Organizational Behavior Is A Systematic Study Business Essay

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Organizational Behavior is a systematic study & careful application about how people as individuals, groups act in an organization. Its goals are to help organizations more effective in describing, understanding, predicting & controlling human behavior.

Organizational Behavior as rightly described as one of the main aspects that is prevalent in all the organizations & it is also a fact that all the organizations are taking effective methods to see to it that there is a smooth functioning in the organization by taking into account various behaviors of their employees & trying to mold their behavior into an organizational behavior which in turn would beneficial o the organization as well as the employees.

Organizations are complex systems. However to be in the 21st century, progress depends heavily on the understanding & managing effective organizations today. However human behavior in organistions varies unpredictably. The behavior of colleagues, managers & customers arise from their deep sighted needs.

Now a day's mostly all organizations are realizing the human behavior in an organization can be partially understood by studying & applying the behavioral science frameworks, management & other disciplines by exploring the various facts about human behavior & converting them to organizational behavior in order to fulfill the aims & objectives successfully.

Organizational Behavior being so important for any organization gives an opportunity to learn more & more from human behavior & be able to use them in actual dealing with employees in an organization & its studies also help if put properly into use to turn the employees individual nature & behavior to be converted & to be used for the organization alongside other team members or the organization as a whole. The following report considers the various aspects of the needed to run a group or a team effectively applying the theories of organizational behavior practically in a situation & turn a negative energy into positive energy to yield outstanding results.

Organization behavior is the study of the structure, functioning & performance of organization & the behavior of groups & individuals within them. (Derek Pugh)

 Porter's Perspectives on Behaviors in Organizations "understands one individual's behavior is a challenging problem in and of itself. A group, made up of different individuals and multiple relationships among those individuals, is even more complex…. In the fact of this overwhelming complexity, organizational behavior must be managed. Ultimately the work of organizations gets done through the behavior of people, individually or collectively, on their own or in collaboration with technology. Thus, central to the management task is the management of organizational behavior. To do this, there must be the capacity to understand the patterns of behavior at individual, group, and organization levels, to predict what behavior responses will be elicited by different managerial actions, and finally to use understanding and prediction to achieve control."


The case on Citi Group is a financial service case study which had been a result of the situation that arouse in the organization during the world financial crisis alongside having crisis in their group & how they handled the situation in the organization taking appropriate measure they felt was right leading to the decline of the Citi group & how they managed to climb up putting aside their faults.

The Citigroup recently was undergoing massive change and reorganization due to the competitive forces sweeping the financial services industry. Also, the company was involved in ongoing mergers and acquisitions. During recent consolidations after merger activities, one of their internal Information Systems division underwent significant job cuts and layoffs. One large department of 150 people in this division experienced a twenty five percent (25%) reduction in force. Department management reorganized the remaining employees into a "work team" structure, and focused the teams on key internal business units. However, there were serious performance concerns, which resulted in unrest among the remaining employees which lead them to their lowest performance periods with most of the employees being under pressure as well as the fear factor that was going around depicted in their organizational as well as personal behavior. There was a lot of chaos going on around the Citi group which directly or indirectly hit the organization employee & customer.

When the Citi group noticed the unrest & the low performance it brought in the Inner Works Company which met the management & deigned a solution over a 6months period to build the declining Citi group back to an rise. They devised a plan to conduct training, lending a helping hand to guide the remaining employee through the current situation & also set in a measurement method through which the changes could be observed & also weather the decline has turned its course towards its growth.

The project launched by Inner Works company had started yielding results because of their approach towards the employees had changed & a lot of positive vibes were generated which in turn allowed the employees to get themselves out of the past situation & to live in the current situation & to open up to the new environment & adjust well to the new environment, which not only was taken positively but in fact there was a relative increase in the trust level between the employee & management, high team effectiveness, increase in communication, the power to outperform each other, increase in emotional level, reduced stress, & increased commitment to the organizational goals.

The six months period that passed with inner works company had really paid off with things falling into place.

Organizational Behavior is one of the most complex & perhaps the most complex & perhaps the least understood academic element of the modern general management, but since it concerns the behavior of people within an organization it is also one of the most central…… its concern with individual & group patterns of behavior makes it an essential element in dealing with the complex behavioral issue thrown up in the modern business world