Professional Development Methods For Strategic Managers

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  Time management refers to the ability of properly plan and use time in order to promote productivity. Actually I am manage time my self, the Time management activities and processes that take place during a specified period of time. I can identify the time management by solving problems and saving the time. Time is the money which means it is control of your time, stress and energy levels etc. The time is developed where if you waste it, it is waste of resources. The time management controls your most useful resources.

However the people who use time management technique regularly are the highest achievers in life, if they use this skill then they will be able to function effectively.. On the other hand, the people who have no plan for time management, they fail in their plan. If I have any plan, then don't give up; just stop it. Time management can be managed as per the condition and environment. It mostly concerns with the condition of people's environment than to allow the environment to settle in the time management. Time management skills are your abilities to your talent to identify and solve your problems. Good time management skills are the control of people's time and your life, of your other strain and save your energy life

For Example -

I was worked with HDFC Bank. I was sales manager there.

My duty is to handle the entire branch and handle the sales team.

I had done all my work with proper time management.

Like at morning I usually call up my team and I was discussed my all day plan with them.

I was maintaining a daily report for my all team members.

Distribute work amongst them.

Than in afternoon, I called them and collect their feedback about the market experience.

At evening, I called them again for the daily meeting and discuss about the all day progress.

And than prepare the next day to do list.

And than we all separate and get back to out home.

So this is my daily routine for my work.

Problem Solving

Dr.Walter A. (2005) suggests that problem solving is a cyclical process composed of four steps:


This process was introduced to Japan by W.Edwards Deming, one of the most highly recognized gurus of quality management techniques. As you can see the chart, the most important step in the process is the plan,

Define problem Collect data Analyze data Generate alternative

PLAN Develop Action Evaluate Prioritize Develop Criteria for

plan &select activities Evaluating alternative

DO Check Act

It is in this stage that they defined and identify potential solutions for problems. This is easier said than done correctly defining the problem can be a challenge, with the remaining elements in this step they validate, whether they identified the real problem and create a plan for fixing it.

Once the plan is complete the next stage is to "do" -or implement the plan. Next they "check" to see if the changes made resulted in lasting measurable improvements. If not, they may need to take a step back. Did we solve the right problem? Did we unknowingly create a new one? Did we implement a short team fix that will need modification in the future? Based on our check. We than "act" by taking appropriate steps to adjust or ensure the problem is solved.

For Example: -

I was working in a bank as an executive for account seller in the two quarter of the month. My team is a top seller in organization. As prior to the two quarters, i want to make my team reach at top 5. I organized sales planning and motivated to my team. We do not use our overall sales plan, but we use different type of plan. As a result, our team sold the accounts about 89 percent of the total targets and we got the rank in top ten teams in our organisation.

Decision making

Decision making is how you handle the normal situation and difficult situations this time. Which action you take to solve a problem? Every company and organisation faces the problem itself. Therefore; in the organisation requirement makes some rules and regulations, and everyone fallows them, this is a decision making. Sometime, people have sense, respect, and consideration for decision making but the decision depends on the time and situation occurred on that time. It depends on the knowledge of a variety of processes and achieving the aim by proper decision making technique.

The steps to take during the decision making are shown as below;

Clear think

Purpose of an action

Disney method

Setting well formed result

Use mind map

For Example -

I was manager with HDFC Bank. I make a lot of decisions like, prices are going down where the organisation can have a bigger loss because the organisation buys the products in higher prices to stabilise the cost. At that time; I must make a decision about balanced cost as per the market. For example; as a manager I buy stocks from the market and makes a balance in the cost structure. The second thing is, in market more than six types of soaps are there and there is incompatibility between them. There is no supply for the material from the market as well. The production department says the technician is not helping them. On that time, as a Manager I think about how to solve the problem? And solve problem without going in more argument with decision making skill.

