Organizational culture of collaboration

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The basic goal of organization development is to focus on cultural and organizational process. It helps organizations to encourage the cooperation of the leadership and staff. Organizational development of diagnostic tools focus on the people, obligations and roles, they assume. The main focus of the tool not only to the analysis, but to focus on process and system, the people operate. The key diagnostic tool in understanding the organization's objectives and tasks. The tool also helps to understand the value and according to the organization's management and current and desired organizational culture style.

Organizational development tools, will help determine the organizational issues, problems and opportunities. This tool will help the planning and building needs and priorities, and decide each case derive hope. The goals and objectives are properly settled, the important information and data collection of the senior management staff. After the senior management of data collection, staff to collect data. Comparing the data collected and relevant than the proper evaluation of the situation. Than in accordance with the organizations to identify priorities and develop strategic action plan for the feedback. Finally, these tools to help review and improve the organizational culture.

After identifying the necessary management action plan should focus on proper execution and implementation of action plans to achieve a more desirable goal. In practice, environmental management should focus on the positive theme of choice on the subject and the collection of relevant information. Management should focus on positive stories and collecting relevant information on employees and the board of directors in order to properly understand the learning (Ortigas, 1997) of the actual situation.

The organization must collect data for those plans and programs and research on the possibility of actions required for proposition development. The need for participation by Board and management will help to set goals properly, and will help in the development program's success. Than can be properly developed to implement the plan. Finally, the main role is to correct evaluation of the action, and give the necessary feedback. Therefore, the process will help determine the action and select the best operating development action plan.

The action should be actual working conditions of the package the best and most effective way to the selected program. Management should focus on the various scattered g mode, the conflicts will contribute to conflict. Grams can help spread the model to determine the positive and negative, shotgun, defines the situation in favor of or against a member of the practice. Therefore, the best choice of development plans in the organization will help to achieve the planned objectives and strategic goals set by the company and will also contribute to a correct understanding of culture prevalent in the organization. Employees will focus on organizational culture and work, according to the support the maintenance of dignity and a positive environment in the organization. This will help their performance, and gave full play to the maximum productivity of the investment made by employees. (Cummings & Worley, 2008).

Answer 3.

In order to apply organizational development plan of action for the organization and management work, to understand the situation and should have the ability to apply the changes. Management should have the ability to design and plan for individuals, as well as in human systems intervention organization. This capability helps to build capacity to think, make decisions and take action system. This approach helps to expand the thinking and decision-making effective decisions.

The organization should focus on building capacity and organizations honest and ethical, effective and systematic manner in order to get the job done. People should learn how to work together to build each other skillfully perform tasks Union. People should be in the depth of cultural knowledge, should also have an understanding of organizational culture. This unique ability to adapt to different cultures is conducive to the use of a variety of organizational development strategies, knowledge and skills of various organizations.

The organization of the people should always keep learning and improving, and find out innovative programs and strategies enthusiasm. Continuous learning process helps build a sense of commitment and dedication of staff, but also thinking of making the situation of uncertainty helpful. This thought process will help the organization in the implementation and application of the organization development strategies. Interventions in advanced technology and virtual applications using the process is also a plan of action, organizing the development of a useful tool for various situations. Skilled management should be required in the application and use of a variety of skilled and circumstances.

The organization should receive training on working with senior managers, which will contribute to a better understanding and management philosophy and style of learning. In order management, are applicable to the development of various tissues of the organization's action plan should focus on the strategic assessment to determine the strategic and tactical targets. This is the future of multi-disciplinary research, systems thinking, policy making should be based on appropriate research and identification. This helps improve the accuracy of understanding of rapidly changing environment as the organization of knowledge as well. Therefore, the correct application and use of all activities will help in the application situation of the organization (Rothwell & Sullivan, 2005), organizational development plan.

A 4.

The demand for professional assistance are in many cases, the organization to meet organizational goals and targets. Professional assistance for the effective management of the organization feel the behavior is widespread. This helps in the acquisition, development and maintenance, training and other development activities by the person relevant and appropriate job skills. It helps in providing complete and detailed tasks, functions, values and policies and organizational knowledge of the procedures followed.

Professional assistance was critical thinking is the recognition of the various issues, problems, opportunities and new trends in the situation. Professionals to collect relevant data and information in a variety of situations effectively. Professionals in the analysis of data collected and conclusions drawn by the situation and identify solutions for effective efficiency. Professionals help to establish cooperation and teamwork among the people to help. Professionals to assist in the development and maintenance of effective relationships between people. They teach and motivate employees and individuals, regardless of the respect, value and diversity. This helps to maintain the organizations working environment and friendly atmosphere.

