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The purpose of doing this assignment is to know and understand that jobs and roles that manager play in an organization. Moreover, managers also rely on all the elements of management functions to achieve organization's goals. In additional to manager, organization structure and design are also very important for organization. Without this employee and all tasks in an organization cannot complete.

Before I start my assignment, I had obtained some information from my lecturer and I also get information about German Multinational Henkel AG from internet. Through internet I know that what kind of business and products that Henkel launched.

The process of doing this assignment, I find out a lot of information about manager's jobs and roles in Henkel and what should they do to achieve Henkel's goals. As the same time, I also know who are chief executive officer and executive vice president in Henkel.

Besides that, Henkel has a great organizational structure and design to make sure its can success in global market. Each of the organizational structure Henkel also used but has three major organizational structure that Henkel focus on are functional structure, divisional structure and matrix structure.

Table of Content


1.0 Introduction 3

2.0 Presentation & Analysis of Findings

2.1 Introduction to Question 1 4

2.1.1 Management Roles in Henkel 4 - 5

2.1.2 Management Functions 5 - 6

2.1.3 Conclusion for Question 1 6

2.2 Introduction to Question 2 7

2.2.1 Types of Organizational Structure 8 - 9

2.2.2 Conclusion for Question 2 9

3.0 Conclusion & Recommendations 10

4.0 References 11 - 12

5.0 Appendices 13

6.0 List of Diagram

Diagram 2.1 Henkel Hierarchical Organization Structure 7


Business management is the process of achieve organization's goals. Managers of an organization will through planning, organizing, leading and controlling to achieve organization's goals. He or she has a responsibility to assign tasks to all the employees of an organization to complete organization's goals.

Question 1 is talking about what should manager do and play in Henkel. Manager has playing three categories roles in Henkel which are interpersonal roles, informational roles and decisional roles so that manager is a very important position and the person that cannot lack of in Henkel. Besides that, question 1 also talking about how managers relying on management functions to achieve Henkel's goals with their subordinates.

Question 2 is talking about organizational structure of Henkel. Organizational structures are hierarchical in nature, showing formal authority and positions. It also defines the relationship and position of members of an organization. After build up the organizational structure, employees in Henkel will know their position and what tasks they need to complete to achieve Henkel's goals.

2.0 Presentation & Analysis of Findings

2.1 Introduction to Question 1

German Multinational Henkel AG is a multinational company that provides daily necessities such as tooth paste, dial soap. To ensure that Henkel has a high performance in the market place and sustainable to become one of the world's top 100, managers have a high performance in Henkel and play a very important role of this. While Mintzberg's management roles were identify what managers should do and play in Henkel. There are three categories in Mintzberg's management roles which are interpersonal roles, informational roles and decisional roles.

2.1.1 Management Roles in Henkel

In these three categories, manager is responsible for providing, processing information for all employees and making decision in Henkel. In additional to boss and chief executive officer (CEO) of Henkel, manager is the third person who has an authority to manage and to control all subordinates in Henkel. In short, manager is a head of each department in Henkel to bring along subordinate complete all tasks.

Manager leads all subordinates to complete tasks or works in Henkel in order to achieve Henkel's goals and he or she distribute employees to which departments are based on their expertise and working experience. To ensure that they have the ability be responsible for and complete the works or tasks that asked to do. At the same time, manager needs to have habits of reading and internet access because it can help manager to know recently status and action of Henkel competitors such as Unilever and Porter & Gamble. In additional to bring up habits, manager will also keep contact with outsiders to obtain information between Henkel and the environment.

Manager can understand the operating within Henkel and its environment after received those information and transmit all information to subordinates. For instance, if consumers have complaint after used Henkel's products so that manager will let his or her subordinates know and they need to correct it and make sure will not repeat the same mistake. After make correction, manager will transmit the information to outsiders and also is the way build up again confidence for consumers.

We can also say manager like parents or guardian of subordinates. It is because he or she has a responsibility to protect subordinates in Henkel. If occur any disturbance of subordinates, manager must take action to correct and settle it. Moreover, manager needs to bear any errors or mistaken of the process that make by subordinate.

2.1.2 Management Functions

Every two or three months, Henkel will launch some new products into market to satisfy consumer's needs. Moreover, manager of Henkel will rely on his or her "little assistant" which is management functions to make sure their products will not have any errors before products are launch. Elements of management functions are planning, organising, leading and controlling.

For instance, Henkel decide to create a new hand soap of Dial and launch it into market in December, 2012. So each department's managers whose are related in this project will have meeting a few month ago. In meeting, they need to discuss or think what their department responsible for and raw materials that should be prepared and what steps that need to do to complete this project and secretary of Henkel will record all of information that they discuss after that send it to each departments. Normally, they will provide two plans in this project because this can prevent the first plan is failure so that the second plan can substitute.

After planning, manager of each department will know what they need to responsible for in this project and then start to arrange tasks for his or her subordinate. For example, chemical engineering department in Henkel, it is to verify the component of chemical that use to produce hand soap will or will not affect human and they also need to solve problem during tests.

