Penetration of insurance across various countries

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Penetration rate of insurance in USA is 83.3% with maximum percentage of policies being health insurance, according to US census bureau. Penetration rate of insurance in India is 6%. Countries with high penetration levels include South Africa (14.38%), Taiwan (14.13%), the UK (12.6%) and Switzerland (11.75%). South Africa has the highest penetration rate in the world while Saudi Arabia has the lowest with 0.48%. The global average penetration rate stands at 7.99%. Penetration rate of insurance in India is 6%. Insurance sector in Asia is growing at a rate of 16.8 to 17.3 annually. China's life insurance premium grew remarkably by 24.4% in 2010, while Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam also recorded growth in excess of 10%. Taiwan also showed the remarkable growth rate of 23.0% in 2010. So, South Asia is one of the fastest growing insurance markets in the world.

Health insurance is made compulsory in many countries. The health insurance segment is growing rapidly in many nations. One in a six people doesn't have insurance in USA. They are planning to insure the uninsured people with health insurance.

Source: Swiss Re Economic Research & Consulting

Leading 10 insurance companies in the world

The below are the rankings given by Forbes. The Forbes Global 2000 is an annual ranking of the top 2000 public companies in the world by Forbes magazine. The ranking is based on a mix of four metrics: Sales, Profit, Assets and Market value. According to Forbes 2000, these are the top ten insurance companies across the world, released in the year of 2010.

Global position

Name of the company



($ billions)




($ billions)

Market value

($ billions)









AXA Group







Zurich Financial Services








Generali Group







Munich Re







China Life Insurance







Prudential Financial

United States






Manulife Financial








United Kingdom






Travelers Cos

United States





Source: Forbes 2000 rankings for the year 2010

Latest trends

Innovation in product and services: Companies try to introduce innovative products to penetrate into the unexplored segments and increase their market share. Companies concentrate on the quality of the service to attract the customers with their service quality.

Improving operational efficiencies to control cost: Operational strategies are improved to make the chain of events more efficient and cost effective. The advanced form of improved operational strategy is the introduction of E-insurance and M-commerce.

Exploring new markets: New markets are explored to decrease the risk of dependency on a single market. The untapped markets are the prime focus of the various companies.

Solutions for demographic challenges: The companies are researching more on their method of adapting their strategy to the new market which is demographically.



Insurance came into existence when the Chinese and Babylonian traders wanted to share their risk from the pirates. This led to the birth of the insurance in the 2nd millennium BC. In India, the first insurance company was Oriental Insurance Company. It was a British company, started in Calcutta in the year of 1818. In 1956, India had 170 life insurers and 75 provident funds consisting of both Indian and foreign players.

The nationalization of life insurance companies was done in 1956. The nationalized life insurance company is called as Life Insurance Company. In 1972, nationalization of non-life insurance companies was done. Four subsidiaries of non-life insurance companies i.e. The National Insurance, Oriental Insurance, United India Insurance and the New India Assurance Company Ltd were formed by General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC). These companies dominated the nation for nearly 30 years.

Birth of insurance regulatory body

The insurance regulatory body of India is IRDA. IRDA stands for "Insurance Regulatory and Development authority". IRDA came into existence after the recommendations by the Malhotra committee. This was established in 1999 after the approval from the parliament of India. The insurance companies should have the approval of IRDA to enter into the sector. The main objectives of forming IRDA are to protect the interest and provide fair treatment to the policy holders, monitor the financial soundness of the industry, to take action against inadequate standards, to protect the people from the insurance frauds and other malpractices.


Insurance sector under pre-liberalization

Insurance sector in India was ruled by Life Insurance Corporation of India before liberalization. The monopoly existed in the sector since LIC & GIC are the only players in their respective life insurance and non-life insurance segment. 170 life insurance companies and 75 provident funds were taken over by the government to form LIC. Government believed that LIC is the only player who could effectively and efficiently handle the insurances to the comfort of people.


Liberalization in India started in the year of 1991. This led to the opening up of the country to international trade and investment, deregulation, initiation of privatization, tax reforms and inflation-controlling reforms. After liberalization, India achieved its highest GDP of 9% in 2007. But, the insurance sector's contribution to GDP was only 0.4% in 2010.

