Online trading is as the new strategy to attract more customers

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Trading online becomes a new trend for many businesses and corporations nowadays. Most of banks trade through the internet banking and other online service. Security companies are not exception. In many developing countries, when their stock market is still weak, the online trading is as the new strategy to attract more customers especially Foreign Institutional Clients(FIC). In Saigon Security Inc. (SSI), as a Business Development Advisors, I will create my proposal of new platform for online trading to submit to Board of Direction (BoDs). Through the proposal, customers will know some information about the overview of the securities market in Vietnam, and the proposal also guides the customers how to trade online through the SSI system as well as manage their investment.


Vietnam Stocks market was born on July 11th 1998 with two Securities Trading Centers at Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi Capital which belong to State Security Commission of Vietnam (SSC). Ho Chi Minh Securities Trading Center (HOSTC) was established on July 11th 1998 and implemented the first session at July 28th 2000. Ho Chi Minh City Securities Trading Center is listed and traded securities of large companies. On 8th August 2007, HOSTC was renamed and upgraded to the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE). Hanoi Securities Trading Center (HASTC) was born on March 8th 2005 and this is a place for the small and medium enterprises with charter capital about 5 to 30 billion. On June 24th 2009, Hanoi Securities Trading Centre (HASTC) officially became Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX). Recently, the OTC market has been managed by SSC through UPCOM market, the market for unlisted companies. In this market, the companies which cannot adopt the requirement of the SSC to list on the market will have a chance to attract capital in this place.


1. Currency Converting:

The Foreign Institutional Clients invest into the Vietnamese market should use the VND for trading so that they should convert their money on Trade day -1(T-1) which means before the trade day one day. The exchange rate will always base on the bank exchange rate, and this information will be updated at the end of the day.

2. Place order:

a) Buy order:

Customer can place orders to buy securities by3 different ways: “Buy” Button on your account, press Ctrl+B or “Buy” button on the price board.

The buy order process will follow three steps. First, we will buy order by three difference ways above. Second, we will fill in the blanks with order information including the securities code, quantity, price and the PIN code. Sometimes, you are not sure about the securities code, you can search the information of the securities by enter the characters on the search machine, the system will give you full information need about the Reference, Celling and Floor price, lowest, highest and average price, the Foreign Room available, credit available, etc.. When enter the price or volume of stock, you do not let any spaces and comma between the numbers. Finally, you will confirm the buy order by using the matrix card to enter the code for security system. You can see in the figure 3 is the code need for confirmation and figure 4 is the matrix card which has number need to use for confirmation code.

b) Sell order:

Customer can place orders to buy securities by4 different ways: “Sell” Button on your account, press Ctrl+S, “Sell” button on the price board or in “portfolio management”.

The sell process will also follow three steps. First, put the sell order by difference methods above. Second, choosing the securities code in your list with the volume and the price you want to sell. You will see the reference, celling and floor price for the trading day, and you also see the matching price which will be your reference to put the price. The same with buy order, when enter the price or volume of stock you want to sell, you do not let any spaces and comma between the numbers. Finally, you will confirm the sell order by using the matrix card to enter the code for security system as the same way with buy order.

c) Cancel order:

When you want to cancel the buy or sell order, first you should check the current order status, because you can cancel orders which have not matched yet. There are some steps of cancel order process. First, you put the “Cancel” button on the screen "Order Status" The cancel-order-screen will appear:

Second, you enter the PIN code for security system and click on “Put order” button. Finally, the system will show you the confirmation announcement for cancelling or not. If you still want to cancel, you click on “Cancel” button, or if you do not want to cancel, you can click on “Close” button for not cancelling the order.