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There are many reasons for employer to set the standards demonstrating the requirements which makes him different from other company's employer. The objective for benefit plans is an important part of any organization planned by an employer according to the requirements of achieving the objective.

No benefit plan is developed unless it meets the employer's actual needs and objectives. Objectives of employer vary with the nature of industry, company, location, and many other factors are involved in it. Before executing any plan, an employer has to ensure the feasibility of the plan whether the plan is realistic or unrealistic.

Core competencies are those capabilities that are critical to an organization. These competencies help in achieving competitive advantage. The beginning level for establishing core competencies is to analyze that competition between businesses is more efficient for competence mastery. Senior management cannot give attention to all the activities of an organization and thus the competencies required to be taken into consideration. The goal for management is to focus attention on competencies that really help company to achieve competitive advantage and find new ways to make your system effective. A core competency can take many phases, including technical and subjective matter know-how, a reliability of process or make relationships with customers, suppliers, and subordinates. It merely includes product development or cultural know-how, such as employee dedication.

Core competencies are specific strengths compare to the other organizations in the industry which gives the fundamental basis for the advantage of added value. Core competencies are the cluster learning of organization, which involve how to coordinate with the diverse production skills and involvement in multiple streams of technologies in order to show and make difference. It is communication, an involvement and a strong commitment to working across organizational boundaries, as communication plays an important role in every organization now-a-days and takes as the most effective tool comparatively.

Core competencies lead the organization to the development of actual product or serive. Actual products never sold personally to end users. It involves wholesalers, retailers, and agent between.

(The main ideas about Core Competencies were developed by C K Prahalad and G Hamel through a series of articles in the Harvard Business Review followed by a best-selling book)

An employer establishes uncompromising academic and technical skills training which has some standards to meet the requirement of the target or a particular objective. Communication development program. An effective communication is an important part of any organization in today's world to meet the criteria of the requirements.Employers has been involved in developing competencies to accomodate recruitment, designate employees, and help their organization.

(McGuire, Eugene and Randall, Kim, "Software Quality Skills in CMM-Based Development Environments" (1998) )

How Employer Promotes Himself

Job seeking is a challenging way for anyone in his career. With a clear understanding of your aim, skills, strengths, and capabilities that how best you can promote yourself which develop a generic competency for your organization. Promote yourself when you are engaged you can greatly grab the opportunity to find, keep a job better, and learn various ways to deal with difficulties. We have developed this outline to implement with practical tips in promoting yourself and your capabilities to an employer.

The use of Competencies

Today's employers primarily view competency structure as an important tool for:

Analyzing a candidate's aptitude to masure future performance.

Retrospect employee's capability, skills and achievement.

Types of Competencies

Competencies are divided into two categories, behavioral or technical.

Behavioral Competencies

Behavioral competencies are usually an expression of the communication/softer skills/leadership which involve impressive communication which affect performance.

Technical Competencies

Technical competencies involved an effective use of IT system and computer, or any technical skills and capabilties in order to perform job role.

Competency Frameworks

The most preferable competencies to achieve targets and objectives used by employers are:




Customer service

Results orientation

Problem solving

The Job Skills Employers Want

An employer's wants from his employees that fulfill his organization objectives. Experience matters a lot in hiring candidates ,even applicants with university degrees and having years of experience have to struggle to fine the right job in which he can work and use his skills and capabilities and fulfill the requirement of an organization. An employer need such a team that coordinates in the way that organization will be able to meet the objectives of the company.

Communication Skills

An effective communication involve speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. Employer should be able to make your point in a crystal clear and respectful way. Convey your message in such a way that people understand your message clearly and having perfect idea what are you conveying. If your conveying method is not effective, you will receive ambiguous feedback that other person perceived wrong. Find new ways to learn more about communication style that you can deal effective with people around you, build a trust through your good communication, and make a good relationship.