Insurance sector in post-liberalization

After the liberalization in 1991, it took 8 years for the first private player to enter the insurance sector in India. The first private player to enter the sector was Royal Sundaram Group. After opening up of insurance industry, India saw a dynamic change in the sector. The world's leading insurance giants ventured into the untapped Indian segment, roping in with the Indian companies. The maximum stake, a foreign player can have in an insurance company is 26%.

From a monopoly insurance sector, there are 22 life insurance companies and 18 general insurance companies belonging to private players currently. Insurance companies try to innovate their policies to compete with the competitors. Liberalization also led to the innovative products like retirement plans, accident plans etc., which never existed before the liberalization.

Emerging trends

1) Reinsurance

To share their risk, an insurance company can be insured in another insurance company. It is the latest trend followed by the insurance companies in India. Currently, many Indian insurance companies are buying reinsurance to ensure that they are safe.

2) Focus on rural market

Since the rural market is predominantly untapped, companies focus more on innovating their products for the rural people. They believe that if rural market is knocked off, they can gain their market share.

3) Focus on CRM

After telecom and banking sector, now the focus of CRM is on the insurance sector. Acquiring of new customers is difficult than the retention of the customers. Today, the focus is on selling more products to existing customers to improve profitability. While the CRM market in India is still nascent, bigger players such as ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company are adopting it in a big way. So, the other players are also trying to adopt the policies to retain the customers. Aviva caters to 1,00,000 customers with its CRM plan. The latest focus is integrating CRM with the information technology to know the preference, requirements and other important factors to design and customise the products for the customers.

4) Services through internet

The companies concentrate on offering services through all the possible means to the customer. One of the current focus of companies, are providing options for the customer to avail the services efficiently.


Name of the Company

Market share

Life Insurance Corporation of India(LIC)


ICICI Pru Life


SBI Life




Bajaj Allianz


Source: Article on Times of India released on 26-April-2011

Life Insurance Corporation of India

LIC is the largest state owned insurance life-insurance company in India. It is owned by the government of India. It was founded in 1956 with the merger of more than 200 insurance companies and provident societies. The Life Insurance Corporation of India currently has 8 zonal Offices and 101 divisional offices located in different parts of India, at least 2048 branches located in different cities and towns of India along with satellite Offices attached to about some 50 Branches, and has a network of around 1.2 million agents for soliciting life insurance business from the public.

It was started to maximize mobilization of people's savings by making insurance-linked savings adequately attractive, conduct business with utmost economy and with the full realization that the moneys belong to the policyholders and meet the various life insurance needs of the community that would arise in the changing social and economic environment.

Strategy of LIC


LIC understood the importance of personal involvement and included it in the training. Once the agent is recruited by the company, he/she has to undergo a compulsory training. The agents and employees are asked to apologise to its customer even they are not at fault. Sales person serve as the company's personal link to the customer. So they adopted various methods like tie-up with IIM to impart IT skills to the sales force , Laptops to employees at concession price, mandatory training were given under regulatory & development and authority rules .

Follow up

This is the important strategy in service recovery. It ensures that whether the implemented service is satisfactory or not. It includes internal follow-up and external follow-up. Internal follow-up is responsible for ensuring that the solution to the problem is executed. External follow-up is designed to get the feedback from the customers.

Technological edge

They used WAN (wide area network) to interconnect its branches so that payment can be made in any of the branches. They also used IVRS (Interactive voice response system) to respond to the queries of the customer in real time.

Promotion strategy

They use creative slogans for their brand by the help of the advertising agency. They worked with the limited number of advertising agency, so that there is no interference of ideas about the company by the customers.


