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British chamber of commerce is serving the purpose of the helping the businesses in the UK and they are helping the businesses by advising them and also supporting the businesses and their moves to be heart by the government and the council. It has served over 104,000 businesses and it has got 52 chambers all over the UK so that they could help the businesses to flourish. THE BCC is helping the local businesses by having the eye on the international policies and laws and also sharing the knowledge and know how among all the members of the cambers. It works with the business of different sizes ranging from the big to small. It has been working more than 150 years by helping the different organizations with the technical support and by providing them the new ideas by sharing the expertise and information. It also produces the reports about the ups and downs in the UK economy.

1.1 Types of organization

An organization is a body which has a single goal and that is working and linked with the external organizations as well. There are different types of organization which can be found in every part of the world following are the types of the organization


Governmental organizations

Nongovernmental organizations

Non profit organizations


Armed forces





Sole proper tier


Chamber of commerce are basically for the promotion of the busiess and helping them out at the different situations with the different issues. These chambers along with the business promotions and advising are also involved in the social activities. Chamber of the commerce has become an important part of the developed states in this way these make alliances with the other developed and developing state and become the strong entity and in this way they can present any matter in front of the government and government has to listen to them. As they are not a single entity they have become the strong corporations which have won the support of the people from different parts of the world. They are working in the different countries in the different way like in the UK chamber of commerce is the voluntary organization whose members provide financial resources on subscription. The first BCC was founded in 1768 in a place near France. The oldest chamber of commerce was formed in the New York when New York was the British colony.

1.2 Purposes of organizations

British chamber of commerce is an independent network that is providing the services in the different sections of almost all the businesses running in the UK. The purpose of the BCC are given below

Policy making

Influence the business decisions


Welcoming international trade

Economic reports

Economic forecasting

Guidance and pre emptive measures

Raising voce for the employees

Providing opportunity to the business in the new markets

1.3 Organizations performance and stakeholders

BCC is working with the hundreds and thousands of businesses and helping them in all the ways to support them locally and help them to spread their network internationally as well. Organization is performing very well in helping the stakeholders some of the stakeholders and the organization performance with them is given below

BT business which has been working in cooperation with the BCC is reaping the benefits from last ten years and they have the plans to grow under the supervision of the BCC a sit helped them in making the new business plans and awaking the BT with the new technological advances and the needs of the people. In this way the BT can find that where they are standing and where they have to go.

Westfield health is non profit health insurance Company. BCC has provided them the chamber of health plan and with the help of this plan they are spreading their network all over the UK. BCC has helped the company by making it clear that the employers wish to have the sustainable health plan we have to make the policies in order to give the maximum benefit to others. this company is sponsoring the programmes of the BCC and also providing free GP service to all the members of the BCC from all parts of the world

BCC is working very closely with all its members' organizations. Its stakeholders are satisfied with the services provided to them.

We help in the unbiased and clear judgement of the policy and also if there are any discrepancies they pick them out without any hesitation.

We work in close collaboration with all the partners so that they can provide them what they are looking for

We have got the expertise in all the fields who analysed the business very closely

Our main purpose is the continues improvement for the stakeholders

We provide a clear path of delivery channels to our stakeholders

Our communication is clear and open with the stakeholders so that they can discuss anything at any point with us

1.4. Responsibilities of the organizations

One of the main focuses of the organization is on the promotion of the Business as they are of the view that the business is good for Britain. This is due to the fact that business creates a lot of jobs for the people. Business gives the platform to the people to try something new. It can be the start of the great achievement if it is started in the right way. It is also good for the local communities helping them and providing them their needs in their local area. Another responsibility of BCC is forecasting business it not help the businesses to see that where they are standing in the coming years is also help them to make plans to save their business and funds in the recession time. They are responsible for guiding the businesses to open in the cities where they can flourish, can get the right expertise and can make the profit.

BCC is also helping the local chambers towards the improvement and when this place has been achieved by them they are accredited with the BCC. The BCC accreditation is a very tough phenomena and it took 2 to 3 years that the company is being watched and then if it fulfilled the set demands of BCC it is accredited with the BCC and they can show the kite mark of BCC accreditation .the organizations assess the local chambers on the basis of different criteria which includes the governance, resources and the member services.

1.5. Strategy to fulfil the organizational needs

There are different policies and strategies which are adopted by the BCC as the every chamber has to deal with the local community issues. There are different strategies made by the BCC few of them are given below

1.5.1 Aviation strategy:

BCC strategies are always based on the facts and the research. The research has been done to prove that the advancements and extension in the aviation industry could leads to the beneficial results for the UK so they promote the researched data and try to convince the government that there is need for the new hub airport and also the need for the intention of the relation with the countries like the south East Asia who are spreading their network and the image of the Britain transport is burring. In the research it has also been found that the lack of efficiency i the transport system is a halt in the international trade. So the British Chamber of Commerce influence the government to take some move in this direction to open new ways for the businesses.