2. Intelligence

Give a better understanding and attention to detail. Be clear about the task and rules you have to follow in order to complete your task. I believe in the hard work, I know how to work hard, but smart in order to achieve my goal. I have a didactic design, which I have prepared for me to achieve my goal. Everyone is learning style is different from each other, as I am very hard worker, but I have capability and experience to manage my stuff efficiently. These action plans is the most important for meeting these goals and objectives which I have mentioned above and continually learn or update my skills in efforts to achieve high performance as a career person.

Stress Management

Employers want to be able to hang on you to work under pressure. You need to be able to multitask and prioritize well. Employer should be able to manage emotional stability it will ultimately control in his anger, stress and he will enjoy the work or task.

4. People Skills

The paired and group learning style is the most effective way to learn because a person will find a new way from other people and learn from their experience to improve their personal life. Group learning style provides the regularity and you will get better results. The paired and group style of learning also helps you in building your confidence and overwhelm shy factor. The group discussion will not only increase your knowledge, but also helps in progressing in personal growth. The advantages of group learning are numerous which provides an opportunity to compare results and helps in making accurate interpretation regarding your personal life and career.

5. Reliability

Be loyal and dedicated to your work; love whatever you do, and how you do, and find new ways to improve your work quality. Reliability is a minimum requirement for most employers. At least, the employer wants to trust that you will arrive on time and do your work. An outstanding candidate goes above and beyond the call of duty. Can you organize and plan your time well? Are you willing to go the extra step (by working extra hours, for example) to show dedication to the company?

6. Leadership Skills

The most important function in leadership development includes planning keeping in view the appropriate information and elaborates the tasks in order to meet the standards. Commence the action and allocate the tasks with setting its standards. A good leader is proactive that supports individual and encourage team spirit and informing the tasks, plans, and schedule properly and give his feedback. Develop feasibility of plan to enable the assessment of the planned task. These all actions help leader in leading, and includes strong emphasis by applying these techniques through training. Leadership and management skills are indications of your potential in the company. Psychologists debate about whether or not these skills are natural inclinations or learned qualities. Leaders encourage their co-workers and teammates to succeed. They take charge and guide discussions. The good leaders always have command over these main areas. First a leader believes to do the entire task no matter whatever the circumstances are, he keeps the right balance according to the situation, gets results, and strengthen the morale, quality, and develops strategies to attain maximum satisfaction.

7. Enthusiasm

Employers hire people with positive attitudes and high energy. If you show enthusiasm, the employer will be immediately impressed. Start realizing your thoughts, and be aware of your thoughts and decisions you take in order to make your life peaceful. Think positive and develop healing pattern which encourage your thoughts and decision power in a better way. The more you know about yourself the better quality of decision you will be taken. Self-awareness also helps in spiritual growth when you have clear upstanding of your religion and believe you will start living accordingly. Try to digest out difficulties and learn how to praise your own self in order to lead, even start from the lower level, and try to set some long-term goals for your family life and for your organization.

8. Problem-Solving Skills

In order to progress in your field you must learn how to make solutions of the problems occur, and must be able to describe or investigate the problem. Diagnose the causes of the problem that affects in your personal life, develop strategies and make alternates to resolve the problem, and analyze your weak areas where you are not able to make proper decisions. At last, implement your own strategy and assess the effective and efficiency of the decision. The ability to tackle problems is necessary for almost any job. You must be able to evaluate problems from various angles and to create solutions.

9. Flexibility

Employer should have flexibility in handling the tasks and teams and push his subordinates that won't pressurize them give motivation to them. With a high-energy job, an employer needs to be able to roll with the punches. How well does he make decisions on the fly? How creative and realistic his new ideas?

10. Technical Skills

In the world of internet, websites, technological skills plays an important part. Employer should organize career development training for the IT department. Typing skills is the minimum, but programming skills and software development skills will move your resume to the top and make addition in employees' skills and capabilities area. When looking for a job, there are many ways to convey these skills. Your resume, for example, should include power words that display these qualities which are realistic and practical. When you walk in the door to an interview, be personable and friendly.


