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The information provided in the case given is not realist at all. It is unimaginable of a hospital or any health care setting or any other institution to operate the way described here. In the case, Kate is offered a job in the Green Meadows but she finds it rather awkward as the terms for her employment are provided verbally instead of being provided with at least a catalogue containing the terms for employment. I tend to disagree with the information provided here as Green Meadows is branch of one of the largest chain of acute care psychiatry in the country.

However, there are a lot controversial issues observed in the case. From the case, it is evident that the information flow in the hospital was not good. Kate is given a green light by the top manager to hire people to work in her department. The manager does not tell her that she was supposed to work with other members of the staff. A clear job description for all staff members was needed in the hospital. By doing so, there would be less conflicts and frustrations of the staff members. Kate for example was frustrated and confused when she was given a task only to realize that she was to work in a team. Communication among the top managers would have played a pivotal role in smooth running of the hospital. Since they did not communicate well between themselves, some of the employees for instance Kate end up suffering and quitting their jobs. This means that the management and other sectors of the hospital are expected to be operated professionally.

The managers in the case may view Kate

Kate is determined to make sure that the best health care is provided unto those in need. She sees herself as professional and determined to get what she wants. Kate is angered by the fact that the hospital management does not follow some protocols they agree on. One instance is when she is told to go ahead and hire people to assist in her department. Despite having green light to do so, Alan; was hiring the same people at the same time. This hospital's management frustrated Kate as they seem to be pushing her away for example when Peter is given the go ahead to proceed with the orientation program of the new employees.

Kate should have tried and talked to the management on the ways or approaches of running the hospital. It would have been challenging for her as the management did not like the way she operated. She was right as the management should have been more serious in running the hospital. The managers of the hospital were responsible for all that followed including clients who were not satisfied. The management should have been quick to respond to what the employees thought was not right. However, the management did not want to go the extra mile in running the hospital. The management made it hard for Kate to work on her daily chores properly by assigning her additional work. She was overwhelmed by the amount of work assigned to her making it hard for her to deliver the desired results. The management was totally responsible for Kate's experience when she was working in Green Meadows.

Kate had a responsibility to bear what happened at Green Meadow. Since she had observed that the management did not handle some issues the way they were supposed to be handled, she should have talked about it with the management. In the case, Kate asked a question while passing by one of the managers. This was one of her greatest mistakes she takes responsibility for as she should have sat down with the management and voiced her complaints and recommendations to the management in a better way. If she had done this, the management would have realized the intensity of what she would have talked about and something would have been done. Were it not for these issues, the employees of the hospital would not have been dissatisfied.

The circumstances surrounding Kate quitting school are not clearly understood. However, it is evident that she was ordered to quit because there was a problem in communication between the managers. The assistance manager went ahead and allowed Kate to continue attending school without consulting with the top manager. As a result, the Top manager thinks that the assistant manager is overstepping his powers by making some decisions without considering his point of view. The managers should have communicated effectively so that they would know the affairs of each and every employee. By doing so, they would have communicated as supposed about Kate's education. Doug would not be able to support Kate because he did not know whether Kate was taking classes or not.

Kate reached her threshold point and handed over her resignation letter to Allan. He had ordered her to quit her education to be in the hospital because as he said, all managers ought to be at the hospital at all times. Despite Kate's effort to talk to him, she did not succeed and she opted to quit her job. In the beginning of the case, we learn that Kate spent many wasteful hours at the hospital and she had decided to continue with her classes since she had time for them. She quit because there was no good reason for her to quit from Alan. Basing on this scenario, Kate was justified to quit her job.

Kate would have other ways of solving the problems she had. However, it would not have been her problem alone; the management should also have played a role in solving these problems. She would have voiced her grievances and recommendations in a better way and the problems being faced here would have been settled. The management also had a responsibility of responding to employ complains and recommendations always and giving them uttermost attention.


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