Proposal for Personal Training Facility Start-Up

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Starting a personal training facility can be overwhelming if one is not organized and prepared, there is a lot to consider like the what kind of corporation to have, the niche to focus on, how much and the kind of marketing systems to have and use, and either to have a group training or one on one training. Apart from these, there are the most important things to consider while planning to set up this kind of facility.

First to consider is the location of the business, the buildings and the kind of structure to have, this will include whether the studio will have different rooms to offer different kind of services. It is also important to decide whether the structure will be rented or bought, in this case a lease will be the best to rent inconveniences. Equipment is needed; this will include machines for offering the varied types of services for example, weights, cardio, treadmill and other movable sporting equipment.

To ensure good running of the business, there must be employed trainers, computers to develop client data base, printers, pens etc. cost factors should be put into consideration, the fitness industry is seen to be moving towards a trend of functional equipment but lower in cost and therefore budgeting is one of the most important issues after getting a facility in the desired location. Let's take for example, the stretch strap, buddy system and equalizers can be bought at a price of $200, and they come in a set. Five sets of these are enough to run a fitness studio, a set of kettle bells can be bought at $600, power block and bench set will cost $750, a pair of TRX can be gotten for $200, two pairs of these are enough and a plyo block is required, this will cost around $100. Other items to buy are cones, focus pads, boxing gloves and skipping ropes.

Budgeting will also put into consideration the revenues and the expenses of the business. In this case, this is a new studio; there is no cash inflow yet except the starting capital. While starting a new business as at this case, there is no need of hiring staff but if need be, they should be at a minimum; their qualifications should determine their wages. In this case, a qualified accountant should be hired and then set up a payment system. If still, there is no need to hire one the trainer will still be the accountant hence time should be allocated different from client's time. All trainers should have uniforms.

The most important thing is to make a business plan but before this create a client base. This can be done in various ways, first establish yourself as a person who is qualified, trustable and results producing. Personal training or fitness involves both physical and emotional work with the client, this is something which is not tangible and cannot be provided by the equipment, and it comes directly from the trainer. Satisfied customers are said to be the best advertisers, resulting to market growth and market share.

A business plan is important as it sets out the considerations of operating the business, the goals, and objectives. A good business plan for a personal trainer will include: executive summary, this is an overview of the business; it is the introductory part of the business plan. This part includes, mission statement, vision and the descriptions of the offered products and services. Sales and marketing forecasts, competitors and the financial projections are also included in the executive summary.

The company profile looks at the identity of the business, history of the business, knowledge and experience in the industry, the kind of skills the business has and other operational and administration abilities. Overview of product or service offered: this will address the specific product the business is offering to the clients and what kinds of customer problems are solved.

Market opportunity, this will take into consideration research so as to establish the target market, size of the market, and the key clients to be attracted by the business.

Marketing and sales, this point takes into account the sales and marketing channels like where to advertise and the cycle of sales to use. The business plan should have operations which analyzes the equipment one will need, the skills and responsibilities the owner and other employees will take to run the business smoothly.

An income statement should be included too, balance sheet and a cash flow chart and any other funding needed from other institutions like banks and other investors.

There is need to include an appendix of you the owner and any other key staff employed.

A marketing budget is important so as to understand the environment in which you are starting a business in, this includes the economic situation and how it will affect the operations of the business. The demographics of the area are also looked at; this will include age, educational levels of the potential customers.

Understand competition, the industry and technology so that there is a good analysis of any potential issues. Keep customer profiles in four categories, according to where they live and the size of the population, age, family size, gender, lifestyles, personality, social class and behavior regarding brand loyalty, benefits of the product and how often the product will be used. The security of the new business is important so as to protect the employees and the clients, a trained security guard is important in this case, measures should be put in place to have an access and locking system in the studio

Lockers and turnstiles with scanners usually to be located at the entrance of the studio is a good idea. As clients and members come in, their cards are activated so that they can use the lockers; the locker system shows the lockers which are occupied and the ones which are not. All employers have a duty of care towards their employees to ensure their health and safety. There is a legislation issued to all businesses on occupational health and safety (ohs). In the training studio, the environment should be kept safe by safely handling, storing and transporting equipment and other substances. Information, instructions and supervision should be provided to ensure health and safety.

Risk management procedure should be implemented to identify and monitor health hazards in the work place. The employees should be trained on risk assessment this will be used to locate hazards in the business and help in implementing the appropriate measures to minimize the risks to clients and staff. First aid treatment should be given in all cases of injuries before further medical attention. Any accident inside the premises should be quickly acted upon and the victim should first be given first aid then taken for further medical treatment.

A good safety problem should specify what is to be reported, to whom it should be reported to, how to report and incidents to be investigated. Recruitment should be done to get the best employees for the job, they should be qualified for the kind of job they will be given. Since this is new business induction training is important, this ensures new employers are retained, settle in quickly and are productive.

Training is done to new employees to acquaint them with the positions they will be operating on. The training program has an overview of the expectations in job and performance skills that are needed in performing the employee's duties. Training is important to give background knowledge on how ancillary departments relate. When doing new hiring like in this case, an employee training manual is created to act as a building block of technical skills and practical skills to prepare the individual for the position they will be holding. It is essential to give employees benefits, so as to boost their performance and company loyalty, incentives also act as motivators. Incentives given to employees are varied according to their creativity and thoughtfulness of the employer.

Some of the incentives given are, granting flexible working hours to the employees, most parents appreciate this kind of incentive, free medical checkups are another form of incentive. Some incentives could have monetary values and others do not. Non-monetary incentives include job security which satisfies the ego and self actualization. When an employee knows he has a secure job then he will work hard.

Praising and recognizing employees satisfies their egos too. Job enrichment by increasing the responsibilities of employees is another motivator; this keeps them on their toes and work on proving their worth. For the business to evaluate its effectiveness, it must assess its activities and if it has achieved its objectives. OHS can be evaluated according to the frequency of accidents; a checklist on elements in a series of questions can also be used with each question giving weight on its importance.

Marketing can be done by first using the swot analysis to find the firms strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strengths are the resources and the capabilities of the firm so as to develop competitive advantage, example include good customer relations, exclusive access to services. The weaknesses of the business can be seen as the opposite of the strengths. Opportunities contribute to growth and making of profit, threats are in the external environment of the business.

The company should pursue opportunities that are best to the company and make them strengths, overcome weakness and develop a plan to prevent the firm weaknesses. An alternative service to fitness, a massage service can be offered. Massage relaxes the mind and body and it is good for treating trauma and stress. Adding this to the other services of fitness, when one client gets tired he can be relaxed by the massage.


Extra weight


Pull down machine

Tread mills

Lifting belt

Trap bar

Dipping bars

Easy curl bar

Lifting gloves

Vertical leg press

Chinning bar

An adjustable bench

Full length mirror

Safety squat bar

Profit and loss account



fat burning



postural assessment

muscle fitness


biosignature modulation




salary and wages

other supplies