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The main aim of the report is to focus while implementing the innovativeness and knowledge theories and approaches. The case study of Orange and Three mobile companies, in order to meet the desired outcomes and goal epitome of knowledge management is taken into consideration. The business process now days extract information through the core competencies therefore, the implementation of knowledge and innovations are carried out. The concept of the knowledge management is there in global economies transferring their interests to service sectors. The employees and key drivers of knowledge management are determined as important aspects for the growth and innovations of the organizations as whole. In modern arena weightage of knowledge management and critical factors related to it helps the two companies to attain maximum efficiency and effectiveness among other players in marketplace. The concept of knowledge is regarded as an integral part of management operations; strategies of human resource management and corporate management. However, it formulates links between the different strategies thus, needs a proper implementation of knowledge and innovation.

The Mobile companies orange and 3 Mobile have been determined for the case study. These industries innovate in different segments by bridging networks and are determined as an important aspect to all the sectors of economy. The Mobile companies of the Europe comprises of substantial knowledge, also regarded as knowledge intensive industry. The purpose of the case study draws out the evaluation of business strategies and their impact while implementing knowledge management to mark their presence in global economic framework. Thus, in later part analysis of different theories and approaches of knowledge management are taken into consideration to gain proper insights while implementing the theories for innovation and development of the organization as a whole. It also focus the comparison including both the companies while analyzing how they undertake knowledge to gain customer satisfaction and gain some insights over competitive advantage within business environment.

The collection of the data carried through using the secondary research looking into past and present business and industries published articles and reports. All the possible efforts are made with in depth research of published and unpublished research papers gaining a broader study using different data basis and portals comprises of websites of different company's and newspaper articles. The research methods hold the important significance of all the studies as it will provide information regarding how the researcher performs the research. An in-depth case study approach is followed termed as "Descriptive Study", focusing on actual facts and findings of the knowledge management systems and the shortcomings of particular aspect in organizational practices. Although, the implementation of the knowledge management strategies presented or used in research are already there in particular scenario and thus, analyses have been made while executing facts and figures in a significant manner. Thereafter, applying some relevant models and critical analysis of knowledge management approaches helps in justifying innovations and development in context of Mobile sector.

Many researchers criticize the use of knowledge management and innovation in an organization perspective. The implementation of the knowledge and innovation proves to be beneficial for the companies helps in creating a competitive edge in global environment.

The knowledge management is regarded as an important aspect among the organizational framework helps adding effectiveness, competitive advantage and improves efficiency. The term knowledge management is determined as an experience of gaining insights and getting familiarize wish listing the know-how and showing relationship with desired facets of organization as whole. Yeung.M.C.H., Ramasamy.B., Goh.K.W. (2006).

The execution of the knowledge management application consists of the practical view of concepts and knowledge is determined within framework of business Snellman.K., & Powell.W.W. (2004). Knowledge management focus on the re-engineering and structuring of the organizational strategies formulate a network links between the sources and the external environment. The principles and approaches of the knowledge management help in implementing the knowledge and innovation in the Orange Group and Three networks. The tacit and explicit knowledge in the two mobile companies are defined as, former comprises of involvement of individuals values, beliefs, and lifestyle whereas on the other hand later includes the structure and documents focusing on organization as whole Farooqui.N.K., & Almazyad.A.S.(2009),. Both the tacit and explicit knowledge proves to be beneficial for both the companies helps in providing internal benchmarks of performance gaps as it helps to link on the basis of which the decision-making power of the company becomes more effective and quick Wu.C.C., Liao.S.H. (2010). Knowledge workers plays vital role in the implementation of the knowledge and innovation as knowledge management is an asset to organization only when the employees are performing in a significant manner. Vriens.D.J., Hendriks.P.H.J. (1999) explains the importance of the knowledge among the knowledge management system there main focus lies on the fact that applying precise knowledge in a particular situation, helps the creation of knowledge implementing the innovation and knowledge within the organizational context. The knowledge based system includes the allocation of the knowledge among the organizational and technological aspect while taking into consideration about the human resource managerial framework.

