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Part 1: The Business Proposal

1.1 Description of the Business

Buccaneers bar is a pirate theme bar which has poll dancing. It is a premium priced bar with a cover charge $79, which include free flow of beer, which to be served by waitress like models. It also includes DJ, dance floor, and ice bar counter and also having normal counter for drinks. Our bar create an attractive district environment with the combination of the above factors which differentiate our bar comparison to normal bars and clubs. Our bar offers quick and flexible service to the guest, so that the customers shouldn't have to wait for the drinks. Our excellent service and attractive environment, combined with our guests' ability to modify their enjoying experience, drives guest visits and loyalty.

Food and beverage sector of tourism, we are operating in our business. Our business objective is to continue the growth and development of Buccaneers Bar. We are providing soft drinks, hard drinks, in freezing temperatures with poll dancing to our valuable customers which create an attractive area atmosphere and enable our guests to have a pleasant experience. We are satisfying our customers with our flexible service includes booze, dance floor and poll dance which also pays Attention on operational excellence. Normally every bar serves liquors and having dance floors, but we are mixing all the spices together includes free drinks with poll dance, pirate theme and attractive costumes of staff with liquors in freezing temperature, with this all qualities our bar differ from normal bars.

The expected opening date for this bar will be December 20th 2011. This will give us the opportunity to serve customers for Christmas and New Year eve.

We are planning to open our bar with a specific theme of pirates which give a different appearance to customers as they feel that they are in different world from the normal atmosphere. As 21st century is running life is going fast, no one has time to breathe. Everyone is tiered from the work load, in this situation; it is our small effort to reduce the tiredness of the customers.

As we are providing special costumes to our staff which suits our theme, as mentioned above we are choosing lassies as our waitress and for managing department we are selecting qualified persons.

1.2 Location of the business

Singapore because it is one of the attractive tourists spot in Singapore were generally We are planning to start our business at orchard towers 02-43,400 orchard road, floor tourists use to come for entertainment and to enjoy the night life of Singapore. We are planning to take the place on lease because has it is newly started business to decrease our initial investment we decide to take the property on lease which also not affects our funds or investments and one more specific reason is also that the property costs in Singapore is very expensive after a certain period we will plan to have our own property.

As above mentioned, we are planning to start our business in orchard area which is well-known for entertainment and night life. As the surroundings for our business are generally bars, discotheques, nightclubs, spa, massaging centers, shopping malls, etc.
We picked orchard towers to start our business because it is well known area and it is one of the most significant areas in Singapore. It is one of the most attractive tourists place in the country. The advantages we found to start our business in orchard towers, among the most obvious, it is a hot-spot of night clubs, bars. The Orchard Towers Singapore also houses some of the popular shopping trappings that exist even at other malls and shopping arcades.

Orchards Towers Singapore continued for so many decades after the tower came into existence. Though the actual operative of these covert activities remained under the wraps for several years, and the whole business was conducted on a word-of-mouth basis, it was only in the post eighties that it became the top destination of the tourists.

Orchard Towers is as we all know is the “Four Floors of Whores”, no more and no less. Anyone can go there, male or female, and have a good time that is for sure. It just depends upon the person and what they are out to do that evening. You can spend the entire night there moving from club to club and just checking out the band if you like. You can enjoy the good food and can celebrate any vital occasion with your family. It's a perfect place to hang out.

As far as concerned if there are advantages for anything there will disadvantages also. While making strategy for our business we came to know that orchard towers have some bad impacts also for settling a business.

Prostitution is running illegally in orchard towers things are go wild in orchard tower level ,you can have sex or anything inside the Philippines pub, we wonder what are the police in Singapore are doing, Singapore is such a strict country but this kind of thing is happening.

Orchard tower double murder case

On 2nd January 2002 one incident happened at orchard towers a British expatriate has been murdered his driver and his girlfriend. After the murder he hide the bodies. The abandoned of the orchard towers has informed the police. On 7th February 2003 he had been arrested by Australian police now he has in Melbourne, Australia jail.

These are some of the drawbacks which we noticed while planning our business at orchard towers. But apart from that we, find that orchard towers is fit for our business.

