Organization structure refers to a plan and well organized workplace

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Organization structure refers to a plan and well organizes workplace. With the help of organization structure is will be easy to have a good relationship and also easy way to divide job and also to have a good control of the organization. Organization refers to a group people who form a business in order to achieve a particular aim. Structure is a way that the parts are put together or organized.

The important to have an organizational structure is to have a design organization and work specialization. Work specialization refers, example having a special task. An employee has special skills in doing a particular job, in marketing. This show work specialization.

By having a good organization structure it will help to have a good working environment to the employee. It will help to understand the tasks and responsibilities of the individual. The employee will be clear in what to do and what are their tasks. Furthermore, it helps to have a coordinated environment. Coordinated environment helps to reduces confusion and conflict between the employees. The chain of command will help to maintain the relationship from the top to bottom of the organization. It will remain control.

By this the organization will be having a functioning working place.

Organization Structure is divided to 4 main parts which are entrepreneurial structure, functional structure, division structure and matrix structure. These are the four common structures. Entrepreneurial structure retains control. Entrepreneurial structure defined lines of authority for all the levels of management. It is a centralized structure where the highly development take all the decision for the management.

Secondly functional structure refers to divides the activities of the organization. Each department has its own management. Example engineers only management engineering department. Engineers only will take care of the software issues.

This structure has a clear path. The disadvantages are lack of communication with the organization and have only work specialization. Only specials in one department. Divisional structure is more focus on specific needs of the each product and also able to accept the changes in the organization. Division structure is very specific to each product or services have it own management team to handle the department. Lastly is matrix structure has multiple of authority.

It helps to provide a good control and strong structure and also having a good teamwork. The disadvantage is confusion would take place easily and it will be difficult to manage.

It important to know which organization structure suits your company to avoid miscommunication and work delay. It is important to have a well organized structure having a good coordination of work to achieve the goals.

As an event management company the writer has choose functional structure for the company organization. The writer feels that functional structure will be more organized and well planed structure that will help the work to take place in a good environment with less confusion that will take place in the organization. Functional structure helps to divides the activities according to the skills of each individual separately.

The employees will know their work well. By dividing the job, the task will be completed fast and less confusion. The employees have to just do their parts well. If everyone does their job properly there will not be any confusion cause to the job. Each department has its own group and there will be teamwork to fulfill the given task.

Functional structure is centralized. Centralized refers to the decision making authority by the top management. The higher department only has the rights and power to make the decision. It will be easy to have centralized system because it will help the organization to avoid conflict.

Having separated department will be better to avoid any miscommunication within the upper and lower organization. Besides this, functional structures also help the organization to have a good working environment place. Each individual has their own job and duty to do. This creates a good work specialization with a clear the company. It has a centralized and power of authority to the upper department to take the decision. Centralized organization means the upper department has the power to do things. This structure also helps the company to have gain more experience employees.

As the job is done daily more experience will be gain from it. Experience refers of learning from the daily basis and as structure will suit the company very well cause each department has divided their task equally. This structure is very clear and very well planed structure for the company. The writer feels that this organization structure will very well suit because it is very plan structure and coordinate, having a good division of job to avoid misunderstanding among the organization too.

The writer feels that structure organization also has weakness but the weakness will be overcome by the strengths of the organization. The writer likes this structure because it has different department and team to do the given job well. Each department has been giving a separated task and different role to do the job well.

This organization structure has a lot of control to the department as well. For example each management has their roles to play and it will not be completed without each other.

The writer company is a wedding event management company. The company chooses functional structure for the organization because the writer feels that the functional structure will be the best and very well suitable for the organization. This functional structure will suit the company organization. Besides this, having different department for each management will be good and efficient to the organization. It important to choose the right organization structure that will suit the company and it will create a good working environment. It will make everyone one happy. This will create a good working environment to the employees. The employees will feel happy and peaceful to carry out they job.

Functional structure will create a good working environment where each department has their specific work to be done. Event management is organizing and planning events.

Functional structure also has a good control in the organization. Each department has its manager and team to work with. For example marketing side has its own team to work with. If the task been given each department will do their job. Marketing will take control of adverting side; account will be management by the accounts. The job divided according.

Work specialization helps the company to have experience employees to do the given task. By having experience employees the given task will be completed without any delay or conflict because the employees are ding the same job daily and the employees know the job A to Z. They will also have clear path of what they are doing and the knowledge about the job too.


