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A worldview is a package of philosophies that people have about the realm around them Macmillan, 1983. A worldview is equivalent to a set of lenses that misrepresent people's vision or change the way people understand the world all around them. The worldview is faked by upbringing, education, books people read, culture in which people reside in, the mass media etc. The worldview aids people reunite events with the consequences and outline how people lead our lives (Macmillan, 1983). A Christian worldview is how a Christians observes the world around them. A Christian Worldview has numerous conventions, for example, the existence of an Ultimate Being (God), the parity of all other beings in the Highest Being's eyes, and the everlasting conflict between worthy and wicked. The Christian worldview benefits people by enabling them recognize God, His actions, His propensities and the motive why He created individuals. A Christian worldview additionally oversees people's dealings with their neighbors.

Importance of a Christian Worldview

Christians need to acknowledge their worldview (Mascall, 1967). They must be aware of and recognize the great power of God in the religious realm. They must have a history that honors God the Creator as a substitute to the popular culture all around us. Finally, Christians need to acknowledge and apportion God's prevailing plan disclosed to us in the Bible and across history with believers and those who don't believe. A Christian worldview helps us to acquire a deeply rooted faith that will endure persistent surge of our culture's unbiblical ideas (Mascall, 1967).

When it comes to running a non-profit organization, a Christian worldview is an enabling factor to the success of the organization (Mascall, 1967). This is because the nature of a non-profit organization is use of surplus revenue instead of seeking profits. A Christian worldview on the other hand elevates the idea of equality of all human beings and furtherance of this noble cause would be deemed to be in tandem with the roles and objectives of a non-profit organization, especially in such fields as relief work, environmental conservation, and human rights awareness. Running a non-profit organization on a Christian worldview has some rewards and failures too.

The obvious rewards include a goal-oriented organization as compared to one that is more cost centered. The practical implication of this is that the former will spare no efforts to achieve its goals while the latter will aim to cut down on costs to make more profits. Non-profit organizations run on a Christian worldview are more environmentally friendly because as Christians, it is our duty to care for the environment. They also tend to be involved in social activities more that lead to a harmonious relationship between them and their immediate community. Non-profit organizations run with a Christian worldview do not have a financial incentive for the much-needed solutions they provide to societal problems. This creates a warm and hospitable relationship between the organization and the community.

Obvious disadvantages include a disregard of sound, proven financial management practices in pursuit of a Christian managerial approach that might jeopardize the organizations activities in the long run. Another disadvantage is the risk of a narrow outlook on the organizations activities because organizations exist in a world that is not necessarily governed by a Christian worldview. This may lead to organizational confusion because organizations rely on their environment i.e. for markets, raw materials etc. Non-profit organizations might find themselves immersed in activities that are not in their scope of work (Mascall, 1967). This might defeat the purpose of the organization's existence in the first place. Finally, non-profit organizations that are being run on a Christian worldview provide services and goods to those areas identified as serving their interests. This in turn negates the whole principle of equality of humanity that is one of the tenets of Christianity (John 7:53-8:11).

A Christian Worldview Review of Select Non-Profit Organizations

The American National Red Cross

This is the United States partner of the Global Alliance of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. It was originated as a non-government society in 1863. It is run primarily by helpers and raises money through contributions. There are around 700 different chapters of the society, with an extra 900 blood bank processes. Conferring to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the American Red Cross is one and only of the most effective and wide-reaching aid in the world.

The prime purpose of the American Red Cross is to offer emergency aid and disaster assistance during events that necessitate greater backing than local emergency services can afford. For the duration of natural or man-made tragedies, such as terrorist attacks or hurricanes, the Red Cross creates relief locations.

The American Red Cross too offers educational services nationally to schools, hospitals and societies. They are accountable primarily for dispensing information about infectious and blood-borne illnesses, for example, AIDS. They also deliver flu inoculations on a consistent basis.

The association handles overall operations for individuals in need. In main cities and many other populations throughout the nation, the American Red Cross works to collect contributions for food banks and allocates charity to the disadvantaged.

The American Red Cross, together with other operations with experienced person groups, offers communication services and relief for members of the army and their families.

Additionally, American Red Cross has services of collecting blood contributions. The American Red Cross is in control for collecting approximately 7.5 million units of blood per annum. This is according to figures released in 2006.

