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In todays fast changing world application of Project Management techniques and tools are important in the managing of various projects in organisations and institutions to ensure the successful completion before every project starts to its finish dates, it must pass through the various techniques of how to manage projects to achieve high performance. The difference between general management and project management is the explanation of the word project and what the project intends to the client and stakeholders.

According to PMBOK, "Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and technique to project activities in order to meet stakeholder's needs and expectation from a project". This goes to show that, managing projects is very essential to every institution since it helps to achieve the desired goals and objectives to which a project is being done. Since project management techniques is essential and are part in doing every project in an organisation, there is the need to train more students to acquire the necessary knowledge and ideas relating to project management. It is of this reason that the Salford Business School of The University of Salford is developing an online project management programme to help students far and near get access to the studying of this course to get increase knowledge on project management techniques.

Since the project is about online version of the MSc Project Management for the students, the entire delivery would be by e-learning using black board. E-learning is a learning module that emulates a class room course, lecture, using internet technologies. There are several special software packages designed specially for this purpose, offering presentation delivery, interactive online chat, electronic whiteboards, and so on. This package allows direct interactive sessions of presentations which are recorded and for later viewing. The use of internet technology is learning content is stored on a web server and that learners access the content by using well-known and widely used network technologies.

This project is to develop an online version of the MSc Project Management commencing in September 2010. The programme content would be the same as at present. This project entirely aims to attract the students, disabled persons, house wives and the students willing to do part time courses. The project has a budget of £85000.


This project would be helpful for students because, it provides an opportunity for them to learn the subject materials through online in the form of audio and video and now a day's students learning through distance education are performing equally as internal student despite the lack of class room interaction. With the help of properly based computer we can learn anywhere whenever we get free time this creates an effective learning environment where we can't get in materials. This project can be also helpful for disables, parents and people far and near to access all learning materials from the various locations. This project also aims at satisfying and increasing share holders profit by gaining new students to the course.


The project should be very attractive as we have two months to bring it to reality. The full implementation of the project will be commencing on 9th December 2009 after getting the approval from the project board. Therefore the main objectives of the project are as follows:

  • To develop an online version of MSc Project Management.
  • To achieve 60 applicants to the programme by 31st May 2010.
  • To develop contents of the programme, this can be accessed online.
  • To improve the substantial market for the Salford Business School.


A deliverable is any sensible or obvious output that is produced by a project. In this case the main project deliverable or products that can be obtained from this project are:

  • Text, audio, video, animations and virtual environment will be included in this so this gives u a very rich learning experience where a student can't get in a crowded class room.
  • Photos, maps and graphs related to the subjects are also available to get a clear idea about what student is studying.
  • We also have the lectures and presentation uploaded online so that the student can avail them 24/7 for better understanding and to clarify doubts instantly online. Changes in the time tables, exam dates and assignment deadlines will be updated online, so students can know immediately when the changes are done.

Clarifying the deliverables before the project work begins can help ensure that the outcome of a project meets all the stakeholders' expectations and that the goals of the project align with the larger business goals.


Constraints refer to limitations, restrictions, or barriers faced as they begin work on and development of a project. These restrictions and barriers may be significant and may affect ultimately the entire course of direction that a project takes, or they may be little more than minor inconveniences. Constraints can also affect many different elements of a project. This is to mean the main activities that have been identified to hinder the progress of a project. In the implementation of this project the main activities that can restrict the progress of the work are: Resources, Time, and Cost.

  • Resources: Resource can be a constraint for this project because sometimes it can be difficult to have key staff members who have enough knowledge on the project and to work on full time basis. Also significant percentage of the project staff will not be experienced with the technical and operating environment.
  • Time: This is a constraint for this project because there is a specific time frame for which the project must be completed, which is 31st May 2010.
  • Cost: Cost can be a constraint because, Statistics used in preparing the estimates are unreliable. Outside consulting requirements cannot be accurately estimated.


There are activities in this project are constructed in two phases, they are i) Planning Phase and ii) Implementation Phase.


In carrying out this project a number of project techniques or methods can be used.

These techniques can be used to estimate, track and evaluate different aspects of the project. Some of the techniques which have a direct importance to this project are:

  • Critical Path analysis:
  • This can be explained as the path which shows which activities can be undertaken at the same time. There by reducing the overall time in the completion of the project. Therefore controls the overall duration of a project. It will be helpful in finding the certain resources in doing a particular activity. It also shows the order of the activities to be done. In order to construct this method or technique, it is necessary to estimate the elapsed time for each activity that is the time taken from commencement to completion.

  • Gantt chart:

Wikipedia define Gantt chart as "A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. Gantt charts illustrate the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project."

It is the best known techniques for modelling a schedule. In this project Gantt chart is being used.



The project cycle shows the various stages projects pass through before get implemented with the aftermath benefits. The project begins by its identification and preparation by the management. The management then appraises the projects in coordination with guidelines set, after this stage the viability and sustainability of the projects will determine before implementation.

The Board facilitates the project cycle from the top to the bottom. The Board comprises of professionals from various backgrounds for them to add their rich ideas for this project.

The Salford Business School is responsible for the advisory role of the project. We ensure that activities outlined in the projects are implemented as planned.


Project maintenance is done through the mobilization of funds from premiums raised at the Salford Business School. All stakeholders are involved in the projects maintenance to ensure their effective running throughout the life span of the projects.


Communication is the most important component within any project. Project communications can be transmitted in many forms; formal or informal, written or verbal, planned or ad-hoc. All the mode of communications in this project runs through these forms. The project manager is the focal point for all the communications for the project.


Stakeholders of the project are the groups/institutions that have interest in the project and can influence its implementation. The actualization of the creation of online version of MSc Project Management is being supported by the under listed stakeholders;


According to Project Management Institute (PMI) and A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) the term "Risk" is defined as "An uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or negative effect on a project's objectives."


The main purpose of this to define these tasks that intends to deliver while focusing on achieving customers quality expectations. These activities / tasks are defined on the basis of the quality standards set by the organization delivering the product. This totally depends on the whole team, conceptually we should understand how people learn. While developing this kind of projects we should have capable of imagining oneself as the learner. The successful instructional designer should conceptually and intuitively understand how people learn. He should know how to connect with an audience on an emotional level and be capable of imagining oneself as the learner/audience member. He needs to be obsessed with learning everything and brainstorm creative treatments and innovative instructional strategies. It is very essential that he visualize instructional graphics, the user interface, interactions and the finished product. Writing effective copy, instructional text, audio scripts and video scripts will be some of his important duties. He should be capable of melding minds with Subject Matter Experts and team members. He needs to know the capabilities of eLearning development tools and software and has to understand related fields-usability and experience design, information design, communications and new technologies.


  • The time frame should be extended.
  • Budget should be more.


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