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Organizations and Management


Question1 ¼š SWOT of Samsung group

What is SWOT ?

SWOT is mean strengths,weaknesses,opportunities and threats

Samsung Background

1938 Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-Chul

1960s, Samsung Group entered into the electronics industry which is formed several electronics-related divisions, such as Samsung Electronics Devices, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Corning, and Samsung Semiconductor & Telecommunications, and made the facility in Suwon. Its first product was a black-and-white television set.

2000, Samsung Group opened a computer programming laboratory , after moving into digital TV and smartphones , in Poland it was work started with set-top-box technology .

2014, Samsung announced a $14.7 billion investment to build a chip plant in South Korea and they would invest $560 million in Vietnam Strength .

Samsung Strength

1.They have the widest range of product which are mobile phones , tablet and TV , etc .

According to graph , Samsung in 2014 had sold out 85million mobile phones . And the obverse show that in this year Samsung had sold out 48million TV and tablet .Biggest experience cellular telephones and 2 spot in cell phones deals on the planet. Samsung Electronics have accomplished extensive piece of the pie in numerous items they offer, particularly in cellular telephones, cell phones, semiconductors and TV sets. Vast piece of the pie has its preference, haggling power, that Samsung can use to further diminish expenses and interest for better contract conditions.

2. Capacity to market the brand. Samsung is named as top climbing brand by Interbrand and is the ninth most important brand with worth about $33 billion. It has climbed by 40% from 2011 to 2012. This was for the most part accomplished because of organization's capacity to market the brand in brandishing occasions and social commitments.

Samsung Weaknesses

  1. The product of Samsung are very similar to the product of Apple so that some people will not and not willing to buy Samsung product . In this cases , the profit of Samsung will decrease , if this situation are really happen then Samsung company will very danger because profit decrease will affect the company , Samsung group maybe will close because of this reason .
  2. Samsung have a lot of product , like mobile phone , TV and tablet , etc .Samsung Electronics serves 4 separate commercial enterprises with numerous distinctive items in them. Samsung is at burden over its rivals in light of the fact that it loses a center when contending in an excess of commercial ventures and an excess of items.

Samsung Opportunities

  1. Samsung can innovate some APP only can use on the Samsung mobile phone and tablet so that Samsung can their sales and profit . Like Apple , they innovate some apps just can use on iOS.

Samsung Threats

  1. same product company , like Apple . In recently three years ago, Samsung and Apple have a war about the intellectual property .
  2. low cost competitors in china , because nowadays in china there have a lot of investment come out and some people started to buy the new investment , for example , MI and HUAWEI .It will affect Samsung because of the new investment .

Question 2 : Analytical Tool - PESTE

What is PESTE ?

PESTE is mean political , economic , social , technological and environmental .


Political issues incorporate administrative edge work working in legal framework which may influence the business in diverse ways. There are very few political components in Peshawar influencing Pizza Hut as is lack of rivalry. Variables, for example, laws on business job, contamination and levy apply on the organization which it needs to take after with respect to the guidelines.


In the event that the province's economy is better so the GDP of the nation will be great, this is a green sign for the business as the for every capita salary of the individuals will be expanded and they will use more cash. In our study we came to realize that a large portion of the individuals in the first place of the months use more and they visit pizza cottage regularly. At the point when the swelling rate expands the expense of crude material likewise increases and this leads towards high costs of the items and the other way around.


Pizza hut is basically originated from America so the organization is overwhelmed by western culture.There are social manifestations of society which comprise of Upper class,middle class, center privileged, lower class and lower class. Each nation has social standards, values,beliefs and religion which can influence the association.


Nowadays engineering is enhancing so as preparing and warming stoves will be of new and effective innovation and will give productive administration. Because of new engineering there are better approaches for advertising like web; telemarketing and the association can promote their items with substantially all the more speedier pace.


The administration arrangement of PIZZA HUT is extremely solid. No individual can stray from their obligations, that create any issue. It is in the statement of purpose of PIZZA HUT that each manager has a supervisor. Along these lines, a check win on all the workers and they don't veer off from their obligations, that bring about any aggravation.

Question 3 : Social Responsibility

  1. Fonterras social responsibility from the classical viewpoint
  • Free milk in the school

The Fonterra Milk will give the free milk for the school every month , then the student will get the benefit so that they can get more health body . Because some student family are low-salary , they can’t get the the well food .

  • Cooperate with the CHILD FUND

ChildFund has over 70 years experience of support prenatal education and child welfare projects in Asia. And also they work in Indonesia and the Philippines to improve local people health and well-being .

(b) Fonterra’s social responsibility from the socio-economic viewpoint

  • Hire unemployed

Because when they hire the unemployed , so that people get the job and they will get the salary . When they get salary then they will able to spend money that will let the social-economic growth up .

  • Offer training

When they offer training , teach people skills , improve their knowledge . After that , they will have the skills to finding job and they will get the salary then they will able to spending money so that the socio-economic will growth up .


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