Overview of Abu-Dhabi National Insurance Company

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Abu-Dhabi National Insurance Company is a public insurance company started in 1972 it is located in Abu-Dhabi it provides all types of life and non-life insurance. This insurance has a strong financial backbone as they are supported by stable reinsurance shield. The company is segmented into three departments 1- Business Insurance. 2- Personal Insurance. 3- Overseas Insurance. Each insurance department covers several services. (Anonymous, 2010)

Vision and Mission:

Vision: is to become the best and most reliable insurance company amongst the region. (Anonymous, 2010)

Mission: is to serve their customers with the best facilities regionally and internationally. (Anonymous, 2010)

Strategy: Abu- Dhabi National Insurance Company built the company on seven strategies that they still serve their services on those strategies.

Modernization: is the strategy to stay updated with the needs and wants of customer and adjust their services on what the market demand.

Expansion: is to improve their company by offering more insurance classes and facilities.

Employer of choice in our industry: is what they deliver to the market is based on their expert people in the organization, as they are the workforce which they have the skills and talents to develop the organization into a leading one.

Product development: is the process to enhance and develop better insurance services.

Innovation and technology: the research and development departments keep on delivering new innovative strategies and services to be the leading insurer company.

Customer service: as they are aware that a business without its customers is no longer a business. They deliver their customers with the best services and products, and keep them always updated to gain a superior value and customer satisfaction.

Distribution: is to offer their services on wide range, which means make available everywhere to make it reachable to each person. By opening more branches and online services.

Products and Services:

Personal Insurance:

Home and Contents: this insurance program covers any damage or loss that occurs to house properties. The program cover the loss and damage in case of theft, fire, earthquakes and other Mother Nature causes. (Anonymous, 2010)

Car and Motor: this program provides the insurance for individuals and companies. This insurance type is divided into two sections:

-Loss or damage that occurs to insured vehicle: this means in case of accidents, fire, motor explosion, transit the vehicle in any type of shipment, burglary, and Mother Nature causes.

-Third party liability insurance: which means the company will cover all the affects that are caused by any event that the person will be compensated to. E.g.: any smash up for materials and properties, in case of death of a person in the vehicle. (Anonymous, 2010)

Boat and Yacht: this type of insurance covers any commercial or pleasure boats and yachts, this will give the customers the peace of mind as their valuable assets are being take cared by ADNIC. (Anonymous, 2010)

Life insurance: this insurance has four categories 1- individual term insurance which in case of death the company will pay a compensation for the family or the another entity, this is an annual insurance policy that will be renewed after a the medical approval. 2- Individual level term insurance: is when the consumer chooses what time period he wants to insure, where it can extend to 20 years. But in this case the insurance rate will stay fixed. 3- Individual decreasing insurance: this type of insurance is more suitable for businesses, as there will a fixed rate to pay, but the face amount will decrease, and in case of something takes place a high amount will be paid to the insurer. Travel insurance: this insurance covers all incidents that occur during travelling such as: lose of baggages and health related problems. (Anonymous, 2010)

Health insurance: this insurance is for individuals or groups less than 10 which this program is for the insurer to be treated inside or outside of UAE. It is a worldwide treatment that covers accidents, deaths, disablements and all the medical expenses of the treatment process. The accident insurance is a protection shield from getting into a financial strain besides the occurrence of the accident. (Anonymous, 2010)

HALA: this insurance is for UAE visitors, and it is symbolized from the Arabic which means welcome, they have selected this name for the insurance because it sends the warmth and comfort for the visitors, as they will be treated as they are at their home land. Which it covers the medical insurance and gives the visitors a relief of the medical bills, as each person can get sick or injured at anytime. (Anonymous, 2010)

Business Insurance and Overseas Insurance:

Fire and Property: property stands here for the buildings, equipments, money, jewelry, antiques, and gold. It consist of two types insurance the first one the insurance that covers the property in case of fire and other Mother Nature causes. The second one that covers the property from any risk that causes damage or loss. (Anonymous, 2010)

Aviation: this type of insurance covers all the sections related to the airplanes and airport owners, where in case of maintenance, loss of license, accidents, and repairing will all be covered by the aviation insurance type. This will provide the business owners a benefit in case of any damage or loss of the airports or airplanes. (Anonymous, 2010)

Marine Hull: this insurance covers all the classes of marine related such as cargo ships, yachts, supply ships, oil containers, pleasure yachts and crafts. This insurance is a protection against any harm or strikes that occur to them. (Anonymous, 2010)

Engineering: this is focused on the construction sites, which insures all the things related to the constructing site such as: machines, equipments, workers, and construction area, it will cover any type of damage, loss, injuries, and death. (Anonymous, 2010)

Energy: as energy consists of the oil and gases it is the most important asset for the government and company. This insurance covers all types of damage for both the gas and oil in case of pollution, risks, operation, and installments. (Anonymous, 2010)

Cargo: this insurance covers the materials or products that are being shipped from one place to another by all modes of transition. (Anonymous, 2010)

Life: this insurance is for the employees in the organization as the UAE law states that each company should provide an insurance of workers in case of accident or death. This also works for the banks and the loan takers and credit card holders will be subjected to have an insurance policy that in case of death or an accident that causes a disability the insurance will cover all the left amount of the loan or the credit card fees to bank. (Anonymous, 2010)

Health: it’s a group health insurance that a business should provide a health insurance for all the employees in the organization. This will cover any health problems inside or outside the UAE. (Anonymous, 2010)

Auto: this is the insurance for organization vehicles and motors that will insure the vehicle in case of damage or loss, and it also insure the driver from any legal liability he will be encountered to in case there is other passengers in the car or a damage for the government properties. (Anonymous, 2010)

NOTE: the Overseas Insurance does not cover life, health, and auto insurance.

Claim Services: this service provides the feedback from consumers of the company, as they handle all the claims carefully and resolve it efficiently. They consider the most proper method to handle the claim process which will suit with the consumer requirements. This service is handled with experienced employees in this field which they approach the claim in an innovative and effective way. ADNIC cares about the customer satisfaction and their philosophy is to deliver the best quality services with the best methods and approaches. (Anonymous, 2010)

Medical claims: this service provides the customers to maintain the best results of the insurance as if they have any doubt in the procedures they can report the claim and the company will handle the issue carefully and effectively. (Anonymous, 2010)

In Conclusion, ADNIC is the first insurance company in Abu-Dhabi that offers a wide range of services and facilities for individuals and groups. Also, it is one the leading insurance company that provides facilities with ease and comfort. Their goal is the client satisfaction and they developed their processes on this concept to be the most dependable and trustworthy insurer company. ADNIC reputation is strong in the market as they think of the client needs before anything else.