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My learning style for any subjects I prefer more Pragmatist and Activist on the other side of Theorist and Reflector because I like to involve myself fully and without any basic experiences. In my work I am very open minded and I want come with new ideas, theories and new work style. I want to busy myself all days with work and I like to meet with People who have new contemplation. I like to go new places and come out with new concepts. I want to face problems and solving this nice and steady way. I always want to get feedback on my skills of work and always like to take high-flying role in any sort of stage work.

So I can say my style of learning is more ingenious and more fruitful. I love to take challenge in any sort of circumstance and want to do something different from others. In any type of discussion I always take decision in a conventional at the end I can say I always keep my style in Pragmatist and Activist because I like hard working and challenge of new ideas.

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Factors Influencing Learning:

What is learning style?

Every day we are learning something from each and everything. Sometimes I learn from book, sometimes from my surrounded people. Learning is the process of approving useful information or acquiring new knowledge, behaviour's, skills, values or preferences. We are learning from everything that we see, that we feel, that we learn. So we can say that learning style depends on learner style. There are many factors that influencing learning, basically with the internal and external factors.



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So now I am giving u some explanation of factors that affect learning style:

INTERNAL FACTORS: Internal Factors that are known as subjective factors. They very much affect our learning style let's get into more detail with these:

Age and Maturation: Learning is directly dependent upon age and maturation. No learning is possible before you enough age and mature. So children cannot learn more than elder people because elder people have more age and maturation better than children. Age and Maturation is play big role in learning style.

Attention: Attention is also big factors in learning style. If anyone never pays attention then she/he never understands what she/he wants to learn.

Intelligence: Intelligence is vital role for learning style. If any person is intelligence than the person can learn anything better than other people.

Interest: Interest is great impact for anyone. If you have any interests in any type of learning than no one stop you to acquire this.

Emotional Conditions: Desirable emotional condition increases the quality and speed of learning. Happiness, joys, satisfaction are always favourable for any type of learning. Adverse emotional condition on the other hand hinders learning.

EXTERNAL FACTORS: There are some external factors in learning style let's get into more detail with these:

Nature of Knowledge: If the knowledge they want to acquire is interesting then learning skills would be easier for them.

Meaningfulness: Meaningfulness is good for learning because if anything that we learn is not interesting then no one will be interested with that. Anything meaningful is easier for catch with in no time.

Parts: Parts is helping anyone to learn anything. If any topic is so vast then if you learn in part by part is easier to learn for anyone.

Reward and Punishment: These two things will be given according to work. Reward will give at once work will complete, so that it will motivate them to keep remaining.

ENVOIRMENTAL FACTORS: This factor also influences learning style. It also include things like people day to day life, regular routine, different activities are different types of people around.

So these are internal and external and other factors that influence people learning style.

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Reflections on the presentation planning process:

What did we do?

In our presentation we were doing well. We were working group of three; our first presenter did introduction and some middle part also and passing to our second presenter. He was did middle part of our presentation and at the end he passing to me and I did conclusion and give some recommendations. At the end our presentation we gave chance our friends to ask questions that we accept from them and they asked some questions. We gave all questions answer very nice and simple way that helped our friends to understand clearly. From our point of view our each part of presentation that we did were very important because if our start to end is not good then how our friends can fascinate with that.

How did it go?

My presentation was not going very good but from my point of view that was good for me. Because of my first presentation I had no clue how to prepare a good presentation and how to present in front of the class. We did presentation in a group of three. I did the last part of presentation. When I started my part I made couple of mistakes like I was trying to read whole power point slide, no eye contact and was a little bit nervous when I was giving my speech, could not finished conclusions part properly. When I was preparing my presentation it took times every day at least 1 hour and I collected my all information from my own knowledge, some from internet and rest of them from people option.

What will do in next time?

The next step for my future presentation will be not getting nervous and take all that things in simple way. I need to recover my all the mistakes that I made in my previous presentation like provoking much more eye contact, delivering more information not restricted in the power point, increase self-confidence and try presenting all points clearly including definition and in a much more nicer way which would be capable to attract the audience in a different spectacular way so that they will be very attentive on my presentation and get a clear concept of the inside talks of my presentation. In addition I hope it will be remarkable and a charming experience for my colleagues and hopefully I will be able to create an euphoria in the whole environment.

Section 6:


Terms and Reference: I read the whole case study of Knife Edge Hotel there Mike, The Manger, has asked everyone to take some steps for how can we make our Knife Edge Hotel becomes 'first choice for business customers'.

Proceedings: We gave all customers feedback sheets. 68% customers did not complete feedback sheet. From customers, 32% completed feedback sheet, which covered the 6 areas of welcome, cleanliness, facilities, restaurant, room service, and check out.

Findings: In finding information we follow two steps in the process of Data Analysis which are Qualitative and Quantitative.

Qualitative Data Analysis:

It took 20 minutes to check out.

Inexperienced member of staff on reception struggling to cope as so many people left at once.

Customer's bed room had been double book.

Reception staff spent 20 minutes messing about ringing the other guest.

Indifference with guests.

Customer's meal being cold.

Check-in process overly complicated and slow.

Telephone was ringing incessantly.

Quantitative Data Analysis:

a. The customers are from Business Area 70%.

b. From customers 68% did not fill up feedback sheet.

c. From 32% of customers they all are satisfied with restaurant.


So at the end of my observation I can say that Knife Edge Hotel has some lacking about poor customers servicing, indifference with guests and they has some inexperienced staff and unorganized manger. So because of that they cannot cope up with customers and struggling dealing with them.

Knife Edge Hotel for RECOMMENDTATIONS:

For Receptions:

They can employ experience people,

Increase number of staff in Receptions,

For Services:

Improve customers service,

Employ efficient and smart staff,

Give customers equal facilities and as quick as possible,

Always efficient in work,

Employee experience manager:

The Manager of Hotel is inexperienced so need to Employee experience Manager.