As we decided to run our business in orchard towers, Singapore when we are preparing plan we had assumed our business income in daily, monthly and yearly basis. As it is significant area and tourist hot spot place. So our business will go smoothly and as far as possible it does not have to face any kind of problem. And our cover charge is 79$ with free beer but according to our assumption every one can't drink too much, different people have different capacity of drinking.

1.3 The Market

Our main target market would be tourists who visit Singapore. In 2010 the number of tourists visited Singapore is around 10,511,175 over the period and 20.7 percent increased year to year this strong performance reflects the improving global economic environment as well as the positive impacts of new integrated resorts at Sentosa and Marina bay sands. The Singapore tourism board had targeted that 12 percent of tourists would increase in 2011, as more people choose to visit the new integrated resorts, particularly from neighboring Asian countries. Strong Year for Changi in 2010, Singapore's Changi International Airport handled over 40mn passengers, passing this mark for the first time during mid-December. Already, the airport had seen a 13.8% annual increase in passenger numbers over the first 11 months of the year, to 37,974,903 passengers. Above the overall statistics we find that the number of tourists visiting Singapore is increasing year by year.

We are expecting 8 to 9 percent of tourists for first one and half years for our business to operate because our business is newly opening and it take some time to settle down but we assured that after one and half years our revenue as well as our business will be increased.

Potential market growth is the expected volume of output a market is expected to achieve. The potential generally refers to the positives or profit to be gained and doesn't take into account the potential of a market shrinking or failing. According to the statics the number of tourists is increasing year by year in south East Asia as compare to Europe. The data Celsius is increasing per year in South East Asia.

1.4 The competition

Some of the competitors which we are noticed and closest to our business are such as Ipenama world music bar, Naughty girls club, Tanglin 56 pte ltd, Moonshine, Peytane place. Like our business these all names which we mentioned above are also bars and clubs they also serves drinks certain similarities are there. But some dissimilarities are also there in our bar we are keeping waitress who serves to the customers with these all we are keeping poll dance, freezing point for consuming liquors and certain other factors are also there which differentiate our business from others.

As far we considered their business we found that these all names mentioned above are bars and night clubs as we considered they also serves drinks with discs organizing parties for youth to celebrate occasions. Some has their own live music bands and they play with the choice of youths. Generally music is used to change the mood everyone likes the presence of music and it also makes everybody to feel fresh.

The main competitor for our business is Ipenama world music bar which is located orchard towers 02-43, 400 orchard road. It is one of the famous bars in Singapore as well as orchard. The specialty and theme of this bar is music they have one band which operates in the bar. Apart from this they serve liquors with dance floor.

As by viewing all this factors we came to opinion with some further features for our business with poll dance, freezing point and free flow of beers with pirate theme and special costumes for our staff which attract the international tourists who visit Singapore by all these key factors they definitely visit our bar once at least and as well as the Singaporean residents also.

It's our small effort to satisfy the international tourists by satisfying them with our flexible service and with some excellent features from which they spend money from their pockets and they make full use of it and they not feel bad for spending the money.

1.5 Management

As management team comprise of myself Mr. Atul Shekhran as managing director and Mr.Rohan khatri as Executive director. As our business background is bar and it comes in food and beverage tourism. As I had completed my Bachelor's degree in Hotel Management and have three years' work experience in star hotel and have specialization in bar area under F and B department.

As the Executive director Mr. Rohan khatri is also having a Bachelor's degree in Hotel Management   and have five years' work experience in Pan Pacific hotel, Singapore his designation was F and B director in Pan Pacific hotel and moreover he is PR(Permanent resident) in Singapore.

As to operate business we should have a degree in Hotel Management with work experience which helps us to manage the business smoothly. Education and work experience should have to start the business in better way.

Apart from this Mr. Rohan Khatri is PR in Singapore country and his managerial experiences will help lot in our business as he is familiar with Singapore markets and the craze over here, what international tourists demand and the local residents.

