New Harbor Marathon

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New Harbor Marathon


The town of New Harbor has been affected by the national / global credit crisis as the local manufacturers, small businesses, home owners and other service providers are desperately trying to keep their businesses afloat. This has directly affected the towns' revenue as the town relies heavily on taxes to fund various services from schools to local developments to emergency protection. This has had direct impact on funds available for such services in the local community. The only way the town can improve its condition now is to bring in funds from area outside the town. Thus, New Harbor Marathon Committee and Mayor James Krick had bid to host the 25th annual City Marathon as it draws 20,000 participants and is internationally respected event for runners and spectators alike. This event will definitely draw large national and international spectators, and it has potential to provide about $1,000,000 in total sales for the week surrounding the event to boost the local economy.

On October 1, 2009, the Central Race Commission has announced that the town of New Harbor has successfully won bid to host the 25th annual City Marathon. Thus, the New Harbor project team must work with local businesses, law enforcement and safety officials, volunteers groups, the Central Race Commission, and others to plan for, conduct, and clean up after the race and celebration. The New Harbor project team has seven (7) months and a budget of $200,000 to plan the event. Also, the Central Race Commission has assigned a race consultant to work with the New Harbor project team at no cost. The project must plan to include pre-race events, which include entertainment, rides and a fun run for the owners and their pets to revive the local economy as majority of the vendors will be local businesses. A post race event is also to be held with fireworks to attract spectators to attend nightly events.


The project must ensure that the following deliverables are completed:
No. Deliverable Due Date
1. Work Breakdown Structure
2. Project Plan
3. Cost Plan
4. Transportation/Parking Plan
5. Entertainment
6. Public Safety
7. Fireworks
8. Rides
9. Pre-Race Plan (Fun Run)
10. Post-event clean-up


The project will proceed forward with the following criteria put in place:
1. All participants will pay a registration fee.
2. Proper security measures will be taken for the participants and spectators.
3. The marathon site will be done with parking fees and overflow of people in the mind.
4. A variety of local vendors and spectators will have to pay a fee to use the lot.
5. Proper marketing and advertisement will be done to bring local, national and international visitors and sponsors and vendors.
6. To ensure that the marathon route and other areas of the town are cleaned up upon completing the post marathon celebration.


The project will not include the following during the week surrounding City Marathon:
1. Will not cover the cost of Public Transportation for spectators / media
2. Will not provide accommodation for participants, media, or spectators
3. Will not provide personal security personnel for participants, media, or spectators
4. Will not provide free food / beverages to media / spectators
5. Will not provide any firework safety training


1. Acquiring sufficient number of volunteers/ police officers to plan for marathon route.
2. Limited paid employees/ police officers will be available to secure the entire marathon route.
3. The town is already in a recession so if there is an entry fee for the race will it decrease the number of participants from the town.
4. Ensuring that ample time is available for cleanup after the post marathon celebration so that the town is not full of litter.
5. Making sure that everyone who wants to watch the marathon leaves the pre-race in timely fashion to avoid congestion.


The following assumptions are made during the planning of this project:
1. The Project Manager will have absolute authority over the Project Team
2. The Volunteers will be available based on initial assessments
3. The law enforcement and safety officials are willing to participate in the project with utmost dedication
4. The Fire Department will be involved to plan the firework, safety drills for entertainment for spectators
5. All local vendors will take part in organizing the fun fare during the week surrounding City Marathon
6. The Mayor's office will be responsible for any required health and safety permits / inspections for fun rides / entertainment
7. The public transportation department must be able to accommodate all participants and spectators
8. There are sufficient lodging to accommodate all participants and spectators


Mayor James Krick
Sanjiv Ray
Mira Slowka
Project Manager – Team 4

Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) for Project Scope Statement

Alwyn Amit Jayesh Karthik Kristin Krystle Melissa
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High Level Deliverables  
Acceptance Criteria    
Exclusions 
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