Proposal for Salon Design for Dove Spa UK

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Dove Spa UK is part of Spa and salon international Ltd, A Spa group with 47 sites across 4 countries. In UK we have 27 sites including 14 Dove Spa saloons and 10 Dove Spa concessions of Virgin Active Gyms. Spa also has 2 Dove Spas in Toronto, Canada.

Spa consumer research in UK and Canada showed that many people are intimated by Spas and often confused by the treatments offered. Dove's campaign for real beauty which is based on the insight that many women feel alienated from the values and images of some brands was seen as providing a real reason to believe that a local salon with Dove values could be successful.

The challenges were set to design a Spa with its own professional products that stood in the markets and reflected the values of Dove brand.

At Dove Spa our philosophy is simple we want to make more women feel beautiful everyday by inspiring them to take greater care of themselves.

Three fundamentals of Dove Spa are

Professional Expertise

Professional Treatments

Professional Products.


Dove Spa is spa and a saloon international Ltd facing tremendous shortage of committed and motivated beauty therapist and other employee turnover in the organisation.

Although in the recent times the organisation is taking certain measures to retention.

Giving employee handbook to perspective beauty therapist after the selection interview so that they can get an overview of the organisation and understand its policies.

Conduct induction programs for the new employees in order to familiarise them with the policies and practices of the organisation and to help them to adjust easily with the job.

Encouraging the beauticians to undergo excellent training programs such as latest saloon equipment and diagnosis

However these initiatives have not proved enough to retain employees of organisation.

The organisation doesn't have a practice to maintain statistical data to know its employee retention rate apart from this it doesn't undertake any activity to find the reason why a beauty therapist has discontinued providing the services to organisation. It must be noted that Dove Spa operated in an beauty industry which has remarkable shortage of skilled human resources and people often get poached to other organisations. In fact to a report published in may 2010 mentions that the Spa is one of the top 10 areas facing shortage of HR. It must also be noted that the financial position of the organisation is not very strong. This was mentioned by managing director during an informal conversation. Therefore considering the problem being faced by the organisation employee turnover and retention of the beauty therapist is very important for the organisation.


Dove Spa is looking for enthusiastic and committed individual to work in the UK operations.

Dove Spa is looking for people who are passionate about guest service and high standards or self motivated like what they have read about our brand and who would like to make their mark in a national company whose vision is to be the industry leader. All Dove Spa skin care experts must have an NVQ 3 or equivalent qualification before they can offer Dove Spa treatment.

We have dedicated training support in the UK via Dove Spa institute.

We take training very seriously and require all new members of our team to attend a comprehensive 6 day Dove Spa " start-up " training program where you will learn about

The Dove Spa brand concept

Selling skills

" Our way " Guest service program

Dove Spa treatment protocol

Dove Spa product training

Where appropriate, specialized program run by third- parties.

Continuous learning is key to our vision to be trusted industry leaders so further training opportunities will be available to you as you progress in your Dove Spa carrer.

We regular advanced workshops on specific treatments such as massage, waxing, IPL and colonic hydrotherapy.


Considering the background of the organisation and issues being faced by it, the objective of the report is to understand and evaluate the retention practices of the organisation for Dove Spa. This will help to compare the actual initiatives taken by the organisation to retain its employee and the best recruitment and selection practices or best fit options available. The other aim is to enable organisation to retain beauty therapist considering the fact that they are life blood of the organisation. Human Resource are the company's most vital asset (Plumbley, 1976). The objectives of the current investigation can be written in the form of SMART


Specific Objectives were those that researcher really want to achieve.

To expand the knowledge in HRM

To understand the functions of HR managers and their effectiveness.

To critically evaluate recruitment process and selection to recognise the impact of recruitment in the organisation.

To critically evaluate the impact of effective and ineffective recruitment methods and selection process.


The data collected from the real sources such as questionnaires are measurable by counting the similar response.


The objectives that are set for the investigation are easily achievable through the sources such as journals, text books and with appropriate methods of collecting data. Primary data collection is through questionnaires which are considered as most appropriate methods of collecting data.


The objectives set are achievable in the available resources such as time, money, textbooks and internet. The data collected from the employees, of Dove Spa real source through questionnaires.

T-Time Bound

The current time plan investigation is finished to the plan time. All the research, findings and analysis is done according to the time.


Methodology is the essential section of any investigation and the reason is that the researcher identifies all the available data collection methods and choose one appropriate method that suites the investigation in UK each organisation follows its own pattern in recruiting its employees. It is identified that Spa strictly follows online application and interviews for recruiting employees some recruit only through employee referral and some organisations recruit through combination of two or more methods of recruitment and selection. This has increased my interest towards recruitment and selection. Am employed with Dove Spa for past 5months, i have observed that colleagues leaving the organisation very frequently. The reasons behind them leaving the organisation are very different such as overqualified, under qualified in search of new opportunities, low rewards and so on.

I have got an opportunity to choose a topic for the investigation and after spending considerable time in HR department in my organisation and on reliable sources as books; published journals newspaper articles government publications, organisation's own website and magazines are been used to study the existing literature on the topic .

To address the issues being faced by the organisation, a semi structured interview was conducted with managing director and office manager. To understand the reasons, according to them which was leading to employee turnover and initiatives that are been taken to retain the beauty therapist. Apart from this it also helped to understand the actually practices of the organisation in relation to the employee 'turn over and retention'. Also a questionnaire containing open as well as closed ended questions was used to collect the responses of 40 beauty therapist to identify apart from this regular working in the organisation help to observe its current recruitment and selection practices and understand the real life situation in the organisation.


Recruitment and selection (R&S) is considered as organisation's seed. The healthy seed would shoot out and grow into a strong plant which bares flowers and fruits by standing up in all the weather conditions. In the same way is the employee of the organisation whom should put into the organisation watered (paid) receive air (motivation) and light(reward) from the organisation.

When these three are in practice every step of employee would be motivated and committed. The Recruitment and selection process is the Di-cotyledons of the seed from which a shoot sprouts out. The recruitment and selection is considered as major task of HR managers. Any organisation needs to recruit regardless of its size and nature of functioning. Any organisation to recruit has to follow particular method and process of R&S. There is no confined or defined process of method to be practiced. Every organisation has its own strategy of R&S. There are different processes and procedures followed according to the job title nature and role of the employment. In the competitive worlds environment every organisation's desire is to talk and stand as number one. This can only be possible through increasing the quality and quantitative performance, only a motivated and committed employee can give this performance.

Every organisation is in search of the most committed talented professional and motivated individual who would increase the organisation performance and help in the best ranking of organisation. HR managers assist the management to employee the committed, talented, professional and motivated individuals through specific R&S process and procedures.