Shin.M. (2004) explains the system of the knowledge management and the innovation adopted by the various organization leads to increase in the effective, efficient and competitive advantage among the organizational framework. The researcher criticizes both the negative and the positive potentials of the organizations, act as formulating a relationship between the creations of knowledge and sharing with a consistent flow of knowledge and innovation in organizational framework. Shiqin.C. Huosong.X., Kuanqi.Du., (2003) explains that the , " Knowledge management system tends to be successful thereafter formulating a degree of generalization while sharing proper knowledge."

Shukla.A.(2009) explains importance of innovation from companies' perspective, while exploiting innovative ideas helps creating a database providing appropriate services to improve the growth mechanism. However, innovation helps technological aspects to mark the image of the company in the global environment. The organization started adopting possible actions and plans to strengthen their innovative techniques involving operational arrangements working forward to attain the corporate sustainability Kim.S., Park.Y., (2006).

Thus, implementation of the knowledge and innovation helps determining structure of the organization and how the companies utilize the knowledge deliberately. The orange and three mobile networks companies are analyzed further in this report.

The mobile plc group emerged as youngest to mark its presence in FTSE-100. Since 1994, when company first came into existence with a consent to change the way of communication and serves over 175 million customers among five different continents. The company appeared to be at third position in mobile sector in Europe and holds first position providing a strong base of Internet services. They were the very first to introduce wire free videophones so that one can go for video chat anytime anywhere. Accesses through internet portal are there so that the high resolution images and web surf features under the name of orange world via using internet through their cellphones. As the timeline flows orange became the very first company launching commercial television as an operator in United Kingdom, 3G services are introduced to both the business and consumer groups wide spreading more than thirty live channels. They started working on plans while reducing the adverse effects of carbon present in the environment by 25% in the year 2010. The company main focus is to attract customer and link business offering them to go for different plans; they can take the plan accordingly whatever suits them personally. However, launching of iPhones, screen watch phone, iPad, monthly contracts, yearly contracts, pay as you go, all sort of broadband services lastly, introduction of business shops offering corporate plans and other services what all are beneficial for the consumers as well as businesses. Thus, adding a state of innovation and competitive edge among the business sector. (OrangeTM website; Press releases http://newsroom.orange.co.uk/#/all/1/)

The implementation of knowledge and innovation management helps in creating links between the company and external environment helps in creating customer interaction Marks Jr.P.V. (2008). This in return proves to be beneficial to the companies as it helps cost-time management while collecting data, helps in providing proper customer support mechanism. The market penetration and product development adds to growth of company while attracting more and more customers, for example, orange has developed many type of broad-band and mobile network plans Ofcom (2010).

The company covering more than 97% of the United Kingdom population with the effective and efficient broadband service by the end of year 2010, increase in coverage of 12500 with improves speed and reliable database of broadband customers. They are expanding their total geographic coverage with 20% (2. Company website) join hands with the T-Mobile company to attract customer base. The company providing a number of different services to clients and working on innovative theme offering-small product market, corporate deals, budget 'sim cards' and other low price broadband plans. The development of the knowledge economies and innovation are implemented in a significant manner for growth mechanism concept with perceived customers values, cultures and beliefs. Main focus on the customer target with proper research and development of knowledge proves to be the most important asset to the company. Although, the knowledge intensive techniques and approaches build a strong potential for the brand and thus, they can gain insights to the buying behavior of the customers.

Knowledge management is determined as tacit knowledge however, tacit knowledge sometimes poses to be difficult while bridging a link due to personal and specific contexts as they are developed from own values, beliefs and styles. On the other hand the explicit knowledge may be easily transferable through systematic knowledge therefore; it is well structured and documented providing a vision to organization as a whole Sarinah.A., Haslinda.A., (2009). The conversion process assumes the social interactions between explicit and tacit knowledge on the basis of creation of human knowledge and extensions of both the knowledge Nonaka.I., Takeuchi.H. (1995).