2.1 IDBI Federal Life Insurance

IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co Ltd is a joint-venture of IDBI Bank, India's premier development and commercial bank, Federal Bank, one of India's leading private sector banks and Ageas, a multinational insurance giant based out of Europe. In this venture, IDBI Bank owns 48% equity while Federal Bank and Ageas own 26% equity each. At IDBI Federal, we endeavour to deliver products that provide value and convenience to the customer. Through a continuous process of innovation in product and service delivery we intend to deliver world-class wealth management, protection and retirement solutions to Indian customers. Having started in March 2008, in just five months of inception we became one of the fastest growing new insurance companies to garner Rs 100 Cr in premiums. The company offers its services through a vast nationwide network across the branches of IDBI Bank and Federal Bank in addition to a sizeable network of advisors and partners. As on January 31st 2011, the company has issued over lakh 2.68 lakh policies with over Rs 14, 230 Cr in Sum Assured.

2.2 IDBI Bank Ltd. continues to be, since its inception, India's premier industrial development bank. Created in 1956 to support India's industrial backbone, IDBI Bank has since evolved into a powerhouse of industrial and retail finance. Today, it is amongst India's foremost commercial banks, with a wide range of innovative products and services, serving retail and corporate customers in all corners of the country from 783 branches and 1328 ATMs. The Bank offers its customers an extensive range of diversified services including project financing, term lending, working capital facilities, lease finance, venture capital, loan syndication, corporate advisory services and legal and technical advisory services to its corporate clients as well as mortgages and personal loans to its retail clients. As part of its development activities, IDBI Bank has been instrumental in sponsoring the development of key institutions involved in India's financial sector -National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) and National Securities Depository Ltd, SHCIL (Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd), CARE (Credit Analysis and Research Ltd) .

2.3 Federal Bank is one of India's leading private sector banks, with a dominant presence in the state of Kerala. It has a strong network of over 739 branches and 797 ATMs spread across India. The bank provides over four million retail customers with a wide variety of financial products. Federal Bank is one of the first large Indian banks to have an entirely automated and interconnected branch network. In addition to interconnected branches and ATMs, the Bank has a wide range of services like Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Tele Banking, Any Where Banking, debit cards, online bill payment and call centre facilities to offer round the clock banking convenience to its customers. The Bank has been a pioneer in providing innovative technological solutions to its customers and the Bank has won several awards and recommendations.

2.4 Ageas is an international insurance company with a heritage spanning more than 180 years. Ranked among the top 20 insurance companies in Europe, Ageas has chosen to concentrate its business activities in Europe and Asia, which together make up the largest share of the global insurance market. They are grouped around four segments: Belgium, United Kingdom, Continental Europe and Asia. It is an undisputed leader in the Belgian market for individual life and employee benefits, as well as a leading non-life player, through AG Insurance. Internationally Ageas has a strong presence in the UK, where it is the second largest player in private car insurance. The company also has subsidiaries in France, Germany and Hong Kong. Ageas has a track record in developing partnerships with strong financial institutions and key distributors in different markets around the world and successfully operates partnerships in Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, China, Malaysia, India and Thailand. Ageas employs more than 13,000 people and has annual inflows of almost EUR 18 billion.




Mr.Nageshwara Rao




Mrs. Radhika Venkatraman


Mr. Amit Tripathi


Mrs. Vaishali

Source: IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co Ltd















Mr. Vijay Kumar




Source: IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co Ltd



Mr. Vijay Kumar




Mrs.Shanthi Yagyanath
















Source: IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co Ltd

Products of IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co Ltd

Wealthsurance Milestone plan

The Wealthsurance Milestone Plan is a unique Insured Wealth Plan designed to help cross different milestones in one's life. It enables customers to save and build wealth under the protection of Insurance to meet their financial goals. The Wealthsurance Milestone Plan offers a wide range of Investment options, Insurance options and unmatched flexibility that allows customers to customize a plan suited to their needs. Customers can plan for their milestones like completion of school education for their child, a marriage, acquisition of a new house and so on. This Plan comes with a wide range of 13 investment options and 7 insurance benefits - all packaged with a low charge structure and unmatched flexibility.

Wealthsurance Premium plan

IDBI Federal Wealthsurance Premier Insurance Plan is a single premium ULIP plan, which is designed keeping in mind specific requirements of high net-worth individuals. The objective of the plan is to facilitate growth of your wealth under the protective cover of insurance. The plan has low and level charges and for premiums above Rs 25 lacs there is no policy administration charge and no premium allocation charge. HNI's can choose the policy term as per their need. The minimum policy term is 5 years and maximum policy term is 75 years (less age at entry).


