Proposal for Marketing Manager position with Starbucks

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Human Resource Management (HRM) is an organization within the recruitment operation, management, and provides the public who is the focus of the direction of the organization. Human resources management should also be performed by line managers.

Human resources management is the organizational functions, with the people issues, such as compensation, hiring, performance management, safety, health, organizational development, welfare, employee motivation, communication, and management and training protocols.

2.0 The role of Human Resource Department in Organization

Inherent potential of the pioneer staff

HR training as one of the important work of the module, and tap the potential of existing human resources is an important tool for entrepreneurs and thus much attention. Modern HR training to the training units can no longer be limited to such arrangements for the administration of the classroom level, and more training needs to pay attention to the excavation and evaluation of training effectiveness, build a set of performance improvement-oriented training system. Focused on enhancing performance of managers and employees to give proper training to inspire employees to maximize the potential of the goal.

Find the right person and put in the right place

"choose, education, and retaining," we all know the basic functions of human resources, of which, "choose" is the first step, how to choose the one who put on the position, that is, human resources management and most important step, selecting the right people, put on the position of the company and employees to achieve a win-win, pick the wrong person, the wrong location will not only increase in personnel costs to the company, time, cost, more importantly, the wrong person can made the opportunity costs. Therefore, the ability to choose the right people is the key HR performance indicators.

Judges in staff disputes

Deal with labour disputes, labour relations has always been balanced inescapable focus of HR, these seemingly small things are not small, if not handled properly, may have to bear legal responsibility, affect the company's reputation. Therefore in dealing with staff disputes must be careful, rigorous. Must be the same as a judge, be objective, fair, everything about the evidence, based on law.

Missionaries of corporate culture

Why the spread of corporate culture, how to convey the concept of owner, how to form common values, the best approach is to make HR as missionaries, through various forms of transmission of HR put up a bridge of communication with staff. This is not only including the use of announcements, publications and other forms of business communication, including through better pay and benefits system, promotion system, and a variety of retention strategies reflected shock before.

3.0 Analyze other's think about Human resource department

Over the past three decades, the size of the typical human resource (HR) department has increased considerably. This increase reflects both the growth and complexity of government regulation and a greater awareness that HR issues are important to achievement of business objective.

However, many still believe that the top managers care little about HR compared to Marketing, Finance Production and Engineering.

The reason that other's think Human Resource is no important:

Free position in organization

Other's people are believed that the main duty human resources is to distribute salaries, hire staff, appointment and removal, relocation, attendance management, offering pre-service training, and dismissal of personnel. Therefore in outside people thinking, Human resource department is the free position in organizations.

Is the user in organization

In other's people thinking, Human Resource Department is the user in organizations. It is because Human Resource Department spent a lot of the organization's money. Example: they using organization's capital to made course and training staff; using organization's capital to made advertising for hire staff; using organization's capital to reward to employees et cetera.

Increase the cost

All the thing that do by Human Resource Department is increased organization running cost. It is mean that all the thing are relation with employees, have the lengthened the process. Example: contracting, payroll, employee dismissal, injuries and much more. Including staff recruitment costs (advertising, warn that fees, interview fees, materials fees, brokerage fees), selection costs (interviewing, testing, physical examination, etc.), recruitment and relocation costs (admission procedures and the mobilization of non-compensation, etc.). It would increase organization cost only.

No production

Human Resource Department is no production at all. They would not join any production process with other department, because they just only control the entire problem with employee only. Therefore they never help organization earn profit.

4.0 Why Human Resource Department is important?

In others people minds, Human Resource Department duty just is setting salary, made training, interview and hire employee or dismiss employee, and mush more.

The importance of human resource management can be attributed to the following:

The activities of the employees to follow certain principles, not against another person or business interests;

To enable employees to improve their efficiency;

To enable enterprises to reduce unnecessary losses and effective cost reduction;

improve staff performance, increase their own profits;

to enable enterprises to promote employees from time to time in the chapter to follow, the Selection Committee and to avoid unnecessary trouble;

to the training of employees by enterprises with fixed rules to follow, both to prevent escape training of staff, but also to avoid the neglect of education, staff training and follow-up;

On the deployment of human resources in a timely manner for your records;

Do good job placement officers to prevent overstaffing in some jobs, but some of the posts and understaffed;

The effectiveness of the assessment staff, and adopt the necessary incentive methods.

5.0 The way I do to changes

Business strategy must truly linking with human resource management

Due to enterprise department have not communication with the Human Resources Department. It making human resources management can only be a passive service to business development, can not uses its active function.

Such as the rapid expansion of businesses, it needs a lot of professional managers. Human Resources Department may promote from the company or a large number of recruitment from outside. The surface in a timely manner, it was very fast to meet the business needs. In fact, the lack of full understanding of business strategy, that targeting is not clear, which may result on the number of tasks, but the quality effect is poor.