The Women Worldwide Initiative

The Women Worldwide Initiative is a monetarily patronized organization of Subud International Cultural Association (SICA) that links, motivates and educates girls and women through mentorship programs, societal change missions, and an information and stimulation based social network. The organization trusts in holistic, sustainable, ground breaking and high impact plans for girls and women due to the need to do so. The Women Worldwide Initiative foresees a worldwide community of girls and women who believe in their dignity, are knowledgeable and decisive, and are prompted to "become the change" they would like to see in the world.

The Women Worldwide Initiative is organized with the special focus on mentorships, projects that bring about social change and information based online network. It is a private entity that was founded by a female student that was studying at the University of New York. It started off as a web-based social network for girls and women but quickly assumed other roles and in various media. It does not exist to make profits and instead focuses on empowering women and girls the world over. Women Worldwide Initiative is run by a board of governors who spell out the organizations missions and values and drive the organization towards achieving its goals. The non-profit organization is open to volunteers who help in propelling its various programs and activities. Women Worldwide Initiative has helped thousands of women realize their potential by empowering them to be the best that they can be.

Special Olympics

The mission of Special Olympics continues as vital currently as it did when the society was created in 1968. Through the command of sport, Special Olympics struggle to create a healthier world by nurturing the reception and addition of all people.

The organization has a mission is to offer year-round sports drill and athletic competition in a diversity of Olympic-type game for children and grownups with intelligent disabilities, giving them enduring opportunities to progress physical fitness, establish bravery, experience joy and contribute in a sharing of talents, skills and acquaintance with their relatives, other Special Olympics sportspersons and the community.

From a courtyard summer camp for individuals with intelligent disabilities to a global drive, Special Olympics have been varying lives and approaches for more than 43 years.

It all originated in 1960s; at what time Eunice Kennedy Shriver saw in what way unfairly and unfairly people with intelligent disabilities were handled. She too saw that many kids with special requirements didn't even have a room to play. She decided to take accomplishment. Rapidly, her vision instigated to take shape, as she apprehended a summer day camp for youngsters with intellectual incapacities in her own courtyard. The aim was to study what these kids could do in sporting and other activities and not settle on what they could not sort out. This vision ultimately grew into the international Special Olympics

Special Olympics top the world in investigating and handling the worries of people with intelligent disabilities - at 200 million persons, the biggest disability cluster in the world. We classify the pressing matters facing this cluster, command and bearing high-level, outwardly validated scientific investigation, then spread out to the premier leaders in government, education, health care, the nonprofit division and corporate to influence strategy and to bring valued services to those in requisite. Special Olympics' study into intellectual incapacity, and insights of persons who have intellectual incapacity, are a catalytic power for social and strategy change everywhere in the globe.

Habitat for Humanity of Island County

Habitat for Humanity of Island County is: "A non-profit universal Christian organization that is established on strong belief that every woman, man and child should have a respectable, safe and inexpensive place to dwell" (, 2012). Habitat for Humanity of Island County was established in 1998 by Vic Jones and Marlene Jones, a local pair, after they took part in a Global Village Build. The couple engaged the aid of the local Methodist church and was soon running their new organization from their home.

Initially, Habitat for Humanity of Island County built one or two houses per a year but gradually they were able to build more and more. This organization constructs homes in joint venture with sponsors, volunteers and a wonderful group of family partners. Where possible, Habitat for Humanity of Island County aspires to build energy-efficient and sustainable housing. Potential homeowners are chosen grounded on the degree of need, readiness to partner and capability to repay the loan. The non-profit organization liaises with other non-profit organizations such as American Red Cross, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services in an effort to achieve its mission objectives.

Habitat for Humanity of Island County is run by an executive director and his subordinate program directors. It sources its own funds privately and as earlier mentioned, may call upon prospective homeowners to chip in if they are able. It does not seek to make profits at the expense of the community; therefore, all its programs are adequately funded limited only by the available budget. The organization board of directors' key work is: "To directs how the organization runs its activities" (, 2012). Habitat for Humanity of Island County relies on a retinue of volunteers.