1.5.2 Forecasting strategy:

BCC forecast the coming years and their role in the GDP of UK. They have found that the economies of UK will growth 1 percent in 2013. UK GDP in 2013 and 2014 has to rely on the household consumptions and there will be seeing a lowering down in the inflation.

1.5.3 Cultural strategy:

BCC cultural strategy is to expend the business along with expanding the cultural ties with the country as well in this way the relations will be bettered with the country along with the business. As the BCC in Japan have one mission of expending and strengthen the cultural ties with Japan.

1.5.4 Event strategy:

The event strategy focuses on the event which could be beneficial for the organisation. The events arranged by the BCC are being advertised in the way that they attract the attention of the people. As the people who have got high profile are being mentioned to be the part of that sessions, banner, inside my company in which the BCC is invited to view the company from inside and then devise the strategy and plan for its development and improvement. Their strategy is to provide ease to all the members and also attract the non members so that they become the partner. Companies are invited to be the member whether they are big or small. BCC emphasises the government and the social media to help the businesses to get what they are asking for. Sometimes they come in the strategic partnership with the members and help them long way.

2. Task 2

2.1. National Economic environment and resources

The BCC is expecting that the economy will grow 1.2 pc in 2013 and 1.8 in 2014.the director General of the BCC has said that the politicians have to show the "courage, imagination and leadership". He also said that we have always being behind the aim of reducing the deficit but this has to be supported with the right conditions that allows business to thrive or we will fail to see the growth the economy desperately needs. The fact remains that the growth is still too weak".

The BCC is expecting that there will be some great changes in the coming years and these changes have to be dealt with great care. As they have found the data by researching more than 1000 companies and they have reached to the conclusion that there will be increase in the UK unemployment. But they have also said that unemployment rate is lowered than its last forecast.

The resources which BCC is offering to its members in the coming time are the "voucher scheme". This voucher system will enable the businesses to hold still in the hour of the need. It will give 20,000 businesses up to £5000 in order to discuss and plan the business and advise about the business and its employees a swell.

2.2. Impact of fiscal and monetary policy on organization

The fiscal policy has great impact on the decisions of the BCC. As on the decision of the monetary policy committee to keep the interest rate as the old one is supported by the BCC. As in this very fragile situation it is not possible to increase the interest rate as it could have the disastrous results on the businesses in the UK and the worldwide as well. This interest rate could be disastrous for the Euro zone if they have to go for the more debt than the increase in the interest rate should be a problem for that.

The BCC is asking the UK government that they have to do more to save the UK "stagnating economy". The BCC is demanding the government on their annual meeting that they have to take some measures to offer the capital allowances and to give strength to the UK infrastructure. The condition of the UK economy as it has been mentioned by the BCC is due to the fact that there is a government fiscal squeeze.

BCC is calling the ministers for the formulations of the measures to strengthen the UK economy. BCC chief economist also said that the repairing the Britain's finances will be "longer than planned". The BCC asked the monetary policy committee that there should be a formation of the British Business Bank.

2.3. Evaluate the impact of competition policy

Completion policy is in fact the whole process of a rivalry between the firms and the base of this completion can be anything according to the organization it can be price, quality, research, or entrepreneurial. The establishment of the competition policy is to use the resources in the best way like in the presence of even recession or less funds the form has to achieve the set goals. The BCC helps the businesses by making plans for them and advising the paths for them to move on.

3. Task 3

3.1. Market structure effects on pricing

Market is a place where there is the interaction of the buyer and the seller who are selling and buying the goods. Market structure is how the market is formed it focused on different things like the number of the buyers, number of sellers, size of the company, business ,market share, competition among the members, buyer entry barriers, sellers entry barriers and the product positioning and its differentiation all these formed the market structure. There are different types of marketing structures

Monopoly: there is only one seller and there are barriers to enter into the market and this is the price maker structure. There is limited competition among the sellers. They are the only seller of the product so the firm can set their own price they can increase or decrease the price.

Oligopoly: in this there are just few sellers and they are the price shapers as they are few in numbers they can charge the customer price of their own choice, they make the pricing policy very difficult as they are independent to do so.

Perfect competition: in this market structure there are various buyers and sellers and they are free to enter and leave the market and the product is homogenous. There is very high level of competition among the sellers. The product are same and there is perfect knowledge of the price of the product i the market as the product is this market structure the firm has to accept the market price because if they will set their own price the customer or the consumer will go to the other competitor so there is very less competition in this type of market structure,

Monopolistic competition: this is a common type of market structure which is having the features of both the monopolist and the perfect competition. In this structure the products are not same and there is the existence of the so many firms and the competitors are allow to enter and leave the market at any time. These types of firms can go for merger and acquisitions, there s product differentiation and the cost and pricing leadership.