During the process of produce hand soap, the most important part is the communication between manager and subordinate in Henkel. Manager must build up relationship with subordinate and naturally will build up teamwork too so that will not occur any delay problem to affect the project. As the same time, manager has a responsibility to lead subordinate to complete the project together and motivate them to solve the problem that they facing.

After complete all the process of making hand soap, manager need to held a clinical trials to make sure that without any defects occur after the product had launched. Has clinical trials is to make sure that consumers will not sensitive after used this product and can also control any complaint from Henkel's consumers.

2.1.3 Conclusion for Question 1

As a manager in Henkel, he or she has a responsibility to assist Henkel Company to achieve its goals simultaneously manager play many roles in Henkel. That has total ten roles that manager is play between the Henkel and environment. In addition to play different types of roles in Henkel, manager is relying on management functions to achieve certain goals easily.

2.2 Introduction to Question 2

Basically, each organization will has structure that is supposed to play an important role in its existence. Structure is very important for organizations no matter its larger or smaller. German Multinational Henkel AG is also no exception.

Diagram 2.1 Henkel Hierarchical Organisation Structure

Sources: Navinshan, Business Analysis Report, May 08, 2012.

To ensure that all segments can success and run smoothly in the marketplace, Henkel was decided to dispatch a person who has an experience in skills of management or technical serve as chief executive officer (CEO) simultaneously chief executive officer has a responsibility to lead or distribute works for executive vice president of each segment. The diagram above is clearly shows that Kasper Rorsted is responsible for Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Henkel, Dr. Lothar Steinebach is responsible for Executive Vice President Finance, Thomas Geitner is responsible for Executive Vice President Adhesive Technologies, Hans Van Bylen is responsible for Executive Vice President Cosmetics and Dr. Friedrich Stara is responsible for Executive Vice President Laundry & Home Care.

2.2.1 Types of Organizational Structure

There have a variety of elements in organizational structure. While Henkel was apply three types of organizational structure in its business. There are functional structure, divisional structure and matrix structure. For example, among of product that launched - Day Cream Diadermine Hydra Matt.

In functional structure, Henkel group a several departments together to complete product above. Departments that were grouped are production, sales, manufacturing and marketing. The sales department in Henkel is an importance department. It is because sales department's manager has responsibility to know the sales rate after Day Cream Diadermine Hydra Matt launched. Sales department manager need to build up relationship with managers of marketing department, production department and manufacturing department. After build up relationship with these departments' managers, sales manager will complete his work easily. In short, all departments' managers need to keep contact with each others.

It is because through marketing department, sales managers will know the quality of Day Cream Diadermine Hydra Matt are sold and sold to their target consumers. Through production and manufacturing department, sales manager will know when the process of producing Day Cream will complete and launched into marketplace so that sales department manager will has time to notify to all outlets.

Henkel headquarters is in Germany and it also opened many outlets in global like U.S and Canada so that it will used divisional structure to maintain its business in different area so that Henkel will separate smaller organization in each area to handle its business. For instance, Henkel was launched Day Cream Diadermine Hydra Matt to each outlet. In each outlet will have a several salespersons responsible for recommend this new product to customers. After consumer use this product felt not comfortable or sensitive, consumer can take it to smaller organization of Henkel in that area and manager who are in charge in the small organization will solve this problem and to prevent it affect Henkel's reputation.

Matrix structure normally will used by large multinational company like Henkel. Henkel used matrix structure to combine both groups' employees to focus on two products. For instance, Henkel distribute tasks for manufacturing department, sales department and marketing department to complete two products which are Day Cream and Cleaner under same brand. And because of this, employees of each department have an opportunity to show their ability in skills of management or technical that based on their interest through this structure. Moreover, sales department employees also can discuss and share some related knowledge or information between each other and this is a great chance to improve their communication. And the most important work for employees is everyday they need to report overall performance to their department's manager.

2.2.2 Conclusion for Question2

In conclusion, Henkel is a listed companies in global market simultaneously it also very popular in each area. It will show that Henkel has a great organizational structure. Organizational structure is the basic structure that compulsory for all organisational no matter it large or small. Henkel also use organizational structure to let all employees clearly know that who are the CEO and Executive Vice President with their responsible for which department. Besides that, there have three major types of organizational structure that used by Henkel which are functional, divisional and matrix structure. It is to ensure that it can has high performance in the global market.

Conclusion & Recommendations

As a conclusion of this assignment, we will know the reason of why Henkel will success in the global market. Henkel has a group of talent to help it complete all goals. Manager is talent that mentioned above. Manager plays many roles in Henkel to assist it success. Besides that, manager also relies on management functions to know how to complete all tasks in Henkel.

Organizational structure is the basic structure that compulsory for all organizational no matter it large or small. Henkel is a multinational organization so that organizational structure is a structure that it cannot lack of. Types of organizational structure will assist and distribute position and tasks for all employees in Henkel in order to achieve Henkel's goals.