Professionals to help countries establish appropriate communication strategies and teaching building and other employees and the relationship between all stakeholders, employees. Professionals to establish a customer-focused and provide better assistance and services to help consumer awareness. The professionals in determining consumer demand and technology, and that effective management of consumer expectations. Professionals also support the effective management of resources and efficiency. Keep a complete list of available professional resources to check and maximum use of resources to achieve the best productivity. They also looked in the workplace to maintain the safety and security. Therefore, professionals are efficient leader, able to organize and manage the organization effectively and efficiently things.

Answer 5.

Different system problems can be found in the organizational development process, these are some of the major types of problems. Effective organizational development related to the main problem is not a valid communication between employees and senior management employees and conflict. There are various problems, such as electricity Union, unethical practices, values and beliefs in the organization. Communication and job content should be sufficient to maintain a positive employees and employees should accept things and change, will meet the organization is going through the stages of organizational development. All of these different types of problems should be resolved through appropriate interventions (Anderson, 2009).

Should be taken to that level of intervention is necessary, there is no need to interfere with the installation is very profound. Interventions should be in such a way will be clear to the employee's role, but also intervention measures should be taken to develop and manage the traffic so that it is open. Again building new skills will be the appropriate intervention, because it would hurt anyone. Staff conflict may more effectively reduce their own, they do not need to intervene more and more. The intervention should do more in-depth, because it may harm the organization. Intervention can still go deeper management problems, is very important and need to be sorted very quickly. Intervention can do to make a group of trust and openness, commitment and responsibility to team members, so as to achieve success (Anderson, 2009).

Answer 6.

And border organizational development framework needs a framework for human resource development and capacity model. Organization development can only occur, human resources can be fully integrated into the system. One of the things that, like staff training and development opportunities, should be done to improve their skills or acquire new skills in their, as it will be an important framework for the development of an organization. The same senior management should focus on improving the skills of the general job requirements next to the human resource capacity, strengthen the organizational development process (Harvey Blakely, 1999) pressure.

Organizational development process should be a continuous process, therefore, should take effective measures so that human resources can be integrated in such a way that people can look forward to the potential employee is or not. In order to maintain the development of a formal organizational structure and staff training and development plans should be developed and the pace of implementation. The important thing is the combination of communication and organizational development and human resources framework frameworks. Different types of human resources framework, should be effectively communicated to employees so that they can be timely and unbiased information. Such as information about training and development programs should be effective and timely way to achieve integration that they can use it freely. Re-organization development framework should also include a training program is based on the needs and preferences of employees. This performance measurement tool should be established, can be measured to evaluate their performance together to give feedback on their work and reward employees, to the development of the organization is still valid (Harvey Blakely, 1999).

A 7.

Different stages in the organization will also change the settings and internal environment, because of the need to maintain and dynamic external environment. Organizational change in time is the essence of successful business operation, if the organization does not step change will come eventually, but the management change is not easy. Organizations have made efforts for the management of organizational change as organizational change management needs of a particular behavior is followed by the manager. Organizational development organizational changes required, they are required. Therefore, there is a need in the different settings and management of organizational change and environmental change was small (Harvey Blakely, 1999), followed by certain steps.

1. Analysis of the current situation, and then assess the feasibility of the changes in this area

Organizations and managers should ensure that their current situation analysis to understand the problems and difficulties, they are affected by the current situation facing. The organization's assessment of the current settings should be set in the background and the realization of organizational goals and objectives in the light. In the current setup program, should conduct a feasibility study to see whether changes would well developed or not. Feasibility study should also be out of the way, it can be analyzed, as to what extent the change will be good to achieve organizational goals and objectives, the organization has sufficient resources or do not manage change.

2. Organized study

Organizations to do some research to collect data and information to make change possible research. Employees throughout the organization should be able to actively participate in organizational change and development. Employees by entering different ideas on how to achieve organizational change, and how to manage it should be welcomed. Communication and employee input is very important to organizational change management (Harvey Blakely, 1999).

3. Programme planning

These ideas and thought process should be structured to bring about proper planning and management changes, and changes should be inches, need to implement a complete sense of design, should enable the organization and communication around the change should be acceptable to be seen, because it believed that the great significance of the organization. This is the program planning and design team, in an efficient manner, so that management responsibilities, become a successful organizational change.

4. Plans to launch

This is the stage at which senior management and direction of the organization and staff need to be made so that they can understand easily change, you can make work for themselves and their organizations to more easily trained. The program should start on these different processes and activities, the need for launch. This decision will take into account the organization launched an all or will be a period of time have done should be done in this phase. In the implementation of the reforms carried out at this stage should be.

5. Improve the project evaluation and decision-making

This is organizational change management is one of the most important step. Different standards should be set up feedback, evaluation and continuous improvement changes. The standard should be for a greater level of efficiency can be achieved by improving the process and the actual work of the staff. Reward and recognition can be set up for foreign performances. The main theme is to install improved so that it can achieve better results, which can scabies organizational change (Harvey Blakely, 1999).