It may be a great challenge supervising large number of employees know about their skills and capabilities including their disabilities. Some important plans and desicion making take long time to meet the requirement of the organizational objective.Discussion on the weekly basis gives a better understanding to explain the weak and problematic area and circumstances so try to develop.

When talking to employers:

keep discussions concise and to the point.

Develop strategies and ways for improvement, make standards, limitations you may have special remuneration, workplace diversity or compensation you may need

Use positive words, for example 'I am able to?' and 'we are able to' and show the power of team work.

highlight your skills and abilities while talking and expressing yourself.

don't locate your disability while expressing yourself.

Think positively all the time.

Example #1

Jim citrin's comes with the: Dell gets back to basic" and Michael dell's reply to : What is the greatest single problem with IT today"? Jim just trying to simplifying the way companies use information technology where as Dell is emphatically paying more attention on value added IT services. The priority at Dell is to grow with the good profit. To supplant HP as the world PC leader should be the one of Dell's priority to achieve this goal.

(Michael Dell Talks About Simplifying IT and More at Direct2Dell)

Example # 2

Motors are the actual product and used in a large array .Any business unit of the firm solely penetrate into the nearly small actual products to develop a large number of consumers depend on the actual product technology.

Employer objective:

Identify the areas or weakness and difine each of the skills.

List specific examples from experience, in which employer demonstrate or implement his skills.

To analyze the area of strength, and find ways for improvement.

Evaluate how an employer use his skills and assist in the organization when there is a diversity.


Organizational structure or objectives are based on the nature of the product, and service by which an organization structure accordingly. The employer objective is to understand the defining tasks and objectives of each of these skills and attributes .which he has to execute implement to get the organization successful. The employer has to develop the limitations and strategies that he can give way to his employers or subordinates in order achieve the organizational objective. Employer should able to focus on the relationship between certain jobs, the job scope, and employee skills and capabilities to get the right person for the job. Employer gives value to the experienced, meaningful employees who have variety of skills, and high motivation towards their work. An effective employer focus on the various skills, identification of task and importance of the task. Anonymous employers emphasize more on experience, responsibility for work outcome and believe in the high quality work performance with high satisfaction with the work. Autonomy of employer leads to the limitations and job independency that how much freedom and control do employees have.


Following are the ways which demonstrate employer competencies:


Find out different approaches to execute the plan, do make alternatives for the bad time when the organization involve in the long-run plan because external environment has many threats that can affect an organization in many ways such as politically, technologically, natural disaster, legally, economically.

Employer should find the ways of recording data and keep them save. Provide cross training and expand duties requiring more skills and more learning.


Employer should ask each of his team members and keep their daily record to measure the efficiency and performances of the employees keep the record to their clients and customers. Employer objective is to identify the task clearly and schedule the tasks accordingly. Keep the task in chaotic manner so that the employees feel ease in the work environment.


Employer should remind his subordinates or employees the importance of the task. Many times employee gets frustrated and tired of the work. A good employer knows how to motivate his employers and boost them up by giving motivational sessions and reward them in order to give motivation and satisfaction towards the task.


Encourage your employees, evaluate their performance, appreciate them, and always make them remind that they are the most important assets of the organization. Employer should establish or good rapport with customers is also success and finds the potential markets in order to find the needs and wants of the customers.

- To establish and maintain an employee benefit program that is based primarily on the employees' needs for leisure time and on protection against the risks of old age, loss of health, and loss of life

- To establish and maintain an employee benefit program that complements the efforts of employees on their own behalf

- To evaluate the employee benefit plan annually for its effect on employee morale and productivity, giving consideration to turnover, unfilled positions, attendance, employees' complaints, and employees' opinions

- To compare the employee benefit plan annually with that of other leading companies in the same field and to maintain a benefit plan with an overall level of benefits based on cost per employee that falls within the second quintile of these companies

- To maintain a level of benefits for nonunion employees that represents the same level of expenditures per employee as for union employees

- To determine annually the cost of new, changed, and existing programs as a percentage of salaries and wages and to maintain this percentage as much as possible

- To self-fund benefits to the extent that a long-run cost savings can be expected for the firm and catastrophic losses can be avoided

- To coordinate all benefits with social insurance programs to which the company makes payments

- To provide benefits on a noncontributory basis, except benefits for dependent coverage for which employees should pay a portion of the cost

- To maintain continual communications with all employees concerning benefit programs.

