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Organizational behavior is a management concept that seeks to put in place how organization can function in order to fulfill the objectives of the organization. Many philosophers wrote on the behavioral pattern of the human forces in the organization. It is the action and attitudes of individuals and groups toward one another and towards the organization as a whole, and its effect on the organization's functioning and performance.

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To make a success in this, the company put in place behavioral pattern to manage the human work force with which to achieve its goals.


The objective of this assignment is to make up a research discussing the organizational behavioral practice of an organization where the following issues would be discussed.

Job design and job satisfaction

Organization design and effectiveness and its relevance to organizational change.

Organization and management of groups and teams


Job design and job satisfaction are two management statements that work together. A well structured job design breeds or gives room for job satisfaction. Therefore, smooth operation and structure due to adequate decision by the tactical and board level with good human resources put in place gives room for job satisfaction on both ends i.e. to the management and to the employees.

The following chart enhances the job design of UNZE SHOES:

A well structured human resource personnel put in place at the head office of the company is solely responsible for the structuring of the job to be done at the company. This company operates a work friendly environment that allows staffers to work flexibly.

To this effect, the effective decision taken which enhances the capability of the staffers leads to job satisfaction.


UNZE SHOES adopts a flexible and open system of operation in the company. This enables the employees to work as a team and be able to lodge complains which are attended to almost on the spot which the HR Director term 'on the spot technique'. The designs makes the output of the work force to be incredibly acceptable and improves the standard of work done.


Team building skills are critical for the effectiveness of an organization. A team building success is when your team can accomplish something much bigger and work more effectively than a group of the same individuals working on their own. You have a strong synergy of individual contributions. But there are two critical factors in building a high performance team.

The first factor in team effectiveness is the diversity of skills and personalities. When people use their strengths in full, but can compensate for each other's weaknesses. When different personality types balance and complement each other.

The second factor of team work success is that all the team efforts are directed towards the same clear goals, the team goals. This relies heavily on good communication in the team and the harmony in member relationships. Management of teams and groups is also done through the use a SWOT analysis chart to dissect the features in the human personnel used at work.


During the class presentation on the human resources management intervention (individual and group performance), the following were discussed about INTERNATIONAL TOURIST COMPANY (ITC), and out of which one would be developed.

Performance Gap.

Performance Gap can be defined as the difference between the actual or present performance and the optimal or future performance. It is the difference between expected and actual. This can well be expressed using the diagram below:

Performance Gap


ITC as a company has set some standards and job related operations which it want to achieve. This would be communicated to the employees through the set channels. However, failure to realise this leads to performance gap in question to which ITC require a way out.

Performance improvement/development plans

Improvement on any issue in the organization depends upon the event of a gap or the occurrence of the need for change. The improvements yearn for as it concerns ITC is well analyzed in the recommendation. Below is a list of development plans which can be followed to achieve a good performance improvement:


International Tourist's Cottage in order to resolve the problems on ground will have to adopt the following HRMIstrategy;

(Self constructed diagram)

The company can also adopt the following in solving its problems:

Employer Identify the problem Develop criteria

Move from current performance to desired performance as formulated and implemented. The above expresses that the employer should identify the problems faced by the employees, develop criteria to resolve the problems and thereafter, move from current performance to desired performance as a group/team.

High staff turnover:

Prepare a good welfare package to attract staffers. This would serve as a sense of motivation and the employees can put more effort in achieving a desired result.

High sickness leaves:

Lack of good and expected motivating factors by the employees from the employers make good number of staff in ITC book for sickness leaves. This can be reduced through good welfare package would attract the staffers.

Poor skills of individuals:

Training is an organised activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipient's performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill. Training is required for all members of staff.

Low success in recruitment.

The recruitment procedure put in place should be reviewed and updated. Recruitment personnel too should be trained in order to bring out the best in them. This also should be evaluated to see if it follows the company required standard as it is being regulated.

Performance improvement/development plans

Define the problem

Define where improvement is required priorities duties

Identify the standards Put the Performance Improvement Plan in writing.

Establish goals and timetables Establish a Performance

Develop an action plan Measure actual performance

Establish periodic review dates


This ensures the correct measures are used and rightly understood by all.

The afore-mentioned principles will assist ITC to resolve the problems its HR is facing.