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In this assignment, I will be discussing about the personal leadership and management development. My flower shop business will be my main focus which I have as my own business in my home country. We are specialized in creating different flower arrangement ideally using during wedding, birthdays, meetings, anniversaries and other occasional celebrations. The business start year 2000 and still on going smoothly up to present. Building this kind of business is one of my dream come true, I choose to this kind of business because ever since I was a child i always fancy flowers, it's not only because they are lovely but also because the happiness that bringing this lovely thing to the person that you are giving this, simply by giving flowers to one person makes a big difference to the person itself.

no matter what the occasion, whether it is contented or depressing, individuals have always enjoyed acceptance flowers from family, friends and loved ones. And progressively more, flowers are not just for extraordinary occasions. More than half of all the money spent on flowers comes from individuals buying them for their own homes. Now more than ever, at the back the bouquets and bunch lies a large and successful floristry industry. If you start a florist shop you could be part of.


One cause most business be unsuccessful is for the reason that they don't advertise their merchandise or services efficiently. Make confident you do some essential things to get individuals concerned in your shop before you open. a quantity of of the things you may want to try are handing out brochures, distribution faxes, reorganization announcements on bulletin boards, sending emails to everybody you know and marketingIt's easy to spend money on marketing; to get sold something inappropriate by a pushy salesperson. If you do have an advertising budget look carefully at the reader profile and make sure it fits appropriately with your customer profile.

spend point in time in encourage the media to present free advertising for your company. obtain a current matter and communicate it to your company. Editors will frequently have an additional break to fill in their publication, and will gladly put in your chronicle if it is motivating and applicable to their reader.

Form affiliations with like-minded business - accomplishment your objective marketplace although partnership with other business is expensive for all parties worried and your favored partner will provide temperate leads inside your objective marketplace. This plan can be achieve via referral, web relations, joint promotions or favored associate agreement.

in a local newspaper. It's also accommodating to have a impressive opening. Request everybody you can think of and ask them to carry a friend. Give out free food and drinks and give out business cards and fliers. This is a immense way get individuals attracted.

Administration is a place of processes to be able to keep a difficult scheme of individuals and knowledge running efficiently. The generally vital aspects of management contain preparation, budgeting, organizing, employment, controlling, and problem solving.

Headship is a position of processes to create organizations within the first place or adapts them to considerably altering conditions. Headship defines what the expectations must appear similar to, aligns individuals through that visualization, and inspires them to create it occur in spite of the obstacles.

Organisational Objectives

One example of organisational vision and aims are, financial which generally refers to currency matters or business of a number of size on significance, its relay particularly to money, monetary is the mainly main thing when it comes to commerce without this you will not be capable to begin a business, next is consumer focused, customer is our major object when opening a business we are making sure that consumer is at all times correct because without them our organisation will be ineffective that's why it's extremely vital to be familiar with how to take care of our consumer., one more significant feature in one organisation is the stakeholder requirements like, profitability it is the capability of a company to make a profit, it is relative evaluate of achievement for a business, it is besides the state or condition of yielding a financial profit or achieve. It is frequently precise by price to earnings, next is tactical strategy, the strategic plan is a structure for assessment and forward progress toward progress of one organisation or commerce its directs the work of mutually the organisation and trustees as annual goals are form for their work, budgets are intend to maintain the plan, benchmarks provide the capability to observe growth and assess accountability of those charge implementation, mission statement a tactical plan is determined by the function of the organisation serves as a reflected in its mission vision statement, the statement must be concise and clear and a constant point of reference in the improvement of strategic plan. My vision for the future in my organisation is in the next five years I will include wider variety of outlet of my flower shop, more new products to be launch for our consumers, more great offers, great deals, that I imagine will be click to all my consumer.

