Principles and Theories guiding the Management of People in the face of change

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Faced with rapid change organisation needs to develop a more focussed and coherent approach to managing people,so as other aspect of organisation strategy is important so also human resources strategy is very important but before we can discuss this we need to know the definition of Human resource management. Human resource management can be defined as the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organisation most valued assets working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the organisation. Human resource management means or involve the following employing people, developing their capabilities, utilising, maintaining and compensating their service in tune with the job and organisational requirement.

While human resources management strategy can be said to be the means as to how to implement the specific functions of human resources management. An organisation human resource management functions may include the following recruitment and selection processes, disciplinary procedure, reward and recognition policies, etc.

However all these above named functions need to be aligned and interrelated in order to correspond with the over all business strategy.We can then say human resource management strategy is an overall plan, corncerning the implementation of specific human resource functional areas.

The most important goal of human resources management is to help an organisation to meet strategic goals by attracting and maintaining employees and also to manage them effectively the Human resources management approach seeks to ensure a fit between the management of organisations employees, and the overall strategic direction of the company.

Modern Human resources management is guided by several important principles, perharps the paramount principle is a simple recognition that human resources are the most important assets of an organisation; a business cannot and will not be successful without effectively managing this resources.

Another important principle is that business success is most likely to be achieved if the personnel policies and procedures of the enterprise are closely linked with and make a major contribution to the achievements of corporate objectives and strategic plans. A third guiding principle ,which is similar in scope ,holds that it is human resources responsibility to find,secure,guide,and develop employees whose talents and desire are compatible with the operating needs and future goals of the company.

The Human resources have various functions or activities which are payroll, time and labour management, benefit administration and Human resources management, these activities correlate with the Human resource objectives which are largely the responsibility of Human resources department.

However the means of implementing the functions of Human resources management which can be said to be strategy should be able to increase the productivity of an organisations people and also optimise their ability and willingness to work or to achieve the organisation set goals and objectives.

The Human resources strategy should be able to optimise the workers ability (valued assets)in such a way that they will be willing and ready to work and before this can be achieved the organisation needs to be able to motivate the workers or employees at different level of the organisation to work, this can be done in so many ways like giving reward which may include meeting the organisations employees personal needs like shelter,feeding,health,etc,and this may include working in a friendly and comfortable environment which enables them to work more and efficiently for example company "A”, if the employees of this company are not well rewarded and if they are not able to meet their personal needs which some it are shelter,health,feeding that is the necessary things of life which are mentioned above it will affects their willingness to work because workers in the company "A” are not are happy they will not be motivated to work for the organisation. The Human resources strategy should favour the organisation employees and this can be done through rewarding your employees in different areas which includes giving out promotions which shows you appreciate what they are doing for the organisation and by rewarding effective employees of an organisation you are also motivating others that are not really putting in much efforts to their work to work hard ,increase in employees salaries, giving out company’s cars which make their mobility easier and makes it more convenient to go to work, relating with your employees getting to know them in this way you will be able to know area where the organisation is not doing well and try to work on it, you can also reward organisation employees through sending them for training to improve on their knowledge and skills which they can use to improve the productivity of the organisation the training can be within or abroad, this training will also help them to adapt to changes in the business world like in area of technology, innovation of new product and services, customers service relation,etc.

Human resources management strategy should seek to manage organisation human resources in order to achieve properly organisational goals. there are so many ways which an organisation Human resources department can manage their valued assets effectively in such a way that they will help to achieve organisation goals and objectives, the strategy should be of advantage to the organisation and the employees of the organisation ,the employees of an organisation should be maintained and retained because in the labour market now its a bit difficult and expensive to recruit people who have the skills, knowledge which fits into an organisation vacant position and recruiting and selection processes involves spending a lot of money which can also affect the funds or finance of an organisation and apart from this facts it is less difficult and less costly to retain your employees and develop their skills through training and attending of various courses either within the country or outside the country where the organisation is been established than spending the organisation more often on recruitment and selection process which makes organisation to spend more. And before an organisation can be successful in retaining their employees Human resource department has the duty to develop strategy that will help retain the organisation employees or staffs and apart from this an organisation is faced with rapid changes as a result of this changes organisation Human resource department needs to develop a more focussed and coherent approach to managing people which are the most valuable assets of the organisation. In just a way a business requires a marketing or information technology strategy so also it requires a Human resources or people strategy which helps organisation to retain their employees and as such be able to motivate them to work flexibly in a friendly working environment which helps achieve organisations sets goals and objectives which is the reason why the organisation is been established.

However, in developing such a strategy two questions must be addressed which are, What kinds of people do you need to manage and run your bussiness to meet your strategic business objectives?, What people programmes and initiatives must be designed and implemented to attract,develop,and retain organisation staff to compete effectively.

And in order to answer the above question four key dimensions of an organisation must be put into consideration or addressed which are,culture,the beliefs,values,norms and management style of the organisation. The organisation structure, job roles and reporting lines of the organisation. The people, skill levels, staff potential and management capability. Human resources systems, the people focussed a mechanism which delivers strategy-employees selection, communication, training, rewards, carer development, etc

Before developing any strategy the organisation culture and norms that is the way of the organisation must be put into consideration so that the strategy developed will not go against the culture, norms, values, of the organisation, the strategy developed should be in allighment with both the organisation and the employees in such a way that it wont bring about any difficulty or hindrance to the way the organisation is meant to be operating.

The Human resources management strategy should be developed in such a way that it meets the needs of the employees or motivate the employees in such a way that they will be willing and ready to work, if an employee is motivated he will be willing and committed to the work and which will lead to organisation productivity and success because the employees will put in all their ability and knowledge to achieve organisation desired goals for example if an employee of a particular organisation have something disturbing them they wont be able to concentrate on the work given to the them and this in turn will affect the achievement of the organisation set goals and objectives.

An organisation success or goals achievement depends solely on the staffs or employees of the organisation who are basically the most valuable assets of an organisation as such, these employees should be treated in such a way that they will be able to put in their very best for the organisation to achieve their set goals and objectives. if organisations can achieve their set goals and objectives, the success of the organisation is known and it will help organisation to be able to compete with the other companies which produces similar goods or give similar services to the public as them.

Organisation Human resources management strategies are to be developed in such a way that it helps attracts, motivates employees of the organisation in such a way that they are willing to give their best to achieve the organisation sets goals and objectives.

In every organisation, Human resources management strategies are meant to increase the productivity of the organisation human resources who are the most valued assets and also be able to optimise their ability and willingness to work which helps organisation to be successful and have an edge above their competitors.


In every organisation Human Resources strategies are to be develop in such a way that it will motivate and attracts employees of such organisation to be willing to work and it is also of great importance to the organisation because basically if your employees are motivated to work the organisation will achieve the set goals and objectives which as a result of this organisation will develop. The success of every organisation lies in the comfort and satisfaction of staffs, and every organisation should know that well motivated staffs are a productive one.