Interfaith Housing Alliance

Interfaith Housing Alliance (IHA) fortifies residents by: "Providing inexpensive housing opportunities and ancillary services to advance the quality of life as well as economic solidity for the elderly, individuals and working families" (, 2012). IHA depends upon the benevolent donations obtained from people, companies, other non-profit institutions and the religious community. For two decades, Interfaith Housing Alliance has kept up a well-defined vision to construct and preserve choice, low-cost housing to fulfill the needs of the population of the communities they attend to. IHA's move towards the housing problem is innovative and aspirational. With a firm love for mission blended with splendid business practices, they are unambiguously structured to rapidly and professionally react to all chances so as to provide high-class affordable housing (, 2012). Interfaith Housing Alliance is involved in provision of short-run exigency shelter where families can stay up to a maximum of 90 days, provision of long-term intermediary housing where specific families can stay for up to two years and a communal food cupboard.

Interfaith Housing Alliance is organized around a board of directors and a staff. It is a private entity that aims to distribute affordable housing to the community. It is not profit motivated and relies on donations from well-wishers to run its operations (, 2012). It was established by religious leaders who were concerned about the growing homeless population. They were compelled by their Christian worldview and did not act on duress from any quarters. IFA has helped many people secure quality housing at an affordable cost.

Freedom 4/24

Freedom 4/24 is a non-profit organization whose main area of operation is: "Provision a footpath to redemption for the sexually victimized" (, 2012). Freedom 4/24 aims to bestow freedom to the sexually victimized. The message of redemption and grace is decipherable all over the scriptures. It is the desire of Freedom 4/24 to disseminate this message in any way that God renders. The objective of Freedom 4/24 is to offer other means of earnings and to reinstate their value founded on how Christ considers them, as cherished and beautiful.

Freedom 4/24 is organized in the sense that it has a board of directors as well as employees ready to help in achieving the organizations goals. It was started by a group of individuals who were pained by the sexual exploitation of women and wanted to help alleviate this. It does not aim at making profits and hence it is able to use all its surplus revenues in as faraway places as Thailand. Donations are made via sale of t-shirt, stickers, partnerships between universities and the church, and contributions to the organization's job. This is aimed at conveying justice and liberty to women who without the efforts of Freedom 4/24 may have never had that chance. Freedom 4/24 has a board of governors who formulate policies that are then carried out by their employees and groups of volunteers. The organizations key activities are intended to benefit all and it does not discriminate while discharging its activities.

Encountering Hope Ministries, Inc. (Hope Central)

Hope Central Ministries Organization is: "A non-profit society outreach organization that strives to advance family training and health by extending a safe and steady place for their clients to come and flourish especially when those families have been living in pathetic circumstances" (, 2012). Hope Central Ministries run a clinic (Abba Clinic) where they provide free pregnancy testing, adoption information, pregnancy education and a host of other health related services. They provide baby care support services. They also run a Manna Market that seeks to hold close the community by supplying food, household items, toiletries, and pertinent information to those going through unheralded and short-run needs. Hope Ministries' desire is to supply for the current needs while establishing relationships.

Hope Central has a fabulously talented, organized, and hardworking employees committed to making Hope Central the best it can be. The organization is privately run with little influence from outsiders. Just like many non-profit organizations, Hope Central relies on donations from outsiders to fund its activities that are geared towards community support by offering such services as food, clothing, and accommodation etc. The organization is led by a Senior Pastor who is assisted by administration assistants. Volunteer work takes the form of: "Welcoming people at the front door, ushering people into the worship auditorium, ministering unto kids and helping People Park whenever there is a special event" (, 2012). All the above activities performed by Hope Central are aimed at improving the welfare of the less fortunate in society, is it financially, spiritually, emotionally, among others.

San Diego Futures Foundation

The goal of San Diego Futures Association is: "To advance lives in San Diego County by availing information technology to needy individuals, businesses, and disadvantaged small organizations through training, teaching, technological services and instruments" (, 2012). The organization thus aids low-income households, disabled people and the elderly accessing these services.

