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This assignment is based on performance management and personal reflection on the communication with management of "POUNDSTRETCHER". I am working in one of its branches, which is at Wembley high road from last seven month. I am focusing on some issues which are related with the customer satisfaction in this organisation. I want to minimize them and to achieve its mission. Today is the time of competition and if organisations want to stand in the market they have to look at every area.

"Poundstretcher, Look what's new instore" is a big organisation currently consists 140 stores located throughout UK and over 5000 employees. The stores mostly find on the high street and in out of town locations. The mission of the organisation is to make stores appealing to the whole family and deliver a unique shopping experience to every customer. You can find different sections like household, electrical, health and beauty, entertainment, clothing, stationary, gifts, food and drink, gardening, pet, party, furniture, sports, luggage. []


I have chosen performance issue of Poundstracher related to stores continuously going down. where I currently working. Nowadays store shows lower performance because there is continuous decrease in customers level. I have received the details from my branch manager about customer ratio and weakly sales report which demonstrate lower performance of store. [Refer appendix.] There are so many retail competitors like Tesco, pound land, 99p store, pound star, Primark, some off licence shops available around store and because of cut troth competition in the market, store continuously loosing customers which adversely affect on store's profit which is going down. Store failed to use proper distribution system. The second reason is that the store cannot receive delivery of the goods in time. Sometimes there is no stock of particular items, they may come or not in the next delivery. We may lose the customer, because of unavailability of products. We do not have right product right time. The another reason is that there are only three tills available in the store but only two are used in running business hours of store, among them when the time of rush they are allowed to operate the 2nd till. It's proved the weak management of store. The store is really very big and mostly three or four staff members available including manager. They are distributed to work for security, till operator, refilling, merchandising and tidy up. So we can say there is burden of multi task performance on employees in our store. So it's adversely affect on employees job performance. There is no one shop floor assistant for assisting the customers. There is insufficient customer service so store continues losing customer day by day. I am choosing this topic because some customers do not like to wait; they want to get proper guidance, expected from staff. In this situation the less number of employees is the reason for it. Because of stress staff cannot pay proper attention to them. My point of view these are the reason for losing the sale.

Valid and Substantiated Reasons:-

Because of reduction level in customers in the store, a store going to incurs losses day by day. If company will not be able to come out from this situation, the top level management may take a decision to close the store. The employees will lose the job. This competitive time also brings opportunity with it, so company is aware of it and can use the strategy which helps to run business. This is a big organisation, if a store loses its creditability among the reliable and prospective customer group than the market share of store will be affected harmfully in the competitive retail market. Once the reputation of the organisation lost than it is very difficult to build up again. Because of only one store, the company may be suffered a lot.

Meaning of Communication:-

To communicate means to transfer. According to Birvenu, "Communication is a process of transmitting the information, feelings, attitudes, facts, beliefs and ideas between living beings." According to I. A. Richards the other definition is that "communication is the exchange of meanings between individuals through a common system of symbols". It is a two way process.

According to Louis Allen, "Communication is the sum of all the things one person does when he wants to create understanding in the mind of another. It is a bridge of meaning. It involves systematic and continuous process of telling, listening and understanding."

Communication method:-

Basically, to pass the information, opinion, message, thoughts from one person to another we use different forms of communication media like telephone, e-mail, mobile etc. Also the basic ways of communication are by singing, body language, touch and eye contact. There are six different types of communication, which are as follows. [ ]

Verbal Communication:-

To verbal means oral. This type of communication includes sounds, words, language and speaking. Language is said to have originated from sounds and gestures. Telephone conversation is verbal communication. If communicate important, sensitive or controversial information then face to face communication effective, while in meeting to discuss matters and to reach a quick agreement on a course of action than telephone communication useful. Public speaking is another verbal communication. In general, we use verbal communication.

Non-verbal communication:-

It is a physical ways of communication like tone of the voice, touch, smell and body motion.

Singing, music, dancing, sculpturing, symbols, sign language and body language are also included in non-verbal communication. Facial expression, gestures, eye contact are different ways of communication.

Written communication:-

Writing the words which you want to communicate is called written communication. Letter, notes, articles, electronic mail, memos, faxes, publication, brochures, advertisements and news releases are examples of written communication. Mostly in business, businessmen are preferred to use the written communication. Today technology is growing; people use text messages of mobile is also one of informal written communication, it is very favourable in youngsters. Good writing skills leave some positive effect on customers, enhanced image in the society and surrounding environment.

Visual communication:-

Visual communication is visual display of information like topography, photography, signs, symbols and designs. Television and video clips are the electronic form of visual communication. Sometimes the signs, symbols say too much than words or written documents.

Intra-personal communication:-

In this type of communication, a person thinks and talks with himself. It is an individual reflection and contemplation. Some situations arise, a person cannot share his feeling and emotions with others at that time he talks with himself. Some persons like to live alone they may use intra-person communication.

Interpersonal communication:-

This is direct, face-to-face communication that occurs between two persons. It is essentially a dialogue or a conversation between two or more people. [Business Communication, by Minakshi Raman and Prakash Singh,

Justification Of Communication Method:-

To appraise this issue to my managing director, I have chosen the written communication method, especially hand written letter. The other thing is that the hand written letter shows my personal touch, feeling and attitude towards my organisation, while printed materials are formal in nature. Written communication deals with the creation and sending of massages. In verbal communication, we do not have any proof of communication while written communication, there is always a proof. In this communication, words are distinct from each other, being surrounded by white space from all side. It is more formal and literate and follows rules of grammar strictly. The main advantage of this communication is that once the message is sent or received than it may be permanent as one wish. It can be saved for later study so we do not need to remember the data. The written communication can be changed, edited many times before communicated with others. This is its main advantage. There are clarity, reliability, conciseness, correctness, link associated with written communication so it's become very effectively. For these reason I have chosen this method to communicate with my managing director. So, they can come out with new strategy and help organisation to achieve his mission. [Business communication by K.K.Sinha]

Implementation of Communication Method:-

For the reflecting my ideas on paper, I refer too many types of business letter template and lastly I choose of them for communicate with management of my store. I written letter and send it via post to my store. [refer: appendix]

Reflection on The Communication:-

This communication assignment's works would helpful me to achieve its objective of providing useful information to the managing director in future in my career prospective, its helps me to build up my confidence. In future, if any situation will be raised at that time this experience helps me too develop my communication skill. This method will succeed or not but I learn from my mistakes and next time I am able to represent more effectively my opinions and its help to improve my observation skill, to identified problems. Firstly, I always looked only front side of any problem, but when I have started to make this assignment and thinking more about my work place regarding issues, my eyesight to see the problems, situations is changed. Now I look them with different angels and to solve them I come out with possible solutions, among them I use the best solution for that problem.


Before joining this organisation, I was very shy and less talkative girl. To meet every day new people, dealing with them, it has helped me to develop my internal strength; I can identify my weaknesses and convert them into strength. My confidence is increased which help me to develop my career. Hope my managing director understand the present situation of our store, bring changes to the management. If this situation becomes successfully, than the top level management of organisation would introduce changing in management which helps them to achieve their long term goals. I have done analytical research on the present situation of my store and find some possible solution regarding it.