Overview Of Bay Leaf Indian And Bangladeshi Cuisine Restaurant Business Essay

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I selected a shop which is situated in stansted. It is a small business under the name of Bay leaf. The finest exclusive Indian& Bangladeshi cuisine in town.


Harvey is the owner for the business, has run the business for last five years. Trade has a fair turnover and profit. According to last year financial statements it shows £100000 turnover and net profit is £3500 running positively in the competitive market with growth of 5% compared to last year book keeping. But still the growth cannot be predicted due to the recession. The assets which are being used are owned by owner Harvey. It includes the building and food making equipments. He is maintains a good financial background with the banks.


Most of the customers will come from the surrounding area and within the ten mile distance from the stansted. The restaurant remains open from evening 4pm to10pm for the whole year and benefits from weekend visitors and charismas holiday makers. Apart from cash, the shop also accepts Cheque and credit card but many of the sales are cash sales. Purchases are bought on credit from a number of different suppliers and pay according to Supplier requirements. According to daily record most of the business comes from take-away.

Human Resource management

The owner of the restaurant is Harvey and has five years working experience in similar field. He is involved in all the day to day business activities. There is three staff, one is a part timer who goes to college and doing deliveries, the other two is full time workers involve in cooking activity. Previously they worked for similar kind of restaurant and have five years experience.

Information Technology

The Till Transaction system is none computerized in the restaurant. But the counter section is monitored by CCTV and the main domain is located in the office room and will run when the owner is in the office.


There is a main competitive shop running in the same area which is also a sole trade and its main focus in food items. But, their turn over is less than the bay leaf. Currently there are no other shops dealing with food items apart from the above sole trader in the particular area. Convenience stores already have a regular customer based on food items. Which help the shop to survive.


1. Implement a high technology.

Introduce and expand the till transaction through computerized and stock checking system. So, all the transactions should have a record and there are very little chances to make mistakes. This technology should allow checking sales figures at any time and at the end of each day the tills can total easily, so it is easy to manage the stock control and monitor the suppliers. If any comparison is made between the till and till roll, it can be easily understood by checking the invoice and the sale through the computerized system.

For delivery service can arrange a communication system between the customer, owner and the delivery boy to maintain a quality service. Furthermore there should be high technology in CCTV by arranging a video for cooking department can avoid theft and shrinks by staff.

Introduce a Cash machine in the shop to make it convenient for the customer to make a money transfer within the shop. In addition, cash back services should be arranged to the customers, to retain them. Also, they should arrange credit facilities for the existing customers. Additionally can introduce a coffee machine with different variety of drinks to attract more customers and. What's more, they can promote the business by providing a standard web page through which customer orders can be taken, and delivery arrangements can be made to the save the customer's time.

2. Monitoring and Control System in Business

Harvey is the owners and he looks after all the business activities. There is no proper discipline in accounting system. Because of this there are chances to misuse the money or to have mistakes at any time (Borrow capital) within the owner or in between the staff as well. Therefore this business needs a book keeping system to have records in all accounting activities. This can be done by appointing a part time auditor or by the owner. Then the owner has the ability to make business effective.

The budgetary control system necessary to have a day to day control. A good double entry book keeping system should be maintained. The accounts should be kept up to date on daily basis. So that the cash and bank balances can be checked or reconciled against actual petty cash and bank statements. Particularly for money owed to the business. The aged debtor's analysis will be show the sums owing to the business and length of time each has been outstanding, so action can be taken properly when payments are overdue.

3. Identify the staff resources and their development.

When expanding the business staff needs development to cover all extra activities. For an example web order deliveries and check delivery from suppliers. Can recruit staff by identify their rolls and select them according to the high skills and full time workers rather than taking inexperienced students (Special chef). Experienced workers make fewer mistakes and are more committed to work than part timers. The owner can utilize the previous experience of full timer. The owner has a close contact with his market, giving his staff valuable knowledge on how to best serve the customer needs. In the mean time owner should give more training in cooking in order to work comfortably and to maintain a reputation. Explain the importance of each and every activity for example: Hygienic factor, informed about shop vision, mission, and target. By motivating the staff can expect maximum output. On the other hand, owner should consider the training cost and recruitment cost to manage the financial situation of the company.

4. Improve the physical location and premises

The restaurant already located in a convenience place. Customers can easily visit but a parking area should be located. Also due to new ATM machine, Coffee machine as mentioned above (Automated System) shop should be expanded to cover the size of the business.

5. Separate Food making Department

The restaurant can divide in to departments for an example kitchen unit, Cashier unit and try to improve more production in the food department from their highly skilled and trained staff to make more different kinds of foods and add value to the menu.


Successful small business exhibit greater evidence of advanced planning and an ability to evaluate alternative course of action.Plan should be a creating unique image in the mind of its potential customers. Aim their main Particular market segments and maintain their Prices and atmospheres to create desired ambiences. This includes highly framed, Professional staff and the owner every detail contributes to this image.


All business goes through different stages in business. At the beginning, there won't be particular objective rather than to survive. After sometime when the business is growing, owners can think about the expansion. Normally in the growth stage they will appear to achieve a new goal. The expansion objective will change according to the plans. The objective depends on the mission of the business, being a restaurant Bay Leaf mission can be providing quality food and fast delivery to satisfy the customer. According to the mission statement Plan Process should be informed to all the staff and did not overly structured. The Procedure should be encouraging the Participation to improve the reliability and the creativity of the results planning. Bay Leaf Short term objective as follows (Next Three Years)

1.20% improves in sales every year.