IDBI Federal Homesurance Plan is a mortgage reducing term plan which offers protection and one's family from your home loan liability. The plan provides a cover equal to the outstanding balance of your home loan in the unfortunate event of expiry of the insured.


IDBI Federal Bondsurance Plan is a single premium plan which allows one to make a one-time investment and get a guaranteed amount on maturity. At the end of the chosen period, one will receive a guaranteed maturity amount. Besides the guaranteed maturity amount, IDBI Federal Bondsurance Plan also provides a life insurance cover.


This plan is designed to protect the large groups from Micro Finance Institutions, Self Help Groups and NGOs to bring the rural masses within the financial inclusion by not only insuring the lives of their group members but also provide security to the group members' families.

Termsurance Protection Plan (Termsurance)

It comes with three cover options which you can select on the basis your requirement. Termsurance is designed with a host of benefits & options aimed at satisfying your every need. It not only allows you to customize your plan as per your individual and family's needs, it also comes with a host of benefits like convenient insurance cover options, flexible premium payment terms, choice of policy term and lots more flexible options.


IDBI Federal Incomesurance Endowment & Money Back Plan is a unique combination of a money back and endowment plan that gives one a Guaranteed Annual Payout along with insurance protection.


It is for the individuals aged from 18 years to 55 years and currently in good health, this new insurance plan is designed to help one manage the extra financial burden that comes with hospitalisation, by providing a wide range of attractive benefits.


Loansurance is a cost-effective way to ensure that the outstanding debt is settled in the unfortunate event of death of the insured member.


A retirement plan designed to accumulate money to aid a comfortable retirement. The plan provides a guaranteed return on your investment and grows steadily over the years to ensure that you have a corpus on your retirement date, guaranteed.


Due to increased number of players in the insurance sector, the maximization of values to customer is too vital to stay alive. The private insurance players entered into the insurance sector after the year, 1999. Ever since the entry of first private player, Royal Sundaram General Insurance, our nation is seeing a lot of foreign players collaborating with the local players. Presently we have 47 recognized insurance companies including life insurance and general insurance. To sustain in this intense competition, companies have to provide additional values and services to the customers. Services play a major role in retaining the customer from quitting the product. Services include major aspects like creating awareness, elaborating about the policy, receiving payment etc. Large numbers of customers leave the company because of the indifference in the service and not because of the dissatisfaction with the product of the company.

The indifferences happen because of the lack of options provided by the company. The indifferences can be solved by adding valuable service options to the customers. This can be achieved by going online. The online services are emerging as a major component in Indian Insurance sector since people are turning to smarter and easier way of working. The number of internet users have increased 1,520% from 2000-2010 according to the report published by This proves that the internet has achieved a new dimension. The website services provide a lot of flexibility for the customer to work effortlessly. The B2C is a type of comfort enjoyed by the customer and it is growing at a rapid phase. Business-to-consumer describes activities of businesses serving end consumers with products and/or services. When it comes to providing services to customers through websites, European and North American companies are far ahead of Indian Companies. So, integrating the services of the company with the emerging trend is most necessary for the sustainability.


Primary objectives

1) Analyze the current services provided in the IDBI Federal website.

2) Recommendations for the integration of valuable services for the IDBI Federal's website.

Secondary objectives

1) Analyze the services provided by the other insurance companies through their website.

2) Analyze the challenges in the implementation of proposed services in the website.


This is a descriptive research. The sampling technique used here is the non-random convenient sampling. The primary data is collected from the customer in the form of questionnaire and interview. The sample size is 50. The surveys are conducted in Bangalore. The surveys are collected from the customers of IDBI Federal Life Insurance. The questionnaire is closed ended. The interview is unstructured. The secondary data are collected from various websites.


The project is done to analyze the current services provided by IDBI Federal through their website and the other services that are available for the insurance website. The recommendations are done after the analysis of the services. This project also involves identifying the issues faced by the customers in the current website and the challenges in implementing the recommended integration of services through their website.


The data are collected only from the customers from Bangalore. The perception of the people from remaining cities need not be same. There is a chance of customers' interview being biased. Since interviews are also conducted, the telephonic interaction will not be effective.



