Quality and system management

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The purpose of this bang is to identify different ways in which we can evaluate and improve the overall operations process of Walls Ice Cream (Cornetto).

Somehow it's facing some tricky in their operational processes. On the basis of previous 10 years success Walls Ice Cream expanded their operation in order to attract supplementary customers and improve their commercial. Walls Ice Cream introduced more harvests in their product line. Mix changes of product were introduced in the menu to give more choices to the customers.

To support their operations Walls Ice Cream should need the basic supplies of the operations process, but due to the lack of proper operative management system Walls Ice Cream stayed facing some serious problems in their operations, comparable customers complains about food and service class, decrease in revenue, besides patrons turnover etc.

There were many reasons behind the hitches which Walls Ice Cream faced during their operational courses. To improve their current situation and increase further their operations some dealings are suggested in the basic requirements of operational process, which are categorized as trails.

To resolve this subject, the layout of the following assignment consumes been arranged as follows i.e. fist part related through critical evaluation of working processes, second part related with reasons behind the problems faced by the Ice Cream throughout their operation, while third part related thru upgrading and further development of the active process.


Most important focus of this project is the ice cream Cornetto. The idea of advertising frozen ice-cream cones had long been a dream of ice-cream makers, but this one was not until 1959 that Spica, an Italian ice-cream maker based in Naples under enemy control the problem of the ice-cream creation the fir cone go soaked and soft. Spica created a process, whereby the inside of the cone was covered from the ice-cream by a layer of oil, sugar and chocolate. Spica itemized the name Cornetto in 1960. . Fortifications Ice Cream made a big impress on the Unilever employees when Ramparts Ice Cream visited Spica in 1962. The organization was actually acquired by Unilever soon subsequently. Original sales were poor but afterward when Unilever bought out Spica in 1976, Walls Ice Cream began mass-marketing campaign right through Europe which increased sales.


“Operation Organization is the activity of managing the resources which are devoted to the manufacture and delivery of foodstuffs and services”. This part of the organization is responsible for this activity'. (Nigel Slack et all 07).

Walls ICE Cream aim is to provide a good operation by providing goods and services at the right period and at the right place. Operations organization is there to help and guide any organization to be positive by making use of his resources to produce goods and amenities which can satisfy their patrons. An operation gives four benefits to the group.



This particular study will evaluate those specific initiatives which launched by the Fortifications Ice Ointment to expand their processes. Both the optimistic and negative outcomes of the whole operational process would be deliberated and evaluate here under the principals of operations management.


The process management range includes the decision manufacture about the preparation, designing and management of the numerous significant factors which touch operations. Decision must include that how to offer a facility, pardon products to produce, what techniques to use and what equipments are used toward make properties or provide a better service, how employs can be trained,  and pardon methods should be used in order to supplement product quality.


Walls Ice Ointment introduced new ideas in their operational strategies to offer mix variety of Flavor in their menus in order to attract more customers. But Walls Ice Cream missed few important things in their operational planned planning to support their new ideas. Organization could not properly implement the key elements of their strategic planning. Society were going to attract more customers but with the limited working resources. Walls Ice Cream could not handle the strategic modification and their whole operational development failed very badly.


The behavior of deceitful and producing the container or wrapper for a product. Packaging serves several safety besides practical purpose. It may be a portion of a company's marketing program and it is help full to identifying product among the participant. How ever, the marketing implication of covering is fully known, and packaging is truly a major aggressive force in the struggle for markets.  As walls is a unpreserved consumer product so it is carefully packed, so that it can defend the product in its technique to the consumer, provide security after the product is purchased, assistance in receipt of the product from middleman and aid coax customer to by the product.


In Walls Frost Cream when Walls Ice Balm where bring up new ways on how to improve their tills, Walls Ice Cream did not make good use of their operation strategy and for them to improve Walls Ice Balm should take up these rules as rules for them to upgrade their tills so that customers will spend less time happening the tills to pay for their matters.


The Ice Balm was using the same come near to contract with an increased amount of customers. Fewer work services and nonexistence of proper organization cannot contribute in the achievement of company goal and clients' needs. If the patrons are not properly served i.e. increase in service times and imperfect order, might cause customer displeasure which in turn save moving away potential customers. The business goes down and expended operations do not have any meaning. He is the duty of the society, to manage their new operations on the expectation of new rubrics and demands.


