Organizational culture at the mcdonalds chain

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Culture is about activities of a people like how they great to other. It's a multicultural organization .In McDonald's the employees are from different Culture and different countries so its multicultural organization. I think it's a need of the workplace because some time face different culture people for communication. As we know Newzealand is a place where people come from different part of the world. So for development a business in Newzealand we need different cultural employees, who can communicate with different cultural people and it helps to the business.

About ethics in a organization its all about right, wrong, rites, good, bad and justice. So if we talk about Macdonald's the employees working there know about their rites and they know right procedures about work. On other hand i want to say that Macdonald teach their employees about ethics how to deal with different culture .MacDonald also teach their employees about social ethics, professional ethics, and individual ethics.

How does an organisation ensure knowledge and experienced is shared within the organisation

In Macdonald's we learn lot from knowledge and experience during communication with our higher level like if a crew person communicate with restaurant manager he directly affected by way of communication of restaurant manager because restaurant manager know how to communicate and he knows the standards of the MacDonald's. So its a good example to share experience.

I want give an example of myself about knowledge and experience in that organisation when i given an interview for this organisation the selection committee didn't ask me about any past experience i learned all from workplace by training, communication with the other staff of the organisation.

Training period teach more everyone in MacDonald's. Seniors always shared their knowledge with juniors, which is very helpful for juniors. So knowledge and experience are shared with organisation step by step.

1. Crew Trainer Crew trainer is person who trains the crew member and give his experience and basic knowledge of workplace to the crew person. So trainer gives the basic knowledge like how to make burgers, how to clean workplace, how to communication with customers, what are the standards of workplace.

2. Managers The number of managers depends on capacity of MacDonald's as how much busy it is. After passing crew training stage crew become crew trainer and he will be able to give training to other trainees. So training manager is a person who teach next lesson to crew trainers.he also shared his knowledge and experience with trainees.

3. Organisations Manager He is the person who has all responsibilities of restaurants like in our group there are five restaurants he is the big boss of all restaurants. He is most experienced person in the restaurant and he had all knowledge about restaurant .He gives the knowledge and shares his experience with managers and trained them to move ahead.

So these are the steps cover all about experience and knowledge in MacDonald's.

Communication support to develop the team As i explained about team of MacDonald's where i am working is from different culture like some of them are from India, some of them are from Philippines and some of them are from Fiji, Samoa. So it's a big thing to communicate each person with each other. The communication is main thing which attach them each other. MacDonald's develop communication skills by develop confidence level and remove hesitation of the employee. The work place gives training to the employees every interval of the time period to develop their communication and situation handling skills.

The communications in organisation develop and improve communication skills of employees because this workplace is all based on communication. For example when customer come by drive thru and the crew member or manager who is ready to serve the order hear voice of customer by headset which he is used. These parts of communication develop his listening skills. On second when a crew member or manager taking order from the counter he have to speak English and listen English so it can develop both speaking and listening of the crew or manager. Crew and Manager make a team for any organisation so it's away which develop whole team.

Meeting management In management meetings communication process should be clear, professionally, logically. In other words in meetings communication should be always go in right way and clear for every one.

Professionally The communication which we use in meetings of organisation related to our profession.

Clear Communication should be clear which make good sense for listener.

Logically Communication should be logic full or related to the matter which actually we want discuss in meeting.

Purpose The purpose of communication should clear for all the meeting attainders.

So these things can make management meetings success.

Stakeholders In stakeholders we can include internal and external factors which are affected by organisation like employees, distributors, Govt. Media etc. The chosen organisation by me communicates with all stakeholders those individually related to organisation by excellent way. Because this business depends on stakeholders so they are important part of business.

Networks The organisation is connected with internet for everyone and they use emails, letters, posters and other advertising material to connect with people. The internal network of the organisation is connected by used lan (local area network) and wan also (wide area network).

Conclusion This business is based on two things one is internal and other is external internal which I discussed in this report which is communication in organisation and second is people because it is people based business. So to get success in this business organisation have to concentrate on both things.

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