2. I suggest improving performance in premises

3. Information technology

4. Add value for the menu

5. Improve well administrative with in the restaurant.

6. Simple competitive advantage

7.Maintain the Goodwill of the Company.

1. Prepare a Financial Structure

When planning for expansion, first owner should think about the sources of finance for the particular business. First owner should plan how to increase the racing capital for the business. The cost needs to be carefully researched with potential suppliers as they must be realistic and accurate in order to feed in to the budgetary planning process. But in the mean time the owner should consider whether the Retain profit is enough to expand the business, or whether need to arrange from other parties.

Source of finance for Bay Leaf

Internal External

1. Retain profit 1.Trade Credit (If necessary)

2. Borrowings (If necessary)

2. Target Market and operational Area

It is important that the owner should have a clear idea of the market and which products sell less and which products sell more and be able to identify the fast moving and slow moving product in the shop. Also, they should know the regular and seasonal customers and find out the area they come from. Once, they find out the potential customers the owner can understand promotional activities to be done to expand the business. For example, existing customers can arrange credit facilities or free deliveries to retain the customer and to improve sales.

Compare the competitor price and try to sell at low price and overcome the competitor. Also competitor's fast moving product and their specialty (Offers, Service, and Delivery) after identifying that Bay leaf can do faster delivery, and better services compared to competitors. Example 10% discount for set meal customers or for cash payments.

3. New Product Development

Try to sell verity of new products by adding the menu with the background of Indian and Bangladesh ingredients and spices. For an example Special set meal with Tandoori chicken. Also try to maintain marginal profit and sell at a cheap price to attract more customers.Providing a faster delivery service and visiting the customer or client after sale to maintain a good relationship.

4. Improve Premises

When sales are gradually increasing restaurant expect more customers. There for restaurant size should be expanded to overcome parking problems and to full fill the new equipments such as assets (Table, Chair, ext…)

5. Competitive Advantage

Planning should be needed because small business has a natural advantage over their large competitors. Owner should identify what the customer want and fulfill their requirements. Like good food with good service at a good Price. Arrange coupons, Give ways or flashy advertisement to win customers. Purchase bulk Purchase and reduce the cost and sell the goods at marginal profit. Also make nutritious meals to care the customers.

6. Opening extra hours

Owner can open the restaurant in morning and afternoon to cover airport travelers and other customers to increase the revenue, On the other hand owner should think about working hours and their expenses to manage the financial situation of the restaurant.

3. Owner Involvement

The owner can contribute more in day to day business activities like closely handling the customer, than the staff would. The Customer should have respect in the shop because of the owner's service. Also, the owner will come to know the requirement for customers and identify the supplier's problems easily.

Example: Stock ordering and rotation, Meeting delivery deadlines, achieving the sale volume through more customer care. Additionally monitor the incoming and outgoing transactions to avoid mistakes.

7. Information Technology


The business may work with it until the owner may move to succession of ventures until owner found the sector where the talents can be most fruitfully applied. Alternatively, and more often the owner can find out lack of Persistence and other quality necessary for success. Also offer valuable outlet and training ground for ambition of people who are employed. Whenever change occurs people resist it. When planning a business it automatically brings change in the business environment. The owner should plan to manage the change internally and externally.


Team Work

The Owner should be a good leader to overcome employee's activities in a change. This related to motivation interpersonal behavior and the Process of communication within the Work Place. Decentralized decision making is important because this makes the decision through the staff and they share their strengths and weakness. They are often based on observation of Poor decision making process, where key steps might have been omitted or inadequately considered. Therefore this developed and marketed by management to the staff as a way of improving organization Performance through decentralized decision making.


Harvey Personality should be supportive, dependable and caring among the staff. Also he can explain about what to do and can measured staff individual performance and according to that he can jugged work schedule, Promotion, Rewarding for his Staff. There will be personal commitment within the staff and easily can achieve the objective of the shop.

Also providing equal opportunity for the staff, arrange them flexibility in work place, for an example start time and finish time of the works. These are important to business because, for employer it attract committed workers and improves productivity. For the employees, it helps job satisfaction; it reduces stress and it makes them loyal to the restaurant. Owner can use it as a tool for improving recruitment and retention, for managing workload, and for responding to employee diversity. Flexibility can also improve employee engagement and job satisfaction and reduce stress in the changing environment.


Owner should make optimum use of available resources by giving training in all work activities to manage the changes.For an example training the new computerized system at Bay Leaf. However raw material, marketing channel, customer and supplier credit or pricing as beyond the training control.

Gradual improvement according to the changes

According to the objective owner should implement his action plan step by step to achieve the Goal. At Bay leaf restaurant owner can introduce the

External Factors

Political- Find out the new rules and regulation for small business and cooperate according to that. EX: Tax, V.A.T

Economic - Overcome the recession period by bulk purchasing, by maintaining a good financial background can avoid high interest rates from bank.

Social -Find out who is the people giving business to our restaurant and sells verity of foods. EX: Muslim did not like Poke


Legal -

Customer Records and Feed back

The Owner can keep data of their customers. According to the rules of data can maintain Customer name. Address, Contact detail also can cover sale volume of various Product, Financial Transaction and Payments, terms and condition of contract of suppliers to overcome the change positively. Also find out customer feedback for an example ask new customer how they are found about us.Where sales activity or advertisements or as a result of recommendation from other existing customers to find out customer satisfaction.