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* Strengths: The Sweet Dreams Motel has many strengths, few of those are Located in a popular tourist region, Large grounds and open areas, Breakfast service to rooms, Good restaurants and take-away nearby, and many more such things over and above Mr. Smith acknowledges the problem and have taken some initiatives to solve the problem. He has access to all the information about the industry, which would be really helpful to get his problems resolved, once he is aware of the weakness to overcome, opportunities available & identifying the threats.

* Weakness: So to overcome the weaknesses that has lead Mr. Smith's Motel in this consequences here are few which I have recognized are No television (crucial for the family market). Very little advertising & only local advertising. Initial interest by people who drive in and look but then leave (probably because of the bare grounds),. Uninspiring motel name, it can also be a possible reason as the name sounds very old fashioned and image in the mind of the customers.

* Opportunities: Mr. Smith should try to provide television service initially at least in few rooms. He should make the Landscape and surrounding the motel more attractive, add outdoor facilities like swimming pool, tennis court & BBQ facilities as per his financial strength. A particular amount of profit should be invested on advertisements websites, hoardings on the road sides, with travel & tourism agencies. Arrange buffet lunch & dinners with attractive packages. Emphasis should make on attending tourist group meeting & networking.

* Threats: Possible threats to Mr. Smith's motel can be even after meeting the entire requirement in the opportunity it made not able to increase the occupancy rate. It may possible that the competing motels in the region cut-back in prices to attract customers which are guest in The Sweet Dream Motel. Their chances that other properties in the area will launch more aggressive marketing & advertising. Increase in more budget motels can also be reason in failure of the motel.

Mr. Smith's primary action is to raise rates right away.  At less than half the price of other motels his price is too low which pass on a poor image.  This combined with the bare grounds, may be driving prospective customers away.  His rates can remain low, but must be comparable to the rates of competitive properties.


Open education offers way in to students who would - either for the reason that of work commitments, geographical distance, or bas quality or insufficient preceding learning experiences - be denied admission to traditional, around the clock contact education opportunities. Furthermore, the labor market is varying and the requirements for training and retraining are sturdily growing. In this frame, open education appears to be considered among the most adequate and attractive means to face these changes.

The termopen learning is very much identical with the “learner-centered” philosophy. It distinguishes the diversity in learning styles and learners' requirements while nurturing ultimate learning habits and skills in learners by providing flexibility to learn. Thelearner is the center of attention of the educational course and is regarded as an active contributor in the interactive process.Provides am option of confronting each other meetings for tutorials, learner's interaction, library study or else practice sessions.It's on the will of learner himself, how to learn by applying different Medias, methods, routes, and the time and dates that suit the learner'sschedule. Learner can study of his own like “stand-alone”, “self-study” materials. On the other hand, tutorials and tutor-learner contact, together with vcd's, dvd's and audio cd's, e-mail and other support material are all used. This system of learning supports E-infrastructure resulting, traditional classroom is now converted into a multimedia lab.It implies external studies for teaching that takes place beyond the boundaries of a university campus, or a traditional classroom.It includes a range of course delivery alternatives like audio, video or else computer conferences or home kit, etc. It has enabled learners for continuing and life-long education. This system has removed the unnecessary barriers like geographical segregation, bias on the basis of race, gender, age, or else physical disability, the failure to take time off work for the course, and short of funds.It had help inacknowledgment of prior learning experiences and existing competencieslearner support. It maintains best possible balance between cost, number of students, as well as educational quality;a balance which will be completely different for different educational contexts.

The educational system is now paying attention on student learning instead of tutor teaching. This concept stands in disparity with the traditional view of teaching as lectures or delivering curricula. Open learning targets student involvement in active contribution this results in better understanding which is also related to students' experience. The Open University, as its name specify, is universities welcomes any interested person over 18 freely of their qualifications. Possibly, the main model upon which the pillars of an open system of learning have a break lies in its litheness to accommodate a extensive support of Higher Education (HE) seekers, and thus, offer open prospects of education to all competent candidates. While there are no fixed limitations on admission numbers, not less than in theory, realistic realities may limit numbers in accordance to accessible logistic and human support resources. On the other hand, limitations of admission are, by far, fewer rigorous than those existing in similar established institutions. In Arab Open University (AOU), if a student wishes to join in undergraduate programs of study ought to have finished successfully their high school studies that typically end in a state provided general secondary school certificate. The open system of education adopted by the Arab Open University varies from study-by-correspondence. In Arab Open University, students are attached to the LCs for in future active participation in the AOU's educational development by participating in the tutorial sessions and being part in a variety of forms of learning activities.