Organizational Structure And Effective Management

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Organizational structure is a formal system of work relations that coordination staff to achieve company goals. An organizational structure explains that which departments they are in and also what their responsibilities towards the company. Structure also provide the framework for organizational activities and the management of them. it determines that which individuals get to participate in which decision-making processes, and thus to what extent their views shape the organization's actions.


A proper organizational structure are important toward a company . This is because a company's organizational structure determines how decisions making in business and carry out at all levels of the business. Structure shows a distribution of authority. It also help us to define the organization design, work specialization of worker , which department are they in , chain of command , span of control , degree of centralization and also such as departmentalization., Important factor must be addressed to achieve an organization's objectives effectively such as whether subordinate participation in decision-making or if it is an authority figure within the department .It making easy for employees to know to whom to report by clearly or minimize in clashing anything .


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There are four common organizational structure. There are functional structure , divisional structure , matrix structure and entrepreneurial structure.

First , entrepreneurial structure is one kind of organizational structure that chief executive retains control over large or important ventures of the organization. This approach are often more evident in a new business, particularly where there is an 'owner manager' element will be relatively rapid decision-making, usually involving a small number of people. This structure has clearly defined lines of authority for all levels of management and has a highly bureaucratic procedure . It's often used by company that plays with centralized role. Their company everything is decided by the top management.

Second , is functional structure. Among of the few organizational structure, functional structure find its place. This structure divides the activities of the organization into different functional areas. Each of the functional area would have its own management structure , so this structure combines both hierarchical structure and centralized structure. There are superior and subordinates among them. They all have specific functions to perform to achieve common goals. The organization will divided them into individual departments, which each department has a specific function, and all departments function individually to execute a project.

Third , is divisional structure , in this kind of structure, the organization is organized into various divisions based on focus around a product or geographical area. The employee are group into one division for who are involved in making a specific product .The organization will divide on their many types of product into product A , product B, product C etc. Each division are different from other and will have its own hierarchy. In addition , division manager in each country is responsible for day-to-day operating decision making; product or service production.

Fourth , is matrix structure. The organization which has used matrix structure it's almost a big corporation such as SUNWAY CORPORATION. The worker normally have to report more than one bosses , they are having two or more bossed at the same time due have to complete on same task. It's a complex structure which involve multiple lines of authority , rather than hierarchal lines of command. Matrix structure starts from the general manager of the company at the top, next is goes down to the heads of production, research and development and also marketing departments, besides all the heads of the other departments in the organisation.


Event management is the process that which an event is planned, prepared, and produced out for the customers . As with any other form of management, it consists of the evaluation , definition, acquisition, distribution, direction, control, and analysis of time, finances, people, products, services, and other resources to achieve objectives. An event manager's job is to supervise and arrange every aspect of an event, including researching, planning, organizing, implementing, controlling, and evaluating an event's design, production and activities.


My company is one kind of event management company. I would like to establish a company that is a BRIDAL STUDIO. Bridal studio help a loving couple who want to step forward in their relationship that is married. Our duty is help them hold a wedding party, it can be a wedding dinner and wedding lunch. Our company name's BLISSFUL BRIDAL STUDIO . BLISSFUL BRIDAL STUDIO provides a one stop services. We have a full and whole services here that are needed by all the couple who are getting married. We provide make-up services, hair services, photography , decorations on bridal car, catering service in the wedding location, decorations the wedding location , sitting , master of ceremony , decorations and making on wedding invitation card , dresses of bridal and full clothes of groom.

Our rich-experienced and well knowledge photographer will make the bridal and groom look natural and charm in the photo. Our dress is designed by our own certificated designer. His design is unique and you will look other from other people when you wearing his design's. The dresses will bring out your body figure sharply , even you have a imperfect body figure, don't worry, our dresses will make bridal look nicely also when they wear it. Our makeup artist is an creative girl. She will design your makeup depend on your look. She will draw you up to a natural but look beautiful face. She will find you a suitable makeup to you. Other than that , BLISSFUL BRIDAL STUDIO have many department which have many professional inside that will make our customer satisfied with our work such as decoration department , finance department that calculate the bridal and groom budget and other.


My company is provide the services to the bridal and groom. Thus , in order to complete the task , my company needs an effective , proper and suitable organizational structure system for my company. It has many different of task to do such as photographer , make-up , designing the dress and other. So , my company will use the functional organizational structure . This type of organizational structure will bring my company to a well done job .

Generally , the reason I will choose this type of organizational structure has more. I believe that my company can become a systematic organization if I used . First, it create identity for individuals in similar positions .All worker that are in charge in same thing will be placed in one department. It will minimize the duplication that's do the same work again. Because the arrangement is base on their of common interests, so they can learn a lot from each other .

Next , functional structure has a clear career paths. Take an example on my bridal studio, all pairs of couple are in charge by our different staff. This is to make sure that never go to the wrong path or do wrong thing on the needs and wants of different couple. Having clearly divide the task , the worker can focus on a pairs of couple that's bridal and groom.

Besides of that , control in functional structure will be increasing because people will try to supervise each other work. This is because they are on a team , everything they do will influence the outcome job of whole team whether is right or wrong . So, in order to make sure the task are right , they will supervise each other. Moreover, team work also can be found in a functional organizational structure which is also one of the benefits of this structure.

Nevertheless , everything has two sides. So , functional structure also have the disadvantages. Because of too much of specialization among the group , so may be they not so good in doing other different so the problem will be pushing round among the workers. Their response will be not so active but passive , they will push the work that are non-routine job to other colleagues .

Next , company which use this functional structure poor communication will occur among the different department . This is because what they are doing are mostly not the same thing and not relate to each other , so they are seldom to communicate unless someone or something are needed.


Among all the factors around that include advantages and disadvantages and also all types of organizational structure , I found that functional structure is the most suitable organizational structure for my company, BLISSFUL BRIDAL STUDIO. Although that using this type of organizational structure will not encourage the relationship of my worker , but as their top management , I can try to make or hold some activities to them in order to improve their relationship. By having this type of organizational structure , my business will be increase and increase if doing well in all department . At that time , in order to reward them , my company can treat them go some place to relax and bring communication in each other.