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So, the Knowledge is seen both as sources of human motivation is primarily economic and can be viewed as information that it has reached the clear, the judgments, and values. In many cases, knowledge represents truth and so it has to offer, creating a reliable basis for action. Knowledge is the treasure of knowledge and skills are created from human intelligence. In some nation such as Viet Nam, technology innovation, improve product quality is considered the main way to improve competitiveness in the process of integration into the global economy. But recently, more and more people identify that knowledge and effective knowledge management plays a very important for the economy as well as for each business. Knowledge of one person can only use alone, no one outside can apply that knowledge. When that person shows to the outside knowledge as an information document by writing, writing books, guides directly... others could receive and understand that knowledge and turned into knowledgeher. If an organization does not know and kept the advantage of knowledge of individuals, the organizations that will risk a loss of knowledge or their knowledge to other organizations.

KM's system will make the task of collecting the responses and make them easily accessible. This approach can be implemented anywhere in an organization, but most are used for customer support applications. These applications may include solutions to the problems of information management systems, human resources support for employees and self-support services for retail customers in many industries. KM often combined with technology that allows many employees who perform both the use and contribute to the knowledge management system initially. These systems rely on centralized databases, in which employees can enter information about their work so that other employees can find the answer. The reporting tools are used to control and analyze how to use the KM's system. These reporting tools also help to generate knowledge for the organization as well as asset management is knowledge. Some people who do the KM's job quickly accepted the progress of group work tools. KM's system focused on identification of knowledge resources, knowledge analysis and knowledge management within the organization. KM's model treats all knowledge within an organization as intellectual property and provides tools to manage this wealth.

World economy has made significant moves from platform to produce purely production system based on skills and knowledge. Investors also favor companies with good management capacity and ability to adapt quickly to market changes instead of only the assets of the company. Today, the future and the value of a company depends on the ability to develop new products quickly and in time to be in tune with changing needs. Instead of a traditional approach such as the restructuring process, businesses are now regarded as a new element, but most important to maintain a competitive advantage through customer satisfaction. There are 4 main reasons are values can be created through KM in the company:

- Competition increase day by day so that each organization require to continuous innovate and improve of their products based on knowledge resources of everyone in the organization

- Demand of learning in an organization always remain, but the time for the enrichment of experience and knowledge decreased very much due to focus on daily operations. So, the creation and organization needs to use knowledge wisely as not to be most left behind.

- The market structure have ability to create more choices for workers. Demand of change the workplace of the employees have high skill andslevels increased, it will be a risk of decline the knowledge source of organizational. When they leave, they will not only decrease the productivity of the organization but also take away their knowledge, even knowledge of the organization

- The successful companies are those companies capture fast, timely and accurate processing of information sources. Turning information into knowledge is the organization's competitive advantage even though managers do well.

Knowledge management to be effective so that organizations or businesses will achieve significant results as increased productivity, promote innovation activities, improve management effectiveness, improve customer satisfaction, talent attraction and exploitation, encourage learning and sharing…

Policies and procedures of KM should be documented to avoid unnecessary mistakes and makes it easy to find errors at any stage. Document systems have consistent construction to capture knowledge because a person's knowledge is not easily communicated to others. By showing the knowledge through written materials, exchange ...organization will improve the knowledge's system and database. Cultural is essential in training activities so that training and knowledge transfer should be emphasis. People who have experience so they should be encouraged themselves have responsibilities to share and guide experiences for another person. In addition, organizations can salvage knowledge of other organizations if that knowledge is not used properly but they must know how to protect their knowledge of organization. Always updated the new information, learn from the work had done and the experience of other organizations and attach special importance to human factors. People can create new knowledge and only people have ability to apply that knowledge to continue to create more new knowledge. Organizations should have policies to recruit young staff, create conditions for some persons who have experience to working with new people. Companys or oragnization should have appropriate treatment and always pay attention to person's knowledge which is more important than what they represents. The most difficult thing to deloy KM is aware the problem because when they viewed a knowledge like as asset, the leaders of organizations have liability to protect, preserve, invest and renovate them into larger blocks of property. Beside that, perception was shown in corporate culture and personnal of each organization. By building the KM system, it is not only a project but also it is a process of many individuals' result. If company or organization do not start to build KM system now, maybe in someday, the organizations will become the empty structure, poverty and failure in the marketplace.