Part 2: Operational procedures

2.1 Human resources

It is very important for a business that they should have specific management to operate the business there will be four to five waitress, three bouncers ,four to five poll dancing girls and last but not least one bar manager. As our bar opens at evening eight and will be closed around morning four. As the opening time will be only of eight hours so no need of part time employees we required only full time employees. The requirements of employees for waitress are they should have little experience of bar and they will be capable of handling any situations no need for qualification for them, the requirement for bouncers having good physic, smart and skill to handle worst situations. No experience is required for bouncers.  One professional Dj jockey also needed for mixing sound track and should have good knowledge of music and how to cut and mix. He should have smartness and good music skills to convert the environment again and again.

Poll dancing girls should be good looking with good figure and able to attract customers with their performances they should have little experience about their field. The requirement for bar manager should have a Diploma degree with at least 2 years' experience and should able to manage the staff and the situation efficiently. Apart rom this he should have smartness with good grooming.

In waitress there will be a senior waitress who will operate the other waitress. Bouncers have one senior who manage the remaining bouncers same as in poll dancing girls their also one girl will be executed as there senior and she operate the other girls.

Apart from this the staff will be provided some attractive costumes by which they fit for the bar. For example the bouncers will be provided with hats, jackets, trousers, foot wears, scarves and bright sashes.

Apart from this waitress will be provided hats with white and black stripped shirts, jackets, miniskirts, scarves and sashes with footwear.

The duties and responsibilities of the management are as follows


Responsible for the entire bar and lounge area for the implementation maintaining standards and budgets in the bar departments. Also take care of daily set up preparation of beverages, as per predefined recipes and standards and assistance with organization of loading and checking of bar supplies.  She has to maintain for the cleanness, tidiness and hygiene of the entire bar, greeting of passengers visiting the bar area and she would able to communicate with customers in order to obtain feedback and to generate revenue.


The duty of a bouncer is to monitor the crowd to see that everyone behaves. The goal should be to see that everyone has a good time, but within established limits. The best bouncers are personable, friendly and can talk to patrons without appearing threatening or intimidating. The best bouncers don't bounce anyone they talk to people. The simple presence of a well-trained bouncer will remind the patron that their conduct is being analyzed and that their patronage can be revoked. A bouncer has a similar role to the doorman of a venue, except that bouncers tend to be employed by nightclubs and similar attractions. The bouncer regulates who enters a club and is responsible for contributing to the safety of the venue by enforcing the bar rules.

Poll dancing girls

The responsibility of poll dancing girls is to attract the customers with their excellent performance and by showing better dance and they have to cheer the customers by taking blast in their performance.

Bar manager

Bar managers must effectively oversee the day-to-day operations of the bar, excluding employee scheduling. He should also know how to how to mix drinks, pour beer from a draft, and tap a keg is helpful, but many a a bar manager deals with the inventory/stock of the items pertaining to the bar/facility. Duties also include opening and closing of the facility and cash register. Moreover he has to provide excellent quality customer service, Schedule and supervise functions, Maintain and manage the management and inventory control, Ensure stocking of drink items, ensure the cleanliness of bar and correct billings to the customers.


The responsibility of DJ will be playing good music which attract the customers and have skill to edit and mix the sound. Apart from this he has to maintain good coordination with the management and also taking care of the musical equipment's.s

As per the hierarchy the bar manager has to supervise all the staff and he have to report to Executive Director and Managing Director.

These are the some of the duties and responsibilities of the management to operate the business in a better way. By following this duties mentioned above the business will run smoothly without any conflicts between the management. Employees have the skills to attend and attract the customers with their job after all it is a bar so they must have knowledge of liquors, how to make cocktails, how to serve to guest, they should have good knowledge of handling the situations.

Recruitment of staff will be done by Executive director. And followed by the bar manager. If any staff which has been recruited and they don't have experience they should be trained by bar manager and he has to turn the trainee in to skilled staff. The style of our business is regular and it will be operated by good management. The staff turnover will be fixed it not changes according to the situation of business.

2.2 Marketing and public relations

Well our bar is designed by special theme of pirates so the touch and presence is something different with good and well-designed costumes which help to attract customers and the most fascinated thing poll dancing it will cheer the customers to come have a drink and enjoy the presence of pirate theme with freezing temperature of consuming liquors.

