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Business management is the programs used to help a business on track. Business management is also a process that helps the company to achieve the goals. Management involves coordinating and overseeing the work activities of others so that their activities are completed efficiently and effectively.

In question 1, we need know that what are the three managerial roles and what is the main management function that are involved in their daily schedule. There are 4 different types of management function that is very important for Henkel that is planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Henkel is used this 4 management function to help them to achieve the goals.

In question 2, we need to find out that what have would been an efficient structure for Henkel to function effectively and also name three types of organizational structure that are relevant to describe some structures that have seen in some organizations in Malaysia.

2.0 Presentation and analysis of finding

2.1 Introduction for Questions 1

Henkel founded in years 1876 and Henkel is operates worldwide business with leading brands and technologies. There are three types of business that Henkel is doing that is laundry and home care, cosmetics/toiletries and adhesive technologies. The headquartered of Henkel is in Germany and they have 47000 employees in worldwide and Henkel also having subsidiaries in more than 75 countries in the worldwide.

2.1.1 Manager and Managerial Roles

Manager of a company is a very important person because the manager will affect the company whether that is earning profit a not. Manger of Henkel is the person that arranging the work to the right people to doing the right works. If the manager doing a wrong decision that will affect the result of the work.

Besides that, the manager of Henkel is also doing the final decision of all the project and if the staff of Henkel having any problem that cannot be solve, the manager will help them to solve all the problem. So that the manger is very important of a company, they will choose a right person to be a manager. There are three approaches to defining what managers of Henkel need to do that are function they perform, roles they play and skills they need. The three approaches will help Henkel to achieve the goals they want.

In any company they will also have the managerial roles included Henkel because the managerial roles can help the company to operate. There are 3 types of managerial roles that are interpersonal roles, informational roles and decisional roles.

In the interpersonal roles, managers interact with people inside and outside their work units. The 3 interpersonal roles include figurehead role, leader role and liaison role. The most important parts of a manager job are information handling because accurate information is vital for making intelligent decisions. The 3 informational roles include monitor role, disseminator role and spokesperson role. In the decisional roles, managers use information to make decisions to solve problems or take advantage of opportunities. The 4 decisional roles are entrepreneur role, disturbance handler role, resource allocator role and negotiator role.

2.1.2 Management Functions

There are 4 management functions that are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. If you have the four management function it will help you to achieve the goals.

Planning is setting a goals, developing plans and establishing strategies to achieve the goals. Planning is coping with uncertainty by formulating future courses of action to achieve specified result. When making a planning that must have a blueprint for action that describes what to do to realize the goals. For example like Henkel group have selected Tagetik 4.0 and Tagetik distributor pmOne to implement a new enterprise planning system.(Unknown, 2012) Planning also can help Henkel to check on the progress, coordinate activities, think ahead and also cope with uncertainty.

Organizing is defined as arranging tasks, people and other resources to accomplish the work. That must need to have a schedule list because it will help them to easier organizing their work. Organizing is very important for all the company for example like Henkel, they will arranging tasks to different department and set a date for them to finish the work. So that, they will have a schedule list to help them and make sure that the work will done on date. The staff of Henkel must determine the tasks to be done by whom and what the reporting hierarchy.

Leading is defined as motivating, directing and otherwise influencing people to work hard to achieve the organization’s goals. Anything can only be done with people if 1 people to do it that will be very hard or impossible to do it. Leader is the people that doing the final decision and sometime these groups often have different needs and wants, so an essential part of leadership is resolving conflict. For example like leader of Henkel, the leader of Henkel can be a CEO or manger which that need to choose a person that have experience because if the leader doing a wrong decision that will affect the company do not achieve the goals that they needs.

Controlling is defined as monitoring performance, comparing it with goals and taking corrective action as needed. When the employee have mistakes the managers need to correct them and giving them the right information and also help them to achieve the goals. For example like Henkel manager, if the employee doing the same thing many time and still get the wrong information the manager need to control the employee and compare it with the goals and help the employee to correct it so that the employee can hit the goals.

2.1.3 Conclusion for Question 1

In the conclusion, it shows that a manger of a company is very important that is because when anything that will also pass by the manager and the manager will doing the final decision whether the project is can be work or not that will also follow the decision of the manager. Besides that, the managerial roles and management function is also the work that manager need to do. Manager need to have a good planning for the project and organizing it. Manger will also need to be a good leader to lead them to achieve the goals and the manager need to know how to control the employee if the employee have doing anything wrong the manager need to help them to correct if and help them to achieve the goals.

2.2 Introduction for Question 2

Every organizations structures that are supposed to play an important role in their existence. Organizational structures are hierarchical in nature, showing formal authority and positions. An organization structure is very important for the company because the structure will affect the company whether they can achieve the goals. Every company will also need to have the organization structure to help the company to work well, either is bigger company or smaller company there will also have the organization structure that is just different company will using different structure to run their business, Henkel is also the same.

There are three most popular organization structures that will be seen in any countries included Malaysia that is functional structure, divisional structure and matrix structure. Functional structure is the most common that can be seen in anywhere. Divisional structure is more suitable for the larger company and matrix structure is more suitable for multinational companies.

2.2.1 Organizational Structures

The new organizational structures of Henkel are to merge adhesives and technologies business. Effective april 1, 2007, the consumer and Craftsmen adhesives and the Henkel Technologies business sectors will be merged to form the new Adhesives Technologies business sector, with total sales of 5.5 billion euros realized in fiscal 2006. (Henkel, 2007)

Functional structure is the people with similar occupational specialties are put together in formal groups. This is a quite commonplace structure that can be seen in all kinds of organizations. Functional structure can be seen in any company in Malaysia that is the chief executive officer (CEO) of the company will choose the employees for different department like marketing department, financial department, production department and work together to finish a product. One of the disadvantages of functional structure is the communication and coordination between the different departments because the different department normally is working separately so that the communication is not so good between them.

Divisional structure is more suitable for the larger companies that also can be seen in Malaysia. In Malaysia that is also have some larger company that is using divisional structure. Henkel can also try to use divisional structure to operate their company. Divisional structure is the people with diverse occupational specialties are put together in formal groups by similar products or services, customers or clients, or geographic regions.

The advantage of divisional structure if the needs can be solve more fast and more specifically because the company will have their subsidiaries in many areas so that they can help to solve the problem fast and specifically. The customer no need send back their product to the main company to solve it and that will help the customer to save up a lot of time. Moreover, if small business also can use divisional structure, they can a small office in different area for example assigning different sales team to handle different areas.

Matrix structure is suitable for multinational companies. Henkel is suitable to use this structure also that is because Henkel is a companies that have subsidiaries in more than 75 countries in the worldwide. Matrix structure is an organization combines of divisional structure and functional structure of commands in a gird so that there are two command structures. The matrix structure allows for the benefits of functional and divisional structures to exist in one organization. So that it will have two management and that will also have struggles.

2.2.2 Conclusion for Question 2

In the conclusion, it shows that the organizational structure is very useful for all the company. There are three different types of organizational structure that is functional structure, divisional structure and matrix structure. Henkel is most suitable to use matrix structure for their company because Henkel is a multinational company. After using matrix structure that will help Henkel to achieve the goals and the company will run well.

3.0 Conclusion & recommendations

In the conclusion, whether is manager, managerial roles, management function or organizational structures that will also affect Henkel to achieve the goals. If Henkel without one of the part that will affect them to achieve the goals. That is very important for all the company and this is very useful when doing any types of business. Besides that, Henkel can also improve their organizational structure or try other types of organizational structure because that will help Henkel to run better in their company.