Organization leadership and motivation in goldenstate manufacturers

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As mentioned in the passage provided to us, the organization Goldenstate Manufacturers (Pvt.) Ltd. is a humungous textile-manufacturing organization established for over thirty years in Australia employing more than 1700 employees which places it in the list of the top five manufacturing corporations across the nation.

According to me the purpose behind the inauguration of such a humungous textile manufacturing corporation can be all of the three reasons (options) given to us namely economic, social, and personal.

The mere fact that the organization was established thirty years ago and today it employs over 1700 individuals brings in the economic reason behind the Organization's settlement as being one amongst the top five manufacturing organizations in the nation and employing so many people the organization as a whole definitely supports the economy of the nation because of the enormous productivity and generating employment.

The organization accommodates different departments in itself emphasizing on explicit tasks such as accounting and finance, sales and marketing, operations, quality control etc. which add up to the diversity or the assortment involved as far as the tasks or the skill sets of the employees are concerned. Moreover being a product based company which means that the entire organization emphasizes on the manufacturing of fixed product (textiles) only thing being that it is passed on to all the departments and finally once the quality control division approves its quality it is finished and ready to be shipped, an excellent level of communication and coordination has to exist between these departments for the smooth functioning and elevated productivity in the organization. This is where the social reason behind the establishment of the company marks its presence.

As we can clearly see from the name of the company itself the term "Pvt. Ltd" implies to the fact that the company is a private organization set up on a larger basis but by a fixed group or groups of individuals irrespective of the grounds or conditions on which the company was inaugurated. This is the reason why I think there were certain personal reasons behind the establishment of the corporation besides the economic and social reasons.

Chief executive officer (head)Organizational chart of Goldenstate Manufacturers:







Deputy General Manager

Middle and First line Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Technical and Non- Technical Workers

Research and Development

Human Resources


Quality Control


Sales and Marketing

Accounting and Finance

General Managers of:

Effectiveness of the Organization:

Goldenstate Manufacturers is a corporation accommodating the power culture and structure in its management. As we can see from the Organizational chart of Goldenstate above there exists a central hierarchy in the structure just because of the mere fact that the entire company is controlled and monitored by its head who is the Chief Executive officer (CEO) on the top. The CEO being accountable for the entire corporation's functioning and progress is responsible for General Managers of all the seven departments (Accounting and Finance, Sales and Marketing, Operations, Quality control, ICT, Human Resources and R & D).

This central Hierarchy on the top and then the diverse departments below performing explicit tasks controlled by their independent Deputy General Managers according to me is the backbone of the efficient functioning and elevated productivity in the Organization.

But as mentioned in the passage provided to us since the last eighteen months the company has suffered a downfall as a result of factors such as lack of efficient communication and coordination, overstaffing and variances in the turnovers of different departments (for example the turnover in the Knitting and Finishing sections is higher than that of the other departments which brings a sort of unevenness in the productivity of the organization).

The production in the company is entirely handled by the operations department (also responsible for the 20% drop in the production) consisting of six sub-departments namely Knitting, Dyeing, Finishing, Cutting, Stitching and purchasing. Firstly the number employees in the Operations department (the largest department in the company with over 1500 employees) should be limited to a fixed amount and should be equally distributed in all of its departments. For a department as diverse and busy as the Operations department there should exist an excellent level of communication and coordination between their heads and employees and also between the six different sub-departments to avoid any hold-ups in the production or scarcity of raw material. Moreover an outstanding level of communication between the all the departments and the central board (consisting of the head who is the CEO and all the General Managers) would totally annihilate any such flaws in the production of the organization not forgetting the optimistic (only focused towards the progress of the company) mindsets of all the higher officials would equally contribute to the company's success.

2.1 Leadership Styles:

Speculating the fact that the company has been going through losses since eighteen months and the production has dropped by 20% during the same period, according to me the leadership styles incorporated by both Adam and James are inappropriate or more concisely would act as hindrances in the productivity and business performance of the organization.

According to the information provided to us in the passage, Adam the knitting manager has incorporated his own sort of arrogant philosophy of "My way or no way"! this clearly unleashes his technique of management and his personality which is dominated by narrow-mindedness. By incorporating this philosophy he is not only blocking generation of unique ideas and feedbacks from his employees but also degrading the employee's interest and satisfaction as far as being a part of the company is concerned. Hence the reasons mentioned above make Adam's leadership style inappropriate the alteration being the change in his philosophy to being open to feedbacks and unique ideas from his employees by adopting the Democratic leadership style which would benefit company's production.