Promotional bar tools are a great marketing item because they are something that a lot of people are going to use. When you give then out at the right time of year and to the right people, you are going to find that they will give you a lot of targeted advertising. We will promote our bar in entire city and by all means of advertising through promotion by media, newspaper , TV , we will also tie up with the travel agents because they have good connection with customers throughout the other different countries and as well as cities, we have to publish some special designed brochures and distribute to the entire city and also have to organize a warm opening celebration by inviting the big tycoons of the city which helps for outstanding promotion for our business and also helps to increase our target markets. Our main aim is to attract the tourists which come to Singapore. The customers who originate through the travel agent they will get discounts and some facilities to enjoy the night.

Crisis is, or expected to lead to, an unstable and dangerous situation affecting an individual, group, community or whole society. Crisis has several characteristics like unexpected, creates uncertainty, seen as a threat to important goals. In crises situation we have some special measures to take like if crisis going down and market situation is not good we will customize our rates that at least our business will roll continually and we do not have to face any problems regarding the crisis.

As we had decided to tie up with the travel agents who has good connection with people through the other different countries as well as in the city. We will distribute different coupons to different travel agents and they will supply it to the tourists and when the tourists will come in our bar with that coupons it become easy to measure the success of marketing efforts.

Marketing is the process of creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offers that have value for customers. Marketing is a product or service selling related overall activities. There is widespread consensus that technology transfer, usually from the developed countries to the developing countries, offers possibilities for the promotion and adoption of new technologies. The demands of the international market drive the technologies employed in the tourism sector.  Because the sector is mainly controlled by foreign interests Technologies used for the promotion of our business globally by Facebook, Orkut, blog, Twitter, these social sites will help the business to promote globally. Apart from this, mentioned above that we tie up with the travel agents to promote our business by distributing some special coupons with attractive brochures which also helps to promote globally.

2.4 Partnership and Alliances

Alliance is a bond among binary or more parties to chase a set of agreed upon goals or to meet a critical business need while remaining independent organizations.We tie up with the travel agents to our business by that both parties will benefit. As they promote our business globally in different countries by which we will get tourists as well as the local customers for our business and we will maintain a good relation with our suppliers also. As our business is new first we will get some experience may be good or bad but we have to learn from that experiences and to develop the relationships with the management with the customers with the suppliers as day to day we have to develop our business with some more new ideas, by the proper updating with market and weekly update of our business information to the travel agents.

Nurture means the act or process of promoting the development debate concerns the relative importance of an individual's innate qualities and proposes that humans develop from only environmental influences. Nurture partnership will be done with any one for the purpose of development or process of promoting. For our business the management, the customers, the suppliers this all are our nurture partners and we have to develop and maintain good relations with them always which affects our business positively.

Yeo”s liquor will be the supplier for Buccaneer bar. They are well-known wholesale distributors of alcohol in Singapore and they are famous for their good service. The interior of bar will be designed by the A and D interior decorations pte ltd. As we above mentioned that we also have one chamber of freezing temperature for hard drinks. The ice distributor will be Uni-tat iceman.

Executive director and managing director only deal with all the suppliers related to the business, the payment will be paid monthly and we will maintain good relation with them and try to avoid any type of misunderstandings. To maintain healthy relation with them we offer some services to them like memberships which do not affect our profit margin. And our payments will be done time to time which help to maintain a healthy relation with them.

2.6 Finance

Source of revenue

The source of revenue in Buccaneer bar is by the following sources like the cover entry. The cover entry of our bar is S$ 79 by which the revenue will generates it is one of the main source of revenue in Buccaneer bar. Liquor is also one of the main sources of revenue in the bar. As people will consume the liquor after coming in to the bar, by organizing the private partiesit also creates good revenue people use to celebrate occasion by enjoying with their family and friends. This are the sources of revenue in Buccaneer bar.

To maximize revenue

To provide the spirits according to the customer expectations by which they enjoy the presence of pirate theme, excellent service of the staff by which customer satisfy, good relation with the suppliers which help for the long run for the business.

Apart from this after two year if the profit ratio increases we are planning to expand our business by opening one more branch which maximize the revenue.

