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Steve Bates is a senior writer for HR Magazine who in this article focuses on how HR is changing from administrative duties to having business knowledge. HR professionals now must demonstrate new skills and compete for unaccustomed tasks. HR outsourcing is a $60 billion business. Outsourcing firms are cheaper than the organization itself. The focus is to avoid training expenses for in house HR personnel and shift away from a personal "people" function to a mechanical "organizational" function. Outsourcing workers are acquainted with several businesses not just one. The article proposes the future of HR is outsourcing and major companies will be hiring consulting firms to perform HR functions. In contrast, the article by Lewis Hope and Phoebe O'Neill, HR: The Competitive Challenge suggests that the role of the HR specialist needs to be expanded in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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Dr. Alvin Chan is a Research Fellow at a research forum in Asia. HR managers need to support diversity in the work place. When diversity is not evident in the organization, the employee will determine there is not a future working in that firm. Dr. Chan says that "the HR professional must learn how to manage effectively through planning, organizing, leading and controlling the human resource and be knowledgeable of emerging trends in training and employee development." HR specialists must conduct organizational assessments on pay, diversity, and promotional advantages. This article emphasizes the value of diversity in the workplace and how to manage employees effectively. This article compares favorably with other research in this area. Diversity is critical to the success of the workplace.

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Dean Forster is a consultant writer. There are four jobs in HR these are: recruiter, trainer, personnel relationship, and finance department. The recruiter aids in local employment. A person must be able to fill the position with a candidate who satisfies job requirements. The trainer trains the new employees how to fulfill project requirements. The personnel relationship specialist deals with employee grievances and conflicts. Finally, the finance department deals with creation and maintaining the payroll. This article shows the four different jobs in HR and helps the HR specialist find the specific job best matching his/her skills. In contrast, the article by L. Haines "Outsourcing human resources pays off handsomely for growing firms", stresses the fact that market changes require the use of more highly trained personnel, stressing more creativity and innovation in managing a workforce.

Gillette, B. (2008). Companies realizing impact HR pros can have on bottom lines. Mississippi Business Journal, 30(6), 21. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

Author Becky Gillette is a journalist for Mississippi Business Journal and her article identifies a demand for human resource graduates in the work force. Adding human resource professionals to a firm is beneficial because these people can bring new strategies and ideas to the table for finding and maintaining a productive workforce. Businesses are looking for such skilled HR people. The article highlights the knowledge an HR professional needs and the benefits to a company of having on board HR professionals. In contrast, articles cited above on "outsourcing" highlight the fact that businesses are losing HR employees to cut costs and access better HR skills.

Goldsmith, M. (2008, July 08). Human Resources: The Big Issues. Bloomberg Businessweek, Retrieved Feb. 14, 2011, from http://www.businessweek.com/managing/content/jul2008/ca2008078_219021.htm

Marshall Goldsmith is a writer for BusinessWeek magazine. Goldsmith quotes "To try to get a better handle on how companies manage their people, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) recently surveyed more than 4,700 executives in 83 countries and markets and published a report based on its findings, "Creating People Advantage: How to Address HR Challenges Worldwide Through 2015". Executives told BCG they feel unprepared to face the massive challenges that confront them in managing talent." The challenges HR faces are managing talent, improving leadership skills, and demographics. The working age is young and the baby boomers are retiring, leaving more openings for jobs in HR. This article helps an HR specialist see the big issues in hiring, training, and keeping employees.

Haines, L. (1997). Outsourcing human resources pays off handsomely for growing firms. Business Journal Serving Fresno & the Central San Joaquin Valley, (322181), 12. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

The author Linda Haines is a journalist for the Austin Business Journal. Businesses big and small are having problems with understaffed and unskilled human resources departments. This is causing businesses to lose good employees and threatens the survival of the company. As a result many companies are outsourcing human resources activities to cut costs and access better HR skills. This helps the companies to respond to market changes and have the use of more highly trained HR personnel. In contrast, the article below does not agree with outsourcing HR and believes that HR professionals can make a difference in cost effectiveness while retaining a competent workforce.

Hope Lewis, & Phoebe O'Neill. (2000, March). HR: The competitive challenge. Independent Energy, 30(2), 13-15. Retrieved February 14, 2011, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 53083255).

Hope Lewis has been an Independent Power Human Resources Association (IPHRA) survey manager at Hewitt Associates for three years. Phoebe O'Neill is a Baltimore-based free-lance writer specializing in energy issues. HR is very competitive and takes a great deal of creativity. HR specialists need to find a balance between retaining employees and also being cost effective. As mergers and acquisitions become increasingly ordinary in the power industry, HR professionals are being called upon to play a bigger part in the deal making process. This article shows that HR specialists need find the best way of being cost competitive. This article is contrasted by the "outsourcing" articles in this bibliography, which finds outside sources better equipped to handle HR challenges in a competitive market.

Richards, F. (2010, July 18). In Benefits of Human Resources Certification. Retrieved Feb. 14, 2011, from http://www.ehow.com/list_6745613_benefits-human-resources-certification.html

Francine Richards is an ehow, an online how to guide, contributor. Many employers look for employees certified in their profession. A person can be certified as Professional in Human Resources and Senior Professional in Human Resources by HR Certification Institute. Having these certifications indicate that one has knowledge of the HR field. The certification test costs $250 and has 225 multiple choice questions. Certification can lead to higher HR positions and larger responsibilities in the department. This article outlines how to get certified in HR. Other articles cited in this bibliography address the types of skills needed to become an effective HR manager; however, in today's market, it is critical that advanced certification be pursued so that HR managers are knowledgeable in their field.

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Salaries vary in human resources depending upon level of experience, location, company size, and training. Median wages of human resources managers is $96,130 as of May 2008. A bachelor's degree is a beneficial path of entry into HR. Many colleges and universities do not offer degree programs in HR but some, however, offer individual courses such as business administration or human resources management. Experience is also an asset in HR. Employers prefer workers who have gained some experience through work study programs or internships. The article benefits HR students by means of what education students need to follow and how much money the graduate will make starting out. Other articles cited in this bibliography talk about outsourcing personnel services and how this will demand new skills in mechanical "organizational" function, not just the traditional business skills currently being offered.

What can I earn… as an HR specialist in Yorkshire?. (2007). Personnel Today, 35. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

To become a HR specialist, a person must have general experience as an HR advisor or manager. The HR department is concerned with following state and federal rules and regulations and to ensure a non-discriminatory environment. HR also has to deal with disciplinary actions, solving disputes, supporting managers, and implementing strategic business plans. The HR specialist must be familiar with the current employment laws and regulations. This article is helpful by telling the potential HR specialist what to expect from the job. Other articles cited in this bibliography expand the definition of an HR specialist in a fast paced business world, calling for creativity, innovative thinking and advanced skills.