Leadership and organization Skills

Leadership and management skills is the capability to encourage a group of individuals in the direction of a common objective, it will also help to build up individual skills as a person in charge. I can say that I benefit from my job as a business woman and enjoy guiding my workers to obtain their goals in their on a daily basis. Guiding or management workers are a high-quality skill for the reason that many employees have dissimilar characters and dissimilar cultures as well. A person in charge is the one who makes subordinates feel secure to chat openly, as a manager I must know how to demonstrate them the trail to people who is accountable for, I must be capable to build my people feel appreciated, never show bias in working surroundings, a very important feature which must inspire between the employees to at all times admit their fault with no apprehension. For me leaders must instruct and motivate their followers they should build up a number of new attitudes if they desire to hold on to their influence, it is important to sets a direction or vision that others will follow with no considering too much how the new direction is obtainable to be achieved.

Opportunities for development of leadership and management skills

Development Opportunities

Critically evaluate own knowledge, skills, personal attributes and behavior and the cause on own managerial skill.


In my role as the owner of one business organization, I am responsible to know how to handle all staff, know how to deal with all my client/customers.

Area for further development

I need to be able to rapidly apply theory practice.


I think I have improved my skills in dealing our customers and I prove this in my performance appraisal.

Personal attributes and behavior

I would say that, I am very patience and understanding when it comes to all my staff./employee. I am considerate adoring and detailed about my effort with open mind desire to help my staff/employee in their needs. I valued the opinion of others.

Area for further development

Understanding and greater awareness of myself


Personal development includes improving self-awareness, for me to be able to manage my own business properly, I should be aware all the time, aware in what is happening in our organization in this way we will be able to know if there is something that needs to be done for the organization, another thing is the self- knowledge it is also important to have our own knowledge or idea that we might think that we can do for the organization, structure or renew personality, just beginning strengths or talents, getting better means, religious progress those are the activities that must include in our personal growth , identifying or recovering possible, building employability or human capital, enhancing lifestyle or quality of life, improving health, fulfilling inspirations, initiating a life enterprise or personal autonomy, defining and executing personal development plan and improving social abilities.

Individual progress includes actions to look up knowledge also character, build up talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life plus give to the understanding of thoughts and aspirations. The idea is not imperfect to self-help however includes proper and casual performance used for initial others in roles such as instructor, lead, counselor, director, life trainer or adviser. While personal development takes position in the background of institutions, it refers towards the methods, programs, tools, techniques, and evaluation systems that sustain human development at the character level in organizations. In handling one organization personal development must need to have, as the proprietress of my own business I still have more things to be considered to develop, I am aware that I should be a role model to my workers or staff.

There is a require for grouping toward locate their own goals into existence. The initial pace is frequently setting goals that are not excessively elevated other than which all in all present a test. This means that goals should be presented sensible, reasonable and achievable. Individual have to build up a preparation on how to accomplish the set goals for the reason that goals with no strategy be only fantasies. Besides the goals that one sets should cover a challenge. This is for the reason that what you contain by now achieved does not cause a challenge at all. Smart development methods are a essential lead toward achieving goals. Smart goals are precise, assessable, achievable, Action leaning, consequences leaning and Time-phased. This means that you be supposed to speak what you desire to accomplish plainly and quickly, you must include a element of evaluate for your goals therefore they must be intent quite than subjective, should be practical, should be in black and white quite than a inert influence, individual should focus on end result also on slightest individual must locate a target to attain the declared goals.

My Personal SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, strength and weaknesses is consider to be interior factors above which you include several evaluate of organize, opportunities and pressure are measured to be exterior factors above which you cover basically no power. Swot study is the mainly distinguished for audit and analysis of the overall tactical arrangement of the company and its surroundings. Its key function is to classify the strategies that motivate build a solid detailed business form that resolve finest line up an organization resources and capabilities to the requirements of the surroundings into which the firm operates. In other terms, it is the foundation of assessment the interior possible and boundaries and the credible/likely opportunities and pressure from the exterior surroundings. It views all optimistic and pessimistic factors within and external the firm that change the accomplishment. A reliable revise of the environment in which the firm operates helps in forecasting or predicting the altering trends and besides helps in with them in the assessment making progression of the organization. For me in one organization swot analysis must be advisable to have this will help to analyze if you are doing the right thing and this will help you to know if you still need an improvement, or if you're doing good.

