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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, is a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, Samsung is the world largest company having the highest brand value. Samsung is operating in more than 50 countries in the world.The head office of Samsung is in the capital of Seoul, South Korea.The chairman of the Samsung group is Mr KUN HEE LEE. The name of Samsung literally means tristar in Korean. Nowadays Samsung invests in the buldings foundation and concrete sector under the samsung brand.The word Samsung electronic is written in white on a blue background.It represents stability, reliability and warmth. Samsung manufacturers electronic goods such as TVS, computers, notebooks, washing machines, microwaves, usb devices mobiles, lcds, cameras, cd players etc.The other production of Samsung groups is in construction sector such as in real estate but it specializes in electronic log ,electronic pipe , tube pipe, telephone log (which all are made by concrete and iron).Samsung is the highest brand having the medium cost value. Most of the Samsung electronic company had been moved in china and other asian countries for example Vietnam, the Phillipines, and India. The reasons behind its transfer were low labour and raw materials costs. The said asian countries are way much cheaper than US, Canada and UK.

Samsung is the third largest South Korean company which was established in 1969 as the flagship company of the Samsung group or Samsung corporation. Samsung achieved fast growth through exports. Samsung decided to venture into the television market. It started production of black and white television sets for the local markets in 1972. However, Samsung realized that it can become a global brand. They searched and analized the global market opportunities and challanges with the help of customers and employees feedbacks. Samsung decided to change the concept of its brand .It had to change the perceptions of consumer with a new brand image. During the olympics in Seoul, South Korea in 1988, Samsung decided to become an official sponsor for the wireless technology in order to associate its image with global sports brand. Through the help of promotion and physical evidence Samsung is currently recognized as a worldwide brand. Every country especially the member of olympic games then, now knows about the brand. In this way, Samsung was successful in changing the concept of its brand image and now has a good customer base. Nowadays, Samsung has 25 production base worldwide and more than fifty sales subsidiaries in nearly about 50 countries. Their global strategy involves eight main regions Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, and Middle East, China, North America, Europe and Latin America

The brand vision of samsung is to totally different and unique from other brands like: Sony,LG and Panasonic. Leading the digital convergence revolution is the vision of the Samsung brand.This case study is totally based on the electronics side of the Samsung brand. The word Samsung is written in korean language

Operation management

Operation management is the management process to product and distribute process and service .Basically, in the process of operation management includes creation of products, development of production and distribution. All the operation of the organization has been managed by the operation management .As an operation manager; we have to manage the purchase quality and quantity control, storage, logistic and evaluation. Operation management depends on product and service. It is combination of product management and service management.

         Strategic management is the combination of managerial decision and action that determines long range of performance of employers. Operation management is the most important for every business and it determines the success of business. After the SWOT analysis any company has to make separate and unique operation strategic of company. We know that competition in all domestic and international market has appeared to be new markets challenge and new phase. Whenever performance of company, company brand and product quality are becoming more important to the customer and consumer then product price. The product development and promotion strategic is the essence of competitive advantage.

After the market analysis, swot analysis , the operation management capabilities of Samsung electronics in vital of the ever stiffening competition in the electronics employers.

Role of operation manager of Samsung electronics

The role of operation manager of Samsung electronics are follows:

  1. Responsible for managing the day by day business activities with supply chain, sales and Chanel marketing
  2. They will be individual Responsible for managing plans, stack levels, and sell through inventory at different accounts.
  3. There are also responsible for working direct finance and supply.

Operation management strategies and Analysis

         Operation management is the process of management of the any company which manage the all internal factors. It is like a bridge of the employers and costumers. It manage finance, marketing, employers skills, performances of company as well employees, employees insurance etc.It's also manage the product capacity, costumer demands and satisfactions. It creates and manage the rule and regulation and the agreement between employers, employees as well costumer.

