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Almost £10 billion.

The company's behaviour and the culture truly depicts that the approach of the consumer satisfaction is the prime goal of the organisation and to full fill this the company employees are committed to do the work in a self-created culture of the organisation.

The organisation having its individuals and management in such a system of workforce which truly depicts their vision and mission

The communication of the organisation is very fast inside the organisation between the management as well as the whole employees of the organisation

The leadership of the company is fully committed to provide the equal opportunity employment to all of the employees working inside the organisation.

The organisation behaviour is such that it depicts that it is matching with the custodial model of the organisation behaviour. All the employment of the management comes under the supervision and dependence of the organisation. All the employees work for the betterment and security of the organisation.

The behaviour of the organisation is such that the good working environment of the organisation is very supportive and work oriented.

The organisation behaviour of the organisation has the following characteristics under the working in leadership environment

positive beliefs about the potential of employees

structure technology and the equipments work under the perfect conditions of the working environment

the organisation behaviour is such that is made to facilitate, stimulate and initiate the workforce to work under the leadership instructions in a convenient method

The organisational behaviour of the company is truly depicting its values and vision to facilitates the customers satisfaction as its prime goal

The organisational behaviour of the organisation is significant in many ways

It has the following participants and approaches in it

We often thought that what is "Organizational Behaviour," and in which way it is important to build up the future of an organization in the market. Organizational behavior emerges partly towards the requirements of the organization.

The well defined and sophisticated structure of the organisation is totally based on the organisational behaviour. The finest way to develop the friendly organisational behaviour is the prime goal of the OPTIO in the whole structure of the organisation from the top to bottom management.

THE INDIVIDUAL: the individual of the organization is the basic element of any organization which participates in the organizational behavior and structure. An individual of the organization is responsible of its won duties as well as responsible of having knowledge of what is going around in its surrounding. This basic element is very power tool in any organization to setup a good and healthy environment.

THE FORMAL BEHAVIOR : the formal behaviour of the organization means the legal proceedings and official meetings and updates which are the prime key prospect of the organization utilizing this the whole structure of the organization is standing.

THE INFORMAL BEHAVIOR: the informal behaviour means the formal meetings and office talk between the employees and the internal environment of the organization. The internal environment of the organization is created


THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT : the physical environment of the organization deals with the structure, building , office structure , and internal material as well as the software and technical tools used by the organization used to build up the organization


The job satisfaction of the employees is very useful in creating the good surrounding and healthy environment among the employees of the organisation. The employement of the organisation is very happy with the organisations benefits and salaries so that the organisation is truly fulfilling the organisational needs in terms of job satisfaction in short and long term benefits of the organisation.


The organisation usually doing well with creating the group tasks to create a good workforce in group tasks. The organisation utilize these groups to fulfil the requirement of the complex organisational tasks which cannot be done individually


For any organisation there is a very delicate matter which can harm nay organisation one of which is politics inside the organisation. The power of the organisation is actually in the hands of the top management of the organisation. If they take it to the wrong side it may cause many conflicts and take organisation astray from its actual path of prosperity


The organisational design is very important it is the structure on which the whole organisation is standing and working under it


The organizational present organisational behaviour is working in the right track. The future of the organisation is bright due to the organisational behaviour healthy environment


The beliefs and the values of the organisation is truly the mirror depicting for the organisation. the vision and the values of the organisation is as under


"To support the UKCS business now and in the future based on the knowledge, skills and behaviours of its people."


The will operate with a value set of fairness, trust and respect. Everyone dealing with the can expect to:

Be listened to and have their ideas and opinions respected.

Have a realistic evaluation of what might be possible.

Be given an honest assessment of the time, money, resource and commitment needed to implement the options.

Agree practical next steps.

OPITO - The Oil & Gas is working in collaboration with Education industry:

Not all other things which are in the betterment of the organization are the vision and values of the organization.


The leadership management is very vital for any organization. The leadership structure of the organization is well defined and organized

The leadership of the organization is based upon the following four factors






The situation is very important and it is the time and environment where the organizational leadership has to take the on spot decisions and steps to run the proper functioning of the organization at the right track. The situations are different in different scenarios and different steps are required to take place followed by the correct and right instructions by the leadership of the organization.


The communication is also a key factor in developing the better understanding among the employment of the organization and the leadership of the organsaiitional. The communication of the organization is developed by the proper tools and equipment followed by the method defined by the organization's leadership management. The employment of the organization follows the instruction of the leadership of the management.


The leadership management pass the instructions through the proper communication method and the employment follow it in such a way that the organization work properly and effectively.


A leader of the organization is a key and prime factor under the instructions of which the whole organization work and perform their duties. A leader is the responsible person of all the activities and work done by the organization. The leader of the organization is performing its duty under the organization's vision and value statement.

Management deals with doing things in proper and well directed way. Manager adopt different and useful ways to acquire various diverse and often specified objectives




Role of the Manager



At every level the skills and aptitudes of the OPTIO employees must be appropriate and well defined:

For managing the complex equipment and process scientific and technical skills are necessary and implemented at every stage of the employers performance

For managing the staff proper human skills are required

In production operation training is needed, mechanical installation, electrical plant maintenance and instrumentation and control systems.

The leadership of the organization is managing all the internal environment of the organization in such of the way to attract the employees for achieving the goal of the organization in a respectful way.

Leadership differs from management. Leadership encompasses the skills and qualities needed to inspire others to achieve goals. Leaders can see the heart of a problem and suggest (sometimes unusual) solutions; they have a positive self image; they tend to be creative; they are often experts in a field and can sense change and respond accordingly. Many managers are also leaders, but people in the oil and gas industry are encouraged to show leadership at every level. The industry has an inclusive and involving culture so that even the newest Trainee Instrument Technician may spot a better way of doing something and will be able to influence positive change.