The social process characterized among the employees of the Three Company comprises of a continuous knowledge adaption procedures thus, creating an effective knowledge management to attract more customer interaction. The externalization of tacit knowledge transforming into explicit knowledge for example iphone Company introduced micro SIM cards for their new product iphone4(2.Company website). The combination comprises of conversion of old explicit knowledge into new for example combo plans and corporate offers in pay as you go connections (2.Company website). The internalization transforms the explicit knowledge into tacit knowledge deals in the action and result mechanism. Lastly, the socialization from tacit to tacit knowledge where employees learns while sharing experiences and professional skills and beliefs the best example for this transformation is innovation of new ideas for products and services taking into consideration what would be beneficial for the company. Thus, the implementation of the knowledge and innovation proves to be beneficial for maintaining a strong customer base.

Orange and Three both hold a global image among the other players in the telecommunication industry as they are well known brands regionally and globally. The former leads in more geographic regions and continents with a strong customer base and regarded as best broadband service provider; on the other hand the latter covers 97% of the customer base in United Kingdom and 12,500 increase coverage with improved speed and reliable broadband serving the customers and gaining insights over values and perceptions (as quoted website for year 2010). Both the company are performing same operations within a proper framework and focusing over different areas of business and capturing and targeting possible market segments. A degree of competitive edge tends to be high as more promotions and awareness of company products and services are there to gain attention of customers. They are regarded as knowledge intensive firms as more and more innovations and developments are key drivers for both the companies. As it is very difficult to generalize which one is more knowledge intensive, as both the companies are expanding their horizons sharing large amount of knowledge intensity and creating an market place for the customer to make choice and attracting them with new innovative plans. The products and services offered to customers and corporate are there with budget plans and the prices for the contracts kept being low to gain market penetration. So, it is difficult to categorize both the companies on the contrary of which one is more knowledge intensive or less.

The research face some problems and some challenges while analyzing data a number of factors act as a barrier the case study face the problems due to insufficiency in data findings as the data compiled was of secondary nature and primary aspect are not visible in the case. The study limits with the scope dealings with knowledge available and publish material. The study of the orange was formidable as compared to the three as, I had some knowledge about three regarding know-how and the business strategies they follow. As the business is running in a dynamic environment it is very difficult to analyze the extent of business strategies and knowledge management tends to be suitable for every situation. However, the analyses were made on limited change in factors of growth and development within the framework of companies. The available data was very technical and although, ample material through research reports, latest annual reports and journals limits the degree of effective analyses. The tools and data help in analyzing the impacts of knowledge-management on companies; could not lead to any appraisal on the beginning of persuading KM in growth mechanism. Thus, the case study tends to be theoretical with no statistical representation of data as I don't know where and how I will implement or apply them.

The exceptional features of the company taken into consideration like those of orange and three mobile networks comprises of the business operations managing a strong customer service base providing them adequate knowledge and services they provide to the customers what they sell is determined as providing knowledge and support. The term knowledge is integrated among the missions and values within the framework of companies although, all the approaches and operations they perform comprises of some degree of the knowledge management entrenched in its heritages. Now day's knowledge is regarded as indispensible tool in order to resist the competitive edge and pledge over the actual outputs and justifiable know-how amongst the dynamic business scenarios. The research also reflects the importance of the knowledge management while achieving the long term perspectives and effectively implementing the information technologies throughout the objectives under the organization framework. Certain incentives are procured while implementing knowledge management and innovations within the companies scenarios so, that the knowledge specialists; it is beneficial for the employees while providing them some motivational aspects to make them learn and perform effectively as they are getting self-motivating which in turns helps them to improve within organizational framework; to achieve a desirable place on the corporate level and thus gaining some growth mechanism bridging a proper framework that ignites the important assets of knowledge offering regulatory and non-monetary rewarding them on the basis of the performance appraisals; the knowledge management proves to be beneficial for the company while managing cost-benefit analyses, value-added output provide a user interface mechanism to easy access to appropriate information and reduces the risk factors dismissals in business operations.

To overcome the impede challenges knowledge is determined as asset for the organization to face the current globalization arena as KM gains more implication now days. A proper knowledge management system should be ascertained in order to manage mass knowledge topologies in an effective and efficient manner. As knowledge management is regarded as a distinct study thus positioning the corporate strategies with those of knowledge management strategies. There is competitive edge on the global platform so, in order to cope up desirable position in the marketplace one who implements the knowledge and innovation approaches significantly can hold back in present scenario.