Operation management is the field which direct concern and deals with the production of goods and services. Operation strategy is the functional strategy; it should help and provide the guide line and road to operation and management for any company. It is guided by the business strategic

The goal of operation management of any company is to make more money, and objectives are cost, quality, delivery, flexibility and customer satisfaction. Samsung electronics have focuses on five business areas they are semiconductor, digital media, digital applications, lcd and telecommunication network, the globalisation and new trends of business operation performances of Samsung electronics in last ten years, It means (from 1993 to 2003) we found that there were totally changes within the employers that lead successfully developments.

In 2007 Samsung electronics become the world second largest mobile phone manufactures. The success in strategic is direct concern to the different market players and customers. When we saw the regarding Samsung electronics ability of the management skills and marketing management ,product design .Samsung electronics development of DRM products creates impacts to their progress ,When the learning of micron to make the DRM products directly effects the sales of company .When the some Chinese electronics company also popular in the worldwide market due to the low cost as well as quality ,in this time Samsung manager are quite afraid regarding the Chinese competiterors .Samsung electronics forecasts to innovate strategic since these new Chinese company entrances and attacking the DARM market shows vital revenue performances ,compared to other Samsung electronics competitors.

They extensive improved R and D to maintain cost effective production and product manage. Their success plane and operation management ability to make innovation through the DRAMS is one of the cost advantage of the employers .The quality of the products and remarkable customers desired and satisfactions and Samsung brands image on the worldwide market and original electronics goods is one of the source of their premium price. Today there are a lot approaches and system available for process innovation.

Samsung electronics wants to know the test and desired of diversity customer because they need to develop products that fits diversity customer life style. In the past Samsung was focus the physical design but now a day and the coming future the user interface will be emphasized more. Samsung is one of the world's most respected companies for its designs and quality.


Samsung Company may sell its products consumer and customer. People can buy it's goods direct on internets also. Samsung groups have direct sells models and telephone network. They may also maintain the negative cash conversation cycle from this model. The company should receive the payment before when they have to pay for new raw-materials. They may also use just in time management. They should be able to provide their products (electronics goods) in the right time, right places, right cost in the right way. By the JIT approaches they may make computers and other electronics goods only after customer local area orders and the requesting materials which are direct concern to customer needs and satisfaction.

Samsung electronics should maximise their stockholders value by marketing for balance their financial sides. They should emphasis their standards based technologies as well as customer services and customer desired. They should offer skims, more warranty as well as guaranty .customer insurances, electronics materials insurances.

They should design and marketing strategic according to diversity and different economic, environments, their business strategic should focus on their enterprises business. They should products their electronic goods on the base on customers desired, needs and demands of times. It means they should change their design base on the required markets and new technologies as well as marketing policy. If they want to become the world largest and number one quality able electronics brands, then they should adopt TOYTA, SONEY, LG and PANASONIC groups also.

         It is better for them, they should manufacture theirs goods as same quality but different prices and it means they should focus their market not only high and rich people but also poor and medium as well like Chinese electronics markets. They may produce their products in different quality and different prices on the base on their capacity and design. They should management their recruitment and selection process. They must be focusing their recruitment and selection of employees on flexibility, diversity, equal opportunity, sample selection etc. They should motive their employees on the base on their performance and work efficiency. They should improve their market and marketing policy. They should increase their shareholders as well as stockholders.

The standard base, skilful employees and best performances shows that, they will able to success to become the world number one electronics brand as well as mobile. The process design of Samsung electronics is good. The product has so many designs in the base on price and quality and customer desired, different diversity. The supply network design is also good. People can buy through the online also. By the help of Samsung website, we can find out a lot of information of Samsung electronics, about its goods, management system, and supply chain. The company have to own websites. We can apply for the job through the online.


Sumsung brand is famous allover the world because of its service, excellent employees, Innovative reliable product. A responsible approach to business and global citizenship and globlelisation with partners and customers.

Samsung is taking the world in progressive direction for new generations.

The mission of samsung is to be the best 'Digital electronic company'. It complys with low and ethical standard care s environmental health and safety. Mentain a clean organized culture value and respect to customer share holders, steakholders, employees and socially responsiable co oppertative citizens. So It is trying to be the best brand in the field of electronices materials in the world by improving its size , price quality, capasity or power of the devices.


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