Functional structure divides the activities to different areas. Functional structure has a clear path for the employees. The employees know what to do and they will understand they job better. The department has its own section. Functional structure is a very well organized structure. It is very specializing. For example accounts take accounting department. This will help to reduce confusion among the organization. By having specific department the job is done according to the needs. Work specialization is divided according to the individual’s ability. Work specialization refers to special interest in a filed like marketing, financial etc.

. The other advantages are the job will be accomplished and done easily. The job will be done in group. Each department will have group to fulfill the given task. The task will be based on the department either marketing or finance and etc. Functional structure also has control. The higher management takes control over the lower department and also monitors them as well.

This is also a centralized structure. Centralized structure is a well coordinate structure for the organization to have a better coordinate place for working. Centralized help the higher department to make a good decision based on the problem. The higher department has the rights and power to take a decision. The top management has the rights and the authority to take and make a good decision.

Functional structure has some weakness too. Such as work specialization, the employees have to do the same job and only specials in a particular filed. By having work specialization and being in the same department, never give chance to try something new or getting new knowledge about the updates. After years of doing the same job the employees will feel bored of it. Work will be bored without any new challenges to face.

Besides this, the other disadvantages is conflict will be pushed around and never be able to solve it.

This is centralized structure where all the decision is taken by the upper department. It will take time to get approval from the upper management. Furthermore lack of communication among the organization. There will be lack of communications because there will not be any chances to communicate among the department.

This structure has focus only one specially area where functional structure is not open to other skills and options. In making decision this structure will be slow because it will take time for the higher department to approval which will take time. And the managers cannot make any decision on their own and cannot response to the customer as fast as possible. All the decision making power is given to the top management.

The writer company is a wedding event management. This company is a functional structure organization. Weeding event management has divided to several departments which are project manager, finance, food and privileges manager and human resources manager with the help of the functional structure it help to maintain a clear path in the organization.

Functional structure will be having control by the top management. This type of structure will has a control of the lower management. Each unit has a control manager. Foe wedding event management first needs an event director as the management then goes to coordinator programmer coordinator venue coordinator equipment coordinate and hospitality coordinator to prepare the event. The top management will be divided the work to each coordinator. The job will be done according.

This event well suitable organization will be functional structure. Functional structure will have different department to handle and organize this well. Each department will have their own sector to handle and to do. Functional structure will be suitable for this event because it is very well plan and coordinate structure to do event management. Each department has their own sector to be responsible and take care of it. It will not have any confusion because the department is divided separately to achieve their goals and aims. Functional structure has a very well coordinate sector will help this to be done in the easy way and avoid conflict to the organization as well.


To overcome this problem, the organizations have to work as a team and build a good relationship within the organization. Put more efforts to have a good communication among the department. As a example regular meeting. The purpose of meeting is to exchanges opinion ideas and to get to know each other better. This will avoid miscommunication to take place. And the problem should not be pushed around but try to solve it as a team and as fast as possible.

As an event Management Company, first should have the ability to fulfill the customer needs and wants. Should have the committed to fulfill the customer needs. Have to build trust and respect within the customer as well. Besides this, event management has to have teamwork within the organization to avoid pressure from the top management and any delay of job.

Event management should be able to handle any kind of situation that comes. And always work as a team to fulfill or achieve the aim. Job must be done according the dates and all the employees and manager must cooperation is important in a team work. The important elements to have a successful event management are to have well plan and coordinate organization.

Organization environment is very important element to the organization. Environment refers to the aim to improve and protect the environment. It is important to take good

care of the environment .

Environment plays an important role in every organization. It either can be big or small business but environment analysis is important to identity the weakness and the strength of the particular business.

Organization environment divides to two main parts which is internal and external factors that affect the business. It is important to understand the internal and the external factors. An internal factor refers to analysis on the strengths and the weakness of the business itself. Whereas for external factor to identity the opportunities and the threats of the business. External factors are uncontrolled factors which effect by social, political, economics and technology.

Organization environment divides to 2 parts which is internal and external factors. Firstly the writer will like to discuss about internal factors. Internal factors are to analysis the strengths and the weakness of the company. What are the important strengths and the weakness in the company? For example strengths of the company, the company have a very good of teamwork employees and good in marketing and etc.

For weakness maybe the organization structure too can be a weakness to the company. The company organization structure didn’t not suit the business may lead to a weakness. Every business has its own strength and weakness of the business. The company has to identify the strength and weakness of the business. This will be a good way to know about your business better. For the internal factor it is controllable and can be maintain within the organization.

