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Putting Environme political factors. Political business regulatory and other business and consumers consumption on impact. You need to consider the same issues.

1. stable political environment, and how much?

2. the regulations or your business tax government policies affecting law?

3. in the Government's position and what marketing ethics?

4. economy and Government policy?

5 Government's culture and religion for a view?

6. the EU and the same contract to participate in the trade, the Government, the North American free trade agreement with ASEAN, or others?

The Government will continue to be a word? Just because your company to take on the name of the day at the latest? Justice system fair and transparent? By the locals if you get a shell when you give a fair hearing, the judicial system can rely on? Contract is respected in the country? Or this cowboy town where nothing?

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Nt-pest analysis

Powerpoint slide view pest analysis | Take the training is here


The Organization's success factors operating in the internal and external environments are affected; The success of the organization it it's advantage is that these elements to operate by adopting a strategy. Successful organizations will understand existing factors, as well as it is operated by environmental change within can also take advantage of the change.

Pest and environmental factors

The influence of these forces is the Organization's operating environment, type:

• Pest factors-these are the external organization does not have direct control over these factors, forces. Pest of the abbreviation, and each letter factors (political, economic, social and technical) format.

• Micro-environment factors-organization that can control the internal factors.

Pest-pestle analysis &

Pest analysis for your organization to influence external forces to identify the Organization, the political, economic, social, and technical environment for simple analysis. Legal and environmental elements that incorporate the pest analysis pestle analysis.


Pest analysis is the first element is the study of political factors. Political factors are in many ways the impact the organization. Political factors, as well as the advantages and the opportunity for organizations. On the other hand, they have the duty and obligation to the Organization, you can place.Political factors, including the following instruments:

-Minimum wage or anti-discrimination law in the same Bill.

-Voluntary codes and practices

-Market regulation

-Trade agreements, customs duties or limited

-Taxes and tax breaks

-Government regime for example, type the Communist dictatorship, democracy

Legislative obligations non-compliance fines, imprisonment, and the negative publicity can lead to sanctions. Often the effect of voluntary codes and practices, the introduction of the Bill the Government Code and practices covered by the activities that will lead to the regulation.


Pest analysis of the second element is the study of economic factors.

All the companies in the domestic and global economic factors are affected by it. National and global interest rates and fiscal policies are set around the economic conditions. Climate economy consumers, suppliers and other vendors and creditors such as organizational officials within a society determine how to behave.

Economic recession and high unemployment, low power and low shareholders must spend the trust. In contrast, "booming" or growing economy is low unemployment, high power and high trust shareholders.

Successful organizations, economic conditions and shareholder activism.In addition, the Organization, impact on the economic conditions, competition and to respond accordingly, you should review.

This global business in the world organizations, economic world and only in the country-based or operating throughout the affected. For example: United States in the global credit crunch in 2007/08 credit crunch in the United Kingdom contributed towards.

Cheap labor in developed countries from developing the competitiveness of the product. Increase interest rates in the United States United Kingdom stock stock price impact or weather conditions in India tea in English Cafe in the purchase price, you can have an impact.

Truly global players all across the border, you should be aware of the economic situation and to protect it and the world economic situation, business promotion strategies to hire the necessary to guarantee.


Pest of the third side's interest in the family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and media and forces within the same community. Social forces, our attitudes, interests and opinions. These forces are the people who we are, the way we behave and, ultimately, what we look like to buy. For example, the United Kingdom and my own diet and health to people's attitudes towards change. Therefore, the United Kingdom fitness and organic food's demand for tremendous growth to increase in the number of people. Wii fit and the same product for children lack for social concerns and try to deal with.

Population change is also a direct impact on the group will have.Demographic changes, economic goods and services within the supply and demand. Falling birth rates reduce demand and consumer's number is a big competition. In contrast, the increase in global population and the world food shortage predicted the current leader in food production is a great investment for five years in each era. Because of the lack of food and African countries such as Uganda now genetically modified foods of their decline, it will be reviewed.

A summary of your organization's products and compensation and benefits to people's life style and behavior to the service must be able to provide.Organizations in the community does not respond to the changes they are market share and their products or services, you will lose the demand.


As you probably know that technological advances are companies operating in such a way that significantly changes unsurprisingly pest's fourth element technology.

There are a number of organizations that use the technology, they

1. technical infrastructure, such as the Internet and telephone communication systems, etc.

2 they can help you to integrate a multitude of software. Technology systems to manage their business.

3. technical hardware, cell phone, BlackBerry, laptop, desktop, Bluetooth devices, such as copiers and fax the information will be sent, and the record machine.

Technology to expect immediate results was created by the society. This technological revolution in stakeholders to exchange information between a speed increase. They quickly within their operating environment changes in response to the information that can benefit from the quick exchange companies.

However, the companies within the timescales decreasing's promise to deliver rapid response, as is the ability to create extra pressure.

For example, the Internet Group's marketing mix having a profound impact on the strategy. consumers in their homes, at work, Internet cafés, and 3 g phone and 3 g card, 24 hours a day, you can be shopping. Some employees instant access to e-mail via Blackberrys but research this access operations outside his own personal time making inroads into the task can cause this double edged sword.

The speed of technological change, the average life span of computer chips for about 6 months, so fast. Technology for all age groups will be used by, children from birth are exposed to technology and technology savvy pension "Silver Surfer", known as the next-generation appeared. Technology evolution, and consumer habits and expectations, this is the fact that face extinction to ignore the impact on the Organization to continue.


Sometimes legal pest analysis, environmental factors are integrated and expanded; This is known as pestle analysis. There are a lot of the statute book company law includes almost all aspects of the Organization's work through treatment, the employee's health and safety is controlled through the Bill. Legal factors in organizations within the legislative framework is important work. Legislative authority in the onerous obligations by placing it can interfere with your business. On the other hand, legislative business benefits to the market situation, you can create.

Diagram: pest analysis and marketing mix

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