Market structure and pricing have a very strong relation. Pricing of the product depend on the type of the market in which the firm is operating. In case of the private sector the firms are allowed to make their own pricing strategy depending on their organizational needs and objectives. .

The economy is very much related to the pricing strategy as if the economy is strengthening then there will be an increase on the prices to get the benefit from the boom in economy. And when there is recession then the pricing will be the competitive one in order to attract the consumer by presenting them with different offers and promotions.

3.2. Market structure effect on business output

Market structure has a profound effect on the business and this issue has been solved by the BCC in a very good way. As i the recent past UK has been in the waves of recession and is still struggling to come out of it but the correct guidance, advising and policy making of BCC has saved most of the organizations. The business output is the business performance and the best business output also depends on the type of the market structure a firm is having if it has the price competition then they can make the benefits but the best one is the monopolistic competition is the elastic structure.

BCC also advises such plans for its members so that they can get the benefits and can survive and fulfil the needs of the customer seven at the time of recession. As the BCC has served the BT, Alumud Construction company.

3.3. Market forces effecting organizations decisions

Decision making process is not an easy process there are always some forces which affects the decision making process. These forces can come from within the organization and they can be the external one that is from the environment in which the organization is operating.BCC is mostly concerned with the market forces they try to give the organization a stable environment to stand with. There are different types of market forces which has been pointed out

Market structure

Economy of that country



Geographical location


Government rules and regulations

Consumer response

Need of the time

BCC is helping the businesses to survive in this competitive world as it has helped the BT to stand in the environment which is surrounded by the competitors. BCC helps BT to come in contact with the different embers in UK and all over the world and help them to understand that how the technology is very important for their success by positioning their products as a different one in the market. The 150 years experience of BCC has earned a lot for the BT.

In order to survive in the market the BCC has done the strategic partnership with the different businesses in order to help them in the long run. Like Dell, BT, AXA, PPP, Healthcare, RBS Group and DHL Express.

3.4. Business environment and organization

BCC is playing the important role in helping the organization to understand the business environment. As in the UK there is a need for the change in the transport map and this issue has been prioritised by the BCC that in order to develop the business in the UK there should be a change in the transport map. BCC has given a plan to the government in 2010 which ahs been followed by the government and there is a boost to the UK economy but now the stress is again given that the work is slow in this regard which halted the progress in the UK businesses.

Increase in the energy prices has been market by the BCC a big halt in the progress of the economic growth in UK. A survey has been done at a very large scale in which 3415 businesses take part and this survey was conducted in the may of 2012 which has clearly indicated that the businesses environment which is not affordable for the organization is not good for the country as well.

The business environment of the UK for energy supply is not securing .BCC has raised the need for the secure energy supply in order to flourish the businesses in the UK. BCC has provided such business environment to the firms so that they feel safety and security. When an organization become the member of the BCC that is when it got the accreditation then it got so many services like the free online transaction services internationally, free health plans, professional advises, business plans, access to the legal helpline and a cover of £6 million, no transaction fees on the payments via card and if the firms start business account with the NatWest and RBS there are also great offers for them. BCC has provided the best business

3.5. Cultural environment and behaviour of BCC

Culture is one of the most important aspects for the organization. Culture is of two types one is the culture within the organization that is the employee culture and the other is the culture of the interacting members. As the organization interact with each other at the international level so there is a mix of culture. Cultural mixing can be beneficial and it can be a barrier as well like the language but in this competitive world BCC has realised the need that the UK has to work in close collaboration with in relation to the business with the emerging economies like India, China, and Malaysia. The environment of the organization is also changed by the fact and the report concluded by the BCC that the UK is lacking the workforce and there is a restriction on the migrants as well. This halt on the mixing of the skills and culture of different countries restrict the business if the UK as well. The environment that is the culture of the BCC is very much favourable for the employers it has employed over 5 million people and another request raised by the BCC is to give apprenticeship to only those who are going to start the new business will be a positive move otherwise it is not a good idea of giving away the money to every apprentice.


British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) is the national voice of the local businesses it ahs served more than 100,000 businesses and still it is serving the businesses and providing them the help and guideline to move on. It has been helping the firms from 150 years. In the UK it has it offices almost every city but the one which are working in the London and Coventry are serving the businesses in efficient way. BCC helps in the formulation of the policies. It not only focuses the businesses within the UK but it also promote the international trade and it set the policies which are favourable for both and are sustainable for the businesses as well.