Besides this, external factor refers to the opportunities and threats which is an uncontrollable factor. External factors can be an advantages and disadvantages to the business itself.

External factors refer to the opportunities and threats of the company. External factors are the factors beyond the control of the organization of the company. It will be difficult to handle the external factor because it external factors are out of control of the company. External factors are beyond the control of the organization. These factors will be influential the decision making of the firm.

External factors are affected by political factors, economics, social factors and technological factors. Firstly the writer will like to discuss about political factors. Political factors for example government laws and legislation. For economics factors will be currency exchange and inflation can be an element to effect the organization. Social factors like people change the lifestyle, culture and etc. Not forgetting technological factors which are new innovation of technical new devices. All this factors plays an important role and effect the business.

Every company has to identity the external factors that affect the business. External effete is very important to the business itself. To understand internal and external environment it difficult but with help of SWOT analysis it will be much easier to identify the strength and weakness of the business. SWOT analysis refers to strength weakness opportunities and threats of the business.

For my assignment question I have been ask to interview a small local business in my area and come up with a swot analysis for the business.

The small local business which the writer chooses is a hand phone shop. Firstly the writer will explain about the background of the business. The business was established in the year 2003. The location was a small half shop lot. It was shop lot besides with restored and recoveries shop. There are two people who are in charge in the shop. The shop is open 10.00am to 10.00pmdaily include Saturday and Sunday. After two years they have open a other shop in the same area itself.

The challenges that the local business face was having competitor and hand phone shop now days have a lot in every housing area. That was a biggest challenge for the business. There was other deficit like cash and workers to help to ruin the business. Went the shop open the business pick up when they had provided photo taking services, washing the firms and also photostat took place. This was the reason the business pick up. At this location and they treat their customers’ very well, where the customer always turn to them.

This business mainly sell hand phone. For example in the morning order for the phone by the evening the customer can receive the phone. These shops really give fast services to the customer. If the phone not functioning well he customer can go to them for repair.

The small local business strength is giving good and fast services to the customer. Very friendly and know the way to talk and the treat 6the customer very well.

Secondly is the location. These particular areas only have one phone shop. Customers run to them to get top up, Photostat and etc. The particular area customer will run to them to get phone, sell the second phones, and repair phones, getting a new sim card. Customer will go to the nearby place to get things done. The customer prefer nearby places. Because customer feels that in case of repair or any enquires they can go back to the shop which is near by their house.

The weakness of the small local business is the shop very small. Hard to bring in new things or more things because the place is small. Place is limited. Besides this, customers are from the particular housing area only. Not from outside. Only be notice by the passing buyers. Not every day got customer want to buy phone.

Not everyone can afford to get new phones according to the changes of technological. Furthermore phone price not same always depends sometimes the price goes up and down. Not fixed profit according to the situation only. Not a fixed amount of income to the business if sell phones got income if not means the income will be low.

The threats that is small business can effect is the area, small and not recognize by others. The area is insides the Taman area. Customer prefers buying phones in complex like city square, angsana where they meet with the deals as well. Nowadays every corner got phone shop and everywhere got offer and promotions.

Local small business is hard to survive in the industry with full of competition among each other. The small business that I interview had a lot of challenges to face at the beginning. The phone shop has a lot of difficult to face at begin but slowing the business develops and now there are two shop in the same area.

Due to it small local business it doesn’t have any political factors that effect this business. Only the economics factor that influence is inflation. Pricing level of product. Social factor effect such as people lifestyle. Lifestyle such as people now prefers to have different phones. Chances the phones to the latest technological. Went new phones comes people prefers to have different and the latest model of phone.

Small business is normal owned by family business and the capital requirement is low to high depend on the business on how it has developed.


This small local business needs to identity their strengths weakness opportunity and threats in the business to get stronger in this sector too. Small local business has to identity the opportunity and grabs the opportunity to get their business stronger. Whereas as for the threat the business has to identity where the weak points is and always works towards it and try to overcome the problem at comes.


Throughout this assignment I have found and learn a lot of things. After interview this local small business the writer has understand the needs of this small business. It is very important to identity the SWOT of each business.

SWOT analysis helps to understand the strengths weakness opportunity and threats. It is very important for each and every business to understand this.

My personal findings throughout this project are SWOT analysis plays an important role to achieve and to become stronger in the business filed. The business has to take full responsible on the business and always work on to improve the business.

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