Cost control strategies

To maximize the revenue cost control is essential for the business, we also use the cost control strategy for in order to decrease the product cost percentage. Increase the price we can increase the cover entry after some time as our business is newly started we have to wait for some time and once when the demand increases the price can also be increased. Stock the liquors it is also one of the good strategy for the business. The liquor which used in the bar, we can purchase in bulk quantity which can be cheap in purchasing and we can stock in to our ware house and moreover liquor is not going to spoil any ways. This can make sure that all the strategies mentioned above will work in our business.

Start-up cost:-

Grand opening




A-con/ exhaust(bar)


Interior designer


Deposit( ware house & bar)




Interior/ other  equipment


Mini truck(second hand)


A-con/ exhaust(warehouse)


Ads cost


Miscellaneous (10%)






Full time

Part time










Security/ Driver




Pole dancer


























Monthly Expense:-

Rent Warehouse & Bar


Legal service








Drinks cost


Phone bill


Electric Bill(warehouse & bar)


Diesel for truck




Monthly Revenue:-

Entry :- 55 * 200 * 30


Whisky :- 15 * 100 * 30


Vodka :- 15 * 60 * 30


Jin :-      15 * 20 * 30


Tequila :- 20 * 30 * 30




First month profit:-revenue -expense

:-429000 - 205400


After the above mentioned graph the breakeven point for Buccaneer bar will be reaching in third month.

2.7 Legal compliance

Compliance in a controlling context is a prevalent business concern, perhaps because of an ever-increasing number of rules and a fairly widespread lack of understanding about what is required for a company to be in compliance with new legislation.

The responsibilities of Managing Director and the Executive Director towards the management is analyzing, reporting, giving recommendations and developing strategies on how to improve quality and quantity involved in employee selection, career development, succession planning and periodic training. Working out compensations and rewards, responsible for the growth and increase in the organizations' finances and earnings, identifying problems, creating choices and providing alternatives courses of actions, business enterprises are creatures of society and should respond to the demands of society. If the management does not react to changes in social demands, the society will either force them to do so through laws or will not permit the enterprise to survive. Therefore the long-term interests of business are best served when management assume social responsibilities. Therefore, it is important for management to consider whether their policies and actions are likely to promote the public good, advances the basic values of society, and constitute to its stability, strength and harmony.

Apart from this Management responsibility towards employees relate to the fair wages and salaries, satisfactory work environment, labor management relations and employee welfare. Fair wages should be fixed in the light of labor productivity, the prevailing wage rates in the same or neighboring areas and relative importance of jobs. Manager's salaries and allowances are expected to be linked with their responsibility, initiative and skill. But the spread between minimum wages and highest salaries should be reasonable. Employees are expected to build up and maintain harmonious relationships between superior and subordinates. Another aspect of responsibility towards employees is the provision of welfare amenities like safety and security of working conditions, medical facilities, a good working environment where they comfortably work with their subordinates.

In a competitive market, serving consumers is supposed to be a prime concern of management. But in reality perfect competition does not prevail in all product markets. In the event of shortage of supply there is no automatic correction. Besides consumers are often victims of unfair trade practices and unethical conduct of business. Consumer interests are thus protected to some extent with laws and pressure of organized consumer groups. Management should anticipate these developments, satisfy consumer needs and protect consumer interests. Goods must be of appropriate standard and quality and be available in adequate quantities at reasonable prices. Management should avoid resorting to hoarding or creating artificial scarcity as well as false and misleading advertisements.

Threats like fighting between the customers after drink this type of matters generally happens in a bar which also affects the goodwill of the business, to avoid this type of matters bouncers are around to stop, their responsibility towards customers is to handle them efficiently and to end the matter without any treble.

As or business background is bar we should have the legal permission and license from the law to operate it with ABC certification to avoid any law breaking rules and it is also good for the business after taking this license and certification business will be safe and we can operate it easily and it is very necessary for goodwill also towards customers. As in case of overcrowding and overbooking, once the bar is full the system of booking will be closed which helps to avoid any kind of mess between the customers and the management.

2.8 Sustainable Management

The word sustainability is derived from the Latin word Sustinere which means to hold or to fix or grip something.

Sustainable management is a combination of public, natural and financial capital to create an integrated bottom line as a methodical frame work for the management. Sustainable management is as base to running an organization as developing a strategic plan or creating a budget.

For making environmental condition more attractive.