3) Have you ever browsed through the website of IDBI Federal?

63.40% of customers answered that they had never browsed through the website of IDBI Federal. Only 36.60% of customers answered that they had tried browsing through the website of IDBI Federal.

4) Do you feel the sense of security in giving your personal information in the IDBI Federal website?

The above pie chart shows the perception of customers towards the security in giving the information in the website of IDBI Federal. 70% of people felt that they are safe to share the information in IDBI Federal website. 30% of people felt that they are not sure about the security of giving information.

5) Are you getting adequate information about the product and services from the website of IDBI Federal website?

This pie is used to understand the perception of people whether they get adequate information about the products and services from the website of IDBI Federal. 23.33% of customers only replied that they receive adequate information from the website. Out of 30 customers 76.67% of customers felt that they do not receive adequate information about the products and services.

6) Do you feel that the speed of downloading the Web pages is good?

This pie chart shows the percentage of people who are satisfied and not satisfied about the download of pages. 26.70% of customers felt that the download of web pages of IDBI Federal is good. But the remaining 73.30% of customers felt that the download speed of web pages of the website is slow.

7) Is the current website of IDBI Federal is friendly in the navigation of pages?

This pie chart shows the customer perception about whether the current website of IDBI Federal is friendly in the navigation of pages. Out of 30 people 56.66% said they are satisfied with the navigation performance. 43.34% of customers felt that the website is not good in the navigation of the pages.

8) Are you getting the information you intend to search through the website?

46.7% of customers answered that they are not getting the information, they intend to look for. 53.3% of customers replied that they are getting the information they are looking for.

9) Do you feel comfortable in searching the data in the website of IDBI Federal?

30% of people answered that they are satisfied with the search option available in the website and the remaining 70% felt that they are not getting the proper answers from the search option.

10) Are you getting information in limited number of pages instead of searching large number of pages?

20% of customers felt that they receive sufficient information in the limited pages in the website. Other 80% of customers felt that they are looking for large number of pages for receiving the required information.

11) Do you get enough information about the history and profile of the IDBI Federal and their sponsors from their website?

The answers shows that 73.34% of customers that they get enough information about the history and profile of the IDBI Federal and their sponsors from their websites. Remaining 26.66% of customers felt that they are not getting enough information about the history and sponsors.

12) Do you feel that the current website of IDBI Federal is interactive?

The current website of IDBI Federal is interactive for only 43.33% of customers. The remaining 56.67% customers felt that the website is not interactive.

13) Do you like the appearance of the current website of IDBI Federal?

The appearance of the current website is not attractive for 66.67% of people and 23.33% of customers felt that the current website is attractive.



The primary data is collected from the survey. The sample size of the questionnaire is 48. 18 customers were eliminated since they had never browse through the website. The questionnaire was collected from the customers of IDBI Federal. The analysis shows that many customers have never tried to browse through the website.

Customers do not get adequate information about the products and services provided by IDBI Federal. They do not get complete information about the products from the webpage of IDBI Federal. The information published in the website is also not much important for the common people.

The download speed of web pages is not satisfactory according to large number of customers. Interviews revealed that sometimes the customers are seeing the results called "web page not found".

The navigation of pages is satisfactory for more than half the respondents. But still nearly 43% of customers do not feel that way. They still experience the discomfort with the navigation of the pages. But few customers claimed that the navigation of pages is irrelevant. Few links leads to the unexpected pages.

Only half of the people receive the information which they intend to receive. It means only half of the customers are satisfied with their requirements. Remaining half of the people still feel the disappointment of not receiving what they intend to search. Few customers felt that the search column shows error even if the word or tag mentioned is slightly wrong. They also expressed that there is no suggestion for any other word if a mistake is made in the search column.

Many customers felt that large number of pages has to be browsed for the small amount of data. Nearly 80% of the customers are unhappy about this problem. 56% of customers felt that the website is not interactive. The less interaction leads to the less awareness about the product and less interest for the people to buy the product.

The appearance of the website is not attractive according to 67% of people. The colours and background images are not creating willingness to the customers.



