Examining Organizational Threats To Human Resource Management

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Human resource is normally exist in the large firm, it is a department that playing an important role in a company. As what we know about human resource department is actually to recruiting and also termination them when they are not performing as what the company expected, but in reality human resource department is not only recruiting and terminating, they are actually a multi-task department to do all the designing job, staffing and they also have the responsibility to change the policies in the firm and also implementing strategies in it. Even though they have the ability to do these stuffs by their own department, but a lot of top managers still care little about human resource department than other departments such as marketing, finance, production and engineering. On the other hand, human resource department is being neglected by the top management these days, the top management thinks that the other departments are more important than human resource department because human resource is a non-profit generate department, whereas the marketing department is major in sales and advertising, this is the main factor would affect the profit and loss of the company.

2.0 Why Human Resource Department is Not Important to Certain Firms?

Human resource department is not important to some firms such as the firms that production base on machinenary. This is because these machienaries are not required the professional to control it, it's only need to know which button to press and make sure everything goes smooth, and do not need to waste the cost to recruit those professional, therefore, in the recruiting section, these firms do not need to have a good human resource department to manage, whereas the way they promote their products are more important. In additonal, when all the tasks can be done by using machine, the labors that these firms need are less as well, because an employee might control a few of machines, so the top management thinks that human resource department is less important. These firms are capital intensive, they would spend their money on the machinaries rather than paying for the labor costs, because the products that produced by the machines are more standadize and machines made are more efficient. On the other hand, these firms are prefered machine than labors because of avoid the office politics, the politics would affect the performance of the employees too, it would affect the output of the firm. They prefered machine than labors are also because of the loyatly of the employees, they might be attracted by the other firms offer, such as the salary is higher, therefore they will leave the firm.

2.1 Human Resource Department is Non-profit generated

Human resource department is a non-profit generated department because they are not doing the marketing and sales, they are the one who directly brings profit into the company. Furthermore, the other departments like finance, marketing, production and engineering, they are also performing to gain profit to company whereas human resource department is indirectly bringing profit into a firm, it is because they hire the professional to different departments to perform, but the top management thinks that human resource department is not important because their job is just staffing, designing jobs for each individual employee, and terminate those employees that unable to perform or having a poor performance. Thererfore, the top management would thinks that other departments are more important than the human resource department.

2.2 Human Resource might be Replaced by Outsourcing

A lot of companies are prefered to outsourcing in marketing, finance, production and also engineering it is because they can save cost in order to do so, they might save the cost of salary of the employees, the "SOSO" for employees, some company might also provide the insurans to the employees, by outsourcing, a firm can be reduced the cost. Outsourcing will also reduce the risk of having an office politics in the working environment, this would affect the performance of the employees and also the loyatly of employees, outsourcing these can be replaced the human resource department. On the other hand, when a company is not outsourcing the marketing, finance, production and engineering, but they might only outsourcing the part of recruitment, some companies would look for the agents to recruit employees as the same concept, reduce cost. But they didn't consider of when a company doesn't have a human resource department, a company is not effective enough, human resource department is the one who knows the performance of every employees, and they have the authority to promote a potential staff and sending a warning letter to an employee that cannot perform well or terminate. Furthermore, when a company is doing outsourcing, you can change your outsource partner anytime, but every time you change, you'll face some difficulties such as the communication, the cost, the culture, and also they are unable to know what do you need at the short time, therefore, for a good company, having a human resource department is very important, it would helps a company to achieve long term advantages.

2. 3Human Resource VS Marketing

Marketing is a department that normally the top management will most focus on, because marketing is doing the tasks that would affect the profit, such as manage the budget, satisfy the customers need, and create new ideas in order to compete with others and so on. Top management will not realize that there's without human resource how does a company have the professional in marketing, therefore they will think that marketing is more important than human resource. In fact, the human resource is actually the more important one, they arrange the right task to the right person, if without human resource, a professional marketer do the account job, and it is totally useless.

2.4 Human Resource VS Finance

Financial is a department that does all the tasks that related to money in the company, budgeting, appropriation of accounts, cash flow forecasting, and so on. On the other hand, finance department doesn't allow their staff with a mistake in account, because account is an evidence to prove the finance in a company.

