that the change management is a difficult process and requires lot of attention and supporting strategies to achieve its objectives effectively and efficiently. So the company approach towards its employee is very important in term of result and enhancement of change process.

Frederick Winslow conduct a study using systematic process to understand human behavior in work place, the aim of his study was to remove or decrease human error. Frederick conducts his research on characteristics, social environment, job, physical environment, capacity, speed, durability, cost and their interaction with each other.

According to Maslow Hierarchy of needs theory it explain that the people's behavior change according to their needs and desire. If they are satisfied with their need they work with motivation and their efficiency increase.


After analysis of this case study we find that the CORUS STEEL COMPANY motivates its employee with passion to make a difference in his job. We see that the company motivate his employee after losing the major contracts and give them free hand for applying change technique in the organization as result they are able to sign a contract with royal navy. So this kind of change process eventually improves the chance of improving result.

QNO8) Explore the way individuals and the organizations behave, linking this with relevant theory that you are familiar with. How would these impacts on any of the organization's change processes?

After a thorough analysis of the CORUS STEEL COMPANY and applying various motivational theories we found that the company is adopting some characteristic of Maslow Hierarchy of needs Theory and some from Herzberg's two factor theory of motivation. CORUS STEEL COMPANY favors motivational factor like.

They give incentive and salary package to their employee according to their skills and job profile so we can relate this practice to the physiological factor of Maslow Hierarchy of needs Theory.

CORUS STEEL COMPANY is concern about health and safety issue of the employee and ensures their job security in the future so this practice is concern with Maslow Hierarchy of needs Theory.

They also provide friendly environment to the employee and also free communication and also allow them to take decision and involve in the change process both these practices can be related to Maslow Hierarchy of needs Theory.

They also adopt Self actualization Maslow Hierarchy of needs Theory by giving challenging task to employees.

We can also find various practices of Herzberg's - Two factor theory of motivation in CORUS STEEL COMPANY such as they have various job opportunity for their employees and also offer complex and difficult job positions which is the best example of job enrichment and job enlargement.

Impact on organization:

These factors motivate the employee to work harder for achieving organizational goals they feel safer in term of job security and involve in various change process for the improvement of the organization.

QNO9) explain how this company has managed it change process and argue whether or not it has benefited the company.

Change management is very important for the success and development of the business. CORUS STEEL COMPANY know the importance of change process in organization and start restructuring of the organization and implementing operational change process to achieve the desire goal effective and efficiently. CORUS STEEL COMPANY motivates their employee to achieve business goals.

There are some drawbacks of the change process which may affect the organization negatively such as difficulty in allocation of time to participate in group work, training cost and setting up new technique.

Change process help CORUS STEEL COMPANY to achieve various benefits such as:

They reduce waste by adopting various lean manufacturing techniques such as JIT etc.

They improved their product quality by adopting new technologies and technique in production while more focusing on customer needs.

With change process they reduce work time and increase efficiency.

CORUS STEEL COMPANY increases its sale and become more competitive by decreasing cost of production.

They target more customers by quick response.

Change process help CORUS STEEL COMPANY to attract more customers by adopting new technique.

QNO10) what future recommendations for improvement would you recommend to the company?

Change management process is very difficult process and requires lot of concentration for implementing it. CORUS STEEL COMPANY management must have complete knowledge of the affects of change on individuals and organization.

CORUS STEEL COMPANY must be focused on the structure of the organization and the culture of the organization. They are very important elements for an organization to achieve the desire goals.

CORUS STEEL COMPANY is following lean manufacturing techniques to reduce waste and increase efficiency but it has certain drawbacks such as high dependability on suppliers and quality management.

They must adopt total quality management technique to assure high quality especially in ship building.

Top level management must be aware of employee needs and motivate them.

CORUS STEEL COMPANY is using JIT technique which has also certain risks such as short of supplies may restrict the company to fulfill the demand of the customers.

The company must be aware of the cost of change process and continuous improvement.

The company believes in the empowerment of employee and management but it also sometime risk conflicts among the staffs.

The efforts of the management should be to understand their work force and their experience which will influence employee attitudes and behavior and those which increase the organizational performance and effectiveness.