Suggestions based on the questionnaire


Only 36.6% of people have browsed through the website. Few people doubted whether IDBI Federal has a website. So, the website link should be published at the end of the advertisements. This will make people aware and interested to know their details from a website rather than going for any other options.

Complete description about the product

The complete description of products should be given to explain the products in a limited number of pages. Customers felt that the current website consists on very less explanations about the product in a large number of pages. The information are sometimes difficult to understand

Attractiveness in appearance

66.67% of people do not like the appearance of the website. They also feel that that the pages do not persuade them to browse through. So, interesting images and backgrounds should be given in the website.

Download speed

The speed of downloading the webpage is less. Few customers replied that at times the website is not even working. So, the performance and availability of the website should be increased to have more number of viewers to the website.

Friendly search

The research showed that the searching of data is difficult in the website. The customers are unable to find the pages they intend to know. If the keywords used to search for the information is wrong, it should suggest for the alternate keyword which is similar in spelling or function.

Site map

They were unaware of the option called site map which comprises of all the links available in a website. In the current website of IDBI the option called "Site map" is present in the extreme down end of the website which is almost invisible. It has to be changed to some place where it is visible.


56.67% of customers felt that the current website of IDBI Federal is not interactive. For making it more interactive, the queries of the customers have to be answered punctually. IDBI Federal has a community in social networking website but it does not have links in the website to join the community. Social networking communities can be used to make the service more interactive and all the customers can come express their benefits, advantage etc., about the company's product. Company can use it as a easy tool to answer the queries of the customers and announce about their new press conference, sponsorship events etc. If the keywords used to search for the information is wrong, it should suggest for the alternate keyword which is similar in spelling.

Suggestions based on the analysis of service provided by the competitors

Processing of the application

Currently IDBI Federal follows only one way of processing of the application. Many companies have changed their trend and they are focusing on the processing through the website also. This gives the option of registering the policy from the home for the customers. This is preferable option. Purchasing a policy and claiming a policy can be done in a cost effective manner.

Use of podcasts

Podcasts should be used to explain the policy. This is an innovative tool to express the policies and services of the company. Podcasts or video guides can be used by IDBI Federal to make their service more effective.

Bilingual web pages

The current website of IDBI Federal has the web pages only in English. They can add the option of providing services through Hindi also. Most of the insurance companies prefer two languages in their website. This is a good option to reach lot of customers.

Locating the nearest IDBI Federal centre

Maps and address can be provided to locate the nearest centre of IDBI Federal. This can help the customer in knowing the nearest and comfortable place to reach the branch.


If the processing of the application is done through the website, there is a chance of customer giving wrong details. The uploaded proofs cannot be verified perfectly. If the salesperson goes to the place and verify the details of the customer, customer may feel bad.

If the images and the background colours of the website have to changed to make it interesting, then the real challenge is that the new images and background colours has to be professional and attractive.

The challenge in the implementation of podcast is that people of different age group likes different type of video. The video has to made in such a way that attracts the people of different demographics, age etc.

Implementation of maps requires keeping track of the addresses. If the address or new route is established, it has to update that in the website.


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Name: ______________________________________

Phone number: _______________________________

Email ID: ____________________________________

Are you the customer of IDBI Federal life insurance?

a) Yes b) No

What do you expect from the website of an insurance company?


Have you ever browsed through the website of IDBI Federal?

Yes b) No

Do you feel the sense of security in giving your personal information in the IDBI Federal website?

a) Yes b) No

Are you getting adequate information about the product and services from the website of IDBI Federal website?

a) Yes b) No

Do you feel that the speed of downloading the Web pages is good?

a) Yes b) No

Is the current website of IDBI Federal is friendly in the navigation of pages?

a) Yes b) No

8) Are you getting the information you intend to search through the website?

a) Yes b) No

9) Do you feel comfortable in searching the data in the website of IDBI Federal?

a) Yes b) No

10) Are you getting information in limited number of pages instead of searching large number of pages?

a) Yes b) No

11) Do you get enough information about the history and profile of the IDBI Federal and their sponsors from their website?

a) Yes b) No

12) Do you feel that the current website of IDBI Federal is interactive?

a) Yes b) No

13) Do you like the appearance of the current website of IDBI Federal?

a) Yes b) No

14) Rank the following companies based on the characteristics mentioned on the extreme left. The rank lies from 1 to 4.