The San Diego Futures association was founded by the Pennant Alliance as a way of giving back to the community. The organization is run by a board of directors each representing various companies under the Pennant Alliance. It is a non-profit organization that relies solely on donations from its founding members as well as other well-wishers. It is run independently, but consensus between the various stakeholders is necessary for the organization to achieve its mission. Volunteerism is highly appreciated and the organization welcomes with open arms those willing to help the technologically challenged people of San Diego County. The ranges of services offered by this non-profit organization, "i.e. low-cost professional information technology services" are aimed at bridging the digital divide that is present in the San Diego area (, 2012).

Holding Tiny Hands

This organization endeavors to: "Optimize the effects of premature babies and chronically ill babies by dealing with the parents emotional and psychological demands through a proven network of parents who share comparable experiences" (, 2012). The goals of this organization are; to connect parents with society resources that aid them with the care and growth of their premature or inveterate ill babies, to connect parents with society resources that aid them with their emotional and mental health requirements and to fabricate a sense of authority in parents so that they better support for their children.

Holding Tiny Hands is run by an executive director who is assisted by other non-executive directors. It was founded by two mothers who had given birth to premature babies and realized the plight of other mothers such as themselves went unnoticed (, 2012). It is a private entity run by mothers who have at one time or another given birth to a premature baby. Its sources of income are largely dependent on the generosity of its members and other members of the public compelled to donate to their cause

The American Red Cross: An In-Depth Evaluation


The vision of this organization is:

To partner with the individuals in order to cultivate and nurture safer families, worksites and neighborhoods, serving as a principal public benefit organization and endorsing a system of community self-sufficiency and kindhearted reaction when emergencies arise (, 2012).

The American Red Cross, from side to side of its sturdy network of donors, volunteers and associates, is continuously there in times of necessity. They aim to turn kindness into action so that all individuals affected by catastrophe across the nation and around the realm receive care, accommodation and hope; societies are ready and ready for disasters; everybody in the nation has admission to benign, lifesaving blood and blood stuffs; all associates of the armed services and their relatives find backing and relief whenever required; and in an crisis, there are continuously trained persons nearby, prepared to use Red Cross services to save lives.


The mission of this non-profit organization is:

To prevents and lessens human misery in the face of disasters by organizing the power of volunteers and the kindness of donors (, 2012).

The American Red Cross is a charitable organization run by volunteers, directed by its Congressional Charter and the Central Philosophies of the International Red Cross Association, to offer relief to victims of tragedies and help people avert, make ready, and react to emergencies.

The American Red Cross enables ordinary people to achieve strange acts of service. Their blood donors are regular people, high school learners, business executives, factory and office workers, parents and grandparents, and individuals from every walk of life. Nonetheless, they have one central thing, a generous essence, and aspiration to hand back to their community and aid others. Blood benefactors play a vital role in the provision of modern healthcare. Numerous life-saving fitness treatments and processes encompass blood transfusions and could not be likely minus a safe and dependable blood supply.

The Purpose of the American Red Cross

This Red Cross has been taking part in community services assisting the deprived, supporting military workforces and their families, offering life-saving blood and blood stuffs, introducing educational packages, encouraging health, security and global relief and expansion programs. All the activities are supported out by the volunteers, and monetarily supported by the public donations. About a million Red Cross helpers and 30,000 staffs of the organization are organized across the nation to offer necessary help in disaster situation. It also trains individuals in elementary medical skills and tragedy management.

From the time when was formed in 1881, the American Red Cross has been taking part in many relief tasks, not merely in America but everywhere in the World. The organization reacts to an estimate of 70,000 tragedy calls yearly, going from house fires to tornadoes and hurricanes. It is dedicated to provide health support along with elementary amenities, for example, food and shelter to the individuals in disaster-hit regions and help the people to take up again their daily undertakings. The United States army is also provided with backup and non-emergency facilities. Excluding medical aid, it helps the employees inaugurate emergency family communications.

Having being the main provider of blood in the United States, it is in charge 44% of blood contribution in the nation. Its 'Tissue Services Program', which concluded in 2005, delivered allograft tissue to in excess of a million transfer recipients, who required this life-saving tissue. In 1999, it effected the Nucleic Acid Testing education, and developed the first US society to implement it. It also introduced cellular rehabilitation, a treatment scheme that encompasses collecting and handling blood cells. In investigation, it has a yearly investment of $25.