It is quite strong that due to the long-drawn-out operations their production increased but their input remained the same as it was before. And moreover Walls Ice Cream also could not handle the capacity of the changed processes processes.


Strategy Bearing is in fact concern about the strategic action and decisions which set the role objectives and activities of the whole process. To charge any operations there must to a suitable strategic growth behind the process process. Walls Ice Ointment planned direction is to maximize its profit and also provide good quality Frost Cream to their customers.


4 Vs stand for volume, variety, variation and visibility. If we detect and see the extent of discernibility in their operation, it seems appreciable too up to some extent that how Walls Ice Cream attracted the customers and how the operations were exposed to the customers. This is a characterise with the wanted mental state of the separate and the outcomes in terms of incentive and job performance. As customers has complain numerous eras about the queuing on the tills.



The major reason on the back this failure and problem was a lack of proper operation management system. Walls Ice Cream opened new outlets and introduced new product ideas to improve and improve their business. But due to insufficiency of operation running tools and expertise Walls Ice Elite faced some grim teething troubles.

There is change of reasons behind the problem besides some proposal about the problems can be discussed as follows.

Forecasting Tools used for Problem Solving

Total Quality Management (TQM) Tools

Cause and Effect, Ishikawa or Fishbone Diagrams (designed by Kauro Ishikawa)

Illustrates numerous levels of impending causes (inputs), and ultimate effects (outputs), of problems or matters that might arise in the course of Tantaliser plc.

May be confusing if too many ideas and productions are identified. An alternative would remain a tree diagram, which is plentiful easier to follow.


Walls Ice Cream was not properly serving the customers, before this their serving time was 7 minutes, but with the opening of new operations, their serving time reached to 10 minutes per human being customer. Apart from it Walls Ice Cream were too making incomplete and incorrect orders. Walls Frost Cream was not giving the right food in a right method which at last converted the cause of turnover. Cutting-edge order to put forward somewhat better which could stop this trouble, I would like to suggest that, apart from it to make a complex produce menu and introduce new creation ideas; Fortifications Ice Cream should also improve their products and services class. Walls Ice Cream had better serve their regulars in a polite manner. Proper service running ought to be introduced to serve the complete and right nutriment in a little stretch.


Human Reserve Management is really actual important for Walls Ice Cream therefore the problem they have now on the queuing system have a direct impact on service quality. Quality is a major influence on customer consummation or dissatisfaction brands sure that the qualities are met. To propose a treatment in this department I would like to suggest that, if they want to increase their functioning process, they should must increased their number of staff. They should increase the amount of staff and should given them a good training to deal with the need and demands of changing situations. Or perhaps they ought to keep a part time run for the busy eras of the portion period.



  • Planning & control
  • Improvement.
  • Operations strategy.
  • Process design

I would like to recommend the above four key areas of operations management as treatment for the following problem. Apart after it there are also some other methods which can be followed as well to determination this issue. The different ways through which the overall course could be improved and enlarge further.


In case of impressive Walls Ice Cream after they were bring the new ideas to change their menus and appeal more customers in order to improve their business, they did not follow the rules of strategic processes or they may do not know about it.

In command to recover and expand their operations further, they should follow the principal of operations management processes and there calculated planning. They should follow the top-down & bottom-up activities in their operation strategy. There should be best strategies for the product and deal development, planning and control of the account in addition waste management in their whole effective process.


Management in Walls Ice Cream provides the ideologies and the mechanical frame for operations, and organizes activities to manage and control an organization with regard to quality. In Walls Ice Cream Quality assurance and quality control are the parts of any successful quality management system. Quality assurance focuses on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled and includes all the planned and systematic activities tool in aquality system so that quality needs for a produce or service will be fulfilled. Quality control is connected with those workings used to ensure that the quality desires remain fulfilled and includes all the functioning techniques and activities used to fulfil quality needs. This chapter concerns quality supervision associated with quality control and quality assurance and the authorized official endorsement of the laboratory activities, especially from the point of interpretation of meteorological observations of weather and inspiring variables.


