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I always remember what my mum used to say that you can achieve whatever you want and you can be whatever you want to be, the only thing that you have to remember is that you should have faith in your own self, you should know that everyone else has the right to be in the same room, what nice words can do, anger and force can never do that, and education and knowledge is not just the degree made of paper it gives you confidence and teaches you what you have learn to use it in difficult situation, and it will definitely pay well. I always wanted to be a business man like the ones i have seen while growing up, they have offices, people working for them, brainstorming, strategies, pressure and the requirement to be charismatic, intellectual, eloquent, and articulate plus some other basic qualities, and the desire to do what they love. I want to start a retail business or a boutique where we create bespoke apparel for the customers. But before I reach there I need some development in myself, some traits which have to be wiped off, and to inculcate some necessary qualities, and for that I need a personal development plan.

Let's start by asking ourselves a simple question, what actually a personality development plan is, and how do we make it?

Basically personal development is a plan that I will undertake, it is a map or a blue print about how I will undertake the duties and fulfill that duties in order to achieve the goals that I have set in my personal life, in my education and in my career. It is a very well defined and structured plan with underlined steps that has to be taken, when to be taken and the amount of time needed to spend on it to execute it and that to with all determination and honesty.

"It is never too late to be what you might have been" very well said by George Elliot.

And finally even though the plan has time limits set to achieve the given task and complete the scheduled obligation, that is not the end, the process of development is continuous, it keeps on going till the end, the reason we map out a plan with tasks that has to be achieved in a given scheduled time is because it helps us and keeps motivated as we keep on conquering everything that is the part of plan, it helps to keep the enthusiasm high.


To raise self-awareness

To attain the perfect coordination and improve team-wok that will help me to work mutually and with complete harmony with the rest of the team member

To perk up my communication and interpersonal skill in order to work quickly and efficiently with everyone

To gain knowledge of how to tackle a conflict, so as to make quick decisions in times of any crisis

Increase and improve my leadership quality

The skill to make plans which are realistic in nature and to carry them out

Positive belief about my views and that will give confidence to my strength and ability

A. Personality Development Opportunities

To make the plan one thing is very important ant that is self awareness. I can only define my strategy and discipline after I know what my strengths and developmental areas are. However, for me, I'm sure I know these very well. I have strengths on dutifulness, cautions and innovative interests, but I need to improve myself on the areas of cooperation, activity-level and imagination. Knowing me specially and Improving my developmental areas while continue working on my strengths, I can improve my strengths comprehensively.


The first strength of me is dutifulness. I'm a person who has a strong sense of duty and obligation. For me, I feel dutifulness is very important part of a a person either as individual or a team member because I believe "no pain, no gain". As a result, when I receive a work, I pay one hundred percent attention to do it carefully and finish it on time. I arrange my schedule ordered to make sure I don't delay in something, by doing these things I have made myself a reliable person. Second, I'm friendly. Friendly people make friends quickly and it's easy to form close relationship. They treat friends genuinely and openly, and they can let their friends feel comfortable with them. I do all of these things naturally. It's like I was born optimistic. I like to make friends and stay with my friends. I am concerned about their problems and help them as much as I can when they need. I don't feel boring when they complain something or talk their sadness to me. I think friends play a very important part of my life. If I don't have friends anymore, I won't achieve either my life or career goals successfully. Third, I have abundant artistic interests. I like both art and nature beauty with all my heart. I like to observe people's appearance and mannerism because I believe everyone has their special beauty no matter inside or outside. Absorbing the different beauties from different people no matter whether they are in the real life or on television or stories.

Developmental Areas:

However, when I state my strengths, my weaknesses which include low ability on cooperation, low activity-level and shortage of imagination also show obviously. First of my weaknesses which is a serious problem for me is low ability on the cooperation. Even though I'm an optimistic and friendly person, I don't like to work with people initiatively. For some reasons, I don't think working with others is more effective than working individually, and I don't like to deny my own needs to get along with others. I always think in my way and want people agree with me. It's a little difficult for me to cooperate with others to accomplish tasks. Secondly, I'm low in activity-level. Although I always say I like the busy life in which I can involve myself in many activities and move about energetically, I can't make it come true in my real life. I almost never finish the homework at the first several days when the professor assigns it. Also, I always give myself an excuse to have rest or delay to do something unnecessary. It's like I become way to busy with life and live in a relaxed and slow pace.


By going through all my particular strengths and weaknesses, I clearly know my real position now. To accomplish my goals and be successful, only stating weaknesses is not enough, I also need to make an effective strategy to help myself reach the goals. I need the knowledge reserve, participation on special activities, academic training, personal training, and work experience and on-the -job training to help me to improve both my strengths and developmental areas.

B. Individual Assessment

Short-Term Development Path Objectives (1-6 months):

In order to achieve my life and career goals, in the first 1-6 months, for knowledge, I need to do well in my classes in next two quarters, and read more books to spread my thought. I also need to join more activities to improve my cooperate skill. Last but not least is that I need to try my best to adapt the life in competitive world. I also need to improve my English skills, even though English has always been my first language since I started my schooling, but I also need to improve the grammar, vocabulary and my fluency in the language because I never took real interest in the language and was more comfortable with my mother tongue.

Medium-Term Development Path Objectives (6-12 months):

After finishing this short plan, I need to have an improvement in my training level. Now I need to think about how I can improve my developmental areas specifically. Besides learning more knowledge not only from the books but also from the society, I need to pay attention in every little thing. I need to think more about others and do every little thing more active such as finish the homework as soon as possible, do review and preview everyday and exercise every day. I also need to involve in some clubs to improve my cooperation ability and increase activity-level. Trying to find a job on campus is also a good way for me to improve my developmental areas. It will not only help me to cooperate better with others but also can increase my imagination from the stress work. By thinking about the summer vacation is in this term, I have also schedule myself to have a charcoal drawing and dancing trainings in next summer. In order to increase my imagination, I need to gain more about the artistic knowledge and feelings. These things are important because apart from the other professional training i need to have in professional life I should also have the other enjoyment, that is a part of my real personal life, that will help me to de stress myself when I will be inundated with my work load.

Long-Term Development Path Goals (1-3 years):

In this last period, I will give myself a highly improvement. From the knowledge, only to know the concepts studied in the textbooks is far from enough. To think logically how finance and marketing apply in the business area and how can I turn the knowledge to the actions with skill and ease are the main purposes for my improvement in this three years. I need to absorb other classmates' advantages and professors' experience in the business area carefully from every class and group project. After I gain enough and well-knit knowledge, I need to find an internship in an investment bank or an international corporation to apply my knowledge rely on the actual situations. For this plan, I combine the academic training and work experience to give myself a deep improvement not only in cooperation but also in activity-level.

Also, besides gaining academic training and work experience, I need to give myself a personal training in the same area. Because I want to work in a fashion brand, it's absolutely important that I need to have knowledge that is related to art and fashion and I need to do it by myself. I will give myself a drawing training in every vacation in the next three years. In addition, I will attend some fashion clubs on the internet with people who study in the art majors. By talking with them, I will know what academic knowledge I need to have necessarily and try to learn them by myself or by taking some course. By taking this plan, I will improve my cooperation skill, activity-level and increase my imagination and artistic interests together while I'm learning the academic art skills.

C. Individual Personality Development Plan of Action

Making a plan is very important for success; however, in order to make the plan more effective, the plan needs to be specific into actions. In my development plan, I pick three important actions to make them specifically. The three actions I pick are self-study, internship and participation on special project.

First of all, I make a self study about drawing in the next three years. This training will be doing on every vacation. Every vacation is an interim milestone of this action. By improve my drawing skill every vacation, I will know what I need to study next time. This action is very helpful for me to increase my imagination and artistic interests. Also, it can help me to get an art major in the graduate program.

Secondly, I need to accomplish two kinds of internship which are working in a retail fashion industry and working in an international corporation in the next three years. I will choose to work in a mall or a boutique because I will be doing my majors in marketing and retail. I need to apply my knowledge to the actual situations to find my weakness and improve myself. This action will be finished at the beginning of the next semester. After I finish this internship, I'm sure I will learn a lot about the business area and have a high improvement on my developmental areas. Then, in the senior year, I will begin my next internship which is related more close to my final goal. Because I have already done an internship, I know what I need to do and need to improve better than before. Therefore, this time, when I work in an international corporation, I need try to accomplish my tasks perfectly by treating myself as a formal member of the corporation. This internship will be finished at the end of my masters.

Thirdly, I want to run a special project which is to open an online shop to improve myself and help me to achieve my final goal. My purpose to do this project is to improve and check my business ability out of class. The main product I will sell is clothes, and the online shop will last for one year. There are three stages of this shop's operation. In the first stage, my purpose is to arrange everything ordered without having any big mistakes. This stage will just last for one month. In the next stage, I will focus on how to catch the customers' attention and how to choose the clothes that has to be sold. The clothes I choose needs to be special and with high qualities. This stage will last for 3-4 months. In the last stage when the shop has already is on the right track, I will try to learn how to earn the highest profits. This stage will be the closest one to my academic knowledge, and it will last for the last 5-6 months. I think this action is very important for me because I not only can improve my activity-level in the first stage, check my aesthetic skill in the second stage but also can use my academic knowledge in the third stage; moreover, I can further know how to head a marketing side of the business..


In conclusion, in order to achieve every goal in my life, doing an individual personal development plan is very important. It will not only help me to know my real position specifically but also can let me think and do every action logically and orderly. Being a marketing director in an international business corporation is not that easy. However, I'm sure I can achieve my goal by following my plan step by step. Because of my interests, hard work and persistence, I believe there is one day I will have a big career in the fashion area.