Proposal for Establishing an Event Management Company

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To establish an event management company, first we need to indentify the form of an organization structure. An organization structure is such like task allocation, coordination and monitoring activities, which are directed to the organization goals. In organizational structure is also consisting of determined the manner and extent of the role, powers and devolution of responsibilities, control and coordination of information, and how to manage flows between levels. Furthermore, organizational structure provides a reporting system, drive an organization, also divided into different places or departments that are responsible or better in for that particular of the organization, it shows the regions need to run more efficient implementation of the relationship between individual objectives of the organization.

Organizational structure is tending to complement the organization goals and objectives. It is also the fact of the organization's culture such an affects of behavior, performance, motivation and cooperation. An effective organizational structure are to adaptive the process requirements and possible changes, and try to optimize the results of manpower and resources. Organizational structure, flexibility should be allowed to encourage employees' creativity, technology and manpower to effectively utilize the skills.

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"K" Dream is an event management company based in Malaysia. This company is an event company that produces creative, innovative and contents - rich activities. Our company is one of the top event management companies in Malaysia, our company provides events that are organized by the cross section of event companies: such as entertaining and leisure events. This is a one- time or periodic, there are also ticketed or free performances or exhibition event created for entertainment purpose. This will include concert or fan meeting and etc. "K" Dream is boasting years in the entertainment business, with close ties to high-class acts, our company has expertise in more than just talent. With the specialized corporate event management team from our company behind people, people are guaranteed to have nothing but the most professional, high-end corporate event. From securing a location for your event, to coordinating the sound and video feeds, "K" Dream is truly handles every detail. "K" Dream also provides more than simply smoothly coordinated entertainment-our company provide a new kind of experience in corporate event management: one that strives for absolute perfection. Other than that, our company also will helping on handling special celebrity, sports figure, speaker, comedian, or DJ for the corporate event.

The definition for event management is dealing with creation and people. There is different kind of event as which an event manager needs to do, according to the needs of different types of events. Event management involves the complexity of the brand research, target audiences, developed the event concept, logistics planning and coordination before the actual implementation. Besides that, event management is one of the event planned, prepared, the production process. As in any other form of management, which includes assessment, definition, acquisition, distribution, guidance, control and time analysis, financial, personnel, products, services and other resources to achieve their goals. Event Manager is to oversee the work and arrangements for each event, including, planning, organization, control and evaluate the design of events, activities and production.

To make sure our company is continuously functioning everlasting is first how is to function. Our company has different departments to make the organization going. The departments are administration department, operation department, marketing department, risk department. In administration department it consists of financial management, human resource management, information management, technology management and time management. As for operations is consists of audience management, communication management, stakeholder management and technical production management as following is marketing department we have marketing plan management and etc.

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The structure that has been choose to implement in the business will dictate how employees, departments, and divisions work or don't work with each other, and how work will be channeled through your organization. Because different types of organizational structures work better than others when applied to different organizations, it is very important to consider how well the structure that have select will work in the type of company. In organizational structure there are different types in an organization structure and there are 4 common structures in organizational structure. Such are function structure, division structure, entrepreneurial structure and matrix structure.

As for functional structure is settings, each part of the organization is classified according to its purpose. Functional structure is ideal for small businesses, where each department can rely on talent and knowledge workers and support themselves.

Other than that, division structure is more in big companies and they work in a wide geographical area, or a separate smaller group within the separate organization's products or market areas covered by different types.

And for matrix are mostly large multinational companies, matrix structure are allowing the partition function and structure of interest exists in an organization.

One of the four is entrepreneurial structure; this often reflects their attitudes and interests of senior project management staff. There are other managers to carry out their roles in relation to the chief, and this structure has clearly identified lines of authority for all levels of managements and has a highly controlled procedure.

Therefore there are many kinds of structures; the organizational structure that our company is using is functional structure. As for functional structure, is there is a clear career path, which means the people are all arranged on the basis of their own common interest thus, each one of the company can learn a lot from each others. In functional structure, is easily to solve the problem more easily because of minimize duplication people keeping doing the same thing again and again. Next will be skilled people of the same group can be found more skilled people for the company. In addition, team work is found in functional structure very is very important.

"K" Dream, Functional Structure

The benefits of using organization structure are strategic focus. In using of an organization structure can help company to concentrate on all sets of goals, each group, rather than their own agenda, according to family business experts. This is the flow of communication to provide an organizational structure, and sense of responsibility and the company hierarchy. It helps the company to use resources wisely in the pursuit of company goals as opposed to doubling efforts.

Next will be, decision making, it will make more efficient process. When defining the hierarchy is in order, the company can better make important decisions; adjust practices to meet the competition demands.

Other than that is a unified marketing message. Companies can present a united front with customers, suppliers and investors in a common marketing message are used throughout the organization. Unified marketing information helps people better understand the company's marketing objectives, and works together to achieve these goals. When the efforts of various departments involved in a single, unified marketing information is indispensable for the success of the project.

Furthermore is inheritance, is about strong organizational structure to better prepare management staff. When a company's operation, a strong structure, a comprehensive management training programs easier to create and implement to help maintain a strong management core. Departments in a common development plan to help encourage candidates in any management training.

The disadvantages of the organizational structure are problem are pushed around and employee may become isolated. As for functional structure, if the problem can't be solving people will start to push the responsibility to others and deny that is not the person doing it. Staying at the same department doing the same thing sometimes will make the person who are working in the department feel bored.

As in division structure is one of the organizational structures. Employees will be UN independent. This is because everything is depending on the boss, no matter is financial, decision in meeting. Employees are resistance to change, for example: if HQ says no means that a no, others can change the idea of yes.

And for an organizational structure in matrix is requires managements to put in effort. This means that, they need to control the staffs to ensure everyone work together as no one is lazy doing nothing and others are working so hard in that one project. Conflict between bosses, because of matrix structure employees need to repost to more than one boss, the complex structure which involves multiple lines of authority, rather that hierarchal line of command so they have the disadvantages of conflict between each bosses when ideas are not the same.


The organization that has been chosen for the best structure in the company is functional structure. This can help company to concentrate on all sets of goals, each group, rather than their own agenda, according to family business experts. Furthermore, when defining the hierarchy is in order, the company can better make important decisions; adjust practices to meet the competition demands and companies can present a united front with customers, suppliers and investors in a common marketing message are used throughout the organization.