Walls are not using any form of personal selling for any of its products. Instead it is heavily promote his stuff on the basis of sales endorsement strategy. Cornetto like other products depends a great deal on its Point-Of-Purchase outlets. According to the belief of one of the managers at walls “our occupation is to lure the purchaser to the opinion of purchase. Once the customer is there, begins our basic task, to attract him towards our P-O-P's”. Walls' strategy of P-O-P's including place their freezers at a place where they can attract customer's eye before anything else. Walls use its heart-shaped monograms on all its P-O-P freezers. These freezers are dispersed able of cost to all sales outlets. Walls suggest the position of its Cornetto items to be above all the rest situated at a place where it can catch the consumer's eye at most, as it is the largest selling brand of Walls. The detecting of ice-creams depends on their productivity. Walls are also charming clientele by posters of its foods like magnum and Cornetto.


The procedure by which some functional needs of the clientele are satisfied through, the arrangement of resources which encompass a creation or a service is related with the process design. All action managers are actually process designers. To improve and expand further the process design of impressive burgers, it is needed to improve their procedure design. Values should be added in their current process design to satisfy the customer needs. More precious developments ought be familiarized and less valuable should stand avoided.


This is describing with the desired psychological state of the human being and the outcomes in terms of motivation and job presentation. As customers consumes complain several times about the queue on the counter, Walls Ice Cream essential to improve on their job and effort design because it is hard for a small amount of staffs to work very long hours in full eras the need to employed new part time staffs and the following approach to Job project can be use finished organization in order to motivate and improved cerebral national to their job and that is

  • JOB ROTATION, this is a procedure of job adopt bye Walls Ice Cream swelling that involves a worker varying job roles with one more servant on a basis.
  • JOB ENLARGEMENT,this includes the straight linked can remain used by Walls Ice Cream of tasks towards expand the range of tasks involved in an exacting job.
  • JOB ENRICHMENT, and also this includes the vertical linked of activities and the integration of answerability and decision creation.


To recover and expand their operations further they should need an finest level of inventory through which they container easily handled their processes. Only that inventory level should be maintained which sufficient for day toward day operations before the compulsory approximation of commercial

There are mostly two purposes for which commercial plan are printed. The first has an outside object to obtain funding. The second serves an inside determination to provide a plan for early corporate expansion to leader an association toward meeting its objectives, to keep the capitalist business itself then all its choice makers lined in a planned course.


Walls Ice Cream should bring latest machinery cutting-edge their factory for the production of high quality Ice Cream, which can not only recover the quality of Walls nonetheless too the serving time. With the outline of latest machinery they will produce high quality of Ice Cream in a very short time then also customers will be served best confidential their estimated time.


With proper lean approach Walls Ice Cream could make more and more units with low Cost to maximize income for the group .The growth stage is where the rising tide of consumer interest lifts the boats of all participants. If there remained no participants in the primer stage, they are now a factor. Consequently, additional product features and support may be needed. Prices are steady to declining, as every contributor in the industry is focused on market share and becoming the low-cost producer. Outlays are declining with increasing dimensions, and profits are improving. Distribution be situated increasing as well. Competitors are engrossed to enter the market.


Total Quality Management (TQM) ‘is an approach that puts excellence and improvement at the heart of everything that is done thru an operation including all activities within an operation'. (Slack et al 2007)

The TQM approach meets the needs of their customers that are seeing things from a customers' point of view. This normally includes everyone in the understanding the importance of customers for them to be effective and to survive. TQM organizations knows that clientele can only be comfortable when they expected their harvest and services that they hunger in addition is given on a lower price.

TQM emphasis on the following:

Meeting the needs and expectations of customers

That is to provide the clienteles with the crops they want to buy.

Covering all parts of the organization

Walls Ice Cream must involve them in any activity of the group for it to be effective.

Including every person in the organization

Every employee should have a liability to get quality true. Everyone has the ability to make quality; they too have the skill to improve quality. In TQM the payment of staffs in an group stands expected to go beyond considerate their contribution and commitment to not make mistakes.

Examining all costs which are related to quality, particularly failure costs

It is necessary to examine all costs and repayment associated with quality. These costs of class are usually categorized as deterrence costs, duty costs, internal failure costs, and adjoining failure costs.


This Item remains precipitate in nature, so our main heart is to talk into the buyer at the point of sale. Once someone opens the freezer our greatest gainful brands must be positioned in such a way that they must attract the purchaser most and when purchaser enters the shop, our freezer must be placed at such a place that it must be the first priority of the purchaser. We use television Ads once we present incredible new apart from that reminders remain given to the purchaser to retain them. Apart after these, we use fortnightlies and leaflet, location panels on the shops.