The Delegative style of leadership is depicted from James the Dyeing manager's working technique. As given in the passage James the Dyeing manager does not keep track of the tasks under way or already accomplished by any of his workers which is also not appropriate according to me and is somewhat hindering the company's production thus responsible for the losses and also for factors such as overstaffing in the Dyeing department. In the current situation the company is in Delegative style would not be the most appropriate as some of the drawbacks encountered adopting the Delegative style are carelessness towards duties by employees and lack of sufficient coordination between employees and higher officials. Instead of caring about being liked by his employees James being the manager of a department as busy as the dyeing department the emphasis should be more on meeting the production and time deadlines to make up for the losses encountered by the company as a whole.

2.2 Motivation Theory:

As stated in the passage the Leadership style adopted by Adam the Knitting manager is the Autocratic one where he allocates tasks to employees but is not open to feedbacks or ideas from them. So, to match his leadership style the theory of motivation that Adam should adopt in order to convince all of his employees to stay back in the company according to me is the Maslow's theory of motivation which is also known as the Maslow's hierarchy of needs. This is the most appropriate theory of motivation as it involves the fulfillment of all of the needs of his employees which would definitely hold them back in the company in spite of the arrogant and narrow-minded philosophy of Adam.

By using this theory Adam will be able to fulfill all of his employee's needs including their psychological needs (food, sleep. Sleep, exertion, etc.), safety needs (Security of employment, of resources, of morality by boosting their morals regularly, of health, of family, etc.), love or belonging needs (friendly atmosphere or socialistic environment in the company between all employees and between employees and higher officials, family, etc.), esteem needs which includes factors such as respecting fellow employees and getting equal amount of respect at the same time from the rest and finally self actualization needs which include creativity and spontaneity that needs to circulate between all of the employees for efficient productivity.

According to me firstly to start with Adam should broaden his mind and be open to his worker's suggestions and ideas which would also make sure that there is an outstanding level of communication between him and his employees and would also elevate the level of comfort and belongingness between all the employees. Communication and interaction are like the key elements to Adam's success as a manager and to the fact that Adam would efficiently persuade his employees to stay in the company. Friendly and socialistic atmosphere in the department would assist company's progress to a great extent as then the employees would get the best out of themselves while working if they are constantly talked to or sort of pampered. Psychological needs at the bottom of the Maslow's pyramid would best ensure the employee's satisfaction as they include the fulfillment of all of their basic or primary needs such as food, water, sleep, sex, exertion, etc.

2.3 Delegation by Ron, the Finishing Manager:

The passage tells us that Ron, the finishing manager also follows the same philosophy of "My way or no way"! just like Adam, the Knitting manager which means that even his style of leadership is the autocratic obstructing any sort of liberty that the employee should get in performing tasks their own way.

As per the requirements of Carl, the CEO of the company Ron should adopt the delegative style where he would delegate duties to his employees and ventilate and stimulate liberty amongst all the employees to do tasks allocated to them by the way they feel is the easiest, quickest and the most convenient. The delegation that Ron needs to efficiently do in order to ensure excellent productivity and employee satisfaction at the same time involves five steps namely accountability, responsibility, authority, empowerment and process.

Firstly in the accountability step of delegation according to me Ron should simply delegate duties to his employees by taking the accountability on his shoulders which means that in spite of the fact that the employees have the liberty to perform tasks in their own way but eventually Ron is the person who will be accountable for any positive or negative results and consequences and also for their completion. This would generate a level of comfort and confidence between the employees as they would know that they have the liberty but at the same time they know that they do not hold the accountability for the tasks.

In the responsibility step of delegation Ron should delegate the responsibility of the operations and completion of tasks ensuring optimistic results to his employees. Here the responsibility of performing and completing tasks is on the shoulders of the employees but they are not accountable for them. So, once he has delegated the responsibility of tasks with their respective time deadlines he should totally forget about them until the deadlines come up.

According to me the authority and empowerment steps of delegation are somewhat similar as in both of these steps Ron is giving his employees the authority of the tasks which in a way also implies to the fact that he is bestowing power (empowering) his employees to perform and complete tasks by their own ways but before the time deadlines. He should authorize or empower his employees to use their own ideas or techniques which would save time and cost of production and other such factors and just expect positive and desired results as far as the completion of duties is concerned.

The process step is where Ron should actually go through a fixed and profitable process of delegation where he entirely delegates duties to his employees giving them the required liberty for them to be as innovative and creative as they can towards elevated productivity and business performance of the department and the organization as a whole.