Organizational Analysis: Three Day Gallery

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Organizational Analysis: Three Day Gallery


The trend of startup digital companies has left Three Day Gallery competent, but poised for significant financial success in the online art gallery business.

Organizational Mission

For Three Day Gallery, the goal is simple. It is to promote original artwork, but at the same time build an artistic community. The exposure of artist can be amplified through the premiere platform of Three Day Gallery. A new print is featured every day for three days in their Spotlight Gallery. Within those three days the new print can be bought at a discounted price. There are many large online galleries where artists tend to get lost in the huge variety of artwork. Leading websites have constant art posted and some have hundreds of thousands artist profiles. How can all visitors see their work? It is impossible to guarantee that. The goal for Three Day Gallery is to expose the artists in which they deserve and give fans the opportunity to see and purchase phenomenal art at pocket friendly price.

Form of Organization

Three Day Gallery is a limited partnership (LP). There are multiple advantages of a limited partnership including tax benefits, liability limits, general partners taking charge, no turnover issues, less paperwork, and investment opportunities. Along with the advantages come the disadvantages of a limited partnership including risks to the general partners and compliance challenges. Due to these disadvantages limited partnerships are complicated to set up and run. In terms of ownership structure, there are two people who are the “general partners” and solicit the investments from others. Those two people control the day-to-day operations of Three Day Gallery and are responsible for business debts. The others (limited partners) have very little control over daily business decisions and operations; therefore they are not responsible for business debts/claims. The organization is a privately company in which its members do not offer or trade its company stock (shares) to the general public on the stock market changes. Instead, the company’s stock is offered, owned, and traded/exchanged privately. Three Day Gallery is small brand new startup company and has not grown to its full potential yet.

Organization Size and Scope

Three Day Gallery is a small startup company that is still on the rise and is currently growing in size. There are around twenty employees including interns working for the company. These employees are from all around the country and internationally (North Korea) as well. The company has just begun bringing in revenue, but studies show that the standard for small businesses is growing. According to the SBA, the average annual revenue size standard has increased from $7 million to $35.5 million which means Three Day Gallery has a started their business at the right time.


Three Day Gallery has services and products that can be provided jointly with affiliated businesses. An affiliated business is associated with the customer’s transaction in which Three Day Gallery can share information that is related to such transaction with that affiliated business. They can also share aggregated demographic information with business partners.

Other companies and people are employed by Three Day Gallery to perform tasks. Three Day Gallery needs to share the customer’s information with the employees to provide products and services to the customers. Some examples of this are providing customer service, fulfilling orders, providing marketing assistance, processing payments, analyzing data, and handling billing disputes and collections. Partnering with a third-party service is ideal with Three Day Gallery to prevent fraud and/or verify identification.

Three Day Gallery sells and buys assets. During these types of transactions, member information is one of the business assets that are transferred. If acquired or merged with another company, Three Day Gallery will transfer information about the customer. In this event, Three Day Gallery will notify the customer by email or putting a prominent notice on the website before information about the customer is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

There are other websites that Three Day Gallery contains links to. Basically, when a customer loads a page on Three Day Gallery that has a social plug-in from a third party website/service then the customer is also loading content from that third-party websites as well. Like or Send buttons are examples of such social plug-ins and cookies can be requested from that third website directly from the customer’s browser. A variety of technologies are used by Three Day Gallery to help the company better understand how people use their website and services. Tracking technologies can be used by third-party services to provide certain features. Some examples are browser cookies and flash cookies. Three Day Gallery can partner with this third party to allow a partner to recognize the customer’s computer each time he or she visits Three Day Gallery.

Organizational Structure

Director of Technology

Takes care of all trades when it comes to Three Day Gallery. The primary focuses are marketing and developing the website.

Managing Partner

Takes care of all the slew of roles including everything from human resources to logistics. Also looks to improve any type of process.

Director of Design

Works in print, web and video production. Draws and creates objects while using these skills to help artists around the world to transfer their ideas.

Production Manager

Works in the screen printing industry and makes sure everyone is doing their job correctly.

Pre-Production Manager

Works with print making and screen printing.


Works with programming the website and building useful and innovative applications.

Lead Screen Printer

Works with screen printing and assists and helps the website run smooth.

Warehouse Manager

Provides materials, equipment, and supplies by taking charge of the services involved.

Lead Digital Partner

Responsible for creating content, outreaching media/blogging, email marketing, paid advertising, and social networking.

Inventory Specialist

Maintains records of quantity, type and value of material, equipment, supplies stocked, and merchandise.

Graphic Designer

Passionate for creativity with design. Experienced with web, print, package design, and advertising.

Shipping Specialist

Perform shipping and receiving duties while supporting the shipment of goods produced.

Financial Condition

Prints are sold for an amount that depends on the quality of the print in terms of how elegant it is. Three Day Gallery makes money by selling these prints to customers. The artists then cut the amount of money we make depending on their artwork. Three Day Gallery owns the rights to reproduce the artists’ artwork when ever. Using data from a public competitor, the industry shows a common use of relying heavily on leverage. The margins compared to competitors are very close besides the leading company, which gives Three Day Gallery a good chance to surpass a lot of other companies.

Industry/Competitive Environment

The framed artwork competitive environment consists of a perfect competition. There are numerous well informed buyers and sellers that know all elements of monopoly are absent. The market price of a certain commodity is beyond the control of the individual buyers and sellers. In the United States, it is starting to become a popular trend for consumers to buy framed art. Millions of people are buying into this trend and are spending hundreds of dollars on their purchase. This gives competitors an idea of how to price their products. Some companies like to give their products a high price and others like to give discounts to consumers. It all depends on the company’s status in the industry.


Three Day Gallery markets their company in a variety of ways including social media, google AdWords, and guest blogging. Social media is the leading marketing tactic. The company tends to use Instagram to post and promote their work. Artists can hashtag Three Day Gallery to get a chance to feature their artwork and further sell their work on their premier online art gallery. Artists can also hashtag 3tg for shout outs as well. Pinterest is another tactic for the company and operates similar to Instagram. The company also has a Facebook and Twitter page for customers to be aware of the company and see what they do. Google AdWords is always a popular tactic the company uses to compete with their competitors. The company basically uses Google+ to advertise their service/product. A lot of companies use Google AdWords to grow their business. It gives companies the chance to put their message in front of potential customer’s right when they’re searching for what they have to offer. Lastly, guest blogging is done through blogging websites such as wet canvas. This gives bloggers an opportunity to comment on artwork and convers ate about the company.