Activity 2: Professional Skills Review

A - The learner will conduct critical analysis of their of choice, indicating how counselling and mentoring supports staff in their learning and development requirements, special emphasis should be place on the impact of any of three of the following:

Coaching skills:

"Coaching is a process that enables learning and development to occur and thus performance to improve. To be a successful a coach requires knowledge and understanding of process as well the variety of styles, skills and techniques that are appropriate to the context in which the coaching takes place" ( Parsloe 1999: 8)

External Coaching:

This coaching means to improve a business and individual performance of the company. They have not a previous experience regarding a company but they are highly skilled in behavioural changes and understanding business processes. They have also qualification for this role such as Neuro-linguistic programming, Personality assessment, setting up 3608 feedback, and managing change/acquisition etc.

Internal coaching:

In the internal coaching, one supports another staff in the same organisation. They have also an experience and formal qualification regarding this task and they have also knowledge regarding success, failure and challenging problem in the organisation.


Last ten year mentoring and coaching move to nearer, most people personally agree to learn fast and more effective that might do alone.

Leadership skills:

Any leadership skills are needed in order to succeed. Your own business you manage and employee look to make his/her way up the corporate ladder. The leadership style is the important to reach your goals. The leadership rules are as follow;

Adaptability - People learn to accept the difference to adapt this skill.

People skills - the ability to observe people in your business, motivate them, effective communication etc.

Purposefulness - any business need the direction and successful leader who can have the vision to achieve success in the organisation.

Collaborative skills - collaboration is a bottom line if you are developing your business system, everyone can play their part in contributing ideas. This way, the employees get most by working together.

(Source Frank Traditi A 28-Day Program for Landing the Job You Want "" Accessed on 12/02/2011)


Delbridge (2001:3) defined multitasking as accomplishing multiple goals in the same general time period by "engaging in frequent switches between individual tasks". Same time period than usual "constantly switch between individual tasks attractive" to many goals as multitasking. Person, at any point in time, only one of the goals toward meeting the long time period can be progress is progress toward all goals. This definition is based on the assumption that actions are performed in succession, or in a sequence, not together. Distinction between simultaneous and sequential processing, Delbridge (2001) said that while only two are working together, a task normally performed on a second try, to work together is detrimental to performance. The difference between simultaneous and sequential processing of multitasking is important in research.

Since many people asked many times defined "two or more things at the same time" describes the process. However, many functions together performance-based research often used does not conform to the definition of multitasking. Depending on the complexity of the problem or activity, and "multiple tasks at the same time" still to encode each task effectively and be able to include information related to the challenge."Together" work engagement and information "sequential" work engagement, which is more characteristic of the concept of multitasking to be distinguished from processing.Sequentially number and quick succession that the mind works include performance and other information resources need to check variables are required.

For Example:

If I am on the call and does many activities at the same time like checking the e-mails, cooking lunch, researching something on the net etc these are called multi task. Basically; it is one type of activity in which i can do many activities at the same time. The activities done by me with other people can have much more value than single task. This can help the employee to get finished his work in less time. Nowadays; multi task is very important skill to have in each employee in the organisation.


Activity 1 Personal Audit:-

In support groups of 4 or 5 learners share their thoughts related to their personal and professional life with group member. During this process each member of the group will document relevant points and comments on personal audit previously conducted in task 1.

Time management

You are good time kipper but you don't analyse plan. Before you start your work

Problem solving

I think you can solve problem, but analytical skill how you improve your problem solving. You analyse your problem.

Decision making

You have a good decision making skills, but sometime can't judge the situation.


You are good leader but do like confidence and command, because language problem.

Following discussion and feedback on personal audits member will design a questionnaire to his/her competence as identified by their group member. This questionnaire will be completed by the learner's immediate supervisor or an individual who the learner thinks is capable of critically assessing their personal and professional development skills.

I am not a good coach.

1 2 3 4 5

I am a good leader.

1 2 3 4 5

I have poor counselling skills.

1 2 3 4 5

I have good speaking skills

1 2 3 4 5

I have poor multi-tasking skills.

1 2 3 4 5

I am a lazy person.

1 2 3 4 5

I have good listing skills.

1 2 3 4 5

I have good problem-solving skills.

1 2 3 4 5

I am a good time-keeper.

1 2 3 4 5

I have poor communication skills.

1 2 3 4 5

Results personal audit questionnaires





Good communication



Problem solving



Creative thinking

C - Learning styles

Based on the above results

I use reflector style.