This Red Cross assists training in first aid, water protection, home security and disaster preparation to roughly 12 million residents annually. Some Red Cross subdivisions also get involved in sale of first aid gears and other tragedy relief gear. The society also has a first aid orientation guide to spread consciousness about protection measures, and inculcate in dealing with tragedy situations and health emergencies.

It is similarly an active contributor in worldwide projects, such as malaria programs, measles initiative, and other disaster reaction activities like assistance efforts in tsunami that smashed South Asia in 2004. It has two stores laden with disaster relief provisions, both being preserved by International Alliance. American Red Cross has a subdivision recognized as 'Emergency Response Unit', which is consisted of trained workers and prepackaged practical equipment compulsory in disaster relief processes.

In year 1994, American Red Cross was ordered the 3rd most famous non-profit in America in an investigation by Nye Lavalle & Associates, printed in Chronicle of Philanthropy. Gradually, this reputation has just developed and it will remain to grow in future.

Strategic Issues


The principal group of the American Red Cross is the Panel of Councils, which has all authorities of governing and guiding, and of supervision the management of the corporate and affairs of the society. The business governance philosophies of the American Red Cross are instituted in the Congressional Deed of the American Red Cross and chains of documents approved by the Panel of Councils and reviewed occasionally to ensure they remain to meet the needs of the society and reflect current industry finest practices.

The American Red Cross gone aboard on inclusive governance reorganization in 2007, including the most important alterations to the Congressional Deed in 60 years. Modifications were signed into regulation by the Head of state of the United States to renovate the Board to attention on tactical oversight and governance.


Entrenched in over a century's custom of service to the public, the American Red Cross is one and only the world's furthermost famous humanitarian societies.

As the primary provider of assistance services, Red Cross volunteers rally and react when communities have the highest requirement. They are a team of devoted volunteers and staff whose duty is to provide relief to sufferers of disaster irrespective of scope. From countrywide and international tragedies to resident home fires, the American Red Cross is always ready to help individuals Prevent, Formulate and React to emergencies.

The American Red Cross depend on on volunteers to aid people get ready for emergencies, offer training in lifesaving expertise, assist those affected by catastrophe, support at blood drives, offer support in the office and at fundraising occasions, and so much more.

Nationwide, volunteers account for 96% of the total employees, and locally, there are 19 helper positions occupied for every single one paid staff. Deprived of volunteers, there would be definitely no existence of Red Cross.

Habitually in return, volunteers find gratification, fulfillment, a sense of fitting, and vanity. Working with others and assisting others; thus creating a better feeling


All American Red Cross subdivisions depend on on volunteers who contribute their time, money and blood, in backing of their homegrown community. This Red Cross is not a legislative agency and obtains no government subsidy. Packages and services to the public are subsidized by public grants, donations, and foundations.

The American Red Cross get funding from: Charitable contributions from the American community; Compensations and contributions from local, state and central administration agencies for explicit projects and Partaking in the United Way and Collective Centralized Campaigns

Organizational Structure

The American Red Cross is consisted of 769 provincial or city-based subdivisions. Every subdivision is officially commissioned by the state Board of Governors. The administrators of the subdivisions have some degree of independence is defining which packages and services are most vigorous in their zone, whereas the Red Cross' $4.1 billion yearly budget is dispersed at the countrywide level to the distinct subdivisions.

The American Red Cross is not sponsored by the administration; its budget comes from contributions in addition to cost-recovery fees that are paid for some services. In specific circumstances, the Red Cross accepts government money since the administration has contracted the Red Cross to perform some piece of relief efforts. Since it is a non-profit, generous society, the Red Cross is tax-relieved.

The Red Cross is not entirely sovereign of the United States administration, however. The society operates under a Congressional deed that has been in position since 1905. Under this deed, the Red Cross acts as a "tool of the government," implementation the duties and tasks of the Geneva Convention and additional tasks that the centralized government gives to it.

The premier of the American Red Cross is chosen by a 50-member Panel of Councils. The associates of the panel are volunteers, whereas the president pulls a salary of in excess of $200,000 per year. Some premiers have offered to sacrifice this salary. The premier of the U.S. is recognized the honorary chair of the Panel of Councils, and also employs eight of the panel members. The other 42 associates are chosen at the annual nationwide convention. The panel selects 12 of them and 30 are chosen by the agents from numerous Red Cross subdivisions who attend the convention.

Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM) is a section serious to the successful process of The American Red Cross. Premiers, directors, and supervisors are familiar with the basic elements of HRM in American Red Cross. This educational program in American Red Cross is proposed to provide an outline of the fundamental ideas of HRM in American Red Cross basic areas. Case studies and consequent discussions are merged into this program as applicable to illustrate key points in the operation of American Red Cross that ensures the correct use of resources available to this society.

When a key disaster strikes a zone, the local subdivision hardly has enough trained personnel to offer suitable Red Cross reaction. The American Red Cross Tragedy Facilities Human Resources package offers assistance by sending skilled volunteers from subdivisions in other parts of the nation to support the local subdivision.


The American Red Cross is a non-profit volunteer organization that provides various humanitarian services for free. There are some important Recommendations that the organization should consider in order to recruit the volunteers, and be able to run the organization effectively by maintaining fiscal control. These Recommendations will enable the American Red Cross to remain consistent with its objectives on a long term basis and to auxiliary enhance its proficiencies in the face of demanding circumstances. The following are therefore some of the Recommendations that the American Red Cross should consider:

Since the American Red Cross mainly deals with complex disasters affecting local communities, among others, the organization should strive to lay down its core missions and to remain guided by them in every activity. Doing so will help the organization avoid running into situations it should not have involved itself in the first place. This correlates with the need to maintain fiscal control. That is, sticking to the fundamental missions of the organization will prevent it from using resources on activities it does not have anything to do with in the first place.

It is essential for the American Red Cross to recruit other volunteer leaders. However, the organization should not compromise quality with quantity. In other words, the organization should still see to it that newly recruited volunteers are committed to the fundamental mission of the group. There is more reason to expect new prospective board members to be attuned to the goals of the American Red Cross.

The executive officers in the American Red Cross should strive to keep track of the financial condition of the American Red Cross. Since the organization is essentially a volunteer group, its resources are limited. Consequently, it is only prudent for the organization executives to take full charge of the financial planning and to allocate resources properly and efficiently. Doing so can save the organization from financial troubles and help it continue its existence.

Having taken the above mentioned recommendations, organization will be able to provide humanitarian services to more needy people without misdirecting or misusing its limited resources. Finally, the prospect of the organization will have to mostly depend on the people behind it.

Professional Letter to the Women Worldwide Initiative


Lynchburg, VA, United States,

1971 University Blvd,

30Th September 2012.

Board of Governors,

The American Red Cross,

2025 E Streets,

Washington, DC 20006.

Dear Sir/Madam:

My name is Danny, a student in one of the local Universities. I lately carried out a study on your organization as part of my Non-profit Analysis Project. A Christian Worldview is a set of guiding principle and philosophies that help one appreciate the world from a biblical viewpoint. My study was chiefly fixated on non-profit organizations and thus I was fascinated by the work your organization is engaged in since that fell under the domain of my study. I started off by unfolding ten non-profit organizations, their olden times, their procedures and also went forward to discourse them under the following six sub-headings: Funding, Leadership, Governance, Voluntarism, Organizational Structure and Public Benefit.

Your organization was covered under this overall analysis. I at that juncture took an in-depth look at your organization, its setups, its vision, mission, and determination. I discussed the efficiency of its events in light of what I had examined in the other organizations. I selected factors for your organizations achievement and also came up with a list of strategic issues that I understood your organization wanted to take into consideration.

To end with, I gave recommendations for enhancing success in your organizations which provoked me to write this letter to you. I have taken the freedom of listing them below for your contemplation;

Develop a strategic plan in order to effectively serve all the victims of disaster

Consider using high level of technology in order to handle new emerging disasters all around the world

Empower other structures of the organization other than the one currently in operational in different subdivisions in your organization all over the world.

Increase other avenues of levitation funds

Perform a review of the programs and activities currently being pursued by the


Increase you operational impression by taking more volunteers from different professions

Increase the zones of operation in order to cover the entire world including the most remote areas

Form alliances with other like-minded organizations

Optimistically, you will consider my endorsements and take action where indispensable. I appreciate your time and hope to be given feedback. Feel welcome to contact me in case of any elucidation.