Reward of SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is involved in approach formulation and collection. It is a tough instrument, except it involves a large individual aspect. It is most excellent what time use as a lead, and not as a recommendation. Winning business constructs on their strengths, accurate their weak point and defends next to interior weaknesses and outside threats. They also remain a observe on their in general trade situation and be familiar with and develop new opportunity faster than its competitor.

SWOT study help in considered preparation in next way-

It is a foundation of in sequence used for planned preparation.

Build organization's strength.

overturn its weakness.

make the most of its reply to opportunity.

conquer business pressure.

It help in identifying interior competencies of the definite

It help in situation of objectives for considered development.

It help in meaningful history, in attendance and opportunity so to facilitate by by means of history and existing information, chance strategy be able to be chalked out.

For me even if I am most likely to succeed in life in using my talents to my fullest extent, and similarly I am suffer fewer problems if I know my weaknesses are and if I manage these weaknesses so that I don't matter in the work I do. In identifying these strength plus weaknesses and analyzing the opportunities and pressure that current structure, my swot analysis is a useful technique that helps me to do this. With a little thought, it can help me to uncover opportunities that I would not or else include marked, and by means of accepting my weaknesses I can manage to eliminate threats that might otherwise hurt my ability to move forward, In using the swot framework analysis I can start to separate myself from my personal, as well as promote widen the dedicated talents and abilities I need to advance my career.


My goal in life is to have more outlet or branches of my business. I am aiming to attain this in the near outlook, following this that I determine think in my opinion successful. My professional short term goal is to better my career by attaining my level7. If I achieve this, my career will have improved in terms of handling and managing a one organization. My professional long term goal is to manage other kind business. My personal long term goal is I would like to produce extra funds and adjust my everyday life as well have a house of my own, car and everything.

Further development needs and opportunities

Each position in the establishment have a position explanation and a individual arrangement. work explanation resolve listing the equipment with the intention of you be accepted to do, in addition to the individual condition will categorize the skill, knowledge, information and behaviours to you must to perform so as to job on form.

You might discover it accommodating to converse to your line director or leader of subdivision if you feel you desire to explain any of the needs set away in the individual requirement. Yearly think again meeting inspiration be on its own location to include this discussion, but you can move up the matter of expansion at some gathering by means of your administrator throughout the day.

At this period, it's in addition appeal thoughts concerning the skills, information and behaviours that you may require to expand in the expectations in your existing job. You might identify, for instance, to facilitate your position determination be change or to you motivation be functioning on dissimilar project or so as to you are involved in a vocation modify. What new or dissimilar skills, information and behaviours will you need,

create a listing of present and prospect skills, information and behaviours to facilitate your need .


2. Seems at the skill, information and behaviours you really include now.

Give the impression of being at the record you include shaped. at the present request by hand how efficiently you equivalent next to each one. You might think discussion this from side to side through a companion or co-worker, or by your boss or HOD.

It's significant to request physically a quantity of exact question at this period and respond sincerely! Be around area of your employment, for instance, anywhere just beginning extra self-confidence would create a genuine distinction to your accomplishment in your job? Be readily available information, skill and behaviours that you simply require on time that would help from a quantity of improvement. be able to you recognize area anywhere you experience certain and consider you achieve fine that might be an still superior power designed for you with a number of expansion?.  

3. Evaluate definite with necessary to recognize the gap. These are your progress wants.

Attempt in addition to exist as definite as potential concerning what you require to perform another way. This resolve actually helps you while you be decide how to most excellent deal with your expansion requirements. It resolves as well assist you reassess and determine your accomplishment.

For example, I want to gain awareness of how to apply position to type, prioritise and accumulate my emails," will be real greatly additional supportive than I want to be additional prepared, whilst it come to decide what expansion you require It determination besides assist you make sure how the viewpoint preparation you undertake really completed a distinction in your ability to be prepared.


I therefore conclude that, based on the above statement, building your own business or organisation must be plan ahead, there's no problem in asking yourself if you yourself if you're ready to start and put up your own business. Make sure that the business that you're going to build is really in your interest, go on, make sure you have your confident, and be ready to face all the possible problem that might possible to encounter. Building up your own business is an achievement in each individual person in life, just have faith in yourself, believe and continue to fly for your future, and become a successful entrepreneur.