Human resource department is unable to do the tasks that handle by financial department, therefore the top management thinks that human resource is less important compare with finance.

2.5 Human Resource VS Engineering

Engineers are actually working in all kinds of environments. There are a lot of jobs in traditional engineering sectors, but engineers are just as likely to work in offices, laboratories or studios, or outdoors, in the air and underground. And many of these jobs don't involve wearing overalls or hard hats. Engineering today is closely linked with technology and many engineering roles now rely heavily on technological devices and the most recent technological advances. As an engineer you could be designing colour-matching technology to determine the best makeup for different skin tones, working as part of a team on a project to improve the performance of artificial hip joints. Whereas human resource unable to perform as the skillful engineering, and they will never get involve in designing colour-matching technology and determine the best make up for different skin tones, this is out of their professionalism, therefore top management will think that engineering is more important than human resource. In reality, human resource cannot perform as what engineers do, but engineers do not know how the human resource recruit as well, an engineer in the company have to interview with the human resource first before they can contribute with the company, human resource department is the first department that to know the ability of the engineers by interviewing them. Therefore, human resource department is important as well perhaps more important than the engineers.

2.6 Human Resource VS Production

Production department is a department that will set standards and targets for every each section of the production process. The quality and quantity of products coming off a production line will be closely monitored. In businesses focusing on lean production, quality will be monitored by all employees at every stage of production, rather than at the end as is the case for businesses using a quality control approach. Nowadays, the production lines are normally based on machinery, therefore there are lack of difficulties for recruiting the employees to manage the machines, unless the machine is complicated that required a professional to manage it. On the other hand, the top management will put more effort in concerning the production line because this would affect the image of the brand and also the output. Human resource department is still the one to choose the best suitable employees for each and every positions of the jobs available in a firm, when someone leave or got accident without informing, human resource is the people who get people to replace them, therefore production line do not have to afraid about no people take care of the machines when someone is missing, so human resource department is important.


In conclusion, human resource is not less important compared to the marketing, finance, engineering and production departments, because all the professional from those departments are actually recruited by the human resource department before they join the firm, therefore human resource department is the main department for a big firm. Furthermore, human resource department is not only doing the recruitment for new employee, they are also having the responsiblity to provide the training and development to the existing employees which can perform well or potential, no matter which departments they are from.

2.1 Introduction

Job description are written statement which describe the duties and responsibilities of the job, this is the first stage that filter out the unqualified contestant which do not meet the job requirement of the job description in the company. Job descriptions which can be defined as a broad, general, and a written statement to a specific job, there is similar with job analyze to make the applicant easier to understand that what job that they applied to. There is also avoiding the confusion of the job and make sure the job are suitable for us. It generally conduct duties, purpose, responsibilities, scope , and working condition of a job along with the job's title and the name or designation of the person to whom the employee sports. Job description usually is the forms that the basis of job specification.

We will be looking at the job description of the company of OSIM(M)Sdn.Bhd and see if they have the sufficient amount of information required for a potential employee to fill comfortable by providing him with sufficient information. Then we will need to find a way to improve on the job description of our company if it is not found to be sufficient. Furthermore, our team researches all the competitors of OSIM under the position that is related to sales.

2.2 OSIM(M) Sdn Bhd

We have chosen OSIM(M)Sdn.Bhd company, and what we had found that their job description is very vague, because it only contains the attractive remuneration package, comprehensive training and fantastic working hours with shift. Besides, there are just providing the working area and the requirement to the candidates who try to apply the job. We have come to the conclusion that the job descriptions in very misleading to the potential employees that want to apply for the job so then we have to refer the job description of the competitors which are Gintell and Ogawa to improve the job description in OSIM. On the other hand, OSIM only provide highly vague and subjective information to the potential employees and they just require to minimum education level which is SPM, the job description therefore does not fulfill its purpose of filtering out the unnecessary people from the public therefore everyone will just go and apply for the job because of the misleading in the job description.