Their professional capacity can competent to their task, but because these people have their own work experience, familiar with a particular company has been recognized, the culture, the formation of relatively stable values, difficult to quickly self-adjust to new organizational philosophy and culture, can easily lead to difficult to give full play to their ability, can not meet the urgent need for rapid development of enterprises.

Human Resource management must establish a system of links between the functions

Recruitment, compensation and benefits, performance management, training, work to separate the functions of the form. While business leaders and other managers, personnel management is negligible. Such as how they attract and retain talent, how to staff evaluation, how to motivate employees, how to train professional managers, etc. These issues are referred to the Human Resources Department to decide. However, we must clearly understand that a company without a good staff, the company will be difficult to develop.

6.0 Human Resource Department is important

The Human Resources Department can not directly create revenue for the company, for example, the development of new customers or new markets, many companies are spending so the sector as a part of, often calculating how they can minimize the cost of this part. In fact, the company should change the idea, will be on human resources investment, as a way to increase company revenues.

The best human resource system can increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and thus effectively reduce employee turnover, labour disputes, increase employee productivity. And improve employee productivity and reduced turnover can improve quality of products and services and customer satisfaction, and ultimately improve the company's performance. Human Resource Department is the important part in a organization. Therefore, we must develop the human resources management; I would like to remind business leaders must be from a new perspective to the system, global perspective to understand the human resources management.

7.0 Introduction

A Job Description (JD) is the list of describing the general duties, responsibilities, tasks most important contributions and outcomes needed from a position, the reporting relationship of a particular job, and required qualifications of candidates. JD helps the employer to get the ideal candidate and specify the expectations. It also helps the employees to understand what their job requires exactly.

The most of the employers require all the applicants to complete the job application form because it is the way for the employers to collect and keep the consistent data on the file for all prospective applicants.

Starbucks is the largest coffee house chain company in the world. Let's look at the JD of the marketing manager in Starbuck and discuss about the insufficient information of JD and how to improve.

8.0 Job Description for Marketing Manager in Starbucks.

The Starbucks marketing manager's job descriptions are as followed:

Leads project teams and sub teams to develop and implement new programs and process improvements. Manages projects in accordance with Starbucks established program management methodologies. Ensures that multiple projects meet specified timelines and deliver expected results.

Manages and monitors project or program schedules, progress and costs to ensure that expected results are delivered on time and within budget. Maintains, adjusts and updates project plans as needed. Consolidates, communicates and ensures resolution of all issues. May develop and collect performance metrics.

Represents business unit, department or functional area on cross-functional project teams. Provides functional expertise to assess potential financial and operational impact.

The JD of Starbucks marketing manager does not provide the sufficient information.

9.0 The Suggestions of Improving JD for Starbucks Marketing Manager

The Starbucks marketing manager's JD is too general like 'Leads project teams and sub teams to develop and implement new programs and process improvements' what are the new programs? It should better specify what the new programs are.

9.1 Suggested JD for Marketing Manager in Starbucks

Developing and implementing of the promotional marketing calendar for all Starbucks stores.

The marketing manager must be able to develop and implement the monthly marketing promotion planning to help all the retail stores.

Developing and implement local store marketing events.

The marketing manager must be able to develop and implement marketing events for local store including launching the new products and opening the new store as well as provision of counseling.

Developing and implement the product placement opportunities and promotional events in Public Relations (PR) plans.

The marketing manager must be able to develop and implement chances for placing the products and events in Public Relation (PR) plans for promotional usage.

Developing and managing the annual marketing budgets.

The marketing manager must be able to plan all the expenses in activities of the without over budget.

Managing and coordinating all marketing, advertising and promotional staffs and their activities.

The marketing manager must be able to well understand and lead the staffs in overall activities.

Conducting market research to determine market requirements for current and future products.

The marketing manager must be able to the market research to determine the existing or future products

Analysis the customer research for current market conditions and competitor information.

The marketing manager must be able to determine target segmentation for each product. And he or she has to know what the firm's competitors are doing

Monitoring, reviewing and reporting on all marketing activity and results.

The marketing manager must be able to check and improve the all the overall activities in marketing department.

10.0 The Job Application Form of Starbucks

The requested information in Starbucks job application is following:

Personal information

The personal information is requested because to identify the candidate and checking the qualification. Also it is needed for corresponding

Employment desired

The employment desired is requested because to check the candidate's willing position and the requirements


The education information is requested because to check the qualification.

Practical question

The practical Question is requested because to get the candidate's perception of company.

Former employers

The former employers are requested because to get the candidate's previous working experience and the reason why they leave the companies. Also it is needed for checking the candidate's attitude in previous companies.