Example - Learning style is not just a matter of intellectual curiosity, they affect every student at the University. Most academics have stayed in higher education, in relation to these characteristics they possess.

Although the University does not analyze their students, it is likely that only a minority stake think these characteristics. This means you and the university teaching and learning is something you find more suited to the style of them arise from the translation may be required. 

As a novice you need to make the most of their strength, and exercise strategies that will allow you to build weak areas.

Activity 2 Progression plan

A - development a progression strategy of their career by conducting personal SWOT analysis listing strengths, weaknesses, identifying opportunities for improvement or career progression in achieving their (leaner) goals.


Work experience.

Dedication to achieve.



Short temper.




Chance to globalise.

Family background.


Thinks for other

Aggression in wrong way

B- The Lerner will also include information for designing a Development plan, showing monitoring and review, clearly indicate the following details below:

Constructing a personal development plan is not easy thing to do, but it is the essential part to manage yourself better to meet out the requirements and to access yourself or to measure your growth there is development plan which acts according to you. Something's are easy to measurable like if you lose your wait you can easily measure it by your Waste size before and now, if you wants to know that you are going to lose your smoking habit it can be count that how many cigarettes are you smoking before and know.

2.1- Carry out a skills audit to evaluate the strategic skills needed to meet current and future leadership requirements.

Process improvement

Less duplication of effort

Less time information to correct mistakes

Faster access costs, etc.

Cost savings

Bad debt reduction

Reduce customer support calls;

 Help desk calls at low staff turnover,

Lower recruitment costs, etc.

Apply appropriate techniques to identify preferred Learning style

According by Richard Felder and Linda Silverman (1988)

According this model (Felder revised in 2002) there is 4 different learning styles.

Learning Style Index









Sensory -

Sensing learners' concrete, practical and procedural knowledge preferred. They look for facts.

Intuitive Intuitive learners' conceptual, innovative and theoretical knowledge preferred. They  look for meaning.


Visual learners, graphs, drawings, and paintings like. Visual representation of the information they look for.


Verbal learners prefer to hear or read information. They look for words with explanation.


Active learners prefer to manipulate objects, physical experiments, and by trying to learn. They enjoy working in groups to figure out problems.


Reflective learners to think things through evaluate and analyze options to prefer to learn from. They enjoy on their own to find a problem.


Presented learners sequential learners are not aware and prefer an orderly manner. They put together the details to understand the big picture emerges.


Global learners prefer a holistic and systematic way. They see the bigger picture first and then fill in the details.

Construct a personal development plan that meets leadership development requirements identified in the skills audit

'Development is always self-development. Nothing could be more absurd than for an   enterprise to assume responsibility for the development of a person' (Peter Drucker 1999)

Unfortunately, we often practice the process backwards, a personal development plan based on the purpose of life without a clear foundation addressing self-help and personal development. While we certainly read every self help book, took every class, and attended lectures every personal development benefits, will result in the greatest benefits in line with the new life skills and clear purpose of life support.

Creating a personal development plan is not easy, but it is an essential part to manage ourselves better to meet out needs and its own use or to measure their development is development there according to the plan that works for you. Some are easy to mediocrity as if you wait you can easily measure your waste size before and now you know that you lose your smoking habit of counting how many cigarettes you smoke can be the first to know are going to lose.

Use suitable methods to assess the outcomes of a personal development plan against personal work objectives

It is most important in your life that you have success in your life through the various difficult situations will share how the approach. What are strategies and set goals for your life and your career plans to keep in mind? I am facing many problems emotionally and I love being a weakness of each other by any kind of threat, I do these because of these problems worked on farms to get rid of these problems I lost myself somewhere and by doing so I lost the money over time.

My mind always makes maximum use of resources and power sources I get the concern over the benefits and successful in your organization is on top of everything. But sometimes when I choose the wrong path, I am very discouraging. So it's better that way before moving on to something positive as well as negative it is for good reason and the problems it could be my half over and I will again not discouraged by the effects need to think.

I lost my mission and now I am on my way back to what I want to do in my future life "I want my name is Forbes, the top traders from India as being".  Easy way to get it to just consider yourself.