At the same time, I have refer to the job description which provided by Ogawa and Gintell. I noticed that Ogawa and Gintell do provided much more job description to the interviewees who apply for the job compare to Osim. I had compare the position which offered by Ogawa and Gintell which is sales executive. I noticed that Osim offer the same position but there are lack of the job description and information. Instead, Gintell and Ogawa much more focus on the job description rather than requirement. Gintell states that applicants have to be responsible to assist the Marketing and Business Development Manager in sourcing and identifying corporate business partner and development of new business concepts. Other than that, the applicants who applied Gintell also have the responsibility to all aspects of the sales project from the initial contact till the effective executive of the operational processes. Applicants need to conduct effective business presentation to the potential corporate business partner when they provide information to the clients. In Gintell, a sales executive need to play a leader role in maintaining and managing a strategic relationship and alliance with existing and new business partner. They have to corporate with the business partner instead of self performance because Gintell are more focus on team sales rather than work alone in the company. This also prevents the conflicts among the sales executives in the company. Be a sales executor in Gintell, they have to track the progress of sales and operational development through weekly reporting to the management. In the job description in Gintell, there are much more details to the applicant which compared with Osim's job description.

2.4 Ogawa Sdn. Bhd

Besides, ogawa has alot of job description as well but most of them are different with Gintell, therefore we are taking both references for osim to improve their job description. In facts, Ogawa's job description that to hired corporate sales executive have lesser which compare to Gintell. Ogawa job descriptions require the applicants who have the ability to analyze and liaise closely with corporate clients for maximizing company revenue. Ogawa are much more expect the applicant could earn more profits to increase their sales to expand their company goal. Ogawa require the applicants could develop new and current company corporate accounts business and coverage. Ogawa wants the sales executor can be work independent when they start develop a new company business could expand their company.

On the other hand, Ogawa wish to have an employee who willing to coordinate closely with Marketing Department to develop and Implement promotional activities for corporate account. Sales executor has the close relation with the Marketing department, therefore the applicant must have the ability to work in team work and this requirement is similar with responsibility who require by Gintell. Other than that, Ogawa also required the applicants have the basic knowledge of the different models of massage chairs because when you work as a sales consultant, you have to consult the customers to purchase your company's products. If you know nothing about massage chairs, it would affect the image of the brand, even the own sales consultant don't know anything about the massage chairs to promote to customers. Therefore a product knowledge are very important to the sales executor if compare with other position because they work closely with customers.

Any applicants that apply for Ogawa's sales consultant must have at least 1year experience in sales department, when a sales consultant lack of experience, they are unable to contribute a good amount of sales to the company, because massage chairs are not a cheap product that you simply say something and people will purchase of it, as a sales consultant you have to keep promoting about the advantages of using the massage chair and the customers will have the higher chances to purchase it from your company, otherwise they will purchase from the other competitors which their sales consultants are more experience than your company does.

Osim compared to ogawa and gintell provides too little information about the job because ogawa and gintell provide information's such as track your own progress in terms of profit and how many goals were met in the time frame given, display teamwork and able to attitude towards work and the increase of sales. With such information someone looking for a job will be better prepared and ready to meet the job requirement, because he or she will have had the description well written in their heads when they apply for the job. Osim was unable to provide such information about job description but there is just only provide some requirement that which is communication skill, bio data and education level. It is just hard to filter all the unwanted or unqualified applicants that not achieve their expectation.

If I was the Human Resource executor, I would like to reference to Ogawa and Gintell job description when hire a sales executor. There could make the interview session easier and make sure that can hire a sales executor that the company really need.

2.5 Conclusion

As a conclusion, job description is a guide for the applicant so that they could get the information and the guide for the particular job. As the world nowadays are moving and improving days by days, there is very important that a particular company to be ready for the new applicant to be coming in. A good job description is important as it could be delivering to good information to the applicant so that they could know well about the company and the type of the particular job that to be offered to the applicant. It's important for the applicant understand and get to know more about the particular company and qualification that to be needed so that the applicant could ready well and head accordingly so that the applicant will not be misunderstanding about the type of job that they require to. Those job descriptions are important to the new applicant so that they could absorb well the flow of the sales and movement of the company in order to increase the profits and sales efficiently. It also leads the applicants towards the role of being a sales executive in the particular company.