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Employer always wants to appreciative and gives response or feedback to his employees or subordinates. An effective team help employer working for realistic objectives so that the employer could use his capabilities, skills, and explore the state-of-art and maximize production and performance. Organizational environment help employer in outlining his development needs in order to realize employer the reality of the facts and taught me to come up with the most difficult tasks and the most important to analyze the structure of an organization. It is the way for employer to explore out many skills that existed in his employees. Give your feedback to your subordinates to retrospect your list and evaluate at which level they are standing. Make Sure that the evaluator should be honest and would easily tell the truth without being afraid. Learning more would find new ways to make employer personal life at the satisfactory level. Exploring new ways of communication is one of employer objectives so that he will be having good communication skills in the future and he will be able to deal people efficiently. The enthusiasm towards organization objectives has enlightened the outcome. This development took two forms, the first was career development where employees' performance outcome could influence and promote the ideas in a better way. The most important phenomena of living a life in an effective and peaceful manner is always are honest whatever you do be persistent and be delegated towards your work. A good employer always gives his best when his team stands as one and cooperate with each other without any interruption. An effective employer always make people feel comfortable whatever the circumstances are he always give his best to deal with business. Appreciative response gave employees reason towards achieving organization goals so that is how employees transmute organization's objectives into actualities. Many leaders who possessed the good reputation in the past and highly delegated towards their goals inspire a lot of people and good employer. As part of establishing its objectives, an employer must determine its responsibilities to various categories of persons who might be eligible for coverage under the firm's overall benefit program. The list is much longer than one might initially think. It includes the following:

- Full-time employees

- Hang on full-time employees

- Resigned employees

- Dependents of detached employees

- Part-time employees

- Stay with part-time employees

- Disabled employees

- Survivors of inanimate employees

- Terminated employees

- Dependents of employees who have terminated employment

- Employees who are temporarily separated from employment.

- Place your employees who are temporarily layoff.

Employability Skills

We have been work according to this research scenario which conducted by the department of education, science and training and the Australian National Authority (DEST, ANTA, march 2002)

Key Skills

Basic Definitions - Ability


Convey information in both verbal and written formats as appropriate for the needs of the target audience.


Develop a rapport with others and form working relationships, listen effectively, manage conflict, understand human motivation, understand and respect cultural difference and have a global focus on interpersonal skills.


Work in groups towards a combined effort.


Influence, supervise, direct and motivate others to achieve a recognized objective.

Problem solving

Understand and deal with difficult questions or things, apply logic or reasoning to review information, identify problems, their causes, evaluate options and select the best solution.

Initiative and enterprise

Act without prompting, readiness to be energetic and inventive and contribute to innovative outcomes

Planning and organizing

Coordinate and give orderly structure to things or tasks.

Self management

Cope with, prioritize and meet one's own work and personal commitments, have clear personal goals and strategies and measure performance in regards to these goals, be pro-active in career planning, time management and setting challenges, show personal and professional restraint and seek balance in all life aspects, including health and fitness.


Be precise and correct in approach to tasks, have an eye for detail.

Ability to learn

Acquire additional new knowledge or skills via study, experience or through teaching or training.


Vary or adjust ones approach or style according to situational demands, welcome and manage change.


Originate or imagine new ideas, methods, or products.

Technology and Computers

Work with new technology and demonstrate proficiency with computer programs.

The most common personal attributes sought by employers are:

Personal Attributes






Personal presentation

Balanced attitude to work/home life

(conducted by the department of education, science and training and the Australian National Authority (DEST, ANTA, march 2002)