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I am the Human Resources Manager of the Sameer Sugar Company Limited. My job responsibilities are managing the overall Human Resources activities and executive policies for my company. I oversee recruitment of new employees, planning, management of employee performance, employee motivation strategies, general organizational development, orientation of employees, their development, relations and training, communication between the employees and the community, employee health and wellbeing, their security welfare, counseling and charity. I am also involved in directing the company administration, safety in the work place and overall company upkeep. I have to coordinate all the services and the company policies then report to Professor Mahmud, the Chief Executive Officer. I must meet all my primary objectives including development of the Human Resources department, enforcing high performance oriented policies for quality production, safety and welfare of the workforce and many more.

To be able to execute my duties and most importantly meet my expectations, I am therefore required to be disciplined, have a good personal relationship with my colleagues and others, good communication skills, and intellectual about everything. My academic qualification comes handy in helping me with my managerial and leadership skills. To be a Human Resources Manager, one requires a degree in Human Resources or a closely related field, for example, Business Administration, Organizational Development, Public Administration or Communication (Preudhikulpradab, 2011). It would be better if the different fields were employed to supplement each other and increase one's employability. All these are important for my job because it requires varied skills in order to coordinate activities in all the departments. All departments in an organization are interdependent and therefore interpersonal relationships should always be evaluated to make sure business runs smoothly.

I am therefore in constant contact with my colleagues from other departments and this facilitates success in my duties. The main people I interact with within the company include Mr. Andrew Black; the Finance Manager, Miss Redemta Buchannan; the Public Relations Manager, Mr. Julius Smart; the Sales and Marketing Manager and Mr. Gary Otinov; the Technical Operations and Logistics manager. They are very supportive since like me, they are centered towards achieving the goals set by the company. This is because the policies they have enforced in their respective departments are goal oriented and sensitive to both the company's and the employees' needs and expectations. Since I am concerned with the employees' welfare, my job is to ensure their satisfaction. To do this, there has to be good communication and a good working relationship between me and the executives in all the other departments. This is true for our company since they behave professionally and are all my very good friends.

Mr. Black has been exemplary in his services as the finance manager. His docket is very sensitive since the activities of all the departments including his rely on it to run. Any misappropriation of funds would cripple not only the activities of the individual departments but also the whole company. He is efficient in his delivery of funds to the other departments since he does it in time and in accordance with the company policies. Talking of policies, he has designed very good ones for his finance docket that have, for the past five years, been the basis of reaching our annual financial targets. Employee satisfaction is one of the key factors for productivity of any firm. Moreover, it is vital in retention of the workers. Working with an experienced group has proved beneficial since it yields good results. Paying of employee salaries in time, offering attractive compensation packages, creating avenues for ease in flow of cash to departments, ensuring availability of miscellaneous funds to take care of emergencies and management of company funds are some of the sensitive areas addressed to ensure our employees are satisfied (Cornelissen & Cornelissen, 2008).

Sameer Sugar Company Limited is one of the best companies I know. It has been proven that our customers are satisfied with our services and products. The general public thinks that we are the best in our line of production due to our wide range of products besides sugar. We mill sugar, have a hydro-electricity producing plant, generate biogas, process and pack water and get molasses as a by-product of our sugar production. We sell half the molasses we produce and the rest is given to the neighboring communities for free to supplement their dairy farming needs. We buy their sugarcane and at satisfactory prices and do not delay their payments. This brings good relations with the neighboring communities boosting the company image to the public. These are some of the many strategies that were developed by Miss Buchannan and have proved beneficial to the company. Her innovation and inventiveness have ensured good public relations which is important for the company's success. This proves that am working with a good Public Relations Manager who understands the importance of creating a good image of the company, maintaining it or even improving it and repairing any bad reputation.

Mr. Smart is as smart as his name suggests. Any company requires the kind of ability he offers ours. Marketing and sales department is very crucial if products are to be sold to company's satisfaction, and he knows this too well. He has designed workable strategies that have in the years waved off our competitors and ensured large profits for our company. I think we have the best marketing workforce around. They do it with the agility it requires. Mr. Smart has worked closely with Miss Buchannan and me to ensure he gets a staff that is competitive and innovative. Together with Miss Buchannan, they have designed product varieties that are relevant to our customer expectations yet still market them in a way that is enticing to the buyers. His price regulation policy meets both the company's and customers' satisfaction.

The company's Technical Operations and Logistics Manager, Mr. Otinov is also a force to reckon with as his efforts have ensured smooth operations within and without the company premises. Delivery of goods and services necessary for daily operations of the various departments are some of his duties. Therefore all the departments need to be coordinated in ordering and delivering of supplies in time to avoid stand offs in company operations. It requires cooperation and efficient communication to ensure success. He is an ever busy man working tirelessly to ensure there are no flaws in his department. He has instilled the hard work and punctuality in his staff that has ensured they beat deadlines in submission of materials. Transport has been commendable since there are always prior arrangements for every planned movement of employees and commodities. As the personnel manager, I have witnessed finesse in execution of his duties since I rely on him to facilitate part of my recruit orientation and training. He is almost perfect as he understands only too well the sensitivity of his department due to his time consciousness. His leadership skills are also desirable and have proved that he is a colleague that can be relied upon to perform his duties dilligently.

My Human Resources department is challenging to handle but my experience over time has taught me how to take care of different situations. Ensuring there is harmony in the departments, good interpersonal relations and discipline as concerns the laid out ethics are central to my success. The departments are interrelated and therefore my good relations with the other managers, our professionalism and hard work have been instrumental for our success. Otherwise, it would have been difficult achieving our goals because of the complexity involved in running the company successfully. I need the good work in all the departments involved and the company expects me to be able to come up with workable strategies that would meet set goals. All the departments depend on the Finance department for cash to sustain their operations, on the Human Resources department for workforce and security, the Technical Operations and Logistics department for flow of materials and services, the Sales and Marketing department revenue generation and marketing of products and the Public Relations department to ensure the company remains relevant and competitive in the market without bringing it to disrepute (Heath, 1994) .The following is a diagrammatic representation of how my departments interrelates to others to ensure the company achieves its goals.

Conclusion and recommendations.

The success of any given firm greatly depends on the ability of the managerial systems to coordinate its functions such that the operations are running smoothly, there is satisfaction within and without, there is professionalism and discipline, there is coordination and chemistry between members of different departments, there is personal accountability and dedication and of course the drive to meet the set objectives (Society for Human Resource Management, 2006). This can only be possible if the various heads of departments are able to merge ideas aimed at problem solving to ensure better results every time goals are adjusted. The interdependence between the different areas should be well coordinated because of the complexity involved and the danger risked in the event of failure. All the individual sections are important and should be treated as such because failure in one field greatly hampers the performance of all the others and of course the whole firm. There is also the need to encourage improvement in areas where shortcomings are noted and instill motivation in areas where commendable work is seen. The company needs to employ more workers to facilitate extension of leaves to employees as required since the current population limits the length of their leaves. The energy produced in form of hydro-electricity and biogas is currently used for running the factory alone. Stored energy is more than what the company requires for its sustenance there some should be sold to the national power generating company. Education programs should be initiated and facilitated by the company to offer employees the opportunity to grow in their career. This would improve their specialization hence better performance. The company should start exchange programs with the nearby Biden and Sons Sugar Company for recruits to train on machinery maintenance since the company is doing well with their machinery maintenance as was found in the recent findings. The company should hold annual parties for its employees and their families to enable bonding of workers. This would also show the company's value for its employees and their families, important for motivation of workers and company's image. The company needs to start minor export of sugar to the neighboring states to increase its market. This would also call for purchase of five more trucks to facilitate the transportation of the sugar bags to their export destinations.