Prospective Business level strategy for Home Depot

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The Home Depot is an American retailer of home improvement and building materials. The largest of its kind in the country (followed by Lowe's) and second in the retail market, 1 in 2,114 stores, 355,000 employees and a presence also in Mexico, Canada and China, having earlier presence in Argentina and Chile. It has its headquarters, the Atlanta Store Support Center in Cobb County, Georgia.

Founded in 1978 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, after being fired from Handy Dan (hardware store), it grew rapidly while the brothers fought constantly and their marriages too were completely destroyed by alcohol and cigarettes, drugs circulated freely, and in 1986 had sales of close to a billion dollars in 1997 spread to Chile (the country from which they withdrew in 2002 at which time all weak or bold enterprise was purchased by consortia more powerful, and whose premises were converted into Home Store , owned by Falabella, and the merger of Homecenter Sodimac and became Sodimac Falabella), but where they have had more growth outside the United States has been in China. Currently, the average size of Home Depot is in the order of 9.755 m².

Home Depot is ranked 14th in the list of 500 most productive of the United States by Fortune magazine. Total sales rose 11% from 2005 to 2006. It is currently the main sponsor of the Home Depot Center in Carson, California, stadium hosted two MLS teams: Los Angeles Galaxy and CD Chivas USA and the MLL Team: Los Angeles Riptide, is also sponsoring three teams from the Primera Division de Mexico (Club Deportivo Guadalajara, CF Monterrey and Tigres UANL. It is also the sponsor of the # 20 Joe Gibbs Racing in the NASCAR Cup Series. In January 2007, it became the official sponsor of the NFL, according to Home Depot (2010).

Bernie Marcus was the president unit of Handy Dan - Daylon Corporation. He had a difficult relationship with the owner of the parent company of Sandy Sigoloff. Marcus had a dream to build a super store building products. Sigoloff thought of the conspiracy of Marcus and his comrades away from the mother company and began to mock the opponents. After years of abuse in 1978, Syholova Marcus convinced his comrades, to sell shares of companies that made Sigoloff calm. But Sandy decided to convert Sigoloff life into hell, destroying emotionally and financially, to intimidate other potential "traitors". Marcus with the colleagues was released from the company. 

According to History of Home Depot (2010), the store was opened by Bernie Marcus and comrades in 1978 in Atlanta. Products were stowed directly on the floor to the top 6 m ceiling. Dimensions of the shop were more than of the rivals. Products were placed by experts who were willing to provide information to customers. Success had come to the store when the store manager Pat Farra of 3000 stone screens purchased for 33 dollars, and would sell for $ 35, and the usual price was $ 179per the screen. Bernie agreed to this proposal, believing these 100 thousand dollars.  The product was advertized in Atlanta and sold for 4 days. This sale has established a successful practice of selling the company.

"We are going down orange!" Shops Home-storage depot have facilities for storing materials in stores. Trade is carried out daily supply of materials. Stores have their own construction crews that can install the client for any goods purchased from Home Depot. Buyers of the shop were building contractors (who get 10% discount) and average owners of homes, according to Bailey (2009).

Marketing. Today 'slogan in 2003: "You could do. We can help." Past slogans: "Home Depot, low price is just the beginning", "When you're in Home Depot, you'll feel at home", "Home Depot: The first organization of the house." Home Depot's sprawling branches, on average, are 105,000 square feet (9,755 meters), a large retail store is designed to ensure adequate inventory.

Advertising and banners. Home Depot was to light orange as the company of colors, and of signs, equipment and staff clothing. Since 2003, Home Depot states "You can do it. We can help", as the advertising slogan. In the past 25 years, Home Depot has had a "Home Depot, low prices are just the beginning" (early 1990), "When you're at the Home Depot, You'll feel right at home" (late1990), and "The Home Depot: First In Home Improvement!"(1999 -2003 years) of potential customers, according to Home Depot (2010).

Brand. Home Depot has several exclusive brands, including Hampton Bay (lighting, ceiling fans and patio furniture), Pegasus (kitchen and bath), Glacier Bay (faucets and bath), Husky (tools), Vigoro (fertilizer), Ryobi (power tools), Millstead, Mill's Pride, Workforce, Thomasville cabinetry, Behr (paint) and Ralph Lauren paint.

Home Depot also has a chain of high-end home furnishings and appliances store EXPO Design Center. In 2006, Home Depot acquired Hughes Supply, HD Supply and its assimilation to the service contractor. In September 2005, in the high-end online lighting store Paces Trading Company launched soon, Home Depot, authorities immediately opened another high-end online furniture store 10 Crescent Lane. In mid-2006, Home Depot acquired Home Decorators Collection, and their integration into the competent authorities, as an additional brand, according to Home Depot to test superstores, mini-stores (2007).

Fuel Centre. Since 2006, Home Depot started opening stores at some of the fuel centers, the first located in Tennessee Hermitage, Brentwood two cities and the city of Acworth, Georgia, then feed center is expected to earn 500 million per year -700 million dollars. Fuel center is selling beer, cooked food, snacks, and position in the provision of individual diesel oil, to facilitate the driver of the vehicle into the oil. In addition, small trucks at the fuel centers can enjoy the entire vehicle cleaning services.

The average size of each of the supermarkets is 9755m ², each of them inside and outside is bright orange with the special shape. It offers a lot of products and some services. In 2005, earnings totaled $ 5 billion and $ 81 billion turnover. Current members of the board are: Greg Brenneman, Richard H. Brown, John Clendenin, Claudio González, Milledge Hart Bonnie Hill Laban Jackson Lawrence R. Johnston, Ken Langon, and Tom Ridge. In January 2007, Home Depot became the official sponsor of the NFL and The Home Depot Center.

Advertisements. "You can do it. We can help." - (Since 2003).

"The Home Depot: First In Home Improvement!" - in 1999-2003;

"When you're at the Home Depot, You'll feel right at home" - in 1990.

"The Home Depot, Low prices are just the beginning" - had existed for 25 years at

Petrol Stations. In early 2006, Home Depot made an attempt to build stations at selected locations. The first of these arose in Hermitage and Brentwood both in Tennessee and in Acworth, Georgia. These stations are expected to bring profit 5 - $ 7 million. In addition to the fuel, can be purchased beer, hot food, snacks, and drinks. Moreover, in each such center will be located on both the car wash cars and trucks, vehicles, according to Home Depot (2010).

Home Depot in the world. Canada. In 2007, Canada had 150 stores located in each of the 10 provinces of Canada, and there were employed about 26,000 people. In Canada, Home Depot has an ambitious goal to become a serious competitor to the network that Ron is the clear leader; however, the network stores of Ron stores are smaller than HD. In addition, HD will have to face the Lowe's network, which comes to Canada, the first store will be located in Ontario.

Mexico. Home Depot entered Mexico in 2001 and since then has become one of the largest retailers of building materials. Located in the country, 50 locations and 6600 employees were employed. In 2006, Home Depot started a program for "guest worker" - allows for the adoption of temporary legal work at Home Depot in the U.S. by Mexicans and Latinos.

China. Home Depot entered the Chinese market in 2006 and quickly gained a strong position. Although the country has a communist system HD puts workers' rights in the first place. There are 12 stores located in 6 cities (as of 2007).

All in all, it can be stated that Home Depot is a successful network and it has big perspectives. With the help of new approaches, ideas and implementation of creative ideas, the network will have global success.