ICICI Prudential

IDBI Federal

Bajaj Allianz

Speed at which web page gets downloaded

Security in sharing of the personal information

Appearance and colour of the website


Ability to understand about the products and services from the web page

15) Please, give your valuable suggestions to improve IDBI Federal's website ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Analysis of current services provided by IDBI Federal

Searching the keyword

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Buy now

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Press release

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Search your keyword

The required details can be viewed by giving the related word in the search column. The related links are displayed in order. The required page can be selected and viewed.


The login page consists of login for agency & alliances, customers and bancassurance. The agent can login through the agent & alliances link and vice versa.

Track your NAV

NAV stands for Net Asset Value. There are options to know the returns one can gain by selecting a particular plan. This link has a provision to view the annual return if one invests particular amount of money.

Buy now

This is an option through which the customer can enter his name, phone number, email ID and the interested policy. The details are processed by the moderator and the salesman is asked to call the customer and answer his queries. The queries of the customers are answered by the salesman either by direct discussion or through the telephonic discussion based on the comfort of the customers. This is an advantage of this application to the customers. The customer need not reach for the company staff. The customers can make the company staff to get back to them by filling this option.

Calculator and tools

There is an option called calculator or premium calculator. It helps an individual to allocate the premium money for their insurance policy based on the requirement. Currently there are 13 calculators present in the website. These 13 calculators respond to 13 different policies. Each calculator calculates the premium based on certain details like age, sum assured, policy term and plan provided by customers. Customers can either view the output calculations through the webpage or download the PDF document of the same. The output that can be downloaded is called the "illustration'.

The PDF or Portable Document Format of illustration can be used to view the details for the future use. The document can be later viewed from the computer. The Calculator is a way to identify which is your affordable premium. Currently, this is one of the integral parts of an insurance company website.

A sample of the calculator is shown in the successive page. The one on the successive page is the calculator of an insurance policy called Incomsurance.


Customer support is provided through the phone and E-mail. The customer support officials answer the queries of the customers through any of these options. There are options for getting support from verbal interaction or short message service through phone. The complaints and feedbacks can be given through the E-mail also.

For MTNL users, the contact number is 1800-22-1120.

For other users, the contact number is 1800-102-5005.

For receiving support through SMS, Send "SUPPORT" to 5757515

For receiving support through Email, reach them at [email protected]

About us

This page explains about the company profile of IDBI Federal life insurance co ltd, IDBI bank, Federal bank and Ageas. This page talks about the year of birth, achievements, revenues and partners of the company. The company profile goes on to explain about the partners i.e., IDBI bank, Federal bank and Ageas.


There is a link called products. The pages consist of explanations and terms of the policy. The first page of the product page contains the short descriptions of the policies. There is a link beneath the description which is called as "know more". On opening the "know more" page. There are explanations about what is the product, why to buy the product and the advantages of the product. There is a option beneath the explanation called "Buy insurance". It has the option of calling the sales person at one's convenient time. On filling the form, the company can send the sales person to the person who had asked for it.

On the same page, there is a provision to download product brochure and calculator. It provides all kind of support within a single page .

Tax benefits

This page consists of what type of benefits is available to the customers, if they take up a particular plan. The tax deductions include Sec 80C, Sec 80CCC, Sec 80D, Sec 80CCE, Sec 10(10D). The tax laws are imposed on people based on the various criteria. This page mentions what type of exclusions are there if certain policy is selected.


The downloads include the

downloading of claim forms for various policies

brochures of the various policies

policy serving forms

premium calculator tools.

Join us

The option gives the chance to become a wealthsurance advisor by uploading the resume through the website. There is a link called "Know more" which mentions about the IRDA regulations to be life insurance agent.


This link consists of news regarding the

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Our ads

This page consists of the video advertisement of IDBI Federal posted in it. The advertisements can be viewed in the page.

CIO speak

This page consists of the interviews given by the CIO regarding the

Global economic scenario

Indian economic scenario

Perspective of markets