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The history of the name "Fed Ex" starts first with "Federal Express", a company founded by Frederick W. Smith in 1971 with an initial fleet formed of 14 Falcon 20 Dassault Aviation adapted for the carriage of goods. But it is two years later, the April 27th, 1973, from Memphis International Airport as the airline first deliveries begin.

One of the first changes occurs in 1994, when the name "Federal Express" becomes "FedEx." Indeed, this choice was made because customers often named the company by this short name. This creates a corporate identity with this new brand name "FedEx".

Today and since 2000, it is "FedEx Corporation", which runs "FedEx". This important and the biggest change in the company began in January 1998, when the society "FDX Corporation" was created after the acquisition of "Caliber System Inc". This investment allowed to "FedEx" to expand, particularly by diversifying its services because Caliber offered multiple services with its various subsidiaries:

RPS, un service au sol de petits colis

Roberts Express, une procédure accélérée, le fournisseur de transport à usage exclusif

The regional, with Viking Freight, transporteur de lots brisés de fret (LTL) desservant l'Ouest américain

Caribbean Transportation Services, un fournisseur de expédition de fret aérien entre les États-Unis, Puerto Rico, la République dominicaine et les îles des Caraïbes

Caliber Logistics and Caliber Technology, prestataires de la logistique intégrée et de solutions technologiques.

FDX Corporation was composed and responsible for all these companies from Caliber, and FedEx.

The rest of this important change intervened in 2000, when, to increase the power of its global brand, FedEx Corporation replaced FDX Corporation, and all brands of its subsidiaries. That is why; Federal Express has disappeared for FedEx Express, and RPS for FedEx Ground, Roberts Express for FedEx Custom Critical, Viking Freight for FedEx Freight, and Caliber Logistics and Technology for FedEx Logistics. In addition, others divisions have emerged over the past decade with the acquisition of new companies like FedEx Office (with the acquisition of Kinko's Inc.. In February 2004); FedEx Services; FedEx Trade Networks (with the acquisition of Tower Group International and World Tariff), or FedEx SmartPost (with the acquisition of ParcelDirect in September 2004).

Now, in 2010, the company FedEx is organized as follows, with four main divisions FedEx, which own each other's FedEx. Every the four divisions have a different director and a different structure, because they do not meet the same expectations and demands of the customer.

FedEx Express ( FedEx SupplyChain and FedEx Trade Networks)

FedEx Ground (FedEx SmartPost)

FedEx Freight (FedEx Custom Critical)

FedEx Services (FedEx Office and FedEx Customer Information Services)

The company

FedEx is a logistics services American company and an airline specialized in international freight transport by trucks or airplanes. Speed and reliability characterize FedEx, which is the world leader in express transportation. Its headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. And Frederick W. Smith is the chairman, President, and CEO of the FedEx company. They have over 280,000 employees worldwide and its turnover in 2009 was 39 billion of dollars.

Its logo, which was designed by Lindon Leader has a peculiarity, in effect between the white space of E and X, we can see an arrow appear. This symbol is there to represent the company in the speed of sending goods.

Today in 2010, FedEx in the world is more than 8 million packages per day transited via its service area, in more than 220 countries. All this is possible thanks to 80 000 motorized vehicles, like trucks or cars, to ensure the fast services and also thanks to the 677 airplanes (making it the second largest park in the world after Delta Airlines), serving over 375 airports worldwide. And it has 10 hubs, some very important, as Memphis (largest cargo airport in the world), Roissy, Guangzhou China, Fort Worth in Texas, Subic Bay near Manila, or Indianapolis.

The company values FedEx and its services are the person, service, innovation, integrity, loyalty and responsibility. Indeed, they want to meet the expectations of customers with the highest professionalism possible, which means a very high quality of service and safety in operations. But they also adapt to each market served worldwide, by developing good relationships with their partners and suppliers. Their mission is to respond to the expectations and needs of different customers by diversifying services and putting them at the heart of their work, maintaining relationships with investors, partners and customers, by earning their trust and to finish ensure their brand throughout the world.

Marketing and advertising are very important to FedEx. In fact they want to show in their advertising and sponsorship the values of the company. FedEx advertising campaigns are recognized and are similar to the image of excellence and prestige of the brand. These advertisements are found in all media, television, radio, movie (Matrix), behind the scene, online. Its website is one of its most important marketing resources, with more than 23 million visitors a month and a demand of 6 million packages daily. This omnipresence in communication and advertising allows them to have a worldwide reputation of its brand.

In addition, another major event of its brand campaign is sports marketing. FedEx sponsors many sporting events called prestige (in connection with its mark yet), such as golf competition, the NFL or NBA. But mostly it sponsors Formula 1 teams like Ferrari, Renault or Williams, because Fed Ex has in common speed, teamwork, and leadership. Every marketing events or advertisings are calculated to enhance the corporate image.

FedEx culture since its creation and its beginning is based on innovation. Indeed, FedEx has created a new market thirty years ago and since innovation is at the heart of corporate strategy in order to evolve all the time to improve. They were the first to put computers in cars for deliveries, for example, or to offer through their website "" a package tracking. All efforts made by FedEx in research and development are reflected in the FedEx Innovation Labs in Memphis and in the FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis that can reflect the technological innovations in order to continue to innovate in services for the customers.

Thanks to these efforts in communication, research and innovation, FedEx is known around the world. Indeed, the positive work place is constantly emphasized by the Business and Financial News, Fortune, which puts FedEx as one of the best places to work for and one of the most admired.

"FedEx will produce superior financial returns for shareowners by providing high value-added supply chain, transportation, business and related information services through focused operating companies. Customer requirements will be met in the highest quality manner appropriate to each market segment served. FedEx will strive to develop mutually rewarding relationships with its employees, partners and suppliers. Safety will be the first consideration in all operations